Video: Sobbing Man Finds Out He’s Not Allowed To Fly

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There’s video going viral of a man having a meltdown at the airport yesterday while trying to depart DC, when he finds out he’s not allowed to fly. However, there are conflicting theories on what happened — is the guy actually on some no-fly list, is this over a mask related incident, or is it something else altogether?

Man leaving DC finds out he’s not allowed to fly

A video is going viral of a man who is in tears at the airport after finding out he’s not allowed to fly. In the video you can hear the man crying and screaming in the terminal:

“This is what they do to us. They kicked me off the plane. They called me a f*cking terrorist, and they f*ckin’ want to ruin my life!”

At that point a woman comes up to him and says:

“Sir, please calm down. I was kicked off of Delta earlier.”

If you want to see the video, you can do so here (note that there’s some bad language, as you can see above, and it’s not censored below, and also that despite the Tweet caption, there is currently zero evidence to suggest the Jan 6th seditionists have been added en masse to Federal No-Fly lists):

There are a lot of unanswered questions here. This video was filmed yesterday when a guy was trying to fly home on Delta, and he only found out he wasn’t allowed to fly while at the gate. What we don’t know is:

  • If he was on some sort of a no-fly list, was he banned by a specific airline, or was he on a federal list, maintained by the FBI as part of its terrorist watchlist? (there is no evidence to suggest there has been a rash of additions this week, so this seems unlikely)
  • Was he not allowed to fly because of his participation in the riots, or was this related to another incident? Did he actually storm the Capitol, was he misbehaving on his flight to DC and banned by an airline, or was he refusing to wear his mask?
  • This takes place in the terminal after security, so how was he able to check in? Did he maybe check in 24 hours before departure and already had his boarding pass, and was added to a no-fly list afterwards, or is something else altogether going on here?

Is there a federal no-fly list for the mob?

Most of the people involved in Wednesday’s mob managed to fly home without issue. That’s because most of the people who stormed the Capitol weren’t immediately arrested, given how unprepared authorities were for what unfolded.

Most arrests are happening after the fact, with authorities going through tapes and asking the public for help in identifying the people who were involved. It would be logical for authorities to try to keep people involved in the DC area, so that it’s easier to arrest them. Is that what’s going on here, though?

On Thursday we saw the Committee on Homeland Security urge the TSA and FBI to add violent perpetrators involved in the attack on the Capitol to the no-fly list. We also saw the FAA state that it would do what it could to support airlines in keeping the skies safe following what happened.

But I haven’t seen it confirmed anywhere that people who were involved in the riots are actually being put on the federal no-fly list. Now, it’s entirely possible that this happens in the background and it’s not made public. But there’s something strange about the fact that the guy got all the way to the gate, and then had this meltdown.

Was this meltdown all over wearing a mask?

It was pointed out that the person that initially posted the video claimed that this tantrum was all about wearing a mask. However, that doesn’t really make much sense either:

  • Would that make him claim that he’s being treated like a terrorist, that his life is being ruined, and that “this is what they do to us?”
  • He does have a mask strapped around his chin in the video, so it’s not that he was completely refusing to wear it
  • Presumably he flew to DC and knew the rules based on the flight there

I would imagine something may have happened at the gate to cause this, based on the fact that he was able to check in, but wasn’t able to fly. But at the same time, the guy’s response seems even more out of line if this comes down to him refusing to wear a mask while boarding his flight out of DC.

Bottom line

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic we’ve seen hundreds of people added to individual airline no-fly lists over mask compliance. It was initially suggested that the above video showed someone angry over being on a federal no-fly list for insurrection. That didn’t seem likely all along, given that we haven’t heard any more reports of that, despite this being urged by politicians.

If this was in fact over mask compliance, the man’s response is even more bizarre — sobbing, claiming he’s being treated like a terrorist and that his life is being ruined, etc. I think the truth may be somewhere in the middle — maybe this was in fact related to his behavior on the outbound flight.

The most bizarre part of this entire thing is that that he’s being consoled by another person who had apparently been kicked off a flight earlier. What’s her story? At least he’s finding support at the airport, I suppose.

To the airline and airport employees working at DC area airports this week, thank you for what you do, I’m sorry, and hang in there.

  1. It’s terrible.

    One of them just went into the capitol building because he was looking for a bathroom, and was so unjustly accused of breaking the law.

    Another found some zip ties on the floor and just picked them up because he’s a clean freak; now they are charging him with intending to handcuff hostages.

    I saw a woman crying on TV because she had been maced; when asked why she had come to DC she said something like “to be in the revolution”. There’s no way she could have known that participating in a revolution might involve any pain.

    Now they are preventing them from getting on planes—they’re not hijackers, they’re 1776-style revolutionary patriots who just wanted to hang Pence. You know, regular people.

    It just isn’t nice that these nice patriotic patriots should be treated in such a not-nice way by law enforcement who are undoubtedly members of the Democrat party.

  2. How was he able to make it all the way to the gate? Should he have been told at check that his boarding pass was invalid? Something doesn’t seem right here…

  3. Oh, listen to the big man crying. Probably the same big man who’s been belittling and threatening so many others for so long over issues like masks, being Democrats, supporting BLM etc. *Now* who’s a ‘snowflake’? Another supporter of the party of ‘individual responsibility’ now realising what it means to be held responsible for your own actions.

  4. Slippery slope. Do you put Trump on the no-fly list for inciting it? Do you put Kamala on the list for supporting the MN riots? Do you put Crump on it for tweeting false information about the Jacob Blake shooting which led to the Kenosha riots and deaths? There’s no right answer here.

  5. In your headline you say that he is a rioter as it’s a fact. However, you then write that it’s unclear why he wasn’t let on the plane and that you don’t know if he was involved in storming the Capitol —“ was he actually involved in storming the Capitol?” So you’re going to call him a rioter without knowing for sure?? Definitely clickbait, again.

  6. The original TikTok video says Delta wouldn’t let him fly for mask-related reasons.

    The video has then been shared out of context claiming ‘no fly list’ (govrernment).

  7. Poor little snowflake. It’s amazing to watch the shock wash over these people as they realize they’re actually being held accountable. As if they thought they could come to DC, riot, commit domestic terrorism and then go home and post it on Facebook. Good thing they didn’t do something truly despicable, like take a knee…

  8. I’m not sure a no-fly-list is the answer for being involved in the riots. If they were breaking laws they should be charged and arrested – not just put on a no-fly-list.

    No-fly-lists in theory are for terrorists who pose a danger if they reach the US or have access to planes to execute an attack – these folks are already here and can travel around as they want even without flying. Additionally it’s for passengers violating airline rules – like not wearing a mask. So certainly if they didn’t wear a mask they should have been banned but the reason for that should be obvious.

    We don’t need corporations playing vigilante for the hated group of the moment (though I do think most employers are well within their rights to fire employees who were involved – they’re causing reputation damage to their employer potentially which is typically covered in employee handbooks as a fireable offense.

  9. If the person committed a crime he should’ve been detained at security. If for a non-crime reason, but still a contract of carriage violation an airline rep should have pulled him aside. Maybe that happened. Obviously it would be nice to know the specific reason. I’m certain it was valid.

  10. It’s very easy to have a chuckle at this guy. Perhaps we should suspend judgement. A lot of people attended those protests without being violent; their participation was every bit as legitimate as any BLM , or other, event. They shouldn’t necessarily be lumped-in with the lunatic minority. For sure ,I don’t like ‘em…but nor do I want to ascribe blame to every person who looks like ‘poor white trash’ ( “ Trump embarrassed by poor white trash rioters” read one headline).

  11. An interesting to me is how full these terminals, gate areas and airplanes seem in all of these political videos in recent days. With Covid at record numbers, no business travel and a seasonally slow time period, it sure seems like a lot of people are still flying

  12. I understand the idea here… ban those people who have demonstrated behavior (outside of the aircraft) that may potentially jeopardize the safe operations of the carrier…. i get that.. and I wholly agree with that idea..

    I ALSO think that this kind of action must be taken with clear and articulated standards AND equally applied/enforced… as such, IF the determining variable is/was participation (note that at this point in time it *appears* to be the presumption of participation and not independently verified nor criminally convicted) in the events at the US capitol complex, then I think that same standard should be applied to other similar events at other federal complexes.

    i’m all for the safety and agree that we must err on the side of caution… but if we as a society are going to accept the act of allowing a privately owned, but common carrier to be able to deny services based on behavior, then i think that process has to be fair, evenly applied and based on elements that are articulated in advance.

  13. I think it is fair game to put anyone who invaded the capitol and contributed to the loss of life on the no fly list. And it is fair to call them domestic terrorists.

    They need to be convincted first though, you shouldn’t be punished for a crime until it is proven you committed the crime.

  14. um. his first statement, which, I think, was: “I love every single one of you…” was a lie because if he stormed the Capitol, he’s a racist POS. And should be banned for life from AA, and DL. and forced to live with the consequences of his actions. He’s lucky he’s not in jail yet.

  15. It’s entirely possible he said or did something in view of airline staff that made them decide he was a security risk.

    It would not surprise me if some words were exchanged that made the gate agents deem him not a customer they want on the plane.

  16. HK rioters should be banned from taking public transportation as well, the US is setting a good example.

  17. @Sel, I guess the first thing you need to do is to learn the difference between protest and treasonous riot. Maybe some good answers will flow from there.

  18. Not good. American needs the revenue. That passenger was probably connecting to some rural place from Dfw. He would’ve fit right in place on his connecting flight with the rest of those red necks that wear their masks only halfway or play the mask on mask off game once the FA passes thru the cabin.

  19. @Paolo

    Mmm are they the same? One group protested against killing of innocent people and systemic racism, and the other group protested because they’re sore losers.

  20. @turkfresser

    By “rioters” I guess you mean the ones who are getting arrested because they are part of the opposition party in the legislature, or the ones who are running for office but now getting arrested because they’re likely to get enough votes to oppose the ruling regime, through a democratic election?

    It’s funny how you are using an example of people following democratic values as justification for people who are trying to usurp power from democratically elected officials.

  21. Wishing someone to be sterilized (like our woke Katie expressed earlier) just shows what’s wrong with the oh-so great US of A

  22. Editor note: This is so wildly inaccurate we don’t even know where to start.

    @Chuck hard to determine based on intentions. If we’re trying to determine the likelihood of an adverse event on an aircraft, what you say are “protests” had magnitudes more of violence, death, and destruction. The “treasonous riot” had minimal property damage. If it was the other side, the Capitol building would have been burnt to the ground (we both know that).

    While the extreme right’s intentions were crazy, their actually damage was nothing compared to what the extreme left has accomplished in recent years. That difference is likely why the capitol police were not prepared. This was not typical behavior of the “law & order” (lol) party.

  23. @Endre right, the problem is not the fascists storming the Capitol, but rather all the mean comments about the fascists storming the Capitol.

  24. Arent these the same people who cheered when they kicked out “Moslems” off plane for being…..well…a “moslem”?

  25. @Chuck,
    Rioters came armed and would kill people in the capitol building, inspired by their leader who kept lying about the most secure election in history.
    Many congresspeople could have died.
    Most of the democracies in the world view the US as the leading example of democracy, and an insurrection here would have affected nations all over the world.
    How some people can criminalize taking a knee while excusing terrorists from Jan 6th is baffling.

  26. The man stated, “ they want to ruin my life.” Obviously he is capable of doing that all on his own. Shed those sweet tears for me to indulge. They are Timothy McVeighs.

  27. @Chuck sorry for the typo. I think if you took a foreign-born, non political individual and asked them at which disruption they would feel safer at, 10/10 would be the insurrection. They had a specific objective, and not a “burn it all” mentality. Just so you know, I’m an independent and hate both sides. I just like to look at facts. If partisan blinders were removable, you’d be able to see too.

  28. I’m betting on the mask as the issue. I was connecting last week through DFW and there were several anti-maskers on my flights both ways and I’m speculating that the crews are taking down the information of the non-compliant passengers (without informing them) and then the ugly surprise of being banned reveals itself on the next attempted flight.

    All this crying fuss over a little ole no fly problem? He better hope he wasn’t inside the Capitol Building last week or he’ll have something real to cry about when the FBI knocks on his door in the coming weeks.

  29. That could have been me! At one time, I did a lot of throwaway ticketing. I could see myself being stopped and told to confess and pay.

    Yooooooowwww! Waaaaahhhhhhh! I have to get to Peoria! Let me on! I promise never to do throwaway or hidden city ticketing again! Waaaaahhhhhhhhh!

  30. @Anthony

    The airports are empty for the most part with pockets of an occasional crowded boarding area with a full flight.

    Stroll through LAX terminal 4 on an afternoon or evening it’s surreal . The floors are shiny. The bathrooms are clean and it’s a ghost town.

  31. @ Sel, D. — Do not be misled by network footage of comically-dressed nitwits walking around the Rotunda or putting their feet up on the Speaker’s desk. The level of violence is catastrophic. Bombs. Tunnel maps. Radios. Coordinated assaults on a range of interior targets.

    Six people are dead, and based on surveillance footage and timestamps we were about 45 seconds away from either a shootout in the Senate chamber, or kangaroo court “trials” and mass executions on the Capitol lawn.

    Miss me with your false equivalencies and partisan disinformation.

  32. @Tiffany ugh yes it was awful. And the plans of a few people on the internet were awful as well. You just don’t hold the same standards. Minneapolis was a catastrophe – they literally asked the government to declare it a “major disaster”. You want to define the intentions of the capitol siege based on the social media posts of a few people? Imagine using the same poor standard for the BLM protests – All cops should die and let’s burn the country down?

    Also, I’m pretty sure outside of woman being shot by the cop, the other deaths were from medical issues. Did the capitol rioters even fire a single bullet? Burn a single building? I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

    And you’re right – they’re not equivalent. They had very different motivations and outcomes, and depending on your metrics, one may be worse than the other. Based on death, violence, property damage, lost jobs, theft, and businesses destroyed, the MN riots were MUCH worse. Based on a threat to democracy the capitol siege was much worse.

    Not even sure why we’re discussing this, I just wish people would race to the middle.

  33. @Tiffany, completely unrelated, but could we get more (and more frequent) posts from you and the other writers? As much as I enjoy Ben’s posts, I do miss reading those written by others, especially from you, Travis, and Andrew. It would be great to see more from Kate, too.

  34. @Sel, D.

    Did you just claim that foreign born individuals would feel more safe at a rally filled with white supremacists and neo nazis holding guns? Are you serious?

  35. @Justin
    I think they are quite similar. Some of the BLM protests were completely out of control, descending to a level of ferality ( if that’s a word) not dissimilar to some of the MAGA stuff. Although the scenes in DC went way beyond anything else.
    It would be sad if Trump voters are tainted by the actions of the few…and it’s likely that a large proportion of the tens and tens of thousands in DC did not engage in the violence, having gone there, in good faith, to air what they perceived to be legitimate grievances. Even though Rupert Murdoch , the true villain of the whole term, and FOX had pulled back from the ‘stolen’ line by then, the genie was out of the bottle…and people believed the great lie.

  36. Honestly this article didn’t provide any meaningful information and could actually incite some people to think they are being targeted due to political views and result in more extremist violence. You have responsibility to actually find out the story before throwing stuff like this out there and encouraging needless speculation. We all know how the right wing extremists will view this in an information vacuum.

  37. Breaking News!
    He wasnt allowed to bring his support animal – his cudly 2000 pound elephant, thats why.

  38. @ Chuck Lesker – ‘Mace’ Woman – Elizabeth from Kentucky – wasn’t maced at all.

    She is seen in video being interviewed rubbing half a cut onion wrapped in a towel to her eyes.


  39. “Every action begins with a thought, and if you don’t watch what you’re thinking, your thoughts will get the best of you.” — Daniel Beaty

  40. If the guy did something to be on a No Fly List then he deserves what happened. Whether it was politically motivated or not doesn’t matter. Most diversions for passenger behavior have nothing to do with politics but hopefully get the passenger(s) on a No Fly List.

  41. So it isn’t real at all. But if this “comedian” is going to scream out like that in an airport terminal, including shouting out about being a terrorist, then he actually should be on the no-fly list. What a nutjob.

  42. What ever the reason he was not allowed on board was amplified to a greater concern with his meltdown! It’s like we’ve said for years, “You can’t say bomb in an airport” same goes for “they called me a f-king terrorist!” As a former gate agent, this is the type of behavior and statement that warrants concerns about the safety of the other passengers, crew, and equipment.

  43. @ ChrisC — To be fair, as ridiculous as it sounds, it’s still possible she was actually maced. There was chatter going around that cut onions were helpful against mace, something about the oils in the onion blah blah.

    I don’t know if that’s the best proactive troll of all time, or if this is something people believe normally.

  44. @ Sel, D. — Good morning 🙂 I get where you’re coming from, truly I do, and that’s why I will risk belaboring the point.

    By your logic, you clearly revere Osama bin Laden, but revile George Washington, right? Because while both rallied their countrymen to fight against what they felt was tyrannical foreign oppression, using unconventional tactics for their times, in very destructive ways, the latter directly caused more harm to the American economy, a host of uninsured property damage, and an order of magnitude more American deaths.

    Not all causes are righteous, nor are the actions that stem from them. This is not about “a few social media posts,” (though that could apply to the highly-curated perception you seem to have of the BLM protests/riots), but tons of video, interviews, and more constantly-emerging data. A total of zero police officers died due to BLM actions, if that’s truly the metric you want to use, but the seditionists crushed someone to death (they died of internal bleeding, which is, I suppose, a medical issue), beat a cop to near-death using fire extinguishers and the American flag, and let’s not forget the bombs.

    I know it’s a scary time, and the country is already exhausted, and it’s very hard in general. And we have this media-driven culture of both-sidesing things even when they aren’t at all equivalent, so I get it.

    And you can trust me when I say that if we want to avoid awful, horrible, door-to-door, Balkanized violence, it is critically important for folks like you (who are generally reasonable, and seemingly mostly just want things to be peaceful) to help keep the conversation focused on the most immediate problems. You would want moderate Muslims to denounce radical Islamic terrorism, and we all have to do the same thing here. FAST. You know who the people are in your social network who are maybe flirting a little too closely with the fringe, and hearing “Dude. I think liberals overreact about stupid bullshit just as much as the next guy, but these MFers wanted to kill the VP! That’s not right, and that’s not what we do here.” from people they trust is literally, without any exaggeration, what is going to save the country right now. We just can’t get distracted making comparisons to anything else.

  45. Oh, terrible. There are reports that this is fake news and that the man was not allowed to take the flight because he was not wearing a mask. If so, just wear a mask or try to see if someone will give you a spare mask (paying them a little to be courteous).

    The accusation of possible fake news is not toward OMAAT, which is a fine website, but the video makers.

  46. I don’t get why the first reaction to what happened last Wednesday is “Yes it is bad but what happened last Summer was also bad…so let’s just talk about that instead”.

    I think everyone agrees that the riots and looting that occurred during the BLM protests were completely wrong – while also acknowledging that this does not reflect on the 95%+ of BLM protests that were peaceful. And yes there probably is a fair argument to be had that some cities and politicians were too lenient towards the violent end of the BLM protests that occurred.

    But really why are we even talking about those riots right now when there is (an arguably much more serious) one that just happened? The immediate reaction to an invasion of the US Capitol should be shock and condemnation and the subject should not be immediately changed to “oh but remember when the other side did something bad a while ago”.

    Maybe after a few weeks and things have settled down, it would make sense to compare the two but when your immediate reaction to an unprecedented, violent attack on democracy is to change the subject to a previous event, it really really sounds like you are making excuses for what just happened.

  47. “Would that make him claim that he’s being treated like a terrorist, that his life is being ruined, and that “this is what they do to us?”

    Uh, yes. Yes it would. For many (not just rioters/seditionists), consequences are imaginary….until they aren’t. Then you get crocodile tears and the woah is me mentality. Just look at the number of folks complaining about a simple mask who claim the government is “ruining their lives and trampling their rights”. It’s an absurd reaction to a small and simple request.

    Given his comments and the context, it seems likely it was due to mask use and/or what took place in DC last Wednesday.

    Benefit of the doubt: Maybe he is mistakenly placed on a no fly list, but I’d think he wouldn’t have even made it beyond security if that were the case.

  48. @Jetset – the Government decides who is on the no-fly list, not Corporations. I presume you mean airlines, any individual airline can ban you for their own reasons but the no-fly list is a list of people deemed unsafe, ie, terrorists. If it was for refusal to wear a mask, it was an airline decision, though.

  49. A little more context. It’s appearing that Government intelligence was able to identify unauthorized people in the Capitol building via the wireless network that isn’t accessible except within the building itself. Even if they didn’t actually connect, their phones pinged that network if wifi was on.

    So, any citizen inside during that key time was likely identified very quickly via their IP address and the cooperation of telecom companies. Perhaps it’s just to keep them around until they can be questioned or maybe they were labeled as domestic terrorists, which is accurate.

  50. “… but the seditionists crushed a cop protecting congress to death in a blast door (he died of internal bleeding, which is, I suppose, a medical issue)…”

    I didn’t know he died. Heartbreaking. This was a terrible moment in US history.

  51. You comment about him wearing a mask around his chin does not say anything. If he’s doing that in the video, that does not account for what might have happened before, and does not show if he’s wearing it correctly or not. All I know is in other countries there’s not so much drama over things like wearing a mask and people just follow along basically for the benefit of people around them. Perhaps it’s just a sob story for people to feel sorry for him, but I would have thought he would have known if he was on some sort of do not fly list. Besides as we know if it is a mask related issue, he could try another airline. Some people got away with this. There are so many cracks in the American system of handling the virus.

  52. @Sel, D: “ I just wish people would race to the middle.”. I am standing in the middle and really see no room here for your perspective. Maybe you see the “right” so far out there, you think you reached the middle. Take Tiffany’s comments, let them settle in and maybe you can make it to the middle. I applaud you for wanting to be there though.

  53. Ben – This is not wearing a mask or a close approximation. “ He does have a mask strapped around his chin in the video, so it’s not that he was completely refusing to wear it”. Wearing it on your chin is like not wearing one at all. Rants can be heard quite clearly through a mask as can most conversation. Stop giving the benefit of the doubt to people who can’t do the one simple thing that could have reduced the 500,000 deaths in this country.

  54. A little fact checking. This didn’t even happen in DC. It happened in Charlotte. No evidence it had anything to do with what happened in DC and apparently he started freaking out when told to wear a mask. This type of thing is why its best not to rush to speculation about riots and no fly lists etc.

  55. to truthguy: who in their right mind would be dumb enough to take a cell phone to a riot or to storm the capitol buliding that is just asking for trouble.

    leave the cell phone at home if one is going to try and pull off a coup or a riot or better yet, just not have the riotof the coup andtry and act like a decent human being

    and whowould be so stupid as to take pictures of themselves breaking the law, these people were just dumb as all get out and the rioters in the summer same to them, why would they take a cell phone with them and take pics while rioting burning the country, etc…..

    just my .02 cents

  56. Hey Sel D….the cop was beat to death with a fire extinguisher by one of the terrorists. One of the “Medical Emergencies” related to the insurrectionists was a terrorist who shot himself in his own nuts with his improperly holstered and illegally carried taser. Poor guy.

    So you are, in fact, WRONG.

    Fine people I suppose? Damn Fine People!

    BTW – You don’t sound ANYWHERE close to “the middle”. You better lace up your runners if you think you even have a chance of racing anyone there.

  57. These domestic terrorists were put on the no fly list AFTER they were identified through pictures and videos. Some of them did not know they had been put on the list because it happened so quickly. Went from a big tough guy to a babbling idiot. I think the non uniform officer was a Marshal. I’m not quite sure.

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