SWISS’ Beautiful New “Alpine Lounge” In Zurich

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SWISS has just opened a new-style lounge with “alpine flair” at their hub in Zurich Airport’s Terminal A. The new lounge is open to Star Alliance Gold members as well as Star Alliance business class passengers.

The new lounge is 500 square meters (~5,400 square feet), so it’s on the small side as far as airline lounges go, and it can accommodate up to 100 travelers. It occupies the space of the former first class lounge in Terminal A. It’s open on Mondays through Fridays from 5:30AM until 6:30PM, which sure seem to me like limited hours (it’s not often you see lounges just open on weekdays).

So, what makes this lounge different? For one, the decor. SWISS describes the new lounge as “a mountain hut with quality Swiss materials,” which sure seems to me like an odd way to describe a lounge:

Of particular note are the light-wood elements and the bespoke furniture, much of it hand-made by Swiss craftsfolk. The quality alpine-style carpets and cushion covers are also hand-crafted and sourced from small Swiss manufacturers. Large communal wooden tables underscore the hut-like ambience, while the high windows offer fabulous views of the apron area and its flight activities.

The airline is also adopting a new food and beverage concept in the lounge. The centerpiece of the lounge is an oven in which seasonal dishes will be prepared. On top of that, guests will be offered a range of further ingredients to tailor the food to their tastes.

There will also be an extensive drink selection, including local Swiss wines and spirits. Wines will be served using a new and more eco-friendly dispensing system, which is supposed to improve the quality of the wine and the recycling.

Bottom Line

Switzerland is known for “clean” design, and as much as I like that type of design in general, they often take it a step too far. With that in mind, I think SWISS’ new lounge is gorgeous — it’s cozy and warm, and I can’t wait to check it out.

In fairness, I think SWISS does a great job with many of their lounges — their first class lounge in Zurich has exceptional decor, and is one of my favorite lounges in the world.

  1. Nice. This has been in the works for a while now. Nice to see this is open to C pax as well. The C lounge in terminal A is very busy…

  2. Just left the new alpine lounge. It is a nice change to the regular lounge in Terminal A. It will definitely be great during busy times. I have not been able to find seating in the current lounge on more than 1 occasion. I was one of one or two people there today.

  3. The seating looks all sorts of uncomfortable, no? I’d have to make good use of those burlap-sack pillows for lumbar support.

  4. The lounge is actually not open to *A Business Class passengers. It’s only available to Business Class passengers flying on LH Group airlines.

  5. @Flo No. No access for FTL.
    @Sarah Yes, right next to the Lounge Center A
    @WanderEating You can have a look and check it out. The limo exit of the FCL A is right across the Alpine Cafe. However, the FCL E is still superior.

  6. Lucky, the Swiss consider the mountain huts and mountaineering integral to their identity and culture. It’s no surprise at all that the adapted the Alpine hut style to a lounge. I’ve stayed in a number of high altitude huts through the Alps for mountaineering and the communal style with natural wood is exactly the style you will encounter. I like the concept and it stays true to Swiss culture.

  7. The Riffelhaus hotel in Riffleberg Switzerland is about a 25 minute train ride from Zermatt and-dates back to 1853 .
    The interior was recently gut renovated in a combination of traditional and swiss modern and they preserved the exterior which has an original appearance. It is a beautiful example of Swiss design ingenuity-homey and comfortable with 21 st century conveniences.

  8. I think it sounds epic!! Maybe you should stay in a Swiss mountain hut or refuge sometime Ben to understand what a warm and social atmosphere they have. And as a previous poster mentioned, the mountain experience is deeply embedded in Swiss culture.

    I cant wait to visit it.

  9. Visited this lounge today, and it is indeed beautiful. The Swiss mountain “hütte” aesthetic is perfect, right down to the communal tables. There are some cool little touches like wireless chargers. Given the size and seating design, I don’t think I’d want to spend hours here, but for the A Gates it’s perfect. Very well done, Swiss.

  10. Sounds great Mark! I was there in July and there was a lot of construction going on in Terminal A. Guess that was what was being completed.

    Guess I have to organise my next Swiss trip around access to this lounge.

    Did you try the eco wine dispenser thing that Lucky mentioned?

  11. I am in the lounge right now as a Star Gold passenger. Beautiful lounge and very quiet. Food selection poor though.

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