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Want to receive extra benefits for your stay at the Andaz Tokyo, including complimentary breakfast, a confirmed upgrade at the time of booking (if available), a $100 hotel credit, and more? Contact [email protected] for more details. He may even be able to help if you already have a stay booked.

For my second visit to Tokyo I had just over 24 hours on the ground, as I was arriving in the afternoon from London, and departing the following afternoon to Seattle. I was flying into Haneda and out of Narita, so I decided to book a hotel in the city.

In this case I booked a hotel I have heard a ton of good things about (Nick even reviewed it on the blog a few years back), but hadn’t stayed at myself… did it live up to the hype?

Booking The Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

The Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills is almost universally considered to be the best Andaz property. In general I wouldn’t consider Andaz to be a “true” luxury brand, though the Andaz Tokyo is perhaps the exception, at least based on everything I’ve heard.

I redeemed for a free night here, though let’s briefly talk about the best way to redeem points and book cash stays here.

Redeeming Points At The Andaz Tokyo

The Andaz Tokyo is a Category 7 World of Hyatt property, meaning that a free night redemption costs 30,000 points.

In my case, I booked the stay using a Category 1-7 free night certificate I had that was expiring soon, which I earned for requalifying for Globalist status.

Even if you’re not a Hyatt loyalist, earning points with them can be pretty easy. In addition to being able to earn World of Hyatt points with The World of Hyatt Credit Card (review), you can also transfer over points from Ultimate Rewards.

Earn Hyatt points

See this post for everything you need to know about earning Hyatt points with credit cards.

Book Andaz Tokyo Through Hyatt Privé

If you’re booking a cash stay at the Andaz Tokyo, you absolutely should book through a Hyatt Privé agent.

For booking through Privé you receive the following perks:

  • Daily full breakfast for two in the hotel’s restaurant
  • A $100 property credit per room per stay
  • A one category room upgrade confirmed within 24 hours of booking (room-to-room or suite-to-suite) — based on availability at the time of booking
  • Early check-in (as early as 9AM) and late check-out (as late as 4PM), subject to availability
  • A welcome gift and letter

The rate when booking through Privé should be the same as the best available rate, though you’ll have to go through an agent. Ford would be happy to help and can be reached at [email protected]

Andaz Tokyo Review

Unfortunately I only had one night at the Andaz, so I didn’t really have enough time to enjoy everything. However, I did what I could to check out as much of this awesome hotel as I could.

Below I’ll talk about my arrival experience and the lobby, my room, the pool, gym, and spa, and then the major food & beverage outlets at the Andaz.

Andaz Tokyo Arrival, Check-In, And Lobby

I took the Friendly Airport Limousine from Haneda Airport to the Andaz, because the timing worked out perfectly. There are otherwise plenty of public transportation options, but you can’t beat a bus door-to-door in 45 minutes.

The Andaz Tokyo is located in the Toranomon Hills building, as it takes up the top floors of the building (the 47th through 51st floors), plus the spa is located on the 37th floor. The Andaz Tokyo has a total of 164 guest rooms, so while I wouldn’t call it boutique, it’s not a mega-hotel either.

In addition to being able to enter through the driveway, the hotel also has an entrance along the sidewalk.

Andaz Tokyo entrance

The ground floor of the Toranomon Hills building has some art and mirrors, and then it’s pretty easy to find the entrance to the Andaz from there.

Andaz Tokyo ground floor entrance

Door to Andaz Tokyo

The Andaz’s lobby is located on the 51st floor, which is also the top floor of the hotel. The lobby is gorgeous. There are three sets of elevators — one between the lobby and ground floor, one between the lobby, guest rooms, and spa, and one between the lobby and the rooftop bar (which is one floor up).

Upon exiting the elevator was one of the two main parts of the lobby.

Andaz Tokyo lobby

Andaz Tokyo lobby

Then there was the main room of the lobby, which I thought was the most beautiful part of the hotel, with a couple of large communal tables.

Andaz Tokyo lobby

Andaz Tokyo lobby

When I arrived at the hotel I headed straight to the reception desk, though one of the “hosts” told me I could have a seat at one of the tables and they’d come to check me in.

Andaz Tokyo reception desk

Andaz does take an untraditional approach to the check-in experience, as they check you in face-to-face, rather than at a desk. At least that’s how it usually works.

A host asked if she could get me something to drink. I said I was okay, and then she disappeared for several minutes with my passport. I thought it was an odd check-in experience, since it defeats the whole point of the face-to-face check-in experience, and she also didn’t let me know how long she’d be gone.

While waiting I walked around the lobby a bit. Andaz offers all-day complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, and snacks. There was an espresso machine, which was a nice touch, since it made it easy to get a coffee when I woke up at 3AM.

Andaz Tokyo complimentary coffee

There were also some basic snacks, which rotated throughout the day.

Andaz Tokyo complimentary drinks & snacks

Andaz Tokyo complimentary drinks & snacks

Andaz Tokyo complimentary drinks & snacks

Andaz Tokyo complimentary drinks & snacks

Eventually the host taking care of me returned, and she proceeded to escort me to my room on the 48th floor.

I was also presented with a handy and cute little pamphlet explaining the features of the Andaz.

Andaz Tokyo guide

Andaz Tokyo King Bed Tower View Room

I was brought to the set of elevators going between floors of the hotel, which was behind the elevator leading to the ground floor.

Andaz Tokyo elevators

Guest rooms were on the 47th through 50th floors. I thought the hotel’s hallway design was almost mesmerizing.

Andaz Tokyo hallway

Andaz Tokyo hallway

I was assigned room 4822, which was a king tower view room. Note that this is one of the few Hyatts where you can’t redeem Globalist suite upgrades, and the reason is because the hotel only has a very limited number of suites.

The major difference between rooms at the Andaz is the view — the “park” view is the less premium view, while the “bay” and “tower” views are considered to be premium (they’re priced the same, so I guess it comes down to preference).

Andaz Tokyo floorplan

Standard rooms at the Andaz Tokyo are 50 square meters, or about 540 square feet, which is downright massive, especially for a city like Tokyo. While the lack of suite upgrades isn’t ideal as a Globalist member, in many ways that’s made up for by the large standard rooms.

The room featured a large entryway with the closet and bathroom to the right, and the rest of the room straight ahead.

Andaz Tokyo king room entryway

Andaz Tokyo king room entryway

When I entered the main part of the room my jaw kind of dropped. Okay, the crane view (or whatever that is) maybe wasn’t that awesome, but the sunset was jaw-dropping, and in general I thought the room’s design was nice.

Andaz Tokyo tower view king room

The room had a king size bed. It was a bit firmer than I prefer, but that’s to be expected in Japan.

Andaz Tokyo tower view king room

Across from the bed was the huge sitting area. There was a couch along the window that could seat four, and then two further tables — one had a chair, and one had a stool of sorts.

Andaz Tokyo tower view king room sitting area

Andaz Tokyo tower view king room sitting area

Waiting on one of the tables was a welcome amenity consisting of some eclairs.

Andaz Tokyo welcome amenity

The room was pretty high tech, and virtually all the functions (including blackout shades) could be controlled from a retro-looking controller to the side of the bed.

Andaz Tokyo room controls

Back towards the entrance was the minibar. As is the norm at Andaz, all non-alcoholic beverages were complimentary.

Andaz Tokyo in-room minibar

There was also a complimentary Nespresso machine, a kettle, and some free snacks (which included chocolate, another sweet treat, and two types of snack mix).

Andaz Tokyo in-room Nespresso machine

Andaz Tokyo in-room kettle & snacks

The bathroom had a sink, and then a separate “compound” with a shower and a large bathtub.

Andaz Tokyo tower view king room bathroom

Andaz Tokyo tower view king room shower

Andaz Tokyo tower view king room bathtub

The water pressure in the shower was excellent, and I liked the toiletries, though I’m not sure what brand they’re from?

Andaz Tokyo toiletries

Then there was a fancy Japanese toilet, as well as a closet.

Andaz Tokyo tower view king room toilet

Andaz Tokyo tower view king room closet

There were also a variety of amenities that you might otherwise request from the front desk, so that was nice.

Andaz Tokyo bathroom amenities

The Andaz also offers a free phone during your stay, which you can use to make calls, to use data, or to tether. Back in the day this would have been a game-changer for me, but with international data so reasonably priced nowadays, it’s not something I value much anymore.

Andaz Tokyo complimentary handy

As mentioned above, I was in a Tokyo Tower view room. Even though the view was somewhat obstructed, I still loved it. Tokyo’s skyline is never-ending.

Andaz Tokyo tower view

While I was generally a big fan of the design aesthetic of the hotel, personally I found the room design to be a bit quirky, which seems to put me in the minority (since everyone else seems to rave about it).

Don’t get me wrong, I totally think the design is nice, and I also get how it’s largely Japanese (blending indoors and outdoors with the design), but there was something about the green carpet and the color of the smooth tile that I found to be an odd combination with the rest of the design.

It’s very Japanese in a way, so I “get” it, it’s just not personally my favorite.

But still, overall I thought the room was awesome.

Andaz Tokyo Spa, Pool, And Gym

The Andaz’s top notch spa, pool, and gym, are located on the 37th floor. The spa reception area is gorgeous, as is the rest of the facility.

Andaz Tokyo spa

The Andaz Tokyo 20 meter pool is open daily from 5AM until 10PM.

Andaz Tokyo pool

Andaz Tokyo pool

Next to the pool are three smaller whirlpools, which are also impressive.

Andaz Tokyo whirlpools

Andaz Tokyo whirlpools

There are plenty of loungers around the pool, should you just want to relax in the area.

Andaz Tokyo pool seating

The gym is right next to the pool, and is open 24/7. I thought the quantity and variety of equipment was excellent.

Andaz Tokyo gym

Andaz Tokyo gym

Andaz Tokyo gym

The locker rooms were also quite nice, and inside each one was another whirlpool, sauna, and steam room.

Andaz Tokyo locker room

Andaz Tokyo sauna

Andaz Tokyo hot tub

The locker room even had some massage chairs, which was cute. Hah.

Andaz Tokyo locker room massage chair

I didn’t have a chance to get any spa treatments, but you can find the spa treatment menu here.

Andaz Tokyo Tavern Grill & Lounge

The Andaz’s all day restaurant and bar is the Tavern Grill & Lounge. It’s on the 51st floor, right next to the lobby.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while the lounge area serves all-day drinks and afternoon tea.

Here are some pictures of the lounge area…

Andaz Tokyo Tavern Lounge

Andaz Tokyo Tavern Lounge

Andaz Tokyo Tavern Lounge

And here are some pictures of the restaurant…

Andaz Tokyo Tavern Grill

Andaz Tokyo Tavern Grill

Andaz Tokyo Tavern Grill

As you’d expect, this entire space had incredible views.

Andaz Tokyo Tavern Grill view

Andaz Tokyo Breakfast

As a World of Hyatt Globalist member I received complimentary restaurant breakfast (you’d also receive this if booking through Hyatt Privé).

The breakfast was a feast, with guests having access to a great buffet, and on top of that you could order either the Japanese box, or up to two hot dishes.

The breakfast menu read as follows:

I was offered something to drink shortly after being seated, and I had an americano.

Andaz Tokyo coffee

The buffet was top notch as well, especially when you consider that in general North Asian breakfast buffets aren’t quite as extravagant as the ones you’ll find in Southeast Asia, for example. There was a huge variety of Western and Asian dishes, and I’ll let the pictures speak mostly for themselves.

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

Andaz Tokyo breakfast buffet

In addition to the buffet I ordered the Japanese box, which I enjoyed.

Andaz Tokyo Japanese breakfast

Andaz Tokyo Rooftop Bar

The Andaz has the popular Rooftop Bar, located on the 52nd floor (one floor above the lobby, and it’s accessible by yet another elevator). The bar is open daily from 5PM until 1AM, and again, it’s such a cool space. I was alone and tired so didn’t actually have a drink here, but I did check it out right when it opened at 5PM.

I’d love to come back here when I’m next in Tokyo with Ford.

Andaz Tokyo rooftop bar

Andaz Tokyo rooftop bar

Andaz Tokyo rooftop bar

Andaz Tokyo rooftop bar view

Andaz Tokyo Nightly Happy Hour

All Andaz properties offer a nightly happy hour, and the Andaz Tokyo offers that from 6PM until 8PM. This is available to all guests. Not only do they offer complimentary wine, but they also offer a rather substantial selection of canapés. Think something along the lines of a club lounge in the US, which is more than you’d usually find at an Andaz, but by no means a dinner substitute.

I checked this out though left after a couple of minutes, and wasn’t really able to get a good picture. To be honest, people were kind of like vultures with the food, and it disappeared in no time.

Andaz Tokyo Service

I don’t have a whole lot to say about service at the hotel. My check-in experience was strange, but other than that I thought the service was about what I’d expect in Japan. Japan has very good service across the board, and I’d say this stay was in line with that, though there wasn’t anything that “wowed” me.

Then again, I was only there for one night, so I didn’t interact with that many people.

Andaz Tokyo Bottom Line

After my stay I totally understand why so many people love the Andaz Tokyo. The hotel has large and well appointed guest rooms (especially by Tokyo standards), breathtaking views, an amazing pool & gym, generally beautiful public facilities, and a sumptuous breakfast.

In particular this is a great use of points, given how expensive hotels in Tokyo can otherwise be (especially after you factor in the 26.5% tax and service charge when you pay cash for a room).

I’d absolutely recommend the Andaz Tokyo, and would return in a heartbeat.

If you’ve stayed at the Andaz Tokyo, what was your experience like?

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  1. I love this hotel. When I arrived by taxi, they knew my name somehow as they took my bags. The paper art in the elevator is beautiful. The lobby is quietly stunning. The room floats above the Tokyo skyline as you note. And I’m delighted they still have ikura at the breakfast buffet.

    I’ve also stayed at the Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt in Tokyo. For me this edges out the PH.

  2. When booking through Hyatt Prive, do you still earn points? Do I still pay for the stay when I arrive at the property with my CC, or is it prepaid?

  3. Staying at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo for two nights soon. I’ve been to Tokyo before but stayed at Park Hyatt. Should I keep GH or switch to Andaz? I booked with points and used a club upgrade. Just a lowly Discoverist.

  4. @ Andrew — You still earn points as usual and pay as usual, at the property. For all practical purposes it’s the same as booking directly through Hyatt.

  5. @ AJ — Tough to say since I’ve never stayed at the Grand Hyatt. Hopefully someone else can chime in. My initial take is that it comes down to how much you value club access — if it’s something you value greatly then I’d stick to the Grand Hyatt, while otherwise I would choose the Andaz, because I would guess it wins in most other ways.

  6. This is the nicest city hotel I’ve ever stayed in and has to be in the top handful of Hyatt properties worldwide. Absolutely fantastic hotel and use of Hyatt/Chase points.

  7. @ Ben — Thanks for the review. Hope to stay there one day soon! Japan is so awesome. I figure after the Olympics will be incredible for hotel stays in Japan with all the excess capacity that will exist!

  8. This is my favorite hotel in the world. In a way, the PH is more incredible, but it is a bit dated and a decent walk from the subway. The GH is also great and right on the subway station. All are great, but the service and aesthetics of the Andaz are a notch above.

  9. @AJ

    The GH is a very nice hotel, not as upscale to me as PH or Andaz, but in some way better located near Roppongi, museums and shopping than the Andaz. The club lounge is good so if you value that it could be the way to go. Otherwise the Andaz (and PH) have that extra special feeling, to me.

  10. Yep, this is one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed at. Actually I’ll just say point blank it’s -the- nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. Everything about it is exquisite, and I love the ‘modular’ layout of the standard rooms that give you more changing space or privacy.

    The design is bold as hell but backs it up with well thought out details. The views are amazing. The Andaz service concept is awesome and I feel like they are the only luxury brand that doesn’t nickel and dime you.

    Fantastic hotel top to bottom.

  11. This was my favorite Hyatt in Tokyo, and one of my favorite hotels in the world, but it has become a bit too pricey for my taste over the past 3 years, so I’ve switched to HC Ginza, which has standard suites to use Suite Upgrade Certificates on, and is usually 30-40% less than the Andaz. I still love the Rooftop Bar though!

  12. Glad you got to check it out! I absolutely adore the hotel for 2 reasons: the views are incredible no matter which room you get (in fact I’m not sure there are many hotels if any in Tokyo with rooms on higher floors?), and that breakfast is to DIE for. I also really like the Japanese room decor, which you can’t really find at the other usual suspects (PH, Conrad etc). I do agree that the carpet and bathroom design are kind of odd, though.
    When I was in Tokyo a few months back I booked a couple of nights at the Conrad to compare, but in my opinion the Andaz is far better with guaranteed stunning views, and a much better breakfast and restaurant (both food wise and space wise).
    FYI for the rooftop bar I thought that the cocktails were really great, very creative and again with an emphasis on Japanese ingredients; the food however… quite disappointing and overpriced. Now I can’t wait to come back :).

  13. Do you prefer this to the Park Hyatt?

    BTW, check out the new Andaz in Apgujeong, Gangnam in Seoul. This is another great Andaz property. I’ve stayed there a few times in past few months.

  14. Excellent review, Ben!

    This reminds me of my recent stay in Conrad, Pune (India) with Executive floor access using my Hilton Honors Gold membership.

    They have 6 restaurants (Indian, Mixed Mediterranean, Pan Asian, Japanese, Western, BBQ Grill, Sweets and Cakes).

    As a Gold member my breakfast was included with an exhaustive spread of 70+ course delicacies from all over the world, with a backdrop of the pool and 30-ft rock fountain!

    I kid you not, I had to change the plate 4 times to try out some, and I surrendered after trying 30 items! Every time I’d be about to finish my plate, there was someone who’d stop by to ask me what I’d like to try next and he would even order to make it fresh from the pan for me (esp. bread specialties).

    They had at least 20 varieties of coffee and more than 30 varieties of tea/ chai!

    Finally, every evening I had a free pass for myself and a guest for BBQ grill. tandoori and drinks (as much as you can) – all included in the price.

    I can go on and on with the amazing features and amenities – esp. in suite bathtub, rain and standing showers, touch button lights and room controls, electronic shades etc.

    All this for only $100 a night! I could have used my HH points but that’d cost me almost 50,000 points per night – I’d rather save them for a St. Regis or Conrad in US or Europe.

    With the Pune Conrad though, I was simply blown away with their amazing comfort, luxury, quality and service!

  15. Can anybody tell me how much the breakfast buffet costs when not included? Can’t find this info on the hotel website. Thanks!

  16. The Grand Hyatt has a great and convenient location in Roppongi and their club lounge is amazing with restaurant style service (but with a buffet). Their rooms are big by Tokyo standards but smaller and more compact than standard U.S. rooms. The rooms otherwise are really good, but the hotel isn’t a high rise, so the views are distant but not as extravagant.

  17. @Lucky – Any chance you can review the Grand Hyatt on your next Tokyo trip, perhaps while flying ANA’s A380 to HNL

  18. Greg – The breakfast buffet is about $45USD. Well worth it IMO.

    My family and I stayed here two years ago and then again last year when our flight was delayed and we had an overnight stay. Excellent property! The rooms are on the smaller side when you are traveling with two kids but they love it. There is also a fantastic tsukemen noodle place down the street which I highly recommend.

  19. What about the boring location? I worked in the next building over for 2 years and wouldn’t wish my worst enemy tourist to have to stay in Toranomon.

  20. Have stayed at PH, GH and Andaz in Tokyo. With low level status I would recommend Andaz then GH then PH. The PH was underwhelming to say the least. On an award they threw me into a tiny dated room. I have no idea who is paying those high cash rates at that property, but I would never pay to stay there. The GH has very convenient subway access. The GH also felt pretty overrun with people and I found the service to be a bit lacking. That being said if I had status and could get club access or an upgraded room then I would probably stay there, even at low level status the room wasn’t bad. Didn’t get a great view like with the andaz but probably got what seemed like the largest bed I had anywhere in the world. Andaz is costing 30k points now so its not the bargain it used to me. Its also getting a bit older. Have stayed here several times including when it was new. The room layout is a bit weird but I really enjoyed the views. The concierge is hit or miss. Sometimes they don’t even have the most basic information, so I really don’t know what their problem is. PH did concierge better. In summary with low status I would probably go Andaz, GH, PH. With mid level status I would probably go GH, Andaz, PH. I would only consider PH if I knew I would get an upgrade out of their pathetic room they use for people staying on points.

  21. The new Toranomon Hills building now ruins the view. That’s the really sad part.
    It was simply gorgeous when that was not there.

  22. Lucky, can you please clarify: Are you or are you not allowed to pay with points when using Prive?
    Thank you!

  23. I am with you on the decor being a bit funky at the Andaz but I love the pool, gym and locker area. There are lovely’ baths in the locker area plus steam and sauna. There is also a relaxation room with fresh fruit and other snacks and beverages. And breakfast is superb, including avocado. That said, if you are into lounges, the GH has a lovely evening service. But while it has a nice pool., the gym is cramped and often crowded. Suites are great if you can get an upgrade.

    My favorite Hyatt in the Tokyo area is the Hyatt Regency in Hakone. Much more than a typical Regency (Cat 6). We go frequently for the weekend and they remember us and our preferences. The staff never seems to change.

  24. I have 3 nights booked with UR at the Hyatt Regency in March. Without status, I think it’s a better choice for me.

    I would enjoy the “crane view” myself.

  25. I love this hotel, but the location is terrible for most things. The centric in Ginza also has a fantastic breakfast and quirky rooms, no view to speak of but a great location.

    The hr in shinjuku looks like a bomb shelter but is nice inside and is such a good deal.

  26. Like so many new(ish) hotels in Japan, parts of the hotel and the rooms already feel dated when it opened. The lobby looks chic though!

    You should stay at Hoshinoya, it’s a more memorable experience than Aman Tokyo.

  27. Stayed at this hotel in Mar 2018. The hard product is absolutely spectacular. Pool, rooms, views. Their lunch special was also delicious and a good value for money. I would still rate service at Park Hyatt as superior though. It is subjective, of course.

  28. I am considering Andaz for my stay in November, but the location gives me a pause…is it as bad/out of the way as people say it is?

  29. Long time reader Ben, and I have to say your reviews are by a long way the best on the net.

    Stayed at the Conrad last year and this place actually looks better.

  30. This was the nicest Hyatt that I had the pleasure of staying at, and the breakfast buffet was incredible.

    Tip: Avoid the sushi restaurant on the top floor. Extremely expensive and mediocre quality. It was just barely “ok” while cheaper sushi is found elsewhere in Tokyo.

    Most interesting moment: When the Concierge showed us our room on the 50th floor, we were blown away by the height. As we all looked out the floor-ceiling windows, a Blackhawk helicopter flew slowly by *at eye level* – I waved to them but they didn’t wave back. The Concierge said “I’ve never had that happen before” – we didn’t either.

    This is a beautiful hotel and all Hyatt enthusiasts should stay here at least once.

  31. Solid review. Good work for such a short stay. Shame about the cranes… that’s going to obstruct the view for the hotel when it’s complete.

  32. @T. The location of the Andaz isn’t that bad. It is close to Toranomon station on the Ginza line, so very central. It is just that the immediate area around the hotel is mostly offices, with not a lot of restaurants. In that sense the GH or Centric in Ginza are better located. The PH is a worse location IMO. As Tokyo is a very walkable city, you are probably just a 15 minute walk or a couple of stops on the subway to more commercial/restaurant areas.

  33. I’ve had 3 different stays at the Andaz, and 1 at the Regency. I never felt like the Andaz was out of the way or difficult to get to, and there are a lot of restaurants and izakayas in the area between the hotel and Shimbashi station. 10 minutes walk to a Ginza line subway station, maybe a 20 minute walk to Shimbashi on the Yamanote line or Kasumiyacho on the Hibiya line. By comparison, Regency was right on top of the Oedo line but unless I needed to get somewhere on that line (not often) I was usually walking the 15 minutes to Shinjuku instead. Park Hyatt is even farther, though the Grand Hyatt has good subway (but not JR) connections.

  34. I agree with Lou, hard not to stay at the Hyatt Regency for 12k/nt. The teppanyaki spot there is awesome, and even better to earn some points on it charging to the room. Also a nice club lounge.

    But Andaz looks awesome for a special thing.

    I snagged Park Hyatt Niseko for three award nights next February to ski!

    Japan may be the best value in the Hyatt points system.

  35. “If you’re booking a cash stay at the Andaz Tokyo, you absolutely should book through a Hyatt Privé agent.”

    Why, so your boyfriend can get a cut? Obviously those services aren’t FREE.

  36. Out of their control, but the obstruction of the Tower View Room is tragic. I stayed in one a few years ago and the view was breathtaking.

    With regards to location, I vastly prefer this to the PH. The Ginza line is a 5 min walk away, and will link you to the entire city. Shinbashi is also full of small restaurants and bars to discover.

  37. Thanks for this review . I’m considering this hotel for my trip later in the year but also not sure about the style of the actual rooms. I wonder if the cranes from ur view are of the new Tokyo Edition which is opening Q2 this year

  38. Hello love the review. We are looking to stay there on points in a few months. Would we be charged for service fees and taxes if on all points? If so about is the 200 service fee in yen or dollars?

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