Beaches and Mountains: Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt, Lufthansa First Class Frankfurt to Chicago

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We intentionally planned a long layover in Frankfurt so that we could visit the First Class Terminal. While the first class lounges in the terminal are almost as nice as the First Class Terminal, the major difference is the guaranteed car ride to the plane, the novelty of which hasn’t worn off for me yet.

After a 15 minute walk through the terminal and then 10 minute walk along the outside roadway of the airport we made it to the First Class Terminal. Since we already had our boarding passes we were through security in no time.

The security process is one of my favorite parts of the First Class Terminal experience, given that there’s never a wait. It’s like having your private security lane with agents there just for you.

Our personal assistant invited us to sit down and took our boarding passes and passports. I asked her if our flight was going to be operated by the 747 with the new first class product, and she promised to check. Unfortunately we were eventually informed that we would have the old first class.

The Terminal was fairly empty, which was nice, so we had a whole set of couches to ourselves. Within a few minutes of settling in a waiter came by to offer us drinks. I went with VOSS water.

Seating area


Comfy seats

VOSS water

The novelty of the ice cream cooler in the First Class Terminal still hasn’t warn off for me, so I had some ice cream in a waffle bowl with sprinkles and almonds. Yes, I’m like a five year old.

Ice cream

After getting some work done for about an hour we decided to have lunch in the restaurant.

Dining area


As usual the buffet had just about everything imaginable, so I took a little of (almost) everything. To drink I had Fanta, which would be my last one for a long while.







After lunch I decided to take a shower. Lufthansa also has some really nice private rooms with bath tubs, though I didn’t have quite enough time for that.

Shower room


Shower room

Shortly before 5PM our personal assistant approached us and told us our flight was ready for boarding. After passport control she introduced us to our driver, who drove us to the plane in a Mercedes S500.

Car transfer

Even though I’ve probably been to the First Class Terminal a dozen times, the novelty of driving across the tarmac in a sports car still hasn’t worn off for me. For those of you that are HON members (Lufthansa’s top tier elites that get First Class Terminal access regardless of which cabin they’re flying), does the novelty ever wear off? Please tell me it doesn’t, because I would have nothing to live for. šŸ˜‰

Car transfer

Nice views!

As we pulled up to the plane we were escorted through the elevator up to the jet bridge, where the driver introduced us to the crew, who directed us to the upper deck.

Lufthansa 432
Frankfurt (FRA) ā€“ Chicago (ORD)
Thursday, August 11
Depart: 5:35PM
Arrive: 7:30PM
Duration: 8hr55min
Aircraft: Boeing 747
Seat: 82C (First Class)

As we got to the upper deck we were greeted by two super-cheery flight attendants that directed us to our seats in row 82. I really can’t say enough positive things about Lufthansa’s first class flight attendants. In my experience they’re professional yet personable, which is a balance that even many of the world’s best airlines aren’t able to achieve.

There was only one other passenger seated in first class, and as the flight attendant came to our seats she informed us it would just be three of us. In the process I confused her pretty bad, since we had been communicating in German the whole time. As a result she started speaking to my friend in German as well, though he doesn’t speak a word of German so just stared at her puzzled. Once she understood why he wasn’t responding she just laughed, and for a while proceeded to address me in German and him in English, till she realized it was easier to just address us both in English.

First class cabin

Once settled in we were both offered champagne with macadamia nuts.

Pre-departure champagne

Following that we were offered an amenity kit, slippers, and sweater.

Slippers, sweater, and amenity kit

View from 82C

As was the case on the outbound segment from Frankfurt to Bangkok, Lufthansa blocks every other seat in first class on the 747, so the seats on the other side of the cabin were our “sleeping” seats.

Seats for sleeping

Around our scheduled departure time the captain came on the PA to inform us of our flight time of 8hr30min, anticipating an on-time arrival in Chicago.

As we pushed back the safety video started playing, and after a fairly long taxi to the runway we were airborne.

Taking off

About 10 minutes after takeoff the crew started the service with hot, scented towels. Lufthansa has the best towels of any airline, hands down (I dare anyone to disagree with me).

Hot towel

Shortly thereafter the purser came through the cabin to offer us the lunch menu and wine list.


I was disappointed to see that the menu was identical to the one we had from Frankfurt to Bangkok, which I wasn’t a huge fan of.


And the wine list read as follows:

2000 Champagne Laurent-Perrier Millesime, Frankreich

Monthly Proposal
2010 Western Australia Sauvignon Blanc

White Wine
2008 Nies’chen Riesling Erste Lage
2008 Horse Heaven Hills Chardonnay

Red Wine
2002 Chateau Belgrave
2005 Redoma Tinto
2007 Mendoza Pasionado

Service started with the same not-so-aesthetically pleasing starter.

Amuse bouche

My friend just ate the center cheese layer of it, and made “art” of the rest of it. Surprisingly the flight attendants were amused.

In it’s most useful form

After that the signature Lufthansa roses were distributed.

Signature rose

For the appetizer I went with caviar and also the prawn with strawberry dish.


Then I went with the salad, which was fairly good.


For the main course I went with the filet of sole. It wasn’t especially good.

Filet of sole with sauce mornay, leaf spinach, and potatoes

Then for dessert I went with the elderflower soup with berries and sorbet. I prefer sweet desserts so wasn’t a huge fan, aside from the Lufthansa logo being “stamped” onto the sorbet. I love the attention to detail!

Cold Elderflower Soup with mixed Wild Berries and Cassis Sorbet

Love the logo!

Then to finish off the meal we were offered chocolates.


As is usually the case I’m not a huge fan of Lufthansa’s meals. But nonetheless I find the actual meal service to be among the most enjoyable of any airline. I can’t give the flight attendants enough credit for their charm, attention to detail, and genuine interest in taking care of passengers. It’s what really sets Lufthansa apart, and this crew was especially good.

As we finished up our meals they offered to make our beds on the set of seats across from us.


I slept for a few hours and woke up about three hours out of Chicago. At that point I made a quick round of the plane, though on the way back talked to one of the first class flight attendants for about 30 minutes. She was a lot of fun to talk to, and it was clear she loved her job.

About two hours out of Chicago we were served the pre-arrival meal. The service started with hot towels followed by the menus being distributed. I love that Lufthansa has separate menus for each meal service, as they’re the only airline I know of where that’s the case.

Pre-arrival menu

I also love that Lufthansa’s pre-arrival meals to the US are usually salad “buffets.” It’s a bit lighter of an option than what most airlines serve, which in this case is a good thing.

The way it’s served is that the flight attendants come around with a cart with each of the above options separately plated, and then they prepare the salad to your liking.

Pre-arrival meal

For dessert was key lime pie, and I had a cup of coffee to accompany it.


About 30 minutes before landing the purser came around to bid us farewell and thank us for flying Lufthansa. Shortly thereafter both of the excellent flight attendants came by to thank us for flying Lufthansa, and also brought two glasses of champagne, saying “you guys started the bottle, and now you have to finish it.” Love it!

As we initiated our final descent there were some great views of Chicago as we came in over Lake Michigan, and about ten minutes later we were on the ground.

Descent into Chicago

This was my first trip as a Global Entry member, so naturally I was disappointed when there were no lines at immigration. It took a while for the bags to arrive, though within about 20 minutes of deplaning we were through customs and immigration.

And so ended a great trip…

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  1. Thank you for posting, Lucky. I should try first class in LH some time. I have enjoyed LH C service. (even once dancing on a late night bar with an LH FA staff in Asia, but that’s another story).

  2. My wife wound up getting a duck delivered to her in her seat, FCT was out of them, but tracked one down somehow.

  3. Too bad about the food…in your older reports, it seemed to get better reviews. Between this TR and the Munich – Frankfurt TR, their catering company needs to improve.

  4. Did your companion also have Global Entry or did you ditch them at immigration? Would you have if the lines were longer?

  5. Great report! I am missing Fanta myself…

    Just off a trip that included LH, SQ, CA, TH, NH, EK and UA all in premium classes, and LH won (close second being TH)

  6. Love Alex’s food art. Were you really going to abandon him at immigration? :DI know he hasn’t had his GE interview yet. I admit to doing it to my friend in Miami once and made her meet me at the Admirals Club.

  7. I have 83H on Luthansa next year. Are you happy with seat 82C? Are 83H and 82C location and comfort the same or should I request 82C?

  8. Lucky, I like your work. Would you consider also posting the prices you paid and/or miles you redeemed for each one of your amazing flights?

  9. @ MKM — Hah, I have plenty of rubber duckies at home. And you missed out if you didn’t have the ice cream!

    @ Skitten — He doesn’t have Global Entry, though he was through as fast as I was. Would I have ditched him? Well, I would have probably waited with our bags at baggage claim. What’s the alternative, really?

    @ Sil — Both row 82 and row 83 are great. Row 83 has a bit too much space, in my opinion, and feels a bit too exposed. They also set up the drink cart in front of row 83, in my experience. So I like row 82 the most. It has more legroom than you could possibly need, yet feels a bit more private without being claustrophobic.

    @ Aric — Thanks. If you click on the trip report index at the top of the post and read the introduction, it lists the cost in miles/cash for the trip, and I’ll summarize again in the conclusion.

  10. Great report — I have been looking for a LH F report on the old 744 lately as I have a flight iah-fra coming up at EOM. Is LH already converting the 744’s to the new product, and is the new product identical to the one offered on the A380? The A380 site on LH has a great flash video on their F product.

  11. I know this isn’t an apples to apples comparison but on Monday’s UA flight 896 HKG-ORD in Business I didn’t get to see a menu for more than 60 seconds. The flight attendant brought the menu over and told me I had a choice of 3 selections. I made my selection and she handed the menu to the next person.

    What — a menu shortage in Business? To think I had a menu in coach on a Continental flight outbound. Appetizers? Wine descriptions? Dessert? I never got to read about any of them.

    For the arrival meal a flight attendant rolled out a cart. By the time she got to row 13 there were no options. It was pasta. I shook my head as did the woman sitting next to me. First the flight attendant served her the side fruit plate from the pasta dish. Then she decided there was enough of those to give her two side fruit plates. I was given the same treatment.

    If not for the comfy lie flat seat I could argue the service in coach was better. What a disappointment.

  12. “You guys” is a provincial and boorish way of addressing anyone.

    One would think first class passengers would rate sir and madam or Mr. and Ms.

    I’m insulted just reading it.

    More than once I have corrected uneducated restaurant servers that my elderly mother isn’t a “guy ”

    I expect better in a first class cabin.

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