Best Capital One Credit Cards

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Capital One offers a variety of bank credit cards for a variety of consumers and lifestyles. From premium travel cards and lucrative dining rewards cards to specific cards for students and small businesses, and even to secured cards for those just building credit, the range of options can make it overwhelming to choose the best Capital One credit card.

Best Capital One Credit Card Offers of July 2020

Fortunately, we’ve done the research already, and can help with finding the ideal card for your situation. To start, you’ll want to think about a few factors:

  1. What type of card do you need? — More so than other bank credit cards, Capital One offers different cards depending on where consumers are in their lives. There are cards designed for those starting out with credit, or needing to repair their credit scores, student cards, small business cards, and then multiple general rewards cards.
  2. Cash back or travel rewards? — Depending on which card you choose, you can either earn cash back in the form of a statement credit, or points that can be used towards travel (either as a credit on your statement, or directly with airlines, which we’ll get into below).
  3. Is a higher annual fee worth it? — In many cases, Capital One essentially has two “versions” of a card. One will have no annual fee, and a solid reward structure. The other will have a moderate annual fee (Capital One has reasonable annual fees across the board), but will offer a higher return on your spending. A great example is with the Savor products, which offer an excellent bonus on dining and other purchases. The no-annual-fee SavorOne gives 3% back on dining, while the Savor has an annual fee, but gives 4% back on dining.

With that background in mind, here are the best Capital One credit card offers available today:

Best Capital One Credit Card for Travel Rewards

Capital One credit cards come in two varieties — those offering cash-back rewards, and those offering travel rewards. Historically there wasn’t much distinction between the two categories, as while they were marketed differently, the points ultimately functioned in the same way.

Cash Back vs. Purchase Eraser

While the Capital One cash-back cards offer a statement credit as a way of cashing out your rewards, while the Capital One travel rewards cards let you “erase” purchases, by choosing certain travel-related transactions to receive a rebate on.

In both cases, 1 Capital One point (or mile) gives 1¢ in credit, and the net result is receiving a reduction in the amount you’ll owe on your credit card bill.

Capital One recently introduced a new benefit to their travel rewards cards, allowing those with certain credit cards to transfer their points directly to airline miles. You can still use the Purchase Eraser option, but can also convert Capital One miles to over a dozen loyalty programs.

Being able to transfer points to airlines opens up a ton of aspirational redemptions, and makes Capital One miles much more valuable. Since you can still use your points for a statement credit via Purchase Eraser, if you think you’ll ever want to use points for travel, you should choose a travel rewards card instead of a cash-back card. Here are the best Capital One credit cards for travel available today:

Capital One has really stepped up their game recently, adding more premium benefits to their travel cards and improving their website and customer portal. With the addition of the mileage transfer benefit, the Venture and Spark Miles are among the best credit cards for earning airline miles, but with so many cards to choose from there’s truly a Capital One card designed for every lifestyle.

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