Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Onesie Pajamas

Gary posted earlier about how Virgin Atlantic is introducing one piece pajamas in Upper Class — “onesies,” if you will. They’ll be trialing these on select longhaul routes as of mid-June. They’re unisex, and they’re the first time an airline has offered something like this. They have the Virgin Atlantic logo on the front, and say “Sleepy Head” on the back.

Okay, these actually look pretty cool, though I just have one question — how the hell are you supposed to change into them? Lavatories are already almost too small to change into two piece pajamas, but the amount of bending over and arm “flappage” required to put on a onesie seems like more than could reasonably be done in the lavatory of a Virgin Atlantic plane.

Virgin Atlantic does currently offer “regular” pajamas, though they’re both really low quality and run really small, so even when flying them I wear my own pajamas.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class sleeper suit

Much like Gary, I really like my American Airlines pajamas (which they offer in international first class), as they wash really well and are super-light. Meanwhile I love British Airways’ pajamas, though after one wash they wouldn’t fit a Barbie doll.


Anyway, if anyone tries out the Virgin Atlantic onesies, I’d love to hear how they are!

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  1. With apologies to EVA’s new campaign, I believe that this idea is “Amazingly Stupid.”

  2. Love all your posts, but have to say, I have 16 or 17 pairs of BA pajamas and find them amazingly lightweight. I have never had an issue of them shrinking, as I have them washed in cold and don’t fully tumble dry, let them hang for a day and have them ironed. As for the onesie, not so sure we’ll be clamoring for those, unless they add “footies” šŸ™‚

  3. Seems like the photo shoot in the new romper should have taken place in a plane fitted with the new upper class, rather than that tired old 340 seat.

  4. Lucky, would you please make a post of your collection of airline pajamas? Your choice of whether to model them šŸ˜‰

  5. These are simply jumpsuits. Those of you old enough to remember the 70s will know what I’m talking about.

  6. @ Jing — Hah, I actually gave them all away before moving out of my apartment and into hotels full time.

  7. What’s the select routes? I’m flying MIA>LHR 23 June and then LHR>MIA on 10 July. I doubt I would wear them but if I’m on a select route and get them I’ll offer them up for a swag giveaway!

  8. “… I really like my American Airlines pajamas (which they offer in international first class), as they wash really well and are super-light”

    I read super-“tight” at first glance. First thought – wow, didn’t know Lucky was into that… :-p

  9. Having put on one-piece submarine coveralls in confined spaces for years, these don’t look difficult at all (and much more comfortable).

  10. Hmm… Looks like they are just taking OnePiece apparel and putting their logo on it. Per OnePiece site, a black onesie starts at $119.

    P.S. In case anyone’s curious, BT article states that the model Amber Le Bon is “the daughter of Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon and model Yasmin Le Bon.”

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