Dangerous & Disgusting: Man Grills Steak In Lavatory On Delta Air Lines Flight

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It looks like someone is about to be banned from Delta for something other than mask compliance, for once.

Man grills steak in airplane lavatory

A TikTok user posted a video that he ended up deleting, which shows him allegedly grilling a steak in an airplane lavatory. The video seems to be filmed in the lavatory of a Delta Connection regional jet.

The video depicts the man placing a heater in the toilet bowl, then starting a fire with a lighter, and then placing an aluminum grilling sheet across the toilet seat.

At that point he places the steak on the sheet, pours some white wine on it, and eventually the steak is cooked. Afterwards he plates the steak and returns to his seat with it. At least that’s how it’s presented.

Why is he doing any of this? Obviously to get attention. But the premise of the video is that he’s doing this because “they don’t have hot meals on airplanes anymore.” I’m not sure when in his lifetime they served hot meals in economy on a short haul domestic US flight, but the irony is that the CRJ doesn’t have ovens, so even in first class there haven’t ever been hot meals on the plane.

Here’s the video:

Is this video even real?

Real or not, it goes without saying that something like this shouldn’t even be shown jokingly, because of the ideas it gives people. Having an open fire on a plane is ridiculously dangerous, and you shouldn’t be putting other peoples’ lives at risk. Not only that, but you could eventually be looking at jail time for something like this.

Anyway, for whatever reason, Southwest Airlines retweeted the video, and wrote the following:

“We have no words. Other than please don’t even think about cooking a steak on one of our flights.”

Southwest ended up deleting that tweet, and then later posted to say that the video’s creator suggested that the video was “fake.” I’m not sure what exactly that means, though. That has me wondering whether the video is actually fake, or if the person behind the prank realizes the trouble he’s potentially in, as consequences could go beyond being banned from Delta.

As an avgeek, a lot of this does check out:

  • The cabin looks to me like a CRJ-900, and the lavatory shown is also what you’d find on a CRJ-900, so there’s at least continuity between the lavatory and the cabin (sometimes airplane prank videos are clearly filmed across multiple flights, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here)
  • The video seems to be filmed pretty recently, since passengers are wearing masks
  • You do hear the engines going in the background, so it does sound to me like this was filmed while flying (though of course you also add those noises to the video, if you wanted to)

To me the setup for this looks “real,” at least. What I’m not sure about is whether the flame used was actually real:

  • It’s possible that some sort of a “fake” candle was being used instead to create the illusion of a fire
  • He could have brought one raw steak and one cooked steak into the lavatory, with one being placed on the “grill,” and the other being placed on the plate
  • Then again, at a minimum he did have a lighter, and he did place it in the toilet for some amount of time
  • I would imagine using a flame for an extended period of time in a lavatory would set off a smoke alarm
  • How did he walk into the lavatory with all of this stuff, since the galley is right up there, and the CRJ lavatories are also tiny?

Best I can tell, the video is “real” in the sense that this did in fact happen on a Delta Connection flight. What I’m not sure of is whether there was actually a fire going.

As far as I’m concerned it shouldn’t matter, though. Even doing this as a prank is completely unacceptable, because this has the potential to be dangerous. We know he at least put a lighter into the toilet seat for a moment. And unfortunately this will surely cause someone else to try to “top” his prank.

This wasn’t the guy’s first attempt at an airplane prank. He previously filmed a video where he gave the woman seated in front of him a “haircut,” because her hair was blocking his personal television. However, that turned out to be a setup, and the woman was wearing a wig.


She’ll think twice now. #fyp #haircut #stylist #airplane #prank

♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

Bottom line

With social media making it possible for anyone to become a prankster, we’re definitely seeing a lot more people push the envelope. There’s a fine line between something that’s funny and something that’s dangerous, and this definitely falls in the latter camp.

This video does seem real to me, in the sense that it was filmed on a plane and there was continuity between the cabin and lavatory. What I’m not sure of is whether a flame was actually used to cook the steak — I would guess not.

Regardless, even jokingly suggesting this is dangerous, and I hope the guy gets banned from Delta, and possibly even faces other consequences.

What do you make of this video? What aspects of the video do you think are real?

(Tip of the hat to Johnny Jet)

  1. The real crime is using white wine to cook a steak. In all seriousness though this was dangerous. 100% Delta should ban him. It looks like it is real to me and he should be possibly arrested too. I was wondering how he carried on the burner though; but, then remembered how bad the TSA is at their jobs.

  2. Are there smoke alarms in airplanes lavatories? If so, would cooking a steak set them off? I call shenanigans here.

  3. I’m also confused by the word musty here. Is that US slang? Is there an American here who can clarify?

  4. I was on a PIA flight Tehran-Karachi many years ago where a passenger used the aisle to set up a sterno to either heat up or cook a meal. The flight attendants had to intervene!

  5. Musty absolutely is American slang. Black American slang to be precise, but I’m sure it will eventually crossover to the “mainstream” like most Black American slang words have.

  6. I immediately thought of two crashes. Air Canada, DC9, DFW-YYZ, fire in the lavatory. Emergency landing at CVG. Half of the passengers dead.

    Saudia Lockheed L1011 Tristar. Someone tried to cook in the passenger cabin, accidentally starting a fire. Everyone or nearly everyone died.

    Not a joke. (I suspect the video is partly faked because steak takes a long time to cook. I suspect two steaks were used even without looking at the video)

  7. I have a friend who is FA on an airline that does Haaj flights every year to Mecca. Some of their passengers, who make this trip once in a lifetime, barely have been in a motorized vehicle, more seldom seen an airplane close up. Despite airport security and numerous announcements at the gate and on board, he sees 6-8 attempts each year of cooking meals onboard with an open flame.

  8. 2 years ago, I was sitting in the bulkhead of EasyJet Berlin-Amsterdam 1.5 hour flight and some Dutch lady went into the bathroom and smoked a cigarette. I was sitting in the front row so I could see the sensors on the crew panel that controls the lights go off and they were trying to figure out what happened. They opened the bathroom to find her smoking. On landing, police met the plane. Easily the craziest thing I have seen in the air and again it was only a 1.5 hour flight!

  9. The video was posted on a closed social media group for Delta employees and Delta confirmed that the video was fake.

    Fake or not, it was absolutely disgusting to watch and imagine someone eating a steak that was prepared on a toilet seat.

    I looked at the guy’s Tik Tok page and he does a lot of weird/gross pranks. Probably trying to catch his 15 minutes of fame.

  10. Sterno chaffing fuel containers usually have a blue flame. The toilet wouldn’t be lava orange is this was real

  11. About a year ago I was flying CA from Beijing to Montreal and a seat caught fire. I woke up from my sleep and felt like I was on a flight that would become an episode of Air Crash Investigations. Scary! We were over northern Alaska – very remote. The flight attendants dealt with its quickly and professionally. But wow, the smoke filled the cabin so quickly. Apparently it was a battery crushed in a reclining seat. Thankfully we proceeded safely to YUL and all ended well. Fire on a plane is very scary.

  12. @ Derek
    No, the Saudia Tristar fire started in the cargo hold ( NOT someone cooking in the cabin). It was unique among ‘crashes’: landed safely without injuries, taxied to a stop, no one got out because they had all died of smoke/toxic fumes inhalation.
    Tragic loss of life but also sad because it cast doubt on the safety of the Tristar ( unfairly) and limited the success of what was a great plane…

  13. I wonder if they got this idea from an old Delta safety video. I flew them in 2014 and their safety video showed someone grilling while telling others not to “smoke” onboard.

  14. I cant believe you would be that dumb… its just a spoof, by some maintenance guy in the hanger…. quit with the lecturing

  15. @Derek

    Good references. However aviation is safe than ever. We’re seeing planes on fire and passengers even escaping with their carryons.

    Also a buffet sterno is not highly flammable. Just a blue jelly substance that gives off a small ball of blue flame.

  16. Ok, the Saudia fire was in the cargo hold but there was one cabin fire in the Middle East due to cooking with an open flame by a passenger.

  17. @Desi — Black American slang? Are you f-ing kidding? I don’t know if I’m more offended by your passive racism or your complete lack of knowledge of standard freaking English!

    Learn to pronounce
    having a stale, moldy, or damp smell.
    “a dark musty library filled with old books”
    Similar: moldy, stale, fusty, damp, dank, mildewed, mildewy

    With that being said, when exactly does the human brain reach full maturity again? And how many years to that number should we add to the male human brain?

  18. I guess he just liked his steak rare, something you’ll never get on any airline, after its been part-cooked on the ground then finished off in the microwave in the air.
    A cri de coeur?

  19. @Derek I think everyone died from smoke inhalation,because the aircraft was not de-pressurised on landing & the doors could not be opened from the inside.

  20. Sterno could not cook a steak as it has insufficient caloric value to even warm most things.

    Second hand knowledge – a friend worked in Saudi and back in the day almost every flight had some passengers lighting up a samovar or similar to brew their tea while airborne.

    Perhaps not that much more dangerous than everyone smoking cigarettes and cigars enroute in the 60’s and beyond.

  21. I am amazed at your racism. You continue to highlight the foibles of people of color. I don’t know how you can live with yourself. You should have simply ignored the story.

  22. It’s all thru the magic of post-filming editing. There’s another video showing how it’s all made. LED lights that simulate a burn, empty sterno can with blue paper, half cooked meat (one side only).

    It’s literally the sh*ttiest tasting steak!

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