Wow: Delta Has Already Banned 100 Anti-Maskers

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While all major US airlines now have rules requiring passengers to wear face coverings, Delta is winning by a long shot when it comes to making its policy crystal clear. The airline has seemingly also been doing more enforcing than other airlines.

Delta has banned over 100 anti-maskers

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian appeared on the Today Show to outline what the travel experience is like nowadays. I’d say the most interesting part of the interview was his claims about enforcement of the company’s face mask policy.

Delta has been requiring passengers to wear masks on flights since early May. Initially enforcement was perhaps lax, given the vague wording of the rules, allowing exceptions for “people unable to keep a face covering in place, including children.”

However, as the use of face masks has become more political, Delta has also stepped up its enforcement. Bastian claims that Delta has placed 100 people on its “no fly list” over mask issues, and says that if you insist on not wearing a mask, he insists on you not flying Delta. As he explains:

We’ve been steadily and rather aggressively stepping up our enforcement of the mask policy. You cannot board a Delta plane unless you have a mask on. If you board the plane and insist on not wearing a mask, we insist that you do not fly Delta into the future. We already have 100 people put onto that list.”

Frankly I’m surprised that this many passengers have been banned from Delta over lack of mask compliance. Keep in mind these aren’t people that didn’t wear a mask for a medical reason, as there have been some exemptions. Rather these are people who outright refused despite any claim of a medical issue, which is the only way one would end up banned over mask compliance.

Delta has banned 100 passengers over mask enforcement

Delta is stepping up mask enforcement even more

This revelation from Bastian follows news last week that Delta is significantly stepping up enforcement of its face mask policy for people who refuse to wear masks. Delta updated its website to encourage anyone with health conditions or disabilities that explicitly prevent wearing of a face covering to reconsider travel.

On top of that, anyone who has a condition preventing them from wearing a mask should show up at the airport early to complete a “Clearance-to-Fly” process, which could take over an hour. This process includes a virtual consultation with a healthcare professional, who will consider circumstances, and could make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Delta is no longer using the “honor system” for wearing masks. Any passenger found to be making false claims about a disability or health condition in order to obtain an exemption can have travel privileges on all Delta flights suspended for as long as the airline is requiring passengers to wear face masks.

Delta is stepping up its mask enforcement

Bottom line

Delta is leading US airlines when it comes to mask enforcement. Not only has the airline banned 100 passengers over face mask “incidents,” but going forward the airline is requiring anyone claiming a medical exemption to complete a health consultation prior to flying.

With masks having become such a polarizing and political topic, I commend Delta for stating its policy so clearly.

Are you surprised that 100 people have already been banned from Delta over masks?

  1. Not surprised at all. I work a second part time job for a big box retailer, and there are quite a few that don’t wear masks and get argumentative if you offer them one. (Masks are now mandatory here by local ordinance.) If they’re like that buying lumber and paint on a 15 minute shopping trip, I can only imagine how they’d be against wearing a mask for a lengthy period of time in the air.

  2. Honestly this combined with blocking seats may actually get me to book with Delta despite being a many year United loyalist and current Global Services member…

    Kudos to Delta for taking mask compliance seriously.

  3. “for as long as the airline is requiring passengers to wear face masks” This is a slap on the wrist. How many people are flying so much in the next year that they will be so inconvenienced not being able to fly Delta during that time? Why aren’t airlines taking a real stand and banning them from the airline for 5+ years? Even better, share lists between the carriers – US airline ban for 5 years.

    If a passenger was known to have a 1 in a 100 chance of punching someone in the face during a flight, would airlines let them fly? A reach of an analogy, but I think it makes the point that these rules, and even more their enforcement, are pathetic.

  4. I am quite optimistic that these mask requirements are lifted soon. They only cause a lot of anger for everyone involved. Let each and everyone decide for themselves whether or not they want to wear masks.
    Personally I tend to eat and drink more and longer than usual when a mask requirement is in place, because that is the only way to put these off.

  5. Completely level-headed and rational discussion based on total respect of all views on this topic will ensue shortly…

  6. @Todd There’s probably a 1% chance I’m going to punch someone every time I venture out in public these days. I mean, I haven’t yet, but boy I sure would like to.

  7. This policy seems pretty effective at filtering out some of the idiots. If they remain vigilant with this enforcement I will pay a premium to fly DL over AA.

  8. Given how many people have appeared in news stories getting into quite a lot of trouble for being militantly anti-mask, I’m not surprised at all. But I do applaud Delta for taking a firm line on this issue for public health.

  9. I have had to fly in the past two weeks for a family emergency and Delta was really great, masks everywhere, low load factors, very happy about this. With the AA/B6 news, my loyalty to Delta is on the fence, but things like this compared to what AA is doing are certainly points to Delta.

  10. @Onemileatatime, are you only allowing pro Mask Comments to be posted?
    I tried to explain my standpoint several times, but unfortunately none of these have been posted.
    In a democracy we should accept other peoples opinions.
    And to sum my opinion up, each person should decide for themselves if they want to cover their faces.

  11. Delta is doing a great job. The only thing I wish they would do is share these idiots’ names with other airlines. At the moment the list is only for their records.

  12. Good thing they have an independent healthcare professional as passengers can sometimes have “connections” with their doctor or they just can simply pay their doctor off to get a note not to have a mask on.

  13. I am not surprised.

    These are probably a subset of the rule breakers that we always frequent during airline travel: approaching the boarding area before your zone is called, carrying on excessively sized luggage or a few too many items, placing your luggage in first class bins and then stealing a pillow to take back to your seat in coach, not placing a cell phone in airplane mode after the door has been closed, reclining your seat prior to reaching 10,000 ft, getting up while the seatbelt sign is on, taking multiple snacks at once from the snack basket, overextending into the adjacent seat and armrest, eating a mangosteen and foie gras sandwich just prior to landing at SFO, being in a middle or window seat but still pushing into the aisle the second the plane reaches the gate….

    Good for Delta. Won’t be long before a lawsuit is filed, though, I’m sure.

  14. This is nothing really, wait until people start getting banned for not getting the vaccine. Is everyone going to be ok with showing your personal shot records along with your boarding pass? This is where we are headed. Flu shot, covid shot, H1N1 shot, and whatever else they want whether you want it or not.

  15. We should ban anti maskers from humanity. They can go live on an island where they are free to worship their Orange God and live in poverty and sickness.

  16. Once again seems to be leading the way. Hopefully the usual followers (I’m looking at you AA and UA) will see the light and do the same.

  17. @Tim I suppose then you think “each person should decide for themselves if they want to” obey stop lights and stop signs?

  18. Bravo delta. Unless the US actually wants to do a proper shut down every few months the masks are the only hope you guys have (and washing hands etc). Only in the US do people find ways to argue with science. Get your act together! Masks are mandatory here since last week and there is no fuss.

  19. I am intrigued by comments that indicate their previous comments have been censored or deleted. If there is someone actually moderating the comments then why would they not also delete the comment complaining about the deletions.
    Any ideas?

  20. “each person should decide for themselves if they want to cover their faces.”

    No large business wants to see their reasonable customers endangered or even made uncomfortable by narcissists. This is a business decision as much as good citizenship. Many people are a lot more inclined to fly Delta knowing that this is their position, and the people who are less inclined can put themselves in more danger on another airline.

  21. @Tim writes, “And to sum my opinion up, each person should decide for themselves if they want to cover their faces.”

    That is so wrong! Your decision to wear a mask or not affects *my* health, not yours. You don’t have the right to act in ways that endanger me.

  22. @Charlie +1,

    Just like decision to drink and drive affects/endangers anyone else that person is driving nearby on the road.

  23. @Tim

    You’re right Tim! I should be free to drink and drive and potentially run over your family with my car, because everyone should be free to decide what they want to do with their body!

    Btw, you need to learn what the words you use mean:
    In a democracy, people are allowed to VOTE.
    In a free society, people are allowed to say whatever they want (except for things that incite violence or direct harm).
    On a privately run website or business, they can run the business/website however they like. We call it freedom.

    You are also free to go elsewhere to whine.

  24. @Tim
    We are in a pandemic and wearing mask is a civic duty to help stamp the virus spread. Your choosing to not wear mask will affect other people, so it is not a matter of whether you want to or feel like wearing it or not. In a democracy, there are still exceptions to personal freedom, just like you cannot yell fire in a packed theater. And we are in such a situation now.

  25. @Charlie,
    but when arguing like that, why haven’t you worn a mask in the last 5 or ten years? You will always risk other people‘s health (you will still do that to a certain extent even with your mask on).

  26. Good for them for having the balls to do this. Most other corporations would be too scared to piss off potential customers.

  27. @Tim

    We were not in a pandemic 5 or 10 years ago. Wearing masks have been judged something that is worthwhile for other’s safety, based on the latest science. We do not get to pick and choose in life what safety rules we feel like obeying. We do not get to say “I think speed limits don’t really make things more safe, I’m going to drive at 120mph and God help anyone who tries to stop me”. We do not get to tell the TSA “I don’t believe metal detectors actually provide any additional safety so I’m choosing to bypass them thanks”.

    We live in a society where laws and safety rules are put into place for everyone’s benefit. You are welcome to disagree with them and lobby for their change, but you cannot pick and choose which ones you want to obey just because you disagree with them.

    You do have freedom of choice though and if you really don’t agree with wearing masks to protect others then by all means choose not to fly.

  28. I wonder how many of these were slight violations (had off while eating and forgot to put back on, etc.) and there was a militant FA, or if all 100 were 100% refusals while boarding/mid-air. The fact that FAs are enforcing this is why the list must not be shared between airlines, unless there is indisputable evidence.

  29. Good for Delta, I flew with them last week and was very impressed with the consistency of basic consideration shown by my fellow passengers.

    Then I flew Alaska this week and found that 5% of the passengers on my flight were people like @Tim and @Max who like to pretend that their infantile need to be focused entirely on themselves is somehow a righteous constitutional battle.

    Alaska’s staff did nothing about it other than make repeated announcements. Of course the announcements are a complete waste of time because the people who have decided that that they cannot be bothered to make a basic gesture of consideration for their fellow passengers are fully committed to showing that no one can constrain their self absorbed behavior, that’s their whole point. That’s it. There’s nothing technical or scientific behind their refusal, it’s just a chance for them to irritate people and they cannot pass it up.

  30. My company hasn’t told me that I’m not allowed to comment so I will- thanks Delta for giving us clear and firm rules to deal with these passengers at the gate. Thank you for caring about the health and wellbeing of those of us cleaning the planes. We have had several employees from other airlines reach out about potential employment with us because the airlines that contract them out are not doing enough to protect them. Companies like Delta and Costco that are leading their industries in enforcing masks and distancing are going to be rewarded with good and loyal employees for years to come.

  31. Thank you Delta for leading on safety. Makes me consider flying Delta despite being AA hub based. I’ll consider connecting flights even at a higher price to ensure a safer experience.

    Now can we expand this medical review process to include Emotional Support Animals?

  32. I want to apologize for my earlier presumption. All comments have been posted, although I cannot understand these delays. Up until this article, my comments have posted instantly. I would appreciate any clarification.

  33. I’d to see the same idiots telling surgeons operating on them not to wear masks/PPE! Maybe then we’d less of them around.

  34. Don’t care what ones position is regarding face masks. If a business requires you to where one you will comply – period. Don’t like it then don’t fly Delta. Hate to be someone that is banned from an airline over being stupid.

  35. I can’t wait until someone who is banned then has to fly Delta for work, and has to explain to his/her boss that he/she cannot fly Delta because they are banned.

    On the other hand, I respect Delta for having the ban be limited in scope. We all do stupid things in life, and shouldn’t have lifetime bans.

  36. Having just flown recently on DL for 4 segments, I can say that everyone in flights and in DL gates had a mask and no one had to be told to wear one. It’s important to frame that these 100 who got banned is an -extremely- small number of people, compared to the hundreds of thousands that flies Delta every week.

    The article had a sensationalist tone that just likes to rile up internet people who hasn’t flown in the COVID era and don’t know what it’s really like out there,

  37. @Tim-

    You have the choice to not wear a mask just as much as you have a choice to fly someone else other than Delta. You can do whatever you want. But you also have to face the consequences of your actions. You don’t get to have it both ways.


    Agreed. I’d like to see anti-maskers yell at their surgeons in the OR about wearing a mask that’s there to protect the patient. Better yet, they should just stop wearing masks for anti-maskers to reassure them that they’re not asphyxiating themselves during surgery.

  38. Unfortunately this is the only way to ensure their policy is followed. I still maintain that while masks help, they’re neither fail safe nor will they cure anything. The pandemic is out of control in large parts of the US, and Delta is still offering flights to and from the most affected areas.

  39. People have no problems wearing seat belts (to protect you), but have problems wearing masks (to protect others)?!

  40. This just demonstrates how unsafe travel is right now on some airlines that don’t enforce rules, because some people are not going to be responsible and will knowingly put you at risk. The other airlines should take a similar hard line.

  41. @Wilhelm

    Seat belts are neither fail safe nor do they “cure” car accidents. That doesn’t mean they’re not a good idea.

  42. @Bill you’re still at risk, albeit less. Delta forcing face coverings during the pandemic (especially ineffective cloth masks) while transporting millions of people throughout the country is quite hilarious to me. If you believe the pandemic is incredibly deadly and the spread must be contained, then you should also believe that planes should be grounded – end of story. A porous mask doesn’t change that, even if provides some degree of risk reduction. Remember, this pandemic would not exist without planes.

  43. @Marv writes:

    “We should ban anti maskers from humanity. They can go live on an island where they are free to worship their Orange God and live in poverty and sickness.”

    Why the vitriol? Just because someone supports a presidential candidate other than the one you support they should die? And they call conservatives fascists?

    I come here to read about travel, not read insults. (BTW – I wear a mask at all times).

  44. It’s time to have common sense enforced. Only idiots would not want to have mask on in public areas these days.

  45. 3 Cheers for Delta!!
    I am coming back. ( AA EXP for 10 years)
    I am sick of selfish people infecting us all!
    I don’t care if you have a red hat!

  46. Enough of you, as our now “landlocked brethren”, have both valiantly and eloquently tried to make sense to @Tim (and so many others) about the sense of not merely the masks… but our need to finally protect one another. So for @Tim I ask you to try to understand the comments; because if you’re intelligent enough to print out a boarding pass, you’re surely (PLEASE) smart enough to finally realize that you don’t have a right to risk the safety of all of the rest of us! Yet on a somewhat more positive note, thanks for being stand-up and reversing your earlier claim that Lucky was discarding your comments.

    On a more global note, the earlier idea about a shared list (Thanks @Peter), between at least our domestic airlines, would be a great idea. States have the right of reciprocal info-sharing and denial (like getting a license in one if you have been suspended in another, etc.); so this would surely be fine step in a good direction. And to our fine blogosphere maven Mr. Lucky… would you be willing to pass this idea to the CEO’s, all of whom must know and respect you? Your efforts would surely be very appreciated.

    And finally, after over five whole months without a boarding pass in hand for any length of voyage, the joy of returning someplace afar again will be such a pleasure. But until then, may we all try to remain Covid-free, while caring for those who need our help to mask-up – and stay healthy as well. Cheers to everyone!

  47. We have a subset of the population in America (mostly trump supporters) that are low IQ and refuse to wear masks just to make a political statement. This is despite the overwhelming evidence that shows how effective masks are at combating covid.

    They often claim their individual freedoms are being infringed ….the list goes on. Yet they never realize that private corporations have the right to implement safety protocols. The passenger next to you has every right not to get covid from you. As an example every passenger is required to wear a seat belt upon takeoff and landing. This is not a matter of freedom. You have the freedom not to fly delta airlines and drive to your destination.

    Kudos on Delta for making the right call. These passengers should be banned for life.

    When will republicans learn that your individual freedom doesn’t grant you any rights to exert your ill on private corporations or other Americans.

  48. @Tim and others: I know this is so redundant but you wear a mask to break the spread to others and not just for yourself. Do you honestly think every Doctor or Scientist in the country propagating a vast Deep State conspiracy?

    Do the country a favor: For folks you know and folks you don’t. Tough it out and wear a d*** mask. Just try it. It’s no big deal. Might even be fun. Get a cool one. Play Doctor, whatever. It’s not going to take away your rights, but you might save some lives…maybe even your own if you get a good regulator mask, KN95 (same as the N95 but imported for non-medical use) . Travel safe and let others do the same. You won’t hear this LT UA 1K say this often, but Go Delta!!

  49. This is great to know – I hope the other airlines will follow suit (they most likely will have to).

    And for people saying that wearing a mask should be anyone’s choice: I’m sure you’ll reconsider when your wife, husband or child ends up in the ICU if they get contaminated by an idiot not wearing a mask.
    Also, if you’re gonna take that stance, then surely going throw the security checkpoint should also be anyone’s choice, right?

    Unbelievable… No wonder why this country can’t get out of covid.

  50. I happen to be writing this while _on_ a Delta flight. 100% mask compliance as far as I can tell.

    Would love if US airlines contact traced and reported COVID exposures so we could see if/when Delta has a lower positivity rate. Kudos to Delta for this. I’m much more likely to fly with them in the future.

  51. It’s possible to be against mask requirements but also perfectly willing to wear a mask on a flight if asked to, and the phrase “anti-masker” is intentionally designed to obscure that difference.

    Lucky, I wish you would be more precise in your word choice.

  52. Seems that common sense is slowly winning over the complaints of whiners and science deniers. Good for Delta.

  53. It’s people like Tim and his cohorts that will lengthen the pandemic in the US indefinitely and cause much sufferings and many preventable deaths. It is unfortunately that people like him don’t understand that with freedom comes with responsibility. This is a concept which many folks in the US simply don’t get. You are not free to do whatever you want without consequences. Not only do people not understand this concept, it is a sad fact that people don’t understand that you can be asymptomatic carrying the virus and spread it to others causing THEM to die but all the while the spreader themselves remain healthy.

  54. I know many people do not have any common sense at all. Logical thinking isn’t their strength so it’s hard to have a discussion that is not simply black or white (red or blue perhaps). Don’t believe everything the medical professionals are saying about how to protect against COVID-19 so don’t believe the benefits touted for wearing masks either. They use excuses such as “it’s undemocratic” (basically the same as “don’t tell me what to do”. We’ve heard it all before about giving kids vaccines, paying taxes, taking illegal substances, using cash versus credit cards, putting cash under the mattress and lots more. I do feel sorry for them since they are so often taken advantage of and ridiculed for their oddball opinions and conspiracy theories. Thank goodness for masks – it now makes it easier to be forewarned of what type of person you are encountering. Stay safe all.

  55. Geez Louise, I own a store in n the south (red hat paradise) and I’ve had to call the cops on several of these my rights are violated morons. Yup you don’t have to wear a mask, but my store is private property and your rights ended and my rules started at the door. Most around here have the I.Q. of a fencepost, never figured they proliferate at this level. Bus people.

  56. In my simplistic view concern for others and cooperation is the very essence of civilization. It really doesn’t matter if wearing a mask is effective or not. It seems like a stretch to think wearing a mask actually does any but ephemeral harm, if at all.
    In a few months 140,000 are known to have died in the US . In the slight hope that it might keep even ONE more person alive, please wear a mask .

  57. Unpopular opinion for sure, but masks are a feel good measure that doesn’t actually stop micro droplets that carry the virus. The masks may even cause micro-droplets to become smaller so causing even more virus to spread. The scientific and medical studies back this up, but everyone is so mask-crazy they don’t want to hear it.

  58. I am so angry that the government tells me how fast I can drive my car. Each person should decide for themself. If you don’t like it, then stay off the roads.

  59. My flights this past week ( AA with connection in DFW ) were, overall clean and organized. A little busier than I expected, especially at DFW. F.A did their best to spread singles away from others on the flight for room. The process almost seemed more ‘relaxed’ and efficient prior to COVID and processes were not balked or questioned by anyone.

  60. I was watching the news last night… they were interviewing people about the masks and such. Over 55% responded that if they got Coronavirus that they would no longer stay at home since they figured it would be safe to go out with everybody else wearing masks. They basically figured that since almost everybody is wearing a little mask that they no longer had to worry about infecting anyone. I bet everyone would love to have one of them in the airplane seat right behind them. In a way, I suppose they are right in that if masks are really effective as they say, then we shouldn’t worry about testing, fevers, etc.

  61. Kudos to Delta! Ban the idiots that endanger others!
    I was on a UA flight recently and they enforced the mask rule too! Pretty much everyone followed as far as I know.

  62. Organisms that cannot adapt in order to ensure their biological survival face one fate — extinction. Anti-maskers, beware!

    Kudos to Delta.

  63. Great job Delta!

    To any anti-maskers who have had your posts deleted – feel free to head underground (Reddit, 4Chan, Parler, etc.) – you’ll find the warm embrace there

  64. The mask is not a silver bullet, unfortunately.

    Wearing a N95 mask *may* help others as their wearing a mask *may* help you.

    But we still have to keep distant, stay safe and consider others. If social distancing is lost, like in a crowded night club or beach, nothing *absolutely nothing* will keep you safe and definitely not a home-made cloth mask that is just a piece of bling.

  65. It’s not surprising that business owners have to deal with these anti-masker degenerates. Too stupid to run a business, so it’s not unexpected they have no concept that their “freedom” to refuse a mask also extends to private business owners that have the freedom to refuse their ignorant asses entry.

    Democracy fails when the majority of your population are simpletons.

    Kudos to Delta for trying to make a difference.

  66. This is the way you build trust in a brand. Delta will gain the trust of many. I’m happy Delta is my airline.

  67. @Jerset: this, combined with the blocked middle seat is an example of Delta going after more of a premium clientele, clearly people who respect science and the greater good. Now if Delta could just resume serving cocktails…

    @Tim: it’s people such as yourself why Americans are currently barred from traveling to many parts of the world. They see the data on how the USA has failed at controlling this virus, thanks to… you.

  68. I wasn’t planning on traveling anytime soon, but good to know that Delta’s making it as safe as possible given the circumstances for folks that have to travel right now.

  69. Let’s hope Delta makes these emotional support animal scammers go through the same process of taking to the Delta doctor. Your decision to bring your pet puts my health at risk.

  70. “Delta is leading US airlines when it comes to mask enforcement. ” No. Delta leads US airlines in every single decision. Delta leads. Others follow.

  71. Let’s rephrase this: After months of requiring masks, Delta has had to ban just 100 people for non compliance.

    In other words, this is unbelievably good compliance. Outstanding. Literally hardly anyone is refusing to comply. This is a moral panic that is not based in reality…

  72. The day this is over and we can happily toss our masks in the garbage forever for all the arguing they caused, haha!…

  73. Honestly glad to see people like Tim and Roger are clearly the minority now. I have faith you guys can pull through (even with a few dead weights)!

  74. This is AWESOME since as a doctor, I’ve been asking people to wear masks since February/March as a way to prevent this awful situation that we are now in. Though I would love to get back to “normal” and fly my usual 150+k miles annually, I don’t see that happening until way past next year….yes 2021 is screwed too people. The vaccines are not likely to be successful, and if they are will take a ton of time to get proven for efficacy and safety (I work with people that are actively involved in 3 of the major trials that are getting set up). So great job Delta and I will keep you in mind for myself and the recommending to people and patients who do need to go somewhere during this pandemic to find airlines that do their absolute best to keep their customers and employees safe!

  75. So, exactly how many proven cases of airline in-cabin covid-19 transmission are there so far?….

  76. I agree with mask requirements. However I cant square this with the ACAA. After all there’s a reason they had exemption to begin with.

  77. But AA, UA and others have banned non-mask wearers…they just did not do an interview about it. The only difference I see is Delta having a prescreen for medical exceptions. Not sure why everyone is holding Delta in higher esteem over this. Most airlines have required masks since early June.

    A different Tim from the one posting earlier…

  78. Just another trick by the fascist globalist technocratic elite to divert our attention from the real issues, and divide and conquer us. Wake up ppl. Can’t you see where it’s all heading.

  79. The point in wearing a mask, is to stop you breathing out too many germs, or reducing them, it reaslly seems to work if everyone in close quarters , is also wearing them,as you wearing the mask, would then have your germs on the inside and other folks germs on the out side. so really everyone needs to comply. the main comment is you are in a limited bubble, so if you don’t wnt to wear a mask, drive a car,. The other main thing is for airlines to keep on top of bathrooms, with sprays etc,.I,d sooner fly with masks then not, then, we can all fly with out them, Its not your right, not to wear as mask, on a flight, like not your right to take a gun on board,its the right of delta to protect, if you don,t want to wear a mask, great walk , drive , ride your bike, and don,t try to get false medical certs, .

  80. @Fred

    “Just another trick by the fascist globalist technocratic elite to divert our attention from the real issues, and divide and conquer us. Wake up ppl. Can’t you see where it’s all heading.”

    They want us to wear masks so they can control us. Next step will be the introduction of facial recognition technology so that they can track us. I see no flaws in my logic here.

  81. Not surprised at all. Some people are purposely flying with no masks to make a statement. Others don’t think it’s necessary.

  82. @David

    My opinion of expecting people to follow the rules is in the minority while you’re here advocating for drinking and driving?

    You’re referring to yourself as the dead weight, I assume.

  83. @David

    You also haven’t yet been able to explain how an uninfected person not wearing a mask is performing an action that endangers the lives of the people around them. The simplest of studies would easily show that a population of individuals not infected with SARS-CoV-2 has a 0% probability of spreading the virus even without wearing masks.

    You’re response is to simply mandate universal mask wearing in a blind following, which invariably errs on the side of caution. Yet, to err is to make a mistake. Some people prefer not to make mistakes. If you’re infected with SARS-CoV-2, wear a mask. If mask wearing is mandated by local policy, wear a mask. If you’re concerned you may have SARS-CoV-2 and are simply asymptomatic, take an Antigen or RT-PCR test, couple with some self-isolation, and then go out later upon more definitive confirmation without a mask.

  84. @roger your argument is beyond idiotic. This is like arguing that seat belts are only needed for people who get into accidents. There is research that people who wear masks are less likely to get infected. If both the carrier of covid and the non-carriers wear mask, the risk of contagion drops significantly more.

    Literally this is how every other part of the world has flattened the curve. Why are people so resistant to wear masks?

    If you care about others and want our economy to rebound, wear a mask!

  85. Good for Delta. Have stopped flying AA until they get better horse sense (i.e., no middle seating).

  86. Good for DL, AA, UA SW…. everyone has right. Those that do not want to wear a mask, that’s their choice…and a business has a right to refuse service to you for not complying with their policy. Simple…

  87. It is interesting to see how a subset of Americans, sadly, are reacting to the mask debate. I just finished a great read called “The Splendid and the Vile” about Winston Churchill’s first year as Prime Minister. At that time England was literally facing an existential threat from invasion by Germany. Overwhelmingly, citizens rallied around the national priorities—and they were many that went far beyond simple inconveniences like wearing a mask. This virus is one such threat. Why can[t everyone rally around such a simple act as wearing a mask when in public places? It is so obvious why it helps….health reasons surely (even if the specifics can be debated ad nauseam) but most important it begins to build confidence that most of us can begin venturing out for simple everyday tasks. It is NOT about your individual rights… is about rebuilding our mobile lives in a way that most in our society can begin to participate again. What happed to that national spirit? It seems to be rapidly vanishing with the passing of the silent generation.

  88. Robert: You stated your “opinion” and that’s fine as a comment. But you then try to validate it by referencing some mysterious scientific and medical studies that supposedly back this up, Was this something you saw on Fox News perhaps?

  89. @MichaelB

    100%. Universal mask wearing would allow society to function halfway normally again by reducing the risks of this pandemic. Look no further than East Asia for that.

    @Tim @Robert

    For all those arguing that it should be a choice. Sure, it is your choice to help or hurt the greater good. It’s also every airline and hotel’s choice to choose too. It looks like many major businesses, and more by the day, are choosing to mandate masks than not. When something is done for the benefit of society, rather than the benefit of oneself, not everyone buys in and does their part – this is why requirements are necessary. At this point, the people rallying around ‘choice’ and ‘rights’, when considering the ‘burden’ which is trivial at most, are simply just revealing themselves to be the self-centered, narcissists that they are – If nothing is in it for them, they don’t want to do it, and then in turn they make the issue about them. Classic and expected behavior.

  90. @Etravelstheworld

    The debate is unlikely to end because so many pro-maskers respond to arguments based on science, logic, and math with nonsensical compassion and name-calling.

    Stop quoting arbitrary and anecdotal evidence to support your case and start providing actual data. If I’m not infected and not wearing a mask, what is the probability that I will become infected if I stand in the vicinity of a person who is infected, but is wearing a mask? Can you build for us a multidimensional probabilistic distribution that captures this as a function of distance and mask type?

    How does all this change if I, too, am wearing a mask? And how does it change as a function of the type of mask being worn by the uninfected? Your answers can only result in an increased probability of the uninfected person catching SARS-CoV-2 in the event that masks are only a partially effective measure, which further validates that masks are nothing close to a panacea. So why can’t you just quantify all this and tell us this answer?!?

    I have computed all the probabilities and I can tell you that my probability of giving another person SARS-CoV-2 is currently 0%, even if I’m not wearing a mask. But you’ll still have me wear a mask for show or to help me from getting the virus from someone else. Okay on the latter: based on my age group, immunology, and other comorbidity factors, I’ve calculated my probability of dying from SARS-CoV-2 at less than 0.1%…assuming I get it. This would be further reduced to an even lower probability because I need to get it first. So, in comes your probabilistic analysis to condition upon this Bayesian prior. Share it with us, please.

    But you cannot, I’m sure. So, my take-away from many pro-maskers is that they are nothing more than blind obedient individuals just waiting for an expert to tell them what to do and how to behave. I have a 0% chance of giving SARS-CoV-2 to another person and a less than 0.1% chance of dying even if I do get it. I’m okay with these numbers!! No masks.

    I would very much like to know how my 0% probability might eventually increase as I interact amongst individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2 that are wearing masks as well as those that are not. After all, I would not want to get SARS-CoV-2 and inadvertently pass it to someone that has a probability of dying >> 0.1%. What person of integrity would, contrary to your anti-mask stereotype? But you pro-maskers just can’t do the math to make an intelligent argument for universal mask wearing.


    Anti-maskers: i^i = e^(-pi/2) = 0.207879….
    Pro-maskers: i^i = uh…let’s Google it or ask someone smart.

  91. BTW, before the name-calling commences, I always wear a mask upon leaving my home. Never gets removed until local policy permits….

  92. @Tony
    “@Robert: You stated your “opinion” and that’s fine as a comment. But you then try to validate it by referencing some mysterious scientific and medical studies that supposedly back this up, Was this something you saw on Fox News perhaps?”

    I gave @Robert a link to a University of California webpage outlining some of the current evidence supporting masks and asked him to provide the evidence, from a similarly reliable source, he claims to have supporting the claim that masks don’t work.

    And, surprise surprise…all we have is *tumbleweed*

  93. Cue the “mark of the beast” clan in 3…

    “and banning them from the airline for 5+ years”
    Because it’s disproportionate punishment for no reason. People don’t want to wear a mask, then they can’t fly with delta as long as it’s a necessary precaution. If it’s no longer a necessary precaution, then there’s no reason for them to not be able to fly with Delta.

    Masks are proven to filter even virus particles with some efficacy, and they are certainly capable of filtering aersols that contain virus particles (NOT with 100% efficacy).

    However, the most protective factor which masks provide is by filtering one’s own stinky breath and aersol exhalation. It’s particularly useful in preventing asymptomatic individuals from transferring the virus further.

    Nobody has ever claimed that masks are a panacea to spreading covid. The only thing they do is reduce the amount of spread. Is 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/90% spread or 100% spread preferable? Should be pretty easy to understand. But particularly Americans seem to prefer to throw their brain into the frozen lake of the 9th circle of hell and make every single thing (including the shape of the earth!) a political issue and conspiracy theory.

  94. The only real conspiracy theory that happened is the WHO and other health ministries recommending against mask use by the general public in the months March and April…because they were afraid medical staff would run out of masks. So they likely lied in the hopes of securing masks for medical personnel…which may have contributed to the pandemic spreading more than was necessary.

  95. Eric. That’s a very good point and sad to see medical professionals acting so selfishly in the early stages of the pandemic. Those in powerful positions often take macro decisions without thinking through the consequences. We’ve all suffered as a result. They never issue any apologies just excuses that “they’re doing the best they can”.

  96. Scott Kirby, CEO, United Airlines during today’s quarterly earnings call Q&A: “ So the vast majority of our employees and customers already follow the mask policy because they recognize it’s the right thing to do for the safety of everyone. And so we have very high compliance.

    Since the mask policy has been in place, we’ve carried in the millions of customers, and we’ve had fewer than 30 that we have had to actually take action against. So, the vast majority of people are compliant, agree, appreciate. It is a distinctly small minority that are few — that don’t want to wear a mask. And look, we’ll welcome them back when this is all over and masks not required, but they’re not going to be flying on United during the pandemic if they won’t wear a mask.”

  97. @Roger is typical of the pseudo-intellectual yet imbecilic and self centred anti-mask brigade.

    Though your claim of “0% risk of transmitting to others” is completely bs, let’s create a hypothetical scenario in which it’s true.

    How am I or airline staff meant to know that you pose a 0% risk to me? Or the other 299 clowns on the plane that want to make the same ludicrous claim.

    Put your mask on and stfu.

  98. @Australia

    Thank you for so eloquently proving my point! Your name-calling and lack of either a scientifically sound or mathematically valid response is not unexpected. I asked for a multidimensional probabilistic distribution to describe transmissive risk and this is the best you could do?!?

    Without this information, knowing whether or not the people around you are infected is irrelevant. As so many pro-maskers have insisted, wearing a mask is [allegedly] about protecting the people around you. If this is really true, why would you care if someone near you wasn’t wearing a mask? Honestly, if you’re too much of a coward to accept the risk of becoming infected, stay at home.

    Seems like your counterpoint on wearing masks is more aligned with the true justification that most pro-maskers have: they’re really just so scared about becoming infected themselves that they turn absolutely ecstatic every time a universal mask wearing policy is placed into effect. For pro-maskers, this has never been about the greater good. It has always been about forcing the rest of society to mask up so they can reduce their own risk of becoming infected — to selfishly have their cake and eat it too.

  99. @ Roger:

    “Honestly, if you’re too much of a coward to accept the risk of becoming infected, stay at home.”

    You prove my point exactly. This is NOT about being a “coward” or not. Until you present me with epidemiologist credentials and the study from a trusted source like the New England Journal of Medicine to back your claims up please stop trying to stir the pot for god knows what reason.

    Even if mask wearing only slows the spread a small amount, it can help. What is wrong with that? NO ONE is proving their virility by or lack of “cowardice” by contributing in what ever way may help our nation as whole. It is indisputable that in countries with high mask wearing compliance the spread is less. That is the only data point we need. This not about anti or pro mask. That bright line is a joke. There is no line. We are all Americans and, presumably, want the pandemic to ease as quickly as possible. I drew an analogy to the national spirit exhibited by the British at that critical moment during WW2 when Britain’s very existence was at high risk. That sentiment of community spirit for everyone to engage willingly and enthusiastically for the benefit of our entire country (cowards and all) is what we need.

  100. That alone would make me want to fly Delta… Kudos to them for taking this matter seriously and not tiptoeing around the anti-mask clad, unless as mentioned the customer has a medical condition that justifies them not being in a position to comply with this policy.

  101. @Australia
    “Multidimensional probabilistic distribution”.”
    These anti maskers keep trying to use these big complex phrases when discussing this topic. I am pretty sure it is because they know we think they are stupid and they are desperately trying and failing to prove otherwise.

    “Honestly, if you’re too much of a coward to accept the risk of becoming infected, stay at home.
    For pro-maskers, this has never been about the greater good. It has always been about forcing the rest of society to mask up so they can reduce their own risk of becoming infected — to selfishly have their cake and eat it too.”

    I am relatively young and don’t really fear getting the virus at all in terms of my own health. Would prefer not to but it does not weigh on my mind in the slightest.

    I do however fear getting the virus and passing it on to someone vulnerable who might get seriously ill or die. I fear that we will never be able to open up our economy if we cannnot reduce the spread of this virus, which hopefully masks will help with. I guess I am selfish after all.

    And in terms of selfishness – when someone refuses to wear a barely noticeable piece of fabric over their face – even when they know there is strong evidence that it may significantly reduce the spread of this virus and thus save lives. That is pretty close to as selfish as a person can be.

  102. @RK

    The fact that you actually think the phrase Multidimensional probabilistic distribution is big and complex is very telling. This is high-school level math, at best.

    Eventually you’ll appreciate that the spread of SARS-CoV-2 is — in the long-term — inevitable. Your so-called strong evidence is based on what? Advice from top health experts that are obligated to provide politically correct information?!? The same experts whose opinions on proper handling have repeatedly changed?!? Maybe all your information is pulled from blogs, social media, and news outlets. The same information sharing venues that prioritize sensationalistic reporting to generate maximum advertising revenue?!?

    Accurately differentiating between [and acting upon] those that have it and those that do not will be the only way to control the effects of this pandemic with any sort of surgical precision. For an uninfected person, there is no science to support the wearing of a barely noticeable piece of fabric over their face. Rather, science has repeatedly proven that an uninfected person is incapable of somehow synthesizing and then passing a virus.

    So many people wrongfully praised places like Japan and Hong Kong for their seemingly brilliant handling of this virus. These countries were referenced repeatedly as irrefutable proof of the effectiveness of masks. Yet, here we are at the end of July, with a substantial resurgence in both locations — this, despite the ubiquity of mask wearing.

    So, you’ve apparently learned little more from this global pandemic than the ability to establish new definitions for existing words. In @RK’s Dictionary:



    devoted to or caring only for scientifically sound and mathematically provable justifications; concerned primarily with doing what is appropriate and right, regardless of what is easy and popular; able to make decisions that transcend flawed, fear-driven pack mentality, blind conformity, and crowd psychology.

  103. Wow, this is incredible to see. As someone who is immunocompromised, this gives me hope for when I eventually feel comfortable enough to fly again! Might have to bring my emotional support animal, though.

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