Alaska Airlines Bans Anti-Masker State Senator

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An anti-masker state senator from Alaska has been banned from flying Alaska Airlines, leaving her without air transportation. And you know, she feels her constitutional rights are being violated, and that there was no due process.

Alaska Airlines bans Lora Reinbold

This weekend we learned that Alaska Airlines has banned Lora Reinbold, a state senator from Alaska, for continuing to refuse to follow the FAA-mandated mask policy when flying. She’s one of over 500 people banned by the airline for not following face mask policies.

According to an Alaska Airlines spokesperson:

“We have notified Senator Lora Reinbold that she is not permitted to fly with us for her continued refusal to comply with employee instruction regarding the current mask policy.

This suspension is effective immediately, pending further review. Federal law requires all guests to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during travel, including throughout the flight, during boarding and deplaning, and while traveling through an airport.”

This all came to light after a video was posted on social media, showing Reinbold in a disagreement with police, TSA, and airport employees, at Juneau Airport.

Reinbold’s response to Alaska Airlines ban

Reinbold took to her Facebook page to share her side of the story:

Ak Air: Until there is a fair determination, after thorough review of both sides, I believe this should be confidential. I learned about Ak Air decision before I knew there was even an inquiry and before I had a chance to talk to or discuss this with anyone at Alaska Air. I never recieved a warning via a yellow card per their policy either. There was no due process before a temporary decision that is “under review” was made public. Alaska Airlines sent information, including my name, to the media without my knowledge nor permission. I do believe constitutional rights are at risk under corporate covid policies.

Regarding Alaska Airlines I sent this to the media inquiry.

I was reasonable with all Alaska Airlines employees. I have been flying on Alaska Air for decades amd am an MVP gold. I inquired about mask exemption with uptight employees at the counter.

The timing of complaint and a specific employee is of keen interest. The most divisive disaster bill hb76 is up Monday. I have been assured this be looked into.

I was respectful of Alaska Airlines policies. We had a pleasant safe flight with happy flight attendants and great talented pilots. I hope to be on an Alaska Airlines flight in the near future.

She then followed that up with the following comment:

Although I dont find the mask policy to substantiated nor do I want corporations to violate civil rights. I still wore a cdc shield to check in. And wore a mask (even with an exemption) from right after I checked in thru entire flight. I test negative weekly. I hope people can hear the truth of my actual actions thru the media mischaracterization.

It’s kind of scary that people like this are the ones making laws:

  • She thinks this is a violation of her constitutional and civil rights?
  • She thinks there should be “due process” for a company to deny service to a customer who is violating policies?
  • She wore a “CDC shield” at check-in, when she was supposed to wear a mask?

This wasn’t Reinbold’s first mask related incident with Alaska Airlines. Late last year she posted a picture of an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, and wrote the following to go along with it:

“Mask bullies in full force on Alaskans Airlines- all because a scaredy cat Karen whined loudly and was a Tattle tail when I took my dumb worthless suffocating mask off, a bit longer than she wanted, for my food and drink.”

Again, I’m not sure what’s better — that she’s calling someone else a “Karen,” or that she doesn’t know the name of the airline named after her state.

Reinbold now has to take a ferry rather than fly

This is what makes this story more interesting than other situations where airlines ban people — Reinbold frequently flies between Juneau and Anchorage for work, and Alaska Airlines is the only airline to fly the route. With Reinbold now being banned from Alaska Airlines, she’s left without practical air travel options.

In order to get to Anchorage in time for work today, Reinbold ended up taking a ferry, which seems like quite a journey. She took to her Facebook and said the following:

Alaska I went to new heights to serve you & have a new appreciation for the marine ferry system. I am keenly aware of the monopoly in air transport to Juneau that needs reviewed! Please thank my husband for giving up his birthday to make a long unexpected trip to Juneau by road/ferry system! Nothing could get in the way to be in the Capitol to fight to executive branch infringement on the legislature & defending your rights by trying to stop HB76 which is on the Senate floor tomorrow!

You know, or she could have just “served” the people of Alaska by following federal mandates. Also, I love how she’s now “keenly aware” of the monopoly that exists between Juneau and Anchorage. I’m curious what she plans to do to “review” this, given that there’s nothing preventing another airline from entering the market.

Bottom line

Alaska Airlines has banned a state senator in Alaska for refusing to comply with the company’s mask mandate. What makes this story particularly noteworthy is that while most people have a choice of airlines, Reinbold basically doesn’t, as Alaska Airlines is the only carrier to fly between Juneau and Anchorage. As a result she had to take a ferry this weekend to get to work.

I’m curious to see how long this ban lasts…

  1. The fact there is no choice of airline is irrelevant. So you won’t mask on one airline but you would follow the rules on another.

  2. I wonder if these people complain about “freedom” having to wear pants into a restaurant, show ID at TSA checkpoints, or not being allowed to drive drunk?


  3. This is a great opportunity for her to open a new airline catering to people just like her. She could call it MAGA Airlines, and perhaps her airline could ban masks, allow people to not have to wear seatbelts at any point in the flight and freely walk around the cabin during take-off and landing, allow smoking, and allow any animal a passenger can bring onto the plane as an emotional support pet. Perhaps she could even hire Donald Trump to help make a safety video for her airline now that he has more time on his hands.

  4. Alaska Airlines is a private company. And she is free to find her own way to go places within Alaska or the rest of the USA. By walking, by swimming. Nobody cares.
    But if she decided to take a private airline company, she better follow the rules.

  5. Byyyeeeee. This makes me like AS even more. Now if they can just ban the boomers sitting next to me slowly drinking their coffee or eating their food for 2 hours with their air of entitlement, that would me even more happy.

  6. She says she went to “new heights” to serve her constituents by riding a ferry. Wow. What a selfless giver. Maybe she could have done something even less strenuous to better serve her constituents, like wear a mask.

  7. “Although I dont find the mask policy to substantiated nor do I want corporations to violate civil rights. I still wore a cdc shield to check in. And wore a mask (even with an exemption) from right after I checked in thru entire flight. I test negative weekly. I hope people can hear the truth of my actual actions thru the media mischaracterization.”

    So she dosen’t think the mandate to be ‘substantiated’?

    Yet she claims an exemption to the mandate.

    How can you claim an exemption from a policy you belive hasn’t been sunstantiated?

  8. @Ben – as a state senator, she probably needs to get to Juneau to work, not to Anchorage. Juneau just happens to be on an island without bridges to the mainland. So it’s a ferry or a puddle jumper for her.

  9. She’s been kicked off her committee she chairs and kicked out of the Capital building for improper mask.
    Her first run in with AS was for wearing an eye mask instead of a proper mask that covers your nose and mouth.
    She’s a freak show.

  10. I’ll bet there are hundreds of private pilots who would fly reasonable passengers around the state. So a reasonable person would be able to fly if Alaska Airlines were not available. Perhaps she already contacted them:-)

  11. Let me guess. The voter turnout for state senator elections in Alaska is like 5%.

    If only we as a society could “cancel” politician stupidity.

  12. Glad Alaska Airlines did the right thing! Looking forward to my paid F flights with them next month!

  13. I can’t believe she’s OK publishing Facebook posts with such poor grammar and syntax. I would hope any elected official would hold themselves to a higher standard. There’s nothing political about that; it just makes you look uneducated and not qualified to serve.

  14. Just a comment following a previous poster – the Capitol was chosen as Juneau specifically so when lawmakers go there (mainly from Anchorage) they are focused on their job and not running home for something or any other distraction. Due to the geographic limitation of accessing Juneau like many other places in AK, there are limited means to get there. I thought Ravn Alaska flew there too.

  15. Doesn’t this pain-in-the-ass senator have anything better to do with her time?

    I’m sure she feels that her actions are representing her constituents. Hopefully with all of the time she’ll be spending on the ferry she will come up with something more useful with her time

  16. Just a little geographical correction to a previous comment…Juneau (most of it anyway) is on the mainland, not an island. But there’s no road linking it to the rest of AK. The Alaska Marine Highway ferry system links it to the larger road system via Haines and Skagway, AK. But to drive from there to Anchorage, one has to pass through the Yukon, and that international border is a bit of an obstacle these days. I assume she took the much longer (and less frequent) ferry crossing that stays in Alaskan waters between Southcentral and Southeast AK.

  17. Actually, it sounds from the news reports like she did drive through Canada to Haines. I guess the “Alaska exemption” applies at the Canadian border in that case.

  18. Just to add a little bit more to JohnG’s geography lesson, he’s correct that Juneau is on the mainland. There is however, an island (Douglas Island) just a few hundreds yards south and west of Juneau. Juneau and Douglas Island are separated by Gastineau Channel. The town of Juneau proper is completely on the mainland, while the town of Douglas is on Douglas Island. There is a bridge over Gastineau Channel that links Juneau with Douglas Island.

    P.S.: Please don’t hate on me. I’m a cartographer and am probably a bit too anal about geographic accuracy!!

  19. I am not defending her because I don’t think she should be defended, but I believe Alaska incorrectly states that there is a federal law requiring masks to be worn by passengers at all times. There may be a federal regulation, but there is no such federal law. And that is not a difference without a distinction.

  20. She does not have a “due process” complaint. She actually had due process in that the process that was “due” consisted of the airline comparing her conduct with the conduct that was required. That was all the due process that was mandated under the circumstances.

  21. Fortunately I live in West Texas where the rate of infection is low, people laugh at masks, and pretty much the only people that get sick enough to go to the hospital are Democrats. Go figure. There’s enough Federal dollars that go into subsidizing Alaskan air travel that she has a valid point. Face shields have been shown through numerous studies to be more effective at preventing spread of viruses than the cheap Fascist cloth masks. At last tally, about 85% of he deaths in the US are Democrats, so keep up the Fauxci silliness.

  22. @Boogen go peddle crazy somewhere else. This is a public health issue not a political issue. I am *shocked* that you live in Texas.

  23. Ben plus clowns. I dont know this person from a hole in the wall and couldn’t care less about her position. Thst being said the line between government and business is very narrow.

    For instance the airline has a licence to operate. If like in this circumstance it has a monopoly on the route this does.almost equate to a government taking for which she could be entitled to due process.

    Under your world could United ban everyone from Wyoming?

  24. If the government officials have outbursts like this how can we expect civilians to follow through with no problems. That’s why the strict rules need to continue.

  25. Good for Alaska Airlines. These QAnon anti-maskers, anti-science flat-earthers are part of the problem that killed 550K+ Americans!

  26. There is obviously more to this than mask hysteria from various people.

    She mentioned a mask exemption in her post as well as a CDC shield (Center for Disease Control). She also mentioned that she has worn a mask.

    If masks were effective then there would be little if any spread between masked populations.

    Face shields are very effective and I wonder why the airlines are against them. Wearing a face shield is responsible protection for others.

    Proper mask usage requires masks that nobody owns, tight fitting so you can hardly breathe, never touching the surface of the mask and replacement every hour or two. This is not happening. Just putting on yesterdays disposable mask that was in your pocket overnight does nothing but virtue signal.

  27. Does she know that
    1. The ferry aka. AMHS also have mask requirements.
    2. The state’s AMHS is also a monopoly.

    But the fun stuff starts here.
    1. If the state bans or arrest anyone for violating the mask rule on the ferry and the senator doesn’t, IT’S DOUBLE STANDARDS.
    1.1 If state does nothing, the ferry becomes a mask optional haven.

    2. If the senator does get banned by the ferry, it would be a private ferry to Haines and another 15 hour drive through Canada.

    3. DL have summer flights via SEA but expect to get banned by DL too.

  28. Irresponsible!!! what a b…!!!

    On the side note, she violated the FAA carry-on regulations – one carryon bag and 1 personal items! she has 3.

    I love you, #alaskaair

  29. Since she is a COVID risk, Canada should prohibit her from entering the country. That will limit her ability to take the ferry to/from Juneau to the long and expensive route through Whittier.

  30. She should be banned just for not knowing how to spell “received” and “don’t,” not knowing the difference between “capitol” and “capital,” and referring to them as “Alaskans Airlines.”

    FFS, Can we please stop electing borderline illiterates? Is this the best you had to choose from??

  31. @Boogen Such baseless ignorant comment. I live in Texas too and there are 12 of us at work and those (4) who contracted Covid 19 and sick like MF were the Republicans!!!!

  32. So glad she clearly respects her constituents by videotaping them while arguing about a federal mandate.

  33. “Due process”?

    Ha! They own the airplane; ergo they get to decide what’s allowed on their airplane.

    If Burger King kicks you out of their restaurant because you didn’t follow Burger King’s rules, you don’t get to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. There’s no “due process” at Burger King.

  34. I’m sure her desperate cries for civil liberties and individual rights will next extend to marriage equality for LGBTQ+ individuals, reproductive rights for women, and the humane treatment of immigrants trying to claim amnesty at the border, too. Oh, and that A Grade from the NRA sure is compelling. One rule for me, another for you – Karen for President 2024!

  35. As a nurse, I take advice during the pandemic from medical professionals, not politicians. Had masks been required in the early phases, many would still be alive. If a restaurant can require us to wear a shirt to get service, then, like us, she can wear a mask during a pandemic, if required. If you don’t wear the required helmet and get killed, at least that doesn’t affect a lot of people. She needs to get over herself. Great comments.

  36. @Boogen What? Are you that ignorant? An aircraft is much more dangerous than wide open west Texas. Go to school and learn something and pull your head out of your a**. You snowflake. Hope you get COVID and suffer. Masks are annoying but not oppressive. Also face shields literally have been shown to not be as effective as a real mask. Read some real science instead of your aunt on Facebook, Newsmax and Joe Rogen.

  37. What a lowlife! Ban all these trashes from flying for life and lock them up for violating the law, then the world will be a better place.

  38. Thank you, Alaska Air!

    It takes brass for a Karen to complain about a Karen.

    >>Ken says:
    April 27, 2021 at 1:45 am…
    FFS, Can we please stop electing borderline illiterates? Is this the best you had to choose from??<<


    Boogan, I lived in West Texas a while back and you are an embarrassment to the region.

  39. @Boogen The are no numbers segregating Rs and Ds. What you are seeing is anecdotal. I live in Dallas and most people I know that have had COVID are Rs, not all but more so than Ds I know. That doesn’t mean much though since there’s no evidence pointing either way and people don’t deserve to be shamed for following protocols. Let’s be clear, Ron Paul is an ophthalmologist not an infectious disease expert. He doesn’t study the science.

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