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To kick off my review trip I flew Delta first class from Miami to New York. Fun fact, which just occurred to me — I believe this was my first time in over a year flying an airline other than American out of Miami.

I was curious to see what Delta’s concourse at the airport is like, including their SkyClub. That’s especially the case in light of Delta’s rumored expansion at the airport, due to their investment in LATAM.

Delta SkyClub Miami Location

The Delta SkyClub is located in Miami’s Concourse H. That’s one of the smaller terminals at the airport, and it’s only connected airside to Concourse J.

Concourse H has TSA Pre-Check as well as CLEAR, so to access the lounge turn left as soon as you clear security.

Miami Airport Terminal H

This will lead down a hallway to Concourse J, so go in that direction.

Miami Airport Terminal H

Then you’ll immediately see the entrance to the Delta SkyClub on the left.

Delta SkyClub Miami exterior

While the terminal is on level two, the lounge is on level four, so you have the option of taking one of two elevators, or of going up the stairs (it’s 80+ steps). I went up the stairs, which was a surprisingly long walk (since I didn’t initially realize the lounge wasn’t just one level up).

Delta SkyClub Miami entrance

Interestingly reception isn’t located immediately at the entrance, but rather it’s inside the lounge and then way to the left. It’s designed in a way that people could almost sneak into the lounge.

Delta SkyClub Miami Hours

The Delta SkyClub Miami is open daily from 5 AM until 8:30 PM.

That covers most, but not all, departures. For example, Delta has a 5:40 AM departure from Miami to Atlanta, so the club doesn’t really open early enough to visit the lounge when on that flight.

How To Access Delta SkyClubs

There are several ways you can access Delta SkyClubs:

  • You can buy a SkyClub membership, either with cash or miles (the cost varies based on your status)
  • Those with The Platinum Card® from American Express (review) or The Business Platinum Card® from American Express (review) can access SkyClubs when flying Delta same day, though guests cost $29 each
  • Travel on a Delta One ticket, either on an international long haul flight, or on a premium transcontinental flight
  • Delta Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallions receive SkyTeam Elite Plus status, which offers lounge access when traveling on many international flights the same day, regardless of the class of service

I was accessing the SkyClub using my Amex Platinum Card. I was flying first class to New York, but that doesn’t get you access in and of itself.

Delta SkyClub Miami Review

With the above out of the way, let’s get into the review of the Delta SkyClub. As usual, the SkyClub agents who admitted me couldn’t have been lovelier — I was addressed by name, while the guy entering right after me was thanked for being a Million Miler.

Delta sure knows how to treat passengers.

It’s also interesting to note that there was a sign about how the SkyClub Miami is being expanded in 2020, though I haven’t seen much about the specifics of that.

Delta SkyClub Miami expansion sign

Delta SkyClub Miami Seating

This is one of the smaller SkyClubs I’ve been to, though still seemed to be sufficient given the capacity that Delta currently offers to Miami. Once you exit the elevators or come up the stairs, there’s a small sitting area at the very end of the lounge.

Delta SkyClub Miami stairs & elevators

Delta SkyClub Miami seating

Then the rest of the lounge is in the other direction. The main part of the lounge consists of a few dozen seats in rows facing one another.

Delta SkyClub Miami seating

Along the windows is some high-top seating, with each table having two chairs.

Delta SkyClub Miami seating

Deeper into the lounge is more seating, which felt a bit tired, so I hope a renovation of the existing space is happening as part of the expansion.

Delta SkyClub Miami seating

Delta SkyClub Miami seating

Delta SkyClub Miami seating

Delta SkyClub Miami seating

In the back right corner of the lounge is a business center with six cubicles. Each cubicle has a couple of outlets, and none of them have computers (which I prefer).

Delta SkyClub Miami business center

Delta SkyClub Miami business center

Also in that area is the bar & dining area, which has four dining tables.

Delta SkyClub Miami bar

Delta SkyClub Miami dining area

In the back corner of the lounge is a luggage storage area.

Delta SkyClub Miami storage

Delta SkyClub Miami Food & Drinks

Breakfast is hardly the most exciting meal of the day when it comes to lounge food. The selection was alright, though frankly seemed to not be as good as I’ve seen at Delta hubs (which I guess isn’t surprising).

Delta SkyClub Miami buffet

Cold breakfast options included fresh fruit, salad, hardboiled eggs, muffins, bagels, toast, cream cheese, yogurt, and cereal.

Delta SkyClub breakfast

Delta SkyClub breakfast

Delta SkyClub breakfast

Delta SkyClub breakfast

Delta SkyClub breakfast

Hot options included some scrambled eggs, some sort of potato side (or something?), and some oatmeal.

Delta SkyClub breakfast

Delta SkyClub breakfast

Delta SkyClub breakfast

The egg dish was pretty good, at least by self serve domestic lounge standards.

Delta SkyClub breakfast

All the coffee was from Starbucks, with both filtered coffee as well as an espresso machine. Then there was “Pure Leaf” tea.

While I do think the espresso machine is better than average, I’m not a fan of the Starbucks filtered coffee, and prefer the La Colombe coffee that American has in their clubs.

Many will appreciate the variety of milk, syrup, and sweetener, that Delta has in their lounges.

Delta SkyClub breakfast

As far as alcohol goes, there’s a variety of beer, wine, and liquor that’s complimentary:

On top of that there’s an extensive selection of alcohol for purchase:

As I’ve noted in the past, the value of redeeming SkyMiles for alcohol is exceptional, as you’re getting two cents of value compared to their retail prices. If you want to consume a whole bottle of champagne, I’d argue that’s one of the best uses of SkyMiles.

For example, you can get a bottle of 2009 Dom Perignon for 10,000 SkyMiles or $200. The $200 price isn’t even that crazy — a good retail price for that would be $155 plus tax. So you’re getting well over 1.5 cents of value compared to the usual retail cost.

Delta SkyClub Miami Showers & Bathrooms

The bathrooms in the lounge are off a hallway behind the elevators. In the mens restroom there two stalls and two urinals, which seemed to me like a rather limited bathroom setup.

Delta SkyClub Miami bathrooms

Delta SkyClub Miami bathrooms

I do love how Delta has Malin+Goetz toiletries in their lounges (and in their premium cabin lavatories, for that matter).

Delta SkyClub Miami Malin+Goetz amenities

The SkyClub Miami has a single shower suite as well (which is nice for an outstation lounge), though I didn’t have a chance to check it out

Delta SkyClub Miami Bottom Line

The Delta SkyClub Miami is nothing to get excited about, though is decent. The food selection wasn’t as extensive as at some hub airports, but was still decent.

What stood out to me was the friendly service, and the good value of redeeming SkyMiles for premium alcohol.

I can’t wait to see what the expanded SkyClub Miami looks like later this year.

As a point of comparison, you can find my review of the American Airlines Admirals Club Miami here. Personally, I think the Admirals Club probably still has the edge, in terms of views and space, though it can get crowded certain hours of the day.

If you’ve visited the Delta SkyClub Miami, what was your experience like?

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  1. Why do airlines/hotels offer so MANY crappy lounges for their American customers? It’s not like they lack funds or are from a poor country. Why don’t they learn from Asian counterparts

  2. Imagine spending $200 to drink a bottle of Dom Perignon in the Delta SkyClub Miami. What an unbelievably bleak scene that would be.

  3. If you care about premium cocktails/wine/beer – the Delta skyclub is the best use of miles I can think of.

    I have more miles than I can use and love spending them on solid drinks. You can even tip with miles.

  4. This lounge is a total cluster on Sunday nights in the winter. There are several flights to NYC in the early evening. Never been to a lounge where the cheese was served on a cart by an attendant because there were so many people they could not keep the cheese tray at the food station stocked.

  5. It is a very basic – but sufficient – lounge. There are no tarmac views from the high-top seats at the window. You get a fantastic view of a roof. With DL’s expansion at MIA, I hope that will kick out UA from using some of the H gates (UA also uses G gates). UA should be sent back to the G gates as the G gates are a much better fit for UA.

  6. While it is funny to point out the champagne redemption prices, the best use of SkyMiles recently has been the various Delta One sales, the like recent sale to Europe (49,000 one way to Europe) and prior sales to Asia. Delta Vacations at 2 cents per mile were also good. I’d rather save SkyMiles for these redemptions versus buying four or five bottles of Dom in the SkyClub

  7. @Laurel. LATAM has their own lounge in MIA’s Concourse J. But of course, LATAM customers connecting with Delta will use this lounge.

  8. I was in this lounge about a year ago. Standard domestic airport lounge.

    I did use the shower, which I found to be nice: very spacious, red and white tiles, clean and well stocked with Malin+Goetz amenities.

    @Laurel: There already is a much larger, spacious and renovated Latam lounge in Terminal J.

  9. The “small seating area at the end of the lounge” On the right, off the elevator is roped off later on in the day, and is used exclusively for Air France La Premiere passengers. I happen to be flying out and saw this a few weeks ago. They had some wine and fine cheeses and grapes. Not much else.

  10. Wow that Delta Skylounge looks so much better that the AAdmirals in Miami which is their hub lounge! Look at the breakfast options! At the admirals you only get cheese cubes and a free bud light!

  11. LATAM’s lounge in concourse J is already connected airside with H and was just re-done in the last couple of months, so no real need to expand the Delta lounge for that. I really like the common area/food court in between H and J also, since it has huge windows, and is rarely very busy, especially compared to anywhere in the American side of the terminal.

  12. With the detoriating QR lounges in Doha (no hot breakfast anymore, really guys?!), it’s amazing to see how far Delta has come and how this small lounge is better than the often praised QR lounges.

  13. The food here is much better than Minneapolis and Detroit. I think the catering company that services the lounge is the same as Boston, Washington–DCA, and the New York airports because it’s the same type of food and selection.

    However, my complaint is the yogurt sitting out without refrigeration is a huge health code violation. I wish Delta would bring back individual, sealed containers of yogurt. The cross-contamination on these things, as well as the salad bar, is always an issue. I’m always disgusted by the behavior of some guests. The issue generally isn’t the staff but guests. People using their fingers. People taking spoons from one food item and using it for something else. Like the cottage cheese spoon in the jam/fruit preserves.

  14. Lounge is also used by Air France and KLM who schedule flights at similar times and the former using an A380. AF also has a Guadeloupe departure as well just before the European flights and it gets quite busy

  15. I think the renovations will be based on the recently updated JFK T4 SkyClub. I think that would be the the new theme moving forward for all club renovations having the bar (and out goes the red and blue theme)

  16. Any chance we could get a review of the MIA-NYC flight? Always interested to see how F stacks up, particularly on catering, from non-hubs on Delta.

  17. This lounge is fine for most of the day but becomes a war zone in the afternoon/evening when there are partner flights departing to EZE, CDG and AMS all leaving around the same time. They really need to expand it already, never mind when LATAM comes in. (I assume AR will continue to use it even once LATAM starts to use it, since it will still be a SkyTeam lounge and AR will still be a SkyTeam member.)

  18. I never use MIA when traveling on a domestic flight. First, the MIA airport is a zoo and you feel like your a sardine trying to get out of a bad can. Its like the world is walking all over the airport. The Crown room is ok but nothing to write home about. Many times during the day the Crown Room makes you feel like your in Times Square on New Years Eve. Unfortunately the Delta terminal in FLL (25 miles north of MIA) is being refurbished but when its finished FLL will be the choice of many for Domestic flights. All FLL needs is more non-stop flights to compete with United, America, Jet Blue, Southwest and whoever. Hopefully the new FLL Crown room will be a showcase to attract new customers.
    I flew Emirates, British and Air Canada (same terminal as Delta) non-stop from FLL several times and there is no comparison to the ease and congestion of the FLL airport in both directions. PS. I don’t work for the FLL airport. lol

  19. Non-hub or not, the breakfast offering–while not overly fancy–is far better than the free food available at breakfast in an Admirals Club, including one at a hub. And the presentation is far superior.

  20. Delta is expanding and adding Sky Clubs at a very fast pace including in non-hub cities like Austin and Nashville which might end up with one of the largest Sky Clubs outside of a hub.

    The only real question is how large the renovated MIA club will be and how many flights Delta will have there.

  21. Surely to decide on the value proposition on the premium drinks you have to look at what you can have for free. Is Johnny Walker black label worth $11 more than famous grouse if you just want a blended scotch?

  22. @Kevin Carey I prefer flying from FLL as well, but the lack of lounges besides the Sky Club and lack of mass transit option kills it for me 9 times out of 10.

    If VirginTrains/Brightline can add a station in front of the airport, it would be a game changer. I live in Brickell and 25 mins to FLL on a luxury train sure beats a 90 min drive during rush hour (heck, it beats a 30 min drive to MIA during the same time frame)

  23. Pretty fun read and funny comments.

    That lounge seating looks awful.

    I am top status on American, so only have one experience in a Delta lounge @Seattle. The staff were truly extraordinary. I only paid to enter to print a document, but didn’t actually spend time there as I had colleagues waiting at the gate for our delayed flight. Awhile after I left the lounge a staff person somehow found me (she just walked right up to me) in the terminal by my gate to advise me that they had rebooked me/us on a better flight….I’m just a John Doe to DL…geez, I was SO impressed.

  24. @Lumma: right? That’s the beauty of it. You can have really decent complementary offerings like Famous Grouse, Old Forester, or the monthly signature complimentary cocktail, or for pretty cheap money you can go premium or ultra premium. I paid $11 in an Atlanta airport hotel for an import beer. I’d gladly pay that for Johnnie Walker Black in Sky Club any day. Seems like the more of an upgrade you get at the bar, the better the deal too. Miles all the way though.

  25. Haha wow, in june last year that sign was there too and still its not revamped? It really needs an update. When this lounge is crowded then it really is an awfull lounge.

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