US Airways Discontinues Trial Preferred Program

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I’ve previously written about the US Airways Trial Preferred program, which is hands down the best way to earn top tier status with US Airways (and now by connection, with the new American).

It’s one of the few “shortcuts” to top tier elite status, so understandably many people were interested in taking advantage of the status trial.

According to the US Airways website, the Trial Preferred program has been discontinued, effective immediately:


If you’ve recently completed or enrolled in a challenge nothing changes for you. Once you’ve met the requirements you will be granted elite status through February 2016. If you have other questions about the challenge, I’ve compiled an FAQ with questions on the trial program and how it impacts your future status on American.

This isn’t at all surprising, and I honestly expected this to end much earlier in the month.

Hopefully everyone who was considering this shortcut has already enrolled!

(Tip of the hat to Ben)

  1. I actually had good timing for once. Enrolled about 2 months ago, and flew my 15042 miles as of last week so I am US Gold/AA Plat through Feb 2016. Great deal for the $200 I spent to do the trial.

  2. Not so good timing for me. Instead of reading my news reader feeds I was putting together 2 MCO-CLT-SEA trips and a MCO-MIA-DFW-HKG-DFW-MCO to meet the 30k. Maybe if I hadn’t spent so much time trying to avoid the MD-80 and looking for days with the best seat availability I would have beat the deadline.

  3. Darn it! I was gonna enroll in the next couple of days. I was in the process of finalizing things yesturday and woke up in the morning to this. I guess a sad day for me

  4. I enrolled on the 20th of December. Just made it by a whisker. I was going to wait until today to get a complete weekend. Sure glad I didn’t. Thanks for the advice in DC and the GOGO pass!

  5. NOOOOOO!!! I have a trip booked for the last weekend of March and so was going to wait until tonight to enroll… Already had my 30,000 miles planned out and most flights booked. Worst news ever!

  6. Went to log on to pay for this for my partner who already had his 30K miles planned (AND BOOKED) and The New AA pulled the plug as we were going to the payment screen. I’m done. I know it’s within their right to be shady and pull things from under us, but it really stings…particularly after the OW Explorer Awards were gone with no notice. I’m finally realizing that the rat race isn’t worth it, and I”m moving my (usually paid J and paid F) travel to whomever can get me where I need to go with the least amount of drama and for the best price.

  7. While this is probably better for me in the long run as I don’t really need US CP/AA EXP, making changes with no advanced notice is not a very good policy. A little heads up would’ve been appreciated. Most changes/decisions are usually put into effect on a 1st of a month, so who could’ve predicted the trial going away in third week of December? 🙁

  8. OK, I signed up Plat pref. , Dec 15, 2014
    The email from US Airways sent says March 15th 2015(90 days). My platinum card (print out) says Feb 28, 2015.
    I am taking a trip oversees Feb 18-22. Was hoping to make chairman preferred before then.

    The woman on Chairman Preferred phone line says, ” if you reach chairman in Feb 2015,say Feb 10th, you will get 2 certificates to use, because they will expire Feb 28, 2015, so it is a good thing you are taking this oversees trip”.

    My question is: If I make CP before my oversees trip, GREAT, I understand that. What if I make CP, say March 11, 2015. Will I get 2 certs from US Airways? and , if I do get the US certs, when will they expire?
    I don’t want to call US Airways and ask them this. Thanks.

  9. @ Angela — Regardless they will expire in February 2016. That being said, they won’t be valid anymore when the program merges with AAdvantage, because you’d get systemwide upgrades at that point.

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