Weekly Review: December 27, 2014

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If I’m being completely honest, this has not been my best week.

In the past week I’ve lost a bag that was checked “plane-side,” meaning it’s supposed to be waiting on a cart upon arrival. This lead to a lot of excitement in trying to locate the bag, and even more excitement in the comments of the blog.

Bag in hand, I then flew to Frankfurt on Singapore Airlines in Suites Class, visited Toulouse for the A350 delivery ceremony, then made my way to the Middle East on Gulf Air to position for the Etihad A380 inaugural flight.


That sounds great on paper, but in practice I overslept due to exhaustion and nearly missed my flight from London, then didn’t catch that my ticket was reissued incorrectly and actually missed my flight from Bahrain.

So it has been a fun week.

Featured Stories

AMAZING DEAL: Redeem American Miles For Etihad A380 First Class


Award space on Etihad’s new A380 is wide open between London and Abu Dhabi. This means you can redeem just 40,000 AAdvantage miles one-way in first class. That allows connections within Europe or the Middle East as well, if you’d like.

And trust me, you want to fly on this plane!

Review: St. Regis Deer Valley, Park City

St-Regis-Deer-Valley-55I had a phenomenal stay at this hotel. The resort was beautiful, and service was top-notch.

Despite being from (and packed for) Florida, I was able to enjoy some of the winter activities as well. I’m probably going to regret posting these videos, but they were too embarrassingly awful to not share! 😉

Arrest Warrant Being Sought For Nutty Korean Air Executive


This story is just the holiday gift that keeps on giving!

If you haven’t been following along, apparently being reprimanded, fired, and disgraced was just the beginning for former Korean Air executive Heather Cho. Now Korea is considering pressing charges as well!



TIPS: Earning Miles & Promos

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TRICKS: Redeeming Miles

All Delta Pay With Miles Tickets Will Be Eligible For Mileage Accrual In 2015
Korean Air SkyPass Ultimate Rewards Transfers Returning January 2015
AMAZING DEAL: Redeem American Miles For Etihad A380 First Class
SAS Houston To Stavanger Business Class Award Space

TRAVEL With Lucky

Etihad A380 Inaugural Is On!!!!
I Missed My Flight… By A Day… F*CK!
Hiring A Babysitter At A Hotel
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I Overslept For My International Flight
Oh Bag, Where Art Thou?!
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Seven Tips For Stress-Free Holiday Travel

REVIEWS & Trip Reports

Gulf Air Business Class London To Bahrain A330
Review: St. Regis Deer Valley, Park City
Review Of Qatar Airways Airbus A350 Delivery Ceremony
Five Thoughts On Last Night’s Singapore Suites Class Flight
Review: Qantas First Class Lounge LAX

NEWS & Updates

Meet Etihad’s First A380 Butler
Emirates Discontinuing The Most Expensive Drink In The Sky
Airport Cell Phone Crashing: Holiday Edition
UberBLACK NYC Airport Flat Rate Prices Increase Today
Perfect Christmas Gift For Aviation Nuts
LOT Polish Adds Mistletoe To Their Planes
Arrest Warrant Being Sought For Nutty Korean Air Executive
American Flight Attendants Get Better Contract After All
SPG 2014 Platinum Suite Night Award Expiration Not Being Extended
Etihad’s First The Residence Passenger
US Airways Discontinues Trial Preferred Program
Hyatt To Offer Free Wifi Globally — No Strings Attached
Incredible Airbus A350 Formation Flying Video
An Apology (And Decision On Moderating Comments)…
Epic One Man Band At Seattle Airport

I’d like to spend the rest of the year in bed, though am currently en route from London to Miami… so that I can fly Miami to London this evening. Yay?

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and a great holiday season in general. Have a great weekend, and a Happy New Year!

  1. @ Bjørn — Cheap business class fare, combined with upgrades to first class, combined with a promo for lots of bonus miles for transatlantic travel.

  2. Ah. I knew about all of them, but didn’t connect the dots. Still, if you’ve already requalified to EXP, why didn’t you do it in January? (Unless, of course, you do two in January as well to get the full 125 000 bonus.)

  3. That’s crazy and you know it. Dumdudumdum [LMFAO in the background]

    (Sorry, just my poor sense of humor. Crazy in a good way. :p)

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