LOT Polish Adds Mistletoe To Their Planes

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Here’s a simple but cute idea. Through January 6, 2015, LOT Polish is hanging a mistletoe on each of their airplanes.


Here’s the press release:

LOT Polish Airlines has kicked off the Christmas holidays with KISSaLOT.  Mistletoe twigs have been hung in each of LOT’s aircraft–the highest place in the world–through Jan. 6, 2015. It’s the airline’s way of bringing people together.

The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe has only recently come to Poland, though it’s been known by its ancestors for centuries.  Suspended from the ceiling or over the door, mistletoe is supposed to bring love, harmony and happiness in the coming year to its inhabitants.  According to tradition, feuds and disputes cease under the mistletoe; friendships are more durable and people who meet there are allowed to kiss.

LOT brings people closer—especially at Christmas—when people visit love ones to spend the holidays together.  LOT is going further this year and wants to bring all people together, not just its passengers and their families, which is why the mistletoe was hung as high as possible in the sky on its planes.  LOT has built a dedicated website for this purpose–http://www.kissalot.pl./—where anyone can check which city LOT is flying over at any given moment.  This way, one can plan ahead to meet a loved one to get a Christmas kiss.  One no longer has to look for mistletoe, because there will always be a LOT aircraft somewhere in the sky with mistletoe on board.

Hmmm, am I the only one that doesn’t see this ending well for the flight attendant greeting and saying goodbye to passengers at the door? 😉


In all honesty, what a simple but cute idea. Well done, LOT!

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