The Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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There is a lot happening in the world right now. As a site focused on travel, aviation, and loyalty programs, we have necessarily had a ton of coverage as the coronavirus situation has unfolded.

Below you can find essential resources, covering everything from the latest hotel and airline cancelation policies, to updates on border closings and quarantines. This page will be constantly refreshed, so feel free to bookmark it for an easy way to stay up to date!

Essential Coronavirus Information

Salon Icare Paris Orly Airport – 27
Coronavirus Travel Policies & Advisories

The situation is changing by the hour, and while there will be worldwide social and economic fallout from this pandemic, the impacts on the travel industry are far-reaching. If you're looking for information and updates on the virus itself, please check…

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Newyork Skyline Sunset
Essential Coronavirus Information & Updates

As the situation continues to unfold, we are seeing a deluge of information across the internet -- with much of the good and practical content being drowned out in the noise. At the same time, many people seem to not understand the gravity of the situation,…

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Our Experiences with Coronavirus

Ritz Carlton Tokyo – 19
Travel Blogging In A Time Without Travel

Obviously the current global situation is having huge impacts on virtually every aspect of our society. While airlines were perhaps the first to be hit hard, this truly affects almost everyone in a negative way. I've had a lot of readers ask what this…

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Winston Laptop
Bye Bye Travel, Hello Social Distancing

I think it's safe to say that the events of the past several weeks have been surreal and unprecedented, to put it mildly.  What many originally thought of as a regional situation has turned into a global pandemic. I feel like at first it was one of those…

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Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) News

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United 787 Polaris – 29
United Airlines Now Waiving Award Redeposit Fees

Airlines have been all over the place when it comes to their policies for changing and cancelling tickets. For some airlines, finding a way to avoid ticket refunds has become a necessity in order to not run out of money. Among US airlines, United Airlines…

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Silo Hotel Cape Town – 59
Credit Card Disputes For Travel Purchases: Will They Work?

There are all kinds of benefits to making purchases with credit cards over other forms of payment -- you can earn rewards, you get fraud protection, you can dispute charges, and with some cards you even get purchase protection and other travel coverage.…

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Taiwan Flight Attendants
Flight Crews In Taiwan Will Wear Protective Gear

Taiwan has just taken flight crew protection to a whole new level... Over the past couple of months we've seen airlines slowly roll out protections for crews. The reality is that flight attendants are at among the highest risk of getting COVID-19 (in…

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Qatar Airways 777
Qatar Airways Running Out Of Cash, Needs State Aid

We've heard airlines around the world talk about how they need state aid to survive, though here's an interesting twist on that... Qatar Airways' CEO, Akbar Al Baker, has revealed to Reuters that Qatar Airways will be seeking government support, as the…

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Wamos 747
Cool: Wamos Air 747 Pushed Back Manually

While overall demand for air travel is low at the moment, we are seeing a number of rescue and repatriation flights to pick up stranded travelers, as well as a bunch of extra cargo flights to get supplies around. Wamos Air is a Spanish charter airline…

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American Economy
American Airlines’ Bizarre $16 Fares

I'm going to write about an airfare deal not because I think people should take advantage of it (quite to the contrary, they shouldn't -- stay home, people), but rather because I find this pricing strategy to be rather unusual. With demand for travel…

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Air Transat A330
Competition Bureau Concerned About Air Canada/Transat Deal

Most government functions have either screeched to a halt or been re-directed to address pandemic-related concerns, but the Canadian Competition Bureau is still ticking along. Today it released its findings in a review of Air Canada's proposed acquisition…

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