Air France-KLM Lounge Washington Dulles Closing Temporarily

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Here’s something to be aware of if you’re passing through Washington Dulles in the coming months, and are a Priority Pass member or flying a SkyTeam airline.

Air France-KLM operates their own lounge in Concourse A at Washington Dulles Airport, intended primarily for their flights to Amsterdam and Paris. The lounge has a tendency to get really crowded during peak periods, given that the two flights depart around the same time, and the lounge isn’t that big.

It’s also one of several lounges in the terminal that’s open to Priority Pass members over select hours. Priority Pass members can use the Air France-KLM Lounge at Dulles between the hours of 10:30AM and 3PM, and between 7PM and 8:30PM.

Other lounges in the terminal that are open to Priority Pass members over certain hours include the British Airways Galleries Lounge, Turkish Airlines Airlines Lounge, and Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse.

The Turkish Airlines Lounge Dulles is also open to Priority Pass members

Well, the Air France-KLM Lounge Washington Dulles is expected to close from October 29, 2018, through late March, 2019. The lounge closure is due to a renovation, as the lounge will be expanding by adding a second level below the existing floor, which should be great news long term.

I suspect the timeline of a five month closure is extremely optimistic, as airport projects are almost always delayed. For example, Emirates just recently renovated their lounge at JFK. It was supposed to take just a few months, but ended up taking nearly 11 months. That didn’t even involve any construction, but rather just a light renovation.

In the meantime, Air France and KLM passengers will be directed to the nearby Etihad Lounge. Goodness knows Etihad could use the money (given that they’re spinning off some of their lounges), so that seems like a decent arrangement. As before, Priority Pass members are not allowed in the Etihad Lounge.

Etihad Lounge Washington Dulles

Both the Air France and KLM flights depart around 6PM, while Etihad’s daily flight to Abu Dhabi departs after 10PM, so they should be able to host Air France and KLM passengers without disrupting their own experience too much.

At the moment Air France is operating a daily Boeing 777-300ER to Washington Dulles, while KLM is operating a 787-9 and A330 on alternating days.

As far as I know the only other airline to use the Etihad Lounge is Royal Air Maroc, for their 3x weekly flight to Casablanca.

If you are an Air France or KLM passenger using the Etihad Lounge, don’t get too excited. Etihad has done a lot of cost cutting, and this lounge doesn’t feature a cocktail list or menu, but rather just an alright buffet.

Etihad Lounge Washington Dulles

However, I would guess that the food and drink selection will be adjusted during the hours it’s used by Air France and KLM passengers, as they’ll probably be responsible for deciding on the catering.

  1. Nothing special in this Lounge. I flew La Premiere on a paid ticket to HKG last year (enjoying the Michelin Star food in Paris Lounge). It is a good thing that it is closed. Hopefully they will up their Lounge standard

  2. This is horrible news. The Air France/KLM lounge has been one of the best kept secrets for domestic Delta passengers with a Sky Club membership. The food is decent, but the alcohol and wine is exception for an out-station lounge. Between the easy upgrades out of Dulles and the lounge, it was reason enough to make the trek out to Dulles when traveling to/from Washington as opposed to Baltimore or Reagan–National.

  3. @jfhscott – have you been to the BA lounge at Dulles? It’s one of the worst PP lounges in the whole system. Rude employees (when they exist), no food outside of peanuts, apples, and peppermints, etc. The only reason to stop in here is that the chairs are a bit more comfortable then what is at the gates. Glad Chef Geoff’s in the C terminal is now accepting PP, as the Turkish Lounge (best current option at IAD) is about to get way more crowded

  4. Nice facility, good sandwiches and other food options while we were there. It’s not large, so it can get crowded during peak travel times, but it’s still one of the nicer lounges at Dulles, if not the nicest.

  5. Ben, I just got word from AF, that KLM business pax, elite passengers flying KLM, and Air France La Premiere customers will be using the Virgin Atlantic clubhouse during the closure, while AF business and AF elite pax will be using the Etihad Lounge. Would you like a picture of the message from the AF representative?

  6. @IAD Flyer I’m not 100% sure about KE but I would imagine Etihad Lounge because they are a partner of Korean air and KE has no other partners in the lounge. But that’s just my best speculation.

  7. What about Icelandair passengers? The AF lounge is horrible but it’s usually next to the gate for the KEF flight Their website still says AF

  8. Slight Correction: KLM now flies 787s and 777-200s (not A330s) to Dulles, and Air France also has a second daily flight on a 777-200 multiple days a week. Also, I’m pretty sure that Saudia passengers also used to be able to visit the Etihad lounge, although it is very possible that they don’t anymore.

  9. I contacted KE and they do not have any information on this, so no updates on what we can use at this time.

  10. Delta Platinum member flying Air France today. Denied access at both the Etihad and Virgin Atlantic lounges. No lounge access for non-AF/KLM Elite Plus members during the renovation…

  11. Of the A/B lounges at IAD, I preferred AF for the champagne and wines, but also good bread and cheese, as one would expect. The side room for La Premiere was nothing special, though. The BA lounge has a great Concorde room and a good bar. TK is nice but the most crowded, and LH is better but still often crowded. I really have no complaints about any of them, particularly compared to the plain, worn United lounges in C/D. Those are an embarrassment to show someone on a business class fare.

  12. I am at Dulles now and was declined access to the Etihad lounge (FB Gold). Etihad lounge can be used by AF passengers towards Paris; KLM passengers can use Virgin Clubhouse which I am happily experiencing now with its full menu service!

  13. Was flying back from DC, and the Etihad Lounge would not let Flying Blue Gold members bring in a guest. Either that or Air France didn’t ask Etihad to do it. A bit disappointing.

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