Review: Lufthansa Business Class A330 Montreal To Munich

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As you guys know, I’m a huge fan of Lufthansa’s first class, and think it’s one of the best first class products in the west. However, I’ve never been as impressed by Lufthansa’s business class. I’ve only reviewed Lufthansa’s new business class once, on a 747-8 flight from Frankfurt to Washington a few years ago.

I was curious to see how their service compared on an eastbound redeye, in particular now that they’ve introduced a new service concept in business class.

Lufthansa 475
Montreal (YUL) – Munich (MUC)
Thursday, June 15
Depart: 8:15PM
Arrive: 9:50AM (+1 day)
Duration: 7hr35min
Aircraft: Airbus A330
Seat: 10D (Business Class)

I boarded through door L2, where I was greeted by the purser and pointed right towards my seat. My flight was operated by one of Lufthansa’s new three class A330 aircraft, featuring business, premium economy, and economy.

The plane had a total of 42 business class seats, spread across seven rows in a 2-2-2 configuration. The forward cabin had five rows, while the rear cabin had two rows.

Lufthansa A330 rear business class cabin

Lufthansa A330 rear business class cabin

I booked fairly last minute, so I reserved seat 10D, which was the bulkhead center aisle seat on the left side. As you can see, the seats in the center section of Lufthansa’s business class are angled somewhat towards one another.

Lufthansa A330 business class seats

This is very awkward if you’re sleeping, because the place you put your feet is right next to the area for your seatmate, and it’s not unusual for your knees to touch when fully reclined. I was lucky that I was in the bulkhead, because there’s even less of a partition between the foot cubbies in other rows.

Lufthansa A330 business class seats

Lufthansa business class legroom

If you’re traveling alone it’s generally advisable to select one of the seats by the windows, as those seats face in the same direction, rather than being angled towards one another. That means there’s slightly more separation for your feet.

Lufthansa A330 business class seats

On the right armrest of my seat were the easy to use seat controls. There were three presets, and then you could also adjust individual aspects of the seat. I find the location of the controls to be a bit annoying, since I’d sometimes accidentally adjust the position of the seat by putting my elbow on this section.

Lufthansa business class seat controls

Immediately beneath that was a console that could be opened, which contained the tray table and the entertainment controller.

Lufthansa business class tray table & entertainment controller

The tray table was pretty compact — it could be folded over in half, but even then it was pretty small.

Lufthansa business class seat tray table

Next to the entertainment controller were the Bose noise canceling headphones. Kudos to Lufthansa for offering these in business class — the only other airline I know of that offers Bose headphones in business class is American. Unlike with American, Lufthansa’s Bose headphones are attached to the seat, which is a blessing, since it means they don’t have to collect them before the start of descent.

Lufthansa business class Bose headphones

Underneath the center armrest were two power outlets (one for each passenger).

Lufthansa business class power outlet

On the bulkhead was a hook that could be used to hang a coat, but also to hang a pair of glasses. I thought that was pretty innovative.

Lufthansa business class seat hook

There was also a small storage compartment, which housed a bottle of water and amenity kit.

Lufthansa business class seat storage

Lufthansa business class bottled water & amenity kit

The amenity kit was pretty basic — the kit itself felt pretty cheap, and it contained socks, eyeshades, earplugs, lip balm, lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.

Lufthansa business class amenity kit contents

Also waiting at my seat on boarding was a pillow and blanket. This is an area where Lufthansa really lags, as the pillow and blanket were both scratchy. So many airlines have great bedding in business class nowadays, and this is simply uncompetitive.

Lufthansa business class pillow & blanket

Within a few minutes of settling in, one of the friendly flight attendants came by to offer me a pre-departure beverage, with the choice between water, champagne, and orange juice. I selected a glass of champagne.

Lufthansa business class pre-departure champagne

This flight was pretty full, and in end there were only two empty seats in business class. The seat besides me was taken by a German guy who upgraded last minute (I only know because he asked the flight attendant whether his special meal request would carry over), who gave me confused glares the whole flight over my picture taking. I guess I can’t blame him, though having a seat without any privacy does make my “job” significantly more awkward.

A few minutes before the door closed the purser came through the cabin to distribute menus to all business class passengers.

Lufthansa business class menu

Shortly thereafter Captain Wiener apologized for our delayed departure, but assured us that we’d arrive in Munich on time, as our flight time was only 6hr55min.

At around 8:20PM the door closed, and by 8:25PM the safety video was screened and we began our taxi. We had a very fast taxi, and by 8:35PM we were cleared for takeoff.

The seatbelt sign was turned off only about 20 minutes after takeoff. Once it was off I visited the lavatory, which was located immediately in front of my seat (though on the other side of the curtain, so it didn’t bother me when sleeping).

Lufthansa business class lavatory

The lavatory was clean but basic, and did have some amenities like mouthwash, combs, etc.

Lufthansa business class lavatory

Lufthansa business class lavatory amenities

I also snapped a picture of the forward business class cabin, which had 30 seats.

Lufthansa business class cabin A330

Once back at my seat I connected to the Wi-Fi. One thing I love about Lufthansa is their Wi-Fi pricing. They charge 17EUR for a Wi-Fi pass that lasts the entire flight with unlimited data. That’s an excellent value, and I find their Wi-Fi to be among the fastest of any airline.

Lufthansa Wi-Fi

After takeoff the purser came through the cabin to take drink and meal orders, and had an interesting question for me (which I handled in the usual way).

The menu read as follows:

The drink menu read as follows:

To start I ordered a glass of champagne, which was served at 9:10PM, about 35 minutes after takeoff. Lufthansa serves Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top Brut in business class, which is nice enough. It was served with some warm cashews.

Lufthansa business class dinner — champagne & warm cashews

At first I was a bit underwhelmed by the menu because there was just a salad and main course, and not an appetizer. Then again, this was a quick redeye, and the focus is on maximizing sleep. In the end I was very pleased with the meal.

I was served my meal at 9:45PM, about 70 minutes after takeoff. Both the salad and main course were excellent.

Lufthansa business class dinner

The salad in particular was top notch, as I don’t remember the last time I’ve had such a good salad in business class.

Lufthansa business class dinner — seasonal salad with vegetables

The main course was good as well. My only disappointment was that there was only a single scallop.

Lufthansa business class dinner — seared scallops and shrimp with potatoes, broccolini, and spinach

For dessert there was the choice between cheese and ice cream. I chose the ice cream, which was Haagen-Dazs dulce de leche gelato. Personally I’d prefer they have another dessert option or at least present the ice cream differently, but then again, this is pretty common among airlines.

Lufthansa business class dinner — dulce de leche ice cream

Once my tray table was cleared I was given some packaged chocolate.

Lufthansa business class dinner — chocolate

The service was done about 90 minutes after takeoff, which I’d say is about as good as it gets.

I have to give Lufthansa a lot of credit for their new business class service concept. Lufthansa used to take an “assembly line” approach to business class service, where flight attendants would come down the entire aisle with carts, and you really wouldn’t get any personal service.

With Lufthansa’s new service concept, there’s instead a single flight attendant dedicated to a certain number of seats (let’s say maybe 8-10 passengers per flight attendant). Carts aren’t used, they remember your names, and they take care of you from start to finish. The flight attendant taking care of me was friendly, and this was such a pleasant surprised compared to Lufthansa’s old service concept.

Once the meal was done I browsed the inflight entertainment selection.

Lufthansa entertainment system

Lufthansa entertainment system

Lufthansa’s entertainment selection on this flight was better than I remembered in the past. There were 130+ movies; I don’t ever recall them offering that many movies in the past. This might just be because I never pay attention to their selection, given how good their Wi-Fi is. I don’t remember the last time I’ve watched a movie on Lufthansa.

Lufthansa entertainment system

Lufthansa entertainment system

By the time I was ready to sleep, we had just under five hours remaining to Munich.

Lufthansa airshow enroute to Munich

Lufthansa airshow enroute to Munich

I reclined my seat, and found it to be reasonably comfortable, though I was also really tired. Ultimately this seat is pretty tight, and it’s awkward when you and your seatmate are facing one another. Lufthansa doesn’t have any sort of a privacy partition between seats, and it’s not unusual for knees to be touching.

So while the seats aren’t great, I was exhausted and slept uninterrupted for about 3.5 hours.

I woke up about 80 minutes out, as the cabin lights were turned on in preparation for breakfast.

Airshow approaching Munich

The entire breakfast was served on a single tray.

Lufthansa business class breakfast

This was a light breakfast, though that’s perfectly reasonable on such a short flight. The “main” consisted of cold cuts, cheese, etc.

Lufthansa business class breakfast — cold cuts

Then there was a side of fruit and yogurt, as well as a selection of bread from the breadbasket.

Lufthansa business class breakfast — fresh fruit and yogurt

There wasn’t much in the way of coffee refills as the crew was really hustling, given that people were waking up throughout the breakfast service.

At 8:50AM the first officer announced that we’d be landing in about 40 minutes, and should even be at the gate a bit early. Sure enough, we had a smooth touchdown in Munich at 9:30AM sharp.

Airshow approaching Munich

From there it was just a short five minute taxi to our arrival gate, where we arrived 15 minutes early. I had only booked a 45 minute connection in Munich, and ended up having plenty of time before my flight to Naples.

Lufthansa A330 upon arrival in Munich

Lufthansa A330 business class bottom line

There were things about Lufthansa business class that impressed me, and other things that didn’t.

On the plus side, I think Lufthansa’s new service concept in business class is a huge improvement over the old one. While the menu was limited, the food quality was excellent. Furthermore, I love Lufthansa’s Wi-Fi pricing, and also the Bose headphones they offer in business class.

Then there are the downsides. Business class is all about the seat, and that’s an area where Lufthansa fails miserably. While most airlines are working towards direct aisle access from every seat in business class, Lufthansa isn’t even trying. Their business class seats have virtually no privacy, and on top of that, are pretty tight. So if you’re traveling with someone, or if we’re just talking about a relatively short flight, that’s fine. But for an ultra longhaul flight traveling alone, this product isn’t competitive in any way.

I’m afraid that both British Airways and Lufthansa seem to take their customers for granted in business class. While aspects of the experience were better than I was expecting, the hard product just isn’t competitive.

If you’ve flown Lufthansa business class, what was your experience like?

  1. Lucky,

    I’m always confused by your ratings of IFE on airlines. From that first screen, which just has some movies that begin with a number or “A,” you have two Oscar-nominated films from 2016 (20th Century Women, Arrival) that were quite good, two Best Picture winners (The Artist, American Beauty), and a huge box office comedy hit (Analyze This). Not to mention some foreign films. I would imagine the rest of the selection is equally diverse. What exactly are you looking for from a movie selection?

  2. Hey Lucky whats your ideal flight length for an overnight flight? The longer the better?
    If you are getting less than 4 hours sleep surely its far too short?
    Even for flights of 9 hours length it can easily be 2 hours until dinner is completed then if they are waking people up 90 minutes before landing thats only 5.5 hours maximum sleep (I dont know how people can be hungry for breakfast 5.5 hours after a multi-course dinner. If I finish dinner on the ground at 8pm its not like i wake up ravenous at 1:30am!!)

  3. @ Ben — You’re absolutely right, and I updated the post to reflect that. I didn’t read my notes on this correctly, as I specifically mentioned in them that the IFE selection was better than I recall it being on Lufthansa in the past. I swear they didn’t used to have this many movies. Thanks for the correction.

  4. Thanks for the review Ben, frankly I don’t understand why new business products with klm, af, lufthansa etc. have (not always but often) this seats side-by-side configuration.
    Personally I’d avoid it and when I’m going to book a flight I always check the business seats configuration because pay for a business product several € and don’t have the proper privacy doesn’t make sense to me.
    The main reason to choose a business class flight is because of the single seat for me, am I wrong? 🙂 What do you think?

  5. Totally agree about the seats. Flew late Nov 2016. Originally had a center seat but due to the strikes at that time l had to fly a day early and got assigned an aisle seat on the side. My seatmate got up 3 times during the night and did the jump/crawl over me. Got very little sleep as a result. Those seats are so annoying!

  6. Lufthansa has definitely improved on their IFE system in the past few years, their old IFE system was ancient and was one of the worst in my opinion. On their new system they added games, improved the airshow, increased their TV show and movie selection, etc. but I agree it still isn’t as good as other airlines. Their food has definitely improved over the last few years and is better than the food on Air Canada, in taste and quantity, in my opinion.

  7. Looks like you got lucky with decent food! Honestly I’ve had some of the worst business class food in all my years of flying on LH recently. (Naturally taking BA out if the equation as they are hands down the worst!) LH catering used to be consistently ok but lately it’s ridiculously bad. Two flights ago I was served duck breast on a salad that had clearly gone bad based on the odd color. The FA should have noticed but they didn’t and it ended up in front of me. Gross!

  8. @Lucky

    No worries – just confused me! I think I could have occupied my time on the flight with that set of movies alone!

  9. What would you consider to be the best business class product for travel between Europe and North America? All things considered

  10. Lucky – I know you usually do not report reviews on intra-Europe business class flights (for obvious reasons!) but every now and then it would be good to have one as the European carriers seem to have changed their service concept a fair bit over the past couple of years and personally I’d be very interested in a Lufthansa short haul business class review as you haven’t posted one for at least 2 or 3 years now.

  11. Funny enough, before the new service concept, they did offer both a salad and separate appetizer, even on overnight transatlantic flights like this.

    It does seem like they just combined the salad and the appetizer, though there at least used to be a choice of appetizers.

    The breakfast is the same, no change.

  12. If you had a choice between using more United miles (70K) to fly Lufthansa business Transatlantic, or less miles to fly United (57.5K), what would you chose? I’m not seeing much differentiation assuming you snag a 2 X 2 on the left or right sides of a United 777. In fact, I think the United foot area may be even bigger.

  13. Hi Ben, I believe you did another review of LH Business Class before. It was way back in 2013 from Seattle to Frankfurt and it was featuring the old angled seat.

  14. @Chris, I’m not Ben but I would choose United in Business Class over Lufthansa, even if the same price. I find the United seats to be far more comfortable for sleeping, particularly with the enhanced bedding. As Ben has reported before, United has the best bedding of any airline in business class. In First Class, Lufthansa wins without a second look.

  15. Lucky, pleeeease don’t just say wifi is “fast”, “reasonably fast” or “slow”. There are a million apps for testing the speed of a connection (“ookla speedtest” is the best) -> I think alot of people would appreciate knowing the exact speed of wifi on your travels and hotels.

    Love your blogs otherwise.

  16. “Within a few minutes of settling in, one of the friendly flight attendants came by to offer me a pre-departure beverage, with the choice between water, champagne, and orange juice.

    I selected a glass of champagne.”

    No kidding 😉

  17. Lucky…..I’ve noticed for certain aircraft like A330 you never specify which model, -200 or -300, for some reason. I know it sounds petty but there can be big differences between models. Us aircraft nerds would like to know.

  18. Mixed feelings about LH biz. I prefer the lay-out on the A380s, where both seats face towards the window so one sits parallel to their neighbor (opposed to the config where both seats are angled towards a median point). Although it may not be the best hard-product, I have always slept very comfortably in LH biz seats on the A380, 747-8, A330, and the A340s.

    I cannot comment on the meals, drinks and ife. I don’t eat on flights, I only consume water on flights and prefer to read/write when not asleep. However, I have always received courteous and attentive service when awake.

  19. @Al then an aircraft nerd would know that Lufthansa only has A330-300s now No insult intended, but seriously, LH only has A330-300s so this is most certainly one of them

  20. I flew this type of plane on a red eye from BKK to FRA once. If you sit by the window, you will have to have to wake up your neighbor or high step out. Center seats have that odd footsie thing. I chose an aisle seat on the left side. My neighbor by the window tried to high step instead of waking me but failed and tripped and ended up sprawled into my seat with me. He was Teutonically horrified, but I thought it was funny. Each seat in J has a compromise; footsie seats, window trapped seats, or step over seats.

  21. BA and LH don’t need a competitive business class product because they DOMINATE their markets. They have their hubs on lockdown. They could offer recliners and people would still fly them because they are the only option. Disappointing.

  22. @Mark F… thanks for the Teutonic reference. I had to look it up and feel more educated for it. Bravo.

  23. I definitely prefer united as long as 2-2-2. Food was great and reasonably private if you go on the middle two. I find the foot area much better than other airlines including Lufthansa and possibly American.

  24. Lucky this is a much more balanced review than your 10 pictures post was, well done on fixing.

  25. Lufthansa actually offers Appetizers on flights with early departures and “long” long haul flights.
    They’ve only scratched the appetizers from shorter flights with late departure.

    For example:
    on LH 431 ORD-FRA dep. 4:05pm appetizers are served,
    while on LH 435 ORD-MUC dep. 9:20pm appetizers are not served.

    By the way: You can find Lufthansa’s menus for every long haul flight on

  26. You told the purser the truth. It was your first time in business class … that day.

    Or maybe you should say that you don’t normally fly Lufthansa business class (which is somewhat true).

  27. @Lucky, curious why you don’t just tell the FAs that you’re a travel blogger rather than say its your first time?

  28. I think you lose credibility if you lie why you are taking photos. I am not suggesting that you have to tell people why if they give you odd looks and so forth, but if they actually ask, why not just be upfront and say that you blog about your flights? “Honesty” and “Integrity” are key values that most people admire and I was disappointed that you chose the easy way out on this flight.

  29. @ Paul — Because it ruins my ability to review the flight objectivity. You want me to be honest and say that the reason I’m taking pictures is to meticulously document everything they’re doing and judge their product, so that I can write about it on my site? That ruins the objectivity. The reason I answer the way I do is because it allows me to continue taking pictures without clueing them in on what I’m doing.

  30. @Paul. I wonder if his seat mate ratted him out to the purser? In any event, I get your point. As one who shoots a lot of street photography I get a lot of looks and glares from folks, probably because of the camera rather than what or who I’m actually shooting. I’m rarely confronted or asked but on those rare occasions I usually say I’m trying out a new camera which is not entirely truthful but easier than trying to explain my real reasons. I agree that there is a certain loss of honesty but I don’t blame Lucky – he has a job to do and sometimes it’s easier to tell a white lie.

  31. Wasn’t this the cabin that even their Twitter team said was their new premium economy cabin, by mistake? That front cabin shot looks dire, even BA is better by comparison. Miniscule ice cream and the breakfast wouldn’t be to a lot of people’s tastes.

  32. @Leo — fortunately, most European airlines got the hint and are now adding in new products.

    KL added new Cirrus seats on the 787-9, which may be rolled out on other aircraft. Their current product was introduced a few years ago.

    AF added a similar Cirrus seat on the 777, which is being added slowly onto the entire international fleet. The nasty recliners are slowly being taken away, and after AF finishes I’m hoping KL does the same.

    LH will most likely come out with a new business class seat when it decides to add new seats (rumour has it’s the Recaro CL6710 which will debut on the 777X).

    BA most likely will come out with a direct-aisle-access lie-flat, but I read somewhere that isn’t coming out until 2020.

  33. Lucky, I follow your reviews almost religiously and researched Lufthansa intensely before flying the same Montreal to Munich route in August 2015.

    For the seats, it is what it is. You know when booking it isn’t direct aisle access.

    Here are the improvements/changes I see based on my flight:
    SALAD – Much more enhanced, more creative, more varied, and larger
    CONFIGURATION – From a 3 class F/J/Y to J/PY/Y. My business class was 36 seats (which at the time matched none of their seat maps) including 2 rows ahead of Doors 2, and 4 rows behind doors 2.

    On my flight, the food was awful. The lasagna for a main course was the only redeeming factor, after we sent both the steak and crab cakes back, on presentation alone! The salad was tiny and basic, cheese in the salad, cheese in the lasagna, cheese plate…. it was basically a cheese meal!
    Breakfast was similar, but a huge downgrade from what Air Canada offered on my Montreal to Rome flight last month, and much less appealing than what SWISS offers.

    In fact, I would argue that I’ve had better meals in Business on Lufthansa flying LHR-FRA-FCO, and MUC – ARN, than I did on this leg.

    Last point, despite sitting in the first row of business at the time, behind first class and ahead of door 2, and despite only about half of the 36 business seats being taken, the crew made tremendous noise from the mid-galley all night, woke us all up a good 90 minutes before landing, to serve a cold tray within 5 minutes, and clear everything a full hour before landing.

    On a short transatlantic flight, what’s the point of booking a bed if no one lets you sleep?

    My two cents?
    First and last time ever flying Lufthansa intercontinental. I found every aspect to be significantly subpar when comparing to Air Canada and Swiss, to name a few. (Even YUL-LHR with British was more enjoyable!)

  34. I deplaned from my first LH J flight literally 45 min ago so I figured I’d weigh in. First things first, the seat. I didn’t have a neighbor so the angled seats was a non issue, but I could immediately see how awkward it would have been. Agreed with lucky on the seat controls, but I also found the way the seat reclined to be really odd. It kind of lifts you up and forward before lying flat. Result was that I actually had trouble opening my tray table without going all the way back to full upright. As far as soft product, my flight attendants were slow and mute. The food was terrible, like economy class entree terrible. Amenity kit is weak and bedding is mediocre. All in all, im glad I got to fly in the 747-8 upper deck, but that was really the only redeeming feature. Can’t believe it had me yearning for UA!

  35. I just flew LH business this past weekend FRA to ORD on 747-8. For my first time flying business on LH (flown them many times in economy plus), it was a disappointment. The FA’s ignored us – I didn’t even get offered desert. She for some reason skipped over me. The food was meh. My salads had so much dressing it was like soup. They stopped going down the aisle for 4 hours of the flight and when I went to find some water since I drank my assigned bottle already, there was no one in the galley. I went to the bathroom twice – once there was no toilet paper/amenities and the other time there was no hand towels. And as a lady, I would appreciate it if the toilet lid wouldn’t have to rest on my back because it won’t stay open on it’s own.

    As a note, they did switch a couple traveling together into the bulk head seats that have the feet aimed at each other/screens next to each other and moved the two solo travelers to middle seats. I wasn’t sure why they were doing this until I saw the poor design of the bulkhead seats.

  36. Just one very small point …

    Korres skincare products are very high quality. They cannot be described as “basic” nor “pretty cheap”.

  37. The seat is “too close for comfort”, while the food looks pretty stingy for J, and the main course presentation unappetizing. At least you found the FA to be friendly.
    To me those three factors are most important in J, so I will stay away from LH A330 J.

  38. Good evening. I’m flying from Toronto to Athens and prefer not to fly via USA. Prefer lie flat seats in business class. There doesn’t seem to be too much choice. BA via LHR or AF via CDG.
    LH from Toronto is a 747 with no lie flat seats.

    Any suggestions.

  39. My wife and I just Lufthansa from IAH to FRA within last 24 hr. Our aircraft was the A-380. Sat in the same BC seat you sat in, 10D. Agree 100% with all of your comments/critiques of the BC seat. For me the seat adjustment was at first pleasing as it was easy to see/access. Then, after sitting in my seat for 15 minutes and having unwittingly “adjusted” my seat at least four times I became annoyed. If LH places the seat adjustment in that easily touched location add a “lock out” buttob.

    I think the tray table access is annoying. One has to push down with more force than I consider necessay. Then, the table pops up partial. Still, I had to drag my table out of the storage recess. Once out it did not easily flow into place and getting out of the seat with the table in place was cumbersome because the table does not swing out of the way completely. Fortunately the aisle arm rest can be lowered to allow one to slide out of the seat.

    While I like the Bose earphones, and locating them in the arm rest stowage is a good idea, the earphone jack receptacle is hard to see. I carry my own Bose in ear headphones. I had to use my iPhone light to find the earphone jack. Not a killer situation, just a comment.

    The meal selection was OK. The quality was above the typical United fare I’m accumstomed to. I selected the snapper and my wife selected the beef ( so, I sampled hers). Both were tasty. I thought the cheeses and ice cream desert cup were mundane. United’s Sundaes have that beat!

    The head on the A-380 was a pleasant surprise with a window. During the “night time” part of the flight I enjoyed being able to take a look outside. Ammenties in the Head lasted for about two hours, then were gone and not resupplied 🙁

    I agree with you regarding LH’s BC seating lack of privacy. However, gaining privacy by sitting in a window seat has a downside. In the middle of the flight one must step over the person on the aisle if they’re in lie flat mode. Short travelers and those with leg/hip movemovementvrestrictions (such as myself) are SOL. One will have to be uncomfortable or wake up the person on the aisle. I watched the window passenger on the starboard side try the step over routine and fall on the aisle passenger. Oops.

    BTW, the hook you described can also be used to hang up the scratchy pillow as LH has a small loop sewn into one end of that scratchy pillow case.

  40. @Jason….It’s sad to say but since JFK-FRA is one of my most common routes I pick Singapore’s A380 if at all possible over LH. So my answer is….Singapore is hands down the best alternative to Europe at least out of the NYC area. The problem with SQ is that if you are planning on continuing on to another European destination it is difficult to ticket the entire journey on SQ. SQ’s website does not allow you to book flights on a trip like JFK-FRA-VIE or ATH even though they are part of the Star Alliance. You also cannot book that schedule on or so essentially you can try and book it on a 3rd party site but you might have issues checking luggage. I’ve booked to separate tickets BUT we all know the danger in doing that. Another problem with SQ is that their return flight from FRA-JFK leaves FRA at 8 am in the morning so unless FRA is your starting point you will have issues getting to FRA by 6 am on a connecting flight.

    Is SQ perfect? No and I’ve had some issues with them diverting a flight I was on to LHR due to fuel which completely screwed up my itinerary since I got to FRA 5 hours late but the seat, service and food cannot be beat!

  41. @Jason…forgot to add…if I cannot get SQ then I think the best alternatives are Austrian or Swiss but sadly their pricing is usually completely out of wack. I personally don’t understand how Austrian and Swiss can be so much better than LH (since LH owns them) but I continue to pray that whoever is screwing up LH stays far far away from the Austrian and Swiss product!

  42. Two fabulous features of that seat and IFE, experienced last year in a 747-800, are:

    (i) The power socket does not function when an Australian plug is inserted. A ridiculous piggy-back arrangement with a euro-to-aus adaptor is required.

    (ii) Your own headphones with a standard 3.5 mm audio plug will not function in the 3.5 mm headphone socket; you will get mono sound in one ear only.

    For the unusable headphone socket no apology or explanation was given by the flight crew at the time (they looked at me and spoke to me as if I was stupid or belligerant when I complained), or Lufthansa customer service in the 12 months (!) since the flight, despite two emailed requests. It was a quiet flight with no IFE.

  43. Hello !
    What would you say is the best business class option flying from the US to Europe ?

  44. It depends what you are looking for. I enjoy direct aisle access and newer aircraft. Also depends which cities your are going from/to, and if a direct flight is important or not.

    If seat (aisle access, window viewing, large tv) is important, Air Canada via Toronto or Montreal are great options on the 788-789-77W. Swiss is fantastic especially if you can get a flight on a 77W.

    Lufthansa is definitely lower on the list in my book for seat and food. Food was great on British airways but the seat is one of the worst in terms of space and comfort.

    Hope this helps!
    (Ps I loved FINNAIR but they only fly to a handful of US cities. Never flew UA,DL or AA to Europe, but each has its pros and cons)

  45. I am regular business class flyer LA to Delhi (10 times a year). I avoid Lufthansa because of their seats unless nothing else is available. Very uncomfortable hard seats on 11 + 9 hours flights. If you take the side seats people climb all over you so I always prefer middle seats. however, the angle of the seat is such that you constantly keep hitting your knees with your neighbor when sleeping. The seats are so hard by the end of your journey you have sore back like bed sores.

  46. @Leo To my knowledge nearly every airline in Europe lacks the single seat, North American airlines which seem to have the most direct aisle seats are constantly knocked on. Even the well loved gulf carriers still use angled 2-2-2 seats. The only airlines that seem to consistently have direct aisle access are Asian airlines, who run at a loss.

  47. Thanks for this post! I’m flying the A330-300 from Frankfurt to Kuwait in business class soon. Right now, I’m seats in an aisle seat on the left side of the plane. In those seats, does the window seat person have to step over you, or ask you to move? Would an aisle on that side or the middle be better?

  48. I like your reviews. Thank you for pointing the effort in. My wife and I have flown business class three times in three years with Lufthansa: we travel together from Toronto to Athens via Frankfurt (747-400) and return via Munich (A330-300). Because there is two of us, the seat arrangements are okay and we tend to sit next to the window and its neighbouring aisle seat. When I need to access the aisle I have to climb over my wife which can be tricky at night because you really need to bring the leg up and over. I cannot imagine what it would be like if I did not know the person next to me.

  49. I should add we both think the service we receive on Lufthansa has been in a word excellent. The flight crew have been to notch on all of our flights. We like Lufthansa very much and for us we find the cost competitive. We have been tempted to try Turkish Airlines to Athens but it is like a $1000 more expensive. We may try them one day.

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