1. Were there any revenue seats (including Y) left for sale for the flight you thought you had a seat on?

    If I got to a counter and realised I didn’t have a ticket, the first thing I would ask is if the flight was completely sold out.

    Your original post mentions no award availability, but with so much at stake I would contemplate a paid for ticket, even in Y, to ensure you didn’t miss your 380 flight.

  2. Four hours until takeoff, so exciting! I hope you’re in the lounge right now preparing for your trip and have shaken off the prior days’ problems. I can’t wait to read your report! I’ll be doing this flight in 2015 and am super eager to read about your experience and see your photos. Have a fantastic time!

    I thought the Butler for the inaugural was going to be a British woman. Etihad made a switch? Whatever the reason for it I’m sure the woman isn’t feeling so great about it. Perhaps ill or had a family emergency, or it was simply Etihad’s choice to use someone else? This guy looks great, he looks like he’ll certainly be able to deliver the level of service Etihad is eager to provide to its highest-paying clients. I wouldn’t mind having that job!

  3. I listened carefully to the end of the video, he says he’s “one of the first butlers”. Maybe he’s not the inaugural butler? We’ll find out when you publish your report of your flight. Bon voyage!!

  4. Ben, You’re a bit of a nut, but being a movie producer, I appreciate a good story. Looking forward to the third act.

  5. @ carl, delta, al,

    i hope you realize your sophomoric taunts are not only rude but tasteless.
    why waste your time here if you have such contempt for the host?

    anyway, merry Christmas and happy new year!

  6. @steven k

    I absolutely love Ben, and I am sure he knows that! I was simply reacting to a quick quip, Sheesh!

    I was wondering (and maybe lucky can chime in)…if, indeed, Gino did have a companion with him on his inaugural occupation of the Residence. It would seem a waste to squander that all to one’s self…after all, even lucky shares with us through his blog. What is the purpose of doing such things (as being the inaugural Residence resident) if not to share that enjoyment with someone you care about? It would then become a shared and treasured memory for both.

    I remember I was on the inaugural 747 flight from the USA to London…and I still have that person who accompanied me to share the memories with.

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