Trump Supporter Kicked Off Flight For Mask Joke? No, Not Quite…

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Yesterday seems like it was a fun day to fly to DC…

With Congress counting electoral votes today, a not-insignificant number of Trump supporters are traveling to DC to protest, in order to “Stop the Steal” (“stealing” nowadays is another word for “counting legally cast votes that aren’t convenient for the result you want”).

Before even having my first cup of coffee this morning, I’ve seen videos of three different incidents that occurred on flights yesterday evening, so I’m sure there are plenty more. What exactly happened?

Trump supporter kicked off flight for mask joke?

A Trump supporter was kicked off AA2198 from Charlotte to Washington yesterday evening. The narrative on conservative Twitter is that the Trump supporter was kicked off for making a joke about wearing masks.

But the video online, which is filmed once an American Airlines supervisor boards the plane (in other words, after the actual incident), tells a slightly different story:

  • The lady being kicked off claims “I was making a joke with you” and says “I have a very dry sense of humor”
  • The lady then starts yelling “this is America, this is America, this is supposed to be the United States of America, the Constitution says we’re supposed to be a free people, to do what we want to do”
  • While the narrative is that she was being kicked off for making a joke, 76 seconds into the video you can hear her tell the supervisor “sir, I put the mask on”
  • We don’t know exactly what happened, but it’s absolutely clear that at least part of the issue here was mask compliance, rather than a mask joke, and we know that airlines take a zero tolerance approach to mask compliance, for good reason
  • Based on the context, I think the most likely explanation is that there were some issues with her mask compliance, and then when she was confronted about it by the crew, she made a joke, and they weren’t having it

A megaphone on a plane, really?!

Next up we have “a whole MAGA flight, full of patriots headed to DC.” Passengers can be seen singing “God Bless America,” and that includes a guy with a megaphone, who ends the song with “four more years.”

Best I can tell, this is an American Airlines A321. Was this a charter flight? I assume not. But if it wasn’t a charter flight, how did the crew allow this guy to use a megaphone in an airplane cabin?

Passengers chant “traitor” on Romney flight

Senator Mitt Romney was flying back to DC yesterday, and passengers started chanting “traitor.” Because apparently they’ve “had enough of corrupt politicians.” And they want to know his connection to Joe Biden.

He was also confronted in the airport, maskless.

Bottom line

There were at least three incidents that occurred on flights last night, as the MAGA folks head to DC to protest democracy.

One incident involves a passenger being kicked off — while the claim is that she was kicked off for making a joke, it’s clear that mask compliance also came into play, given what she says to the supervisor. Then you have a guy with a megaphone on a plane. And then you have people yelling “traitor” at Mitt Romney.


  1. @Andrew – yes indeed, with the UK and our clown PM not far behind.

    How the mighty have fallen!


  2. No worries, Dems take the Senate, adults are back in charge now and moving the US forward.

    Thank you Georgia!!!

  3. @Ron, if there was such a magnitude of voter fraud where is the proof? Don’t you think that if Republicans had any actual proof there would be an investigation? I think that accusing states of voter fraud without ANY substantiated proof is almost as damaging to election integrity as actual fraud. Due to Trump’s constant false claims (also known as lies) half the country believe the election was rigged.

    Trump is trying to steal this election and a majority of his supporters are either morons who will believe anything their leader tells them….no matter how false it is….or just want to win no matter the legitimacy of the win. They’d rather live in dark but think they are right than use their brains.

  4. @Ron I don’t think there’s a single person in this country who would disagree with you that election integrity it essential to representative democracy and that election fraud should be investigated. The problem is that the Trump team has had 2 months and hasn’t come up with anything even resembling evidence of voter fraud. Their cases have been thrown out multiple times in every state they’ve tried. At this point it has become clear that they care more about staying in power than a fair election result. That’s the problem. If there is real fraud it should be investigated, but it’s pretty clear at this point that there isn’t.

  5. @Ron

    Most states require ID to be presented for voting:
    Some states do the ID part at registration (before voting).

    The Trump campaign made over 50 court appearances and did not provide evidence of fraud in any of those cases.

    The Russian investigation was not unsubstantiated. The final report stated (on the collision piece) that the Trump campaign did not could with the Russian government, not that it didn’t could with other Russians. And as quoted in the report “While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” On the obstruction piece, there were 10 instances of obstruction, but left it up to the Justice Department due to a previous Office of Legal Council opinion regarding charging a sitting president.

  6. People are insane. Blindly following a party/prioritizing a party over country is un-American.

    Social media has made all of this much worse.

  7. What an imbecile the woman on the last video… imagine not having anything better to do than approaching someone minding their own business, without a mask and starting to harass them. Get a grip Karen.

  8. I really feel sorry for the US, they once were a respectable country with understanding for democracy and political culture. Now it’s an intellectual third-world country…

  9. Stick to the points and miles Ben. Half the country disagrees with you and there are plenty of sites for us to have those fights. Can’t this be a place where we don’t have to hear the “protesting democracy” jabs and the smug attitude that you have the answer and the other half is just stupid so we can just enjoy this lifestyle and hobby?

  10. The post by Ron is very literally the most disingenuous cowardice I’ve ever seen. There’s no actual voter fraud, but he’s very concerned, because being very concerned allows him to disenfranchise poor voters. Then he says that there was no evidence to substantiate collusion. There’s really no point in debating people this stupid and disingenuous. Just realize they’re being disingenuous, aren’t worth listening to and move on.

    Also @dave: every single post on this blog that mentions politics has some whiney nonsense comment from some coward complaining about “smug” democrats. Maybe just read another blog instead of constantly crying about what someone decides to write about on their blog? I just cannot fathom constantly telling someone what to write on their blog due to my own fragility. Take it somewhere else or stop whining?

  11. Awww poor Dave…do you need your safe space?

    @Ron you do realize that Republicans repeatedly blocked additional funding for election security before November…right? I guess it didn’t matter when you thought you may win.

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