A380 Extravaganza: Emirates Lounge Singapore

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We arrived back at Changi Airport terminal one around 7PM, less than 12 hours after arriving from Colombo.

Terminal exterior

We easily found the Emirates check-in counter at “aisle” two, where the crew operating our flight were just checking in and dropping off their bags.


Emirates check-in queue

There was only one person ahead of us in the first class queue, so our check-in was processed within a few minutes, and our boarding passes were printed all the way to London.

First class check-in

We headed through immigration control and then up the escalator to the Emirates lounge. Even though it would hardly compare to the first class lounge, there are a number of alternate options in Singapore for anyone with a credit card with lounge access.

Terminal one airside

Escalator to Emirates lounge

The Emirates lounge in Singapore felt almost identical to the one in London, given that it was one, big shared space for both first and business class.

Lounge exterior

The décor was similar as well. There was plenty of seating and it seemed like Qantas was using this lounge as well (I believe their lounge is being renovated), as they made boarding announcements for Qantas in the lounge.

There was both a general seating area and a dining area, in addition to a business center.



Dining seating

Dining seating

Business center

In the seating area was a small self serve bar, and then in the dining area was an extensive buffet with both cold and hot options, as well as an equally large self serve bar.









Self serve bar

Self serve bar

I tried to get some work done during my time in the lounge, though the wifi was excruciatingly slow.

At this point I decided the Emirates flight might be a bit more enjoyable if tipsy, so we decided to do some shots. So we made the best of what we had and used the port glasses and lemons to do a few rounds of shots.


At around 9:15PM the final boarding call was made for our flight and we headed to the gate, and I was giggling like a toddler having funny faces made at them. My apologies in advance if the pictures get a bit blurry from this point forward.

Heading to gate

Since we went to the gate relatively late there was no queue at security, and we were through within a couple of minutes. Almost everyone else had already boarded, so there was no queue to board either.

Our A380 to Dubai!

Empty gate

  1. Looks like you could have made an old fashion or some fun rum drinks with what you were working with. Instead you chose the cheap tequila. Love it.

  2. were you able to check your bags all the way thru at CMB? or did you have to claim then in SIN? or in LHR? (i hope not)

  3. My friends and I have this theory that most people go through a shots/high tolerance phase when they first start drinking, whether at 14 or at 22 lol. You seem to confirm it!

    I agree with the other posters though, you need to branch out your taste in liquor. Next time mix equal parts gin, campari and red vermouth (martini rosso) on ice, all of which are usually available in self-serve lounge bars, to make a Negroni. That’s a good, strong drink to prepare you for a flight.

  4. Is it just me, or do the food options in the Singapore lounge look more impressive than the ones in the London lounge?

  5. @BrewerSEA: Nothing like a fresh liver, just waiting to be abused. Back in the day, I never got hangovers and went through that same phase. Moderation is a hard learned habit.

  6. @ wwk5d — I thought they were pretty similar, maybe the Singapore lounge had a slight edge. But with the amount of food served onboard I didn’t eat in either lounge!

  7. I thought the food was superb and much better than on the plane. My wife even sought out the cook and asked him for recipes. Soon after we took off, we forgo the meal service, visited the A380 bar and then got some shut-eye. We even thought the food was better than the Dubai FC lounge. Worth getting to the airport early for I think.

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