A380 Extravaganza: Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge San Francisco

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Update: This lounge is now closed, and you can see this post for more information.

I had flown in from Seattle earlier in the day, and arrived at the Singapore Airlines check-in counter right as it opened at 7:20PM, about 3.5 hours before departure.


There was an older couple in the Suites Class check-in line in front of me with luggage that was probably more expensive than a revenue Suites Class ticket. Within a few minutes it was my turn, and the friendly agent printed my boarding pass in no time. The cabin seemed to be wide open and I requested to have my seat changed from 2A to 3A, given that a friend that recently flew Suites on Singapore noted that row three has three windows per suite, while the other rows have two windows per suite.

The agent asked out of curiosity why I wanted to switch from 2A to 3A. I explained it to him, and he said “wow, you really know your stuff.” Not really, I just know people that know their stuff!

On the way to the security checkpoint I passed a massive replica of the Singapore Airlines Airbus 380, along with a poster advertising that it’s the first A380 flying to Asia out of San Francisco.

Awesome A380 model

I’m hoping that if I’m really, really good this year, I might get one of those massive replicas for Christmas. It would only take up about half my apartment.

Fortunately the security lines were short, and the priority security line was completely empty. The agent did a double take at my boarding pass when she saw it said “suites,” and said “damn, is that like a hotel room in the sky or something?”

Once through security I headed to the Silver Kris Lounge, which had just opened for the evening.

Corridor to lounge

Lounge entrance

Singapore renovated the Silver Kris Lounge a couple of years ago, and in the process got rid of the first class section, meaning it’s a shared lounge for Star Gold members as well as premium cabin passengers.

The lounge was about as dull as “Two and a Half Men” since Charlie Sheen left.

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

The food spread was decent, with finger sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, meats, minestrone soup, cereal, pastries, noodles, and more.

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

There was also a self-serve bar with liquor, beer, wine, soft drinks, and a Nespresso machine.



Nespresso machine

The Wi-Fi was reasonably fast so I spent about two hours getting caught up on some work before requesting a shower.

The lounge has two shower rooms, which are spacious though basic. They both have shampoo and soap dispensers, though I couldn’t care less about the stuff as long as I’m fresh before a 15-hour flight.

Shower room

Shower room

By the time I freshened up we had about an hour till departure, so I decided to head out to the gate area.

International terminal

For what it’s worth if you’re in Suites Class you can also use the United Global First Lounge. It’s probably United’s nicest lounge (which I realize isn’t saying much), and much nicer than the Silver Kris Lounge. You can find a previous review of the lounge here.

The thought of using the lounge didn’t cross my mind till it was almost time for boarding, though at least I was productive in the Silver Kris Lounge.

The flight was leaving from gate 101, where boarding is done through two levels.

The beast!

Departure gate

Down the escalators is the jet bridge for coach passengers, while on the upper level of the concourse is the jet bridge for business/first class passengers.

At around 10:20PM boarding began, starting with suites and business class passengers. I could hardly contain my excitement, and was the first to board.

  1. I wasn’t too impressed with the Silver Kris Lounge either. I prefer both of the United clubs but they don’t stay open as late 🙁

  2. This is a silly question for those who spend a lot of time in lounges (I do not), but in lounges where they have showers, is there a charge to use the showers? Similarly, in first class lounges (such as BA Concorde), if you order off a menu, is there a charge for the food? I’m still wet behind the ears on some of this stuff… THANK YOU!

  3. I flew SQ1 the very next night, 01/16 in Premium Economy. Despite beging Star Alliance Gold they told me I couldn’t use the Singapore Kris Lounge due to the A380 flights being too full and lounge too small … That was a bit of a disappointment but at least I got free drinks in the dumpy UA lounge. Overall it was a great flight, the A380 is quite nice to fly.

  4. Slightly off topic but somewhat relevant. I have an Asiana business flight from SFO to seol. Can someone tell me which lounge I will be able to use? Do I have any option?

  5. @Spencer W, there is no charge for the showers in lounges that you get into for free. Additionally, no charge for the food at places like the Concorde room.

  6. @Spencer W. I don’t have as much experience as Ben, but I do know that the Admirals Club at LAX requires you to exchange your boarding pass for a key to one of the shower rooms. You trade off again and retrieve your boarding pass once you return to the desk from being refreshed.

  7. @Lucky – Glad to know I’m not the only sad person in this world mourning the departure of Charlie Sheen ! 🙁
    Nice erm, ‘amuse bouche’ for the upcoming instalments.

  8. Is this right? First passengers board at the upper level of the gate and then you have to go downstairs once on board…. Zumutung!?? 🙂

  9. @ Spencer W. — Nope, it’s complimentary. Typically everything in an international premium cabin lounge is complimentary.

    @ Gary — Well I know SYD leaves around the same time, so late enough. 😀

    @ caveman — I believe you can use the United Club as the primary option.

  10. @ caveman — I believe they use a contract lounge at SFO.

    @ caveman — Hmm, they leave from another terminal so they use a different contract lounge. Can’t quite figure out what it is right now, though.

    @ Joey — Nope, I had a window seat. The middle seats were empty so they just made my bed there.

    @ elsie — Hah, the boarding entrance isn’t right at the jet bridge, so you actually board through the first floor. Once you enter the gate you have the option of taking the first or business class jet bridge.

  11. @caveman @lucky When I flew Asiana business from SFO the contract lounge they used was China Airlines, nothing special but quieter than UA lounges you could also use (but in that case you would have to reclear security to get to OZ gate).

  12. @ Lucky – is access to the krisflyer lounge included in your suite ticket? or is it because of your krisflyer elite status? thanks for taking my question

  13. I thought I had heard that Kris lounge was not letting other star gold members in unless on a Singapore flight.

  14. Ben,
    In HKG right now, just off SQ1. I was laughing all the way through security as we raced like ducklings to keep up with the escort. Damn she was quick.. Now I can truly appreciate the duckling video!
    For what it’s worth, we were denied entrance to the United IFL at SFO, so made do with the Silver Kris lounge.
    I don’t think anything will ever top the flight we just had. Amazing experience. Thanks!

  15. @ dan ray — That’s correct.

    @ BFrankley — Hah, happy to hear you got an escort as well! You were denied entry to the IFL? On what grounds? Sounds like the typical, horrible dragons working there. Some things never change, it seems.

  16. “The lounge was about as dull as “Two and a Half Men” since Charlie Sheen left.”

    So what you’re saying is, it wasn’t anything special before the renovation either 😉

  17. She was definitely a Dragon! I didn’t bother pushing it. And now all is forgotten because we’re sitting in The Private Room at SIN. No dragons here, just service so great it’s surreal. It’s so nice that I forgot I’m supposed to be GOING somewhere.

  18. On the question of when the UA F lounge at SFO closes, I was transiting there in June from JFK, awaiting boarding to SYD in F on UA. The flight was delayed. They closed the lounge anyway and literally kicked us out, a full hour before departure. They had to call security to forcibly remove an exhausted elderly Australian lady for whom it was the last straw among many screw-ups. It was horrible. Closing the lounge well before your own flight departs seems pretty shoddy to me, but that’s United for ya.

  19. Sliver Kris lounge is better in terms of service, food and its less crowded. I always skip the UA lounge since its like meat market.

  20. @ Aditya — I agree for business class, though I do think the Global First lounge is nicer than the SilverKris lounge.

  21. If you are a GOLD or 1K MileagePlus flying UA metal into SFO from an international origin, or flying out from SFO to a international destination can one (and how) get from a United gates to the Singapore lounge? Can this be done without going through TSA to get from one to another?

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