Delta Threatens Lifetime Ban For Rude Passengers

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Delta Air Lines is taking its passenger discipline to the next level, and I’m all for it, I think.

Delta will permanently ban uncivil passengers

Delta CEO Ed Bastian is threatening to permanently ban passengers who don’t show respect and civility to others, including employees and fellow passengers. In a memo to employees, Bastian wrote the following:

“Please know that respect and civility to others on our planes, at our airports, in our workplaces, and in our society — even when we have differences of opinion — have always been a requirement for our people and our customers. Those who refuse to display basic civility to our people or their fellow travelers are not welcome on Delta. Their actions will not be tolerated, and they will not have the privilege of flying our airline ever again.”

This is a new development. Delta has already banned over 800 passengers over mask compliance issues, though the nature of these bans is different. Passengers banned from Delta over mask issues can fly with Delta again when the mask mandate ends.

Meanwhile this new behavior-based ban would apply permanently, it seems. Arguably many people who were banned from Delta over mask compliance really should have been banned over behavior — after all, the issue hasn’t typically been that people are incapable of wearing masks, but rather that they refuse to do so.

If enforced, this would be unprecedented

The events of January 6 have changed a lot of things in the travel industry. In addition to travel companies adopting more restrictive policies, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that anyone who misbehaves on a plane will be fined and/or imprisoned, rather than receiving a warning.

While this “zero tolerance” FAA policy is temporary for now, I’d personally like to see it stick around. There’s simply no room for people to get into fights at airports and on airplanes, and historically there has been very little punishment for those who did, at least in the US:

  • Even when police officers have been called, passengers are typically just removed from planes and not actually charged with anything
  • When flights are diverted due to bad passenger behavior, the passenger isn’t typically sent a bill for the cost of the diversion
  • Historically airlines haven’t really had widespread ban lists over passenger behavior

I do hope that Delta uses ban lists for unruly passengers permanently, because it makes a lot of sense. Obviously there’s always the risk of airline employees going on a power trip, but to me that’s outweighed by the number of people who have acted like fools on planes lately (and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon).

Bottom line

Delta Air Lines is threatening to permanently ban passengers who don’t show respect and civility to employees and passengers. Personally I think the US airline industry is long overdue for some more repercussions for poor behavior on planes.

Between the FAA promising to fine and/or arrest people, and Delta now threatening to permanently ban misbehaving passengers, here’s to hoping that these policies actually start to deter bad behavior.

Would you like to see more airlines ban rude passengers?

  1. Ben – there’s an airline in Britain called Jet2 (you taxied past a few of their 757-200s in Manchester when you flew PIA from MAN-JFK in August 2016, if you remember) that has this ‘Onboard Together’ policy that makes clear that behaving like a moron will never be tolerated, and it has proven a case study for airlines like BA and Virgin Atlantic. Have you heard of this? It may be worth the US carriers having a look, in order to draw inspiration…anti-maskers are vile jerks, no question, but so are any other kind of inconsiderately behaved folks, such as those who spout verbal abuse to staff/passengers and engage in fights onboard, even without a pandemic.

  2. Does it really outweigh though? If FA goes on a power trip, you are banned permanently. That is all good when it is someone else. But if you are the one wrongfully targeted by a rude FA, then you are screwed, with no recourse. I think temporary ban is a good compromise.

  3. It seems as though airlines and law enforcement haven’t taken “rude passengers” seriously since “rude passengers” began to show up in numbers 25 years ago. Most of the time they’re simply removed from the flight but then put on a later flight after they “simmer” down (or sober up).

    Now as I’ve said seemingly over and over again the problem usually begins at an airport bar. Yet I’ve not heard one iota about limiting the maximum of drinks an airport bar can serve. If people are limited to 3 drinks (which the airport bars and eateries won’t want to do because booze is highly profitable) then many of these bad behavior issues would go away.

    When officials finally address the issue where it begins this is all a PR stunt.

  4. @George N Romey: Why should passengers who want to drink more than 3 have to suffer the consequences of idiots can’t handle their alcohol?

    Good on Delta. Let the idiots continue to fly American

  5. How quickly is this going to be abused by power tripping FA’s or passengers who don’t like someone’s race/religion/ethnicity?

  6. I’m all for weeding out people who are rude, unruly and mean. I like that Delta is being proactive about this.

    That said, Delta prides itself on an ethos of kindness and empathy, and an extension of those values is forgiveness. So to see them threaten *permanent* action feels antithetical to that.

  7. Completely on board (pardon the pun) with banning folks for non-compliance (masks, seat-belt, safety protocols, etc.) and other rude/disruptive behavior (political, obnoxious, drunkenness, etc.); basically self-triggered behavior. Fights and arguments (IMO) are a bit tougher to judge as to who is right or how an argument/fight escalated (see seat recline, crying baby, etc.). As mentioned above, sometimes the airlines (overbooking, FA power trip) are the problem. Would you give David Dao a lifetime ban because he argued back? Refused FA orders?

  8. UGH…

    On the surface, this seems appropriate and common sense. HOWEVER, it is easy to see how this could potentially be abused by an airline or airport employee or how an innocent party on a plane could be ensnared in an ambiguous situation. I would hope that safeguards will be put in place given the draconian measure that is proposed. Fairness and due process should be respected and protected.

  9. Now that airlines have taken so much federal money, couldn’t a lawyer for someone who gets banned argue they are public entities?

  10. I’ll have to start recording all my interactions with airline staff/crew, so I can have proof to show who and who wasn’t rude.

  11. Gonna be cool to see this man do a complete 180 next time he has an argument with staff over him taking pictures.

  12. @Conway @Ron you nailed it. The fact of a problem doesn’t justify a disastrously bad solution. Announcing this “policy” without describing clearly the process accompanying it, checks and balances to avoid punishing innocents or oversimplifying incidents, is a recipe for disaster.

    I agree 100% with Ben’s desire to achieve the benefit we’re all after here, but this measure, with Delta employees judge-jury-executioner, will not bring the desired result.

    They’ve fallen prey to Politician’s Logic:

    Something must be done.
    This is Something.
    Therefore, we must do it.

  13. I don’t have any problem with the new policy but I’m left to wonder how bad it has to be out there when a major airline has to resort to this? As much as we all loved to complain about air travel a few years ago, wouldn’t it be great to have those issues now, instead of the current situation? I miss 2019!

  14. What are the odds that a rude BIPOC wearing a Pride/BLM shirt/hat would be permanently banned? But I have no doubt that Delta would readily ban a MAGA-hat-wearing person (if they are not already on the latest do-not-fly list) due to the presumption of that person being a “domestic terrorist.”

  15. Completely support this move. To all the people complaining about an FA going on a power trip, where’s your evidence of this? We have video after video making the news of unruly passengers, creating a credible onboard threat that the crew has to deal with, while most of these “rouge FA” stories are anecdotal at best. While I understand there’s always a chance for a bad employee to abuse a policy, don’t make flight attendants the issue. It’s the passengers who can’t behave like adults who led us down this enforcement the road.

  16. @Ernesto – great false equivalency. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the Trump Terrorists that are the genesis of all this.

  17. At the same time airlines should also ban donations and any attempt to show affiliation with political and ideological parties from their employees (i.e. no more Burn-Loot-Murder patches on their uniforms).

    Companies should be forced to strictly adhere to their business, for airlines this is the transport from point A to point B.
    The purpose of a company is to provide a service. Political and ideological stuff is not their purpose and should be left to parties and other organizations such as NGOs.

  18. Not only should there be a lifetime ban, it should be the case that all airlines should respect each other’s lifetime ban lists

  19. Bring it on. And may I have some more, please?

    This has nothing, NOTHING to do with politics. It has everything to do with behavior, and I dare say, character. The root of the problem is not politics. It’s asshole-ism. People just have become completely shameless a-holes, and they are proud of being complete a-holes. It’s time for society to draw the line. Banning people from planes for being an a-hole is a good start, but it should just be a first step. More, more, more of this, please, everywhere.

    Delta is looking better and better to me.

  20. I am a current Flight Attendant with 24 years of Service.Passengers behaviour has been at an all time low for the last 4 years.All you here is either it’s my right or my president says I don’t have to abide or one of the crazy groups they subscribe to via the internet tells them they don’t have to abide by the rules/laws.It has made the job so miserable.When I started flying it was a Career but now it’s a thankless job.The problem is people have forgot that flying on an airline is a privilege and NOT A RIGHT and that the airlines are privately own companies that can determine who rides and who doesn’t.If you can’t behave on board ban them forever and they can get reacquainted with something called an Automobile and a 17 hour drive on the highway to their destination vs a 1.5 hour Flight.A true “BYE BYE”thanks for not ruining my day or the other civil behaving passengers that have one common goal of getting to where they planned to go without dealing or listening to Drama or foolishness from some Adult Fool.I don’t believe in this Flight Attendant “Power Trip” designation at all if you believe you are the only one exempt out of the other200 passengers on board to talk on your phone while we are taxing it’s not a Power Trip it’s just the Rules. Hey what do I know when I started in 1998 we handed out magazines and serve hot meals and people truly look forward to the service.I truly still love my job like I started yesterday but it is only so much we the Flight Crew should tolerate.Passengers forget we are someone’s Brother,sister,grandma,grandpa,husband,wife and this is how we put food on our table for our families.We are not legal scholars or the “Rights Police” we are Inflight Safety Professionals that’s it.

  21. The airlines have long held that they have the right to permanently fire customers who are disruptive in the air, but it’s really been the mask issue that seems to have really increased conflict and ramped up problems. Those permanent bans used to be reserved for the pretty rare bad drunken rage types of incident, IIRC.

  22. It’s not “ being rude “. It would be causing distress to crew and ground staff and passengers, being intimidating , disregarding regulations and disruption.

    If anyone becomes aggressive inflight , refused to wear a mask then they should be banned.

    This all stems from the recent events at the Capitol and at various US airports where we witnessed shocking behaviour.

    The one who is currently packing up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has the entire burden of responsibility, as he’s positively encouraged people to behave like this

  23. My issue is at the policy is overly broad and vague. Anything that a flight attendant dislikes could be considered “rude,” and while there are many passengers who misbehave, there are also flight attendants who get on power trips sometimes.

    My view is that it is problematic anytime a company passes a rule that, if the rule was passed by a government, would be struck down by the courts for being overly broad and vague.

  24. “Delta Threatens Lifetime Ban For Rude Passengers”
    Spirit Airlines places order for new planes with larger capacity


  25. Without solid written guidelines, this policy will be abused by passengers and employees with abandon. It’s literally a race between a hair-trigger Karen or race-baiting wokester to see who puts Delta to the test first. I hope they have good DVRs…everywhere.

  26. Ringing the flight attendant call button will probably be grounds for a permanent ban…this is a monumentally stupid decision by Delta.

  27. First I’d like to say first I’d like to say how I know how hard it is for the flight attendants. But it’s also hard for passengers who get pushed around told what to do told to be quiet to shut up to put their bags there to put their jacket up on top to put the jacket back on etc etc there’s a lot of damn rude flight attendants also and I don’t see them getting fired or banned permanently. And do the flight attendants was never gotten thanked maybe because you don’t do anything worth thanking for personally whenever I get on a flight I say hello to the flight attendant I thank them whenever I get a drink of soda and oh yes I always bring a little gift or a scarf and give it to all the flight attendants whether it’s just three on a domestic flight or 12 on an Asia flight. And yes I know a lot of them probably make more than I do after 30 years flying but I appreciate them cuz I probably have to put up with the guy behind me hitting the back of my seat all four hours

  28. Oh and the Continental flight attendants were the worst saying they had no time to serve drinks on a two-hour flight. I used to get served full hot meals from South Korea to Taiwan in a 45-minute flight. They were just damn lazy

  29. Powertrip FA? What does that mean? Like when an FA asks you to stay in your seat when the seatbelt sign is on, according to FAA policies as well as airline policy but YOU thing, in your infinite wisdom, that you’re the exception to the rule. Turbulence does effect you. Gravity has no power on you! So the FA, in DOING THEIR JOB, asks you again to sit down, buy you continue to argue with them.

    Or how about ignoring the FA who asks you to push your bag ALL THE WAY UNDER YOUR SEAT…and roll your eyes? I guess if the engine suddenly catches on fire before take off or as you land, filling the cabin with smoke, your seat neighbor at the window will somehow automatically remember to step over your bag that obstructs the way to the aisle!

    Many of you forget that although you are paying to be on that airplane, you are paying to go from A to B. The rest is fluff. That’s what “we’re here for your safety” means.

    Paying does not give you carte blanche to do what you want. The airplane still belongs to the airline, not you. And the people who work on that plane are not your personal servants.

  30. A lot of you think FAs are beneath you in the social order, so you don’t think you need to pay attention to them or listen to them. It’s similar to white folks who don’t need to listen to a black person or other POC in a position of authority (ie: kamala Harris).

    The day the FA saves your life when you have a heart attack on board or gets you off a burning plane safely, you’ll change your mind. Slim chances…yep…but not any slimmer than a pilot saving your life yet you treat like gods.

  31. Civility needs to be reestablished for sure. And, what constitutes uncivil behavior also needs to be clarified. I would also suggest cameras…as much as I loathe them…similar to body cams, so that any uncivil behavior on the part of flight attendants ( rare but do happen) is recorded. Permanent banning is a very extreme measure so there needs to be checks and balances. We know that airlines have in general become significantly draconian in the past few years ( not including mask wearing). What happened on United to a doctor who refused to give up his seat and dragged out…was ridiculous and outrageous. Of course, I do concede, for every one of those there are probably ten passenger aggregious acts. Flight attendants have become keeper of mask rules among other social rules and in return are treated with enormous disrespect. Yet, the lack of space in seating, the cost of food on board, and the lack of on board storage, where you can only bring what fits under smaller and smaller seats in front of passengers. In some ways, Nevermind all the airport security measures and carry-on/ checking requirements, and cost thereof that passengers must undergo. it’s not surprising that passengers have become uncivil. I just feel strongly that “uncivil” behavior must be clearly defined. Is saying f-you under your breath breaking the rule? Is the toddler who refused to wear a mask and a parent refusing to give up their seats, uncivil? What about the passenger who refuses to check a backpack because now there isn’t enough room on board? What about the passenger not wearing ” appropriate clothing” whatever that means? The list goes on and on accross cultures and languages and race really, depending on tbe person deciding. There would need to be a clear definition of uncivil.

  32. I think that thats unfair due to many times seeing DELTA employees act irrational and unprofessional and have gotten away with it ! Its not fair that you can just blame the passengers when they have been just as wrong just as well! Put cameras up.

  33. Yes.
    And a ban for rude FA’s

    What ever happened to Bryan Sisco, the man who was banned by Delta? A woman was bragging to him that she was a world famous sports reporter, which she was not, so he countered by saying he was a secret agent, which he was not. He added that he had sleep gas in his tube that is made for architectural blueprints. The woman then secretly complained to the FA that he was a terrorist. He was arrested and Delta banned him. She got off without being arrested.

  34. What are the criteria for determining rudeness? And how will it be determined that these criteria were met in a given situation? He said, she said? Courtroom saga? As someone else here already mentioned, Delta is setting themselves up to be judge, jury and executioner. This is going too far. Crystal-clear guidelines are needed, of course, but even then, how is proof of rudeness in a given situation provided?

  35. If my 4yr old grandaughter can commit to the face mask on a flight what is wrong with these adults. Airplanes are the pit of closeness and germs. So many adults cough without covering their mouths.

  36. If “rude behavior” is clearly defined, it sounds like a good idea. Otherwise, it’s an awful idea; you can’t pin real world consequences to people’s subjective experiences.

  37. I think the fact that most of you think this policy is a good idea (without any controls or measures to mitigate abuse of power) shows that you do not understand how systemic oppression operates. A person of colour is much more likely to be judged as “rude” or “uncooperative” or “a problem”.

  38. I’m generally am very supportive of FA, I buy them chocolates, gift card every time, I appreciate their hard work, and the majority are great people doing difficult work. I cannot understand how some in the comments can say with straight face that there aren’t any bad apples, that power tripping FA never happens? Just because it never happened to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I remember once taking photo approach (not landing) through the window, and the FA told me I’m not allowed to do that. So I start putting it away, when the lens cap fell, and as I reach for it, she yells at me for not obeying her command. The passenger beside me told her, “what? he is putting away as you asked”. Then the FA walked away, while I get anxious if she was going to tell the cap that I’m security threat or something.
    To presume every single FA or crew or captain are angels and so no wrong, mean you live in a fantasy land. There are no perfect people, but by the comments of some and FAs, they are perfect.
    No one is advocating not to punish rowdy, rude or uncompliant passengers, but that when the crew wield the power of permanent ban, innocent people can get caught by some power tripping FA, and there needs to be a compromise for that.

  39. Nikki Banffy-Nesbit, every example you stated could be considered uncivil behavior. The flight attendant is in charge, and it’s their job to enforce regulations. You actually don’t get to refuse or argue. If you choose to do so, get ready to never fly again. Actions have consequences. Things are moving toward all airlines joining to ban non compliant customers on all airlines. Nobody needs their $17 supersaver fare that badly.

    This flight attendant (non Delta) wants nothing more than a relaxed easy flight with no issues. If you think you’ll refuse to wear a mask or refuse to follow any regulations, you will be removed so fast your head will spin, so we can have that relaxed easy flight.

  40. Asking grown adults to behave is NOT asking too much. And no one, no one, should need to take the time to explain why inappropriate behavior on an aircraft is a problem.

    If an ADULT makes a CHOICE, a consequence should be granted. Period.

  41. I’m fine with this. There’s obviously a concern about power tripping FA/flight crews, but that’s always been a risk.

    For someone who is not an active jerk/idiot but can get caught in a disagreement, a simple solution will be employing a voice recorder at all times. Even if it’s illegal, as long as there’s no issue, the recordings existence will never be known.

    However, if it ever devolves into a he said/she said, then at least a recording capturing the entire incident can be used to determine whether the passenger or crew was responsible. It may not be admissible in court, but the court of public opinion may be enough.

  42. Unfortunately, Delta have as bad a record as some of the other airlines for abusing and mistreating disabled travellers. I wouldn’t feel safe insisting on my pre-booked assistance as a wheelchair user, even politely, if they introduced such a policy, because abled people have far too often taken that as rudeness or my being over-demanding in the past. I probably wouldn’t even feel comfortable complaining if they broke my £4,000 powerchair in case I got banned, especially since I’m both autistic and a solo traveller despite my impairments. I can’t walk more than a few steps out of my chair, and most of the US airlines are awful at dealing with wheelchairs and their users…

  43. I have seen flight attendance snap at mothers flying alone with a small child because they are not moving as fast as the FA wants them to. They go right to threatening to throw someone off for the smallest thing. I’m actually afraid to fly because I have had various family members tell me about what they have witnessed people being removed for. Basically if you don’t get in put your bag away in 1 minute and speak with out whispering, have your seat belt on and stay sitted even if another passenger is going by you will be snapped at and trying to explain anything you may be thrown off. You must just apologize and smile and hope they don’t just dislike you.

  44. If Airlines/FAs want this policy, then agree to put cameras in the cabin, something the FAs union has fought VERY HARD to not allow to happen. Then everyone can see what happened… all bad apples… disruptive passengers and bad FAs can be removed permanently.

    (If you are against cameras with sound in the cabin, you are probably part of the problem!)

  45. >> Tom Smith
    Having cameras on board protects both passengers and FA – much like how the in-class camera of China’s public schools protect both students and teachers

    interesting article

  46. @ Flythis

    While I agree that people need to behave I really think this is a bad idea.
    Most FAs are really good and fair but I have seen exceptions. Amazingly, the bad apples are often on DL! I was threatened after I stood near the lav to help my wife with the door. The same FA snapped at me later when I told my daughter to watch her elbow as the cart was passing. The FA assumed I said something nasty but that was not the case. Empowering a bad apple to make decisions with major ramifications is downright dangerous.
    Needless to say, real misbehavior backed up by evidence should be punished.

  47. Being banned by Delta doesn’t seem like a punishment.. merely an excuse not having to fly then!

  48. I agree with more enforcement than just throwing throwing them off a plane, BUT …

    I think back to an incident in 7th grade … I was the smallest and youngest girl in my class (almost a year younger because I started 1st grade when I was 5). I was extremely shy, introverted, and polite (my parents raised me well). But I was very easy to pick on and one girl who was mean and a bully always liked to pick me for her meanness. One day, she dumped my books on the floor and when I was down picking them up, she kicked me. When I got up, she starting hitting me and I raised my arms and hands to shield my face from her blows. Just then the teacher walked in and seeing my raised arms assumed that I was the instigator in what was going on and punished me even though ALL the other students told him it was Dorothy, and that I was just blocking her blows. He like her and believed she could do no wrong, so my punishment stood. So sometimes innocent people who are being attacked can be viewed in a quick glance as if they are fighting when all they are doing is defending themselves from an aggressor. I wonder how someone who may be innocent can appeal a Delta decision if a wrongful ban is put on them.

  49. First, back in the day, Herb Kelleher at SWA was not afraid to tell a customer that he no longer needed their business. So this actually has some precedent.

    Second, I think people on here are getting hung up on the “rude” piece and assuming that Joe or Jane gate agent or flight attendant on a “power trip” (what the hell does that even mean?) can single-handedly cause someone’s permanent ban. This is not likely. Cases will likely be assembled and prior history considered, and a determination will be made as to just whether or not your business is still wanted.

    Airlines return to gates while on taxi-out every day (and even divert flights enroute) because people can’t comport themselves like adults. You always hear about these events (“… was escorted off the plane and taken into custody”) but the end result usually never is made known. This incurs huge costs to the carriers, which they never recoup from the offending passenger, not to mention being over-the-top disrespectful to the crew and their fellow passengers.

    Ed made it known from the beginning that non-compliant maskers would not be welcome for the duration of the mask policy, and has kept his word. But I always wondered why he drew the line only at masks. Anyone who fails to comply with crew instructions is committing a felony, so why stop at just masks? Let these people go before a review board who can decide if their business is worth their (in some cases, continued) hassle. I’d love to see this extended to entitled DYKWIAS too, who complain complain complain and constantly get “exceptions” pushed though under the guise of them not knowing the policies and whatnot, but thats for another discussion.

  50. This is very dangerous. What’s rude? A passenger who complains to a lazy flight attendant about his or her service? Or perhaps takes issue with something else? Airlines are effectively governmental entities as they are highly regulated and provide an essential service with no real competition besides Amtrak (and even then not really). This is a flaw in the U.S. Constitution as rights such as the First Amendment only apply to government, despite popular belief that private businesses can’t discriminate based on speech, religion or politics.

  51. Only if the passenger actually was rude. Delta has good flight attendants but FAs are human and I have seen instances (not specifically with Delta) where the passenger was made to look like the troublemaker for doing nothing wrong.

  52. I’ll sure keep my phone ready to record because I’ve had to deal with some seriously unpleasant Delta people, from gate agents to FAs.

    Most are lovely but there are some serious power trippers out there. I recall one demanding, in a not pleasant way, everyone put their luggage in a certain way and be quick about it while her fat butt was perched on the edge of a seat. When I suggested she HELP, she nastily informed me she didn’t have to. Not surprising since she was so fat, she had to go down the aisles sideways.

    I had one THROW an overnight kit at me while trying to rebook an international flight that THEY caused us to miss. And yell people, well, too bad.

    Yep, will be keeping my fingers near that record button. They seem to forget WE are the customers, WE are paying their salary and don’t deserve to be mistreated because they have one of the biggest power trippers for a CEO.

  53. Living in the Uk and flying to the US quite often (until this year) Delta will be my airline of choice.

    It’s about time a stand was taken against self-entitled individuals who make life a misery for others. Airline staff, ground staff, et. al. should look forward to their working day without the fear of being abused for doing their jobs to the best of their ability.

    Staff should also be encouraged to report incidents to police (etc) as I’m sure some criminal charges could be extirpated from the offenders behaviour.

  54. They should have a three strike rule or something. Can airlines really afford to turn away revenue ?
    Where do these government bailouts go ? Do airline executives buy stock with it ? Still get end of year bonuses ? For every airline employee laid off or fairloughed do any of the airlines 20 VPs receive a paycut ?

  55. FA won’t have sole authority to institute a ban. I know of one major airline that has a standing committee that assembles and reviews crew reports and issues warnings to misbehaving passengers, and yes, even issuing legal advisement that they are no longer welcome on XXX Airlines. And yes, they’ve banned high-end frequent flyers. What passes for “acceptable social behavior” has changed significantly for the worse. Every perceived affront is met with a wither nuclear profanity-laced response. I say “HOORAY” for Delta Air Lines. For too long, flight crews didn’t get backed up by corporate in these matters. Enough is enough.

  56. @Patti – FA aren’t paid to help passengers with the bags they’re dragging and can’t handle themselves. If a FA is injured helping a passenger with their bag, the FA is on their own. They do NOT quality for worker’s comp as the injury is view as having taken place performing a task outside the scope of their employment. I agree, they don’t have to be rude about it, or those other things you mentioned.

  57. Flying is a privilege, not a right. People fell to understand that. If you want to act as a child then you will be treated as a child. People that claim it’s violating their civil rights need to grow up and grow a pair.


    Any of you remember when that was considered racist?
    Hey, Duane, learn how to use punctuation and a space between words. But maybe that’s too much to ask from a hater like you. It really leaves me with a feeling of sadness that, first, you hate so much, and, second, that you did so poorly in those indoctrination centers called public schools.
    To those who feel like they have to attack other people here because of their political or religious preference: how will you feel when you are permanently banned (from the airlines and the public in general) for hate expressed here and elsewhere?
    Just sayin’.

  59. This new “policy” is left open, as far as was posted, to interpretation. To ban someone for LIFE for things like a rude FA, ethinicity, sexual choice, etc, is just rife with problems. Mask wearers are NOT rude people per se. There is no science regarding the wearing of masks (I am not speaking about “opinions”. I am speaking about non partisan HARD FACTS and research.) That being said. if asked to wear a mask by company policy or Federal or State regulations I just cooperate. Imagine owning a business and being ordered by a Federal or State regulatory board to require a mask and then arguing about it. Just wear the mask and cooperate.

  60. I 100% support the enforcement of civil behavior. People used to be brought up to self-enforce civility, but those days are apparently gone. I have zero problem banning passengers who are uncivil, or refuse to obey crew member instructions as the law requires them to do. Banning these passengers would result in an improved flight experience for the rest of us.

  61. Seems that the article is implying that the rule mostly applies to those who don’t want to wear a mask. I don’t see the word mask in the quote at all. Maybe you shouldn’t apply your own prejudices? Or should you be banned for doing that? 🙂

  62. To Duane – Ignore Sheepdog77’s rude comments to you criticizing your grammar, etc. It’s clear from your spelling of behaviour that you are schooled outside the USA and we have MANY who write here from other countries. If anyone is a hater, it’s Sheepdog 77. Keep posting. I’m sure the majority of us always take world-wide commenter’s grammar in stride and appreciate your input.

  63. Ben, I couldn’t agree more with your comment concerning the the necessity of being civil while flying (hopefully all the time). But there is the occasional “power trip” by an employee as you suggested and which I experienced with Delta Airlines. I am a pilot and fly the world over every month. I have never refused to wear a mask and never would, however that is what a Delta flight attendant accused and I was banned. I am a Delta Platinum member and Delta airlines has refused to even consider their employee was wrong. It is sad that Delta will not even consider the possibility that an employee made a mistake.

    Additionally Delta Airlines places your Skymiles account in audit once banned freezing all miles you have accumulated. So now I have about 320K miles that my wife, kids and grandkids can’t use due to me being accused of refusing to wear a mask. Now that is ridiculous! Delta airlines refuses to answer any questions about my account and the miles I’ve accumulated. I will avoid Delta airlines in the future whenever possible for these reasons.

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