Which Flights Have Lufthansa’s New Business Class?

Last June Lufthansa introduced a new online tool that would show you whether your flight would feature Lufthansa’s new first and business class products. While the tool for determining whether your flight features Lufthansa’s new first class is still active, after a couple of months they took down the tool which showed whether a flight would feature the new business class.

My guess is that they took this down because they just couldn’t reliably predict it. While a good number of flights feature the new first class and there are some “easy rules of thumb,” new business class wasn’t quite as widespread at the time

Lufthansa’s new business class

Reader Traveler noted yesterday that it appears that Lufthansa has brought back the new business class tracker, so you can now check whether your flight will feature the new products:

As was the case before, the tool will only show whether your flight features the new first or business class product within eight weeks of departure.


There’s a FlyerTalk thread that’s generally the best resource for up to date information on the reconfiguration status of various types of aircraft.

In very broad terms, here’s the status of new business class as of now:

  • All 747-8s feature the new business class
  • Only one of the A380s feature the new business class
  • None of the 747-400s feature the new business class
  • All of the Munich based A330s feature the new business class, while roughly a third of the Frankfurt based A330s feature the new business class
  • Two of the Frankfurt based A340-300s feature the new business class, while none of the Munich based A340-300s feature the new business class
  • Two of the Munich based A340-600s feature the new business class, while none of the Frankfurt based A340-600s feature the new business class

Here are some other posts about Lufthansa’s new first and business class that will hopefully help:

Kudos to Lufthansa for bringing back the tool, given that it was possible to determine the status of new business class previously by looking at the seatmap — this just makes everyone’s life a bit easier.

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  1. Zis is not called sooner, it’s called a “tool”. You need to learn American English. šŸ™‚

  2. Answer: hopefully my flight tomorrow. LH has been swapping out 748’s for 744 once or twice a week on 419.

    It’s still showing as a 748 on the seat map. Any idea when it will switch or when they’d know about a swap?

  3. @ Allan — There’s not an official timeline yet, though it’s highly unlikely you’ll have a reconfigured 747-400 by June, unfortunately.

  4. Looks like I’m getting new business class on SEA-FRA. Nice! I wasn’t looking forward to 10 hours in the old seat.

  5. @Lucky – seems like one of the JFK-FRA flights (LH405) has been switched to 747-8 from a 747-400. Flying on that flight later this week and was thrilled to see the change…Upper Deck Business Class baby!

  6. BOS seems to only have 747-400 now which means old seats. How bad is it for a daytime flight returning to the US? If I’m not sleeping, then full flat doesn’t matter as much. Thanks.

  7. @ Nun — Well my issue with the seat isn’t just for sleeping, but also for lounging, as there’s no real way to get comfortable. That being said, it’s still better than economy class, so I guess it depends what the alternative is.

  8. Does the LH tool only look into a couple of months in advance? I am looking to book LH446 FRA-DEN in late November/early December (it looks like there is availability every Tuesday), and then LH447 DEN-FRA sometime in February. The LH tool wont look past early October.
    The ANA tool says the flight out of FRA is operated by a 744, which seems like a mistake. Any clues as to whether my flight will have the new business class?

  9. @ Stratos — Correct, it only works roughly two months in advance. The 747-400s should eventually feature the new business class, though it’s unlikely anytime this year. So I’d count on it being the old product.

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