Extremely Rare: Lufthansa First Class Bookable In Advance Using Partner Miles

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Lufthansa ordinarily doesn’t make first class award space available to partner airlines more than 15 days out. Miles & More members can redeem miles for first class travel prior to that, so the restriction is specific to those booking through partner programs.

Lufthansa’s A340 first class

While that policy is strict, it’s not nearly as strict as Swiss’ policy, as they only let Miles & More elite members redeem miles for their first class, regardless of whether you’re booking 10 months or one day prior to departure.

Swiss’ 777 first class

Anyway, at the moment it looks like several Star Alliance partner airlines have access to Lufthansa first class award availability more than 15 days prior to departure. It looks like Air Canada Aeroplan and United MileagePlus don’t have access to this space. My guess is that this is because they’ve added restrictions on their end that prevent that space from being shown further out.

However, other programs, including Avianca LifeMiles, do have access to Lufthansa first class award space further out. Unfortunately I don’t see any first class award availability to/from the US, though I do see plenty of availability to Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa. Availability isn’t amazing, though with a bit of flexibility there should be plenty of options.

One of the best ways to book this is through Avianca’s LifeMiles program, given that they frequently sell miles at a discount, and are also transfer partners with Citi ThankYou. When doing an award search, just select Lufthansa as your preferred airline, and the space should show up.

For example, doing a random search I see availability from Frankfurt to Beijing:

And from Sao Paulo to Frankfurt:

And from Mexico City to Frankfurt:

There are plenty of other city pairs with availability as well.

This doesn’t seem to be phantom space, but should actually be bookable (at least the space I tried).

While I’m happy booking Lufthansa within a couple of weeks of departure, obviously that’s not ideal for most people with set schedules. Hopefully some of you can take advantage of this excellent award availability. I imagine this won’t last, so if you’re interested I’d recommend booking ASAP.

Does anyone plan on snagging a Lufthansa first class award ticket in advance?

(Tip of the hat to YHBU & Ultima Llamada)

  1. its a little bit of topic but: i’m matching my SPG platinum to Hilton diamond and was wondering , if i only complete 4 stays do i still get gold status?

  2. Anyone has an idea how many flights do still have first class service with LH? As far as I’ve noticed, there has been a drastic reduction in the last 12/18 months, especially from/to MUC, not only in terms of destinations but especially frequency.

  3. Just successfully booked round trip from Tokyo to Paris via Frankfurt using ANA miles. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Also, since a few days all M&M members can upgrade from LH discounted Business (Z) to LH First with vouchers or miles, which was previously not allowed.

  5. I posted about this on Flyertalk about 24 hours ago – it seems everyone is picking up on this now. I had expertflyer locked onto finding a few routes and one came back last night as a hit – so I went ahead and booked a July flight.

    Happy as this was going to be a risky flight for me otherwise.

  6. So are we seeing more traffic in the LH First class lounges and terminal in the future then..let us see if it is going to water down the product and exclusivity..hope Spohr knows what he is doing otherwise LH F will be the next discontinued UA F !

  7. Thanks for the heads up. Just booked LH F award for June.. OMAAT is worth its weight in gold

  8. Am trying to book LH F next month with UA miles to the US and my plan is to keep checking starting 15 days out. This had gotten me excited! I agree that there is a reduction in F service especially as the 359 comes on board.

  9. If you fly LH First from JFK to Munich but have a separate business class ticket Munich to LHR, do they grant access to LH First Class Lounge? Thanks!

  10. Thanks for this! Redeemed my leftover AV miles for F award to EU for July! Always feels better with no absurd surcharges like through M&M.

  11. Swiss F is often bookable through Singapore miles so why does everyone keep saying it’s ONLY available to Miles and More?

  12. Singapore has LH first availability to/from the US further out and they also seem to have tons of business availability that United and Aeroplan have no access to. Verified LH availability via ExpertFlyer and UA/AC unavailability via calls.

  13. I was able to book SFO-MUC-TLV for two people in March. First leg is in F, latter in business. Ticketed and confirmed on the LH website.
    I was able to find a few itineraries to/from the US.

  14. @Sam
    Connection has to be same day, then yes, First Lounge access.
    Overnight, even if connection is less than 24 hours, will NOT give you access, has to be same day.

  15. @Sam @Joe I was told the opposite by a lounge staff. You will have an access when you arrive with longhaul F, even w/o connection.

  16. Just a heads up, I found plenty of space from SFO to MUC on Lifemiles in March next year, doesn’t go over 2 seats though.

  17. I was able to ticket MUC-SFO in F this June with SQ miles (and fairly high fees). So there is inventory to the US, as well, just rarer.

  18. Check the LH metal on your selected route before you click the buy button! LH still operate some pretty old and crappy aircraft which could severely diminish the luxe F experience you are looking forward to.

  19. Also if booking into the distance with LM, any change or cancellation is going to cost you $200. Gone are the days when $50 did the job!

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