Review: Lufthansa First Class Frankfurt to Miami

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Our flight from Frankfurt to Miami was scheduled to depart at 9:55AM, so we left the Hilton Frankfurt Airport at around 7:30AM. It’s quite a haul from the hotel to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, and we made it there a few minutes before 8AM.

Upon entering the lounge, our Lufthansa Personal Assistant introduced herself, collected our passports, and escorted us through security. The great thing about the Lufthansa First Class Terminal is that 60 seconds after entering the “terminal” you can be seated in the lounge ready to go.

I’ve reviewed the Lufthansa First Class Terminal many times before, so I figure there’s not much else to add there. If you’d like to read my other reviews of the Lufthansa First Class Terminal , they are as follows:

The lounge was awesome as usual, though we skipped breakfast in anticipation of lunch aboard our flight to Miami.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt

Around 9:25AM the PA brought us to the lower level, where the cars to the planes depart. Three other passengers were booked in first class, so the five of us were driven to the plane in a Mercedes minivan.

One of the passengers, a middle-aged German guy, was a Miles & More Senator member. The other two passengers were an elderly couple from some exotic Eastern European country I couldn’t quite identify.

Roughly 10 minutes later we pulled up to our gorgeous 747-8, where we were taken up the elevator to the jet bridge and handed off to the crew.

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8

Lufthansa 462
Frankfurt (FRA) – Miami (MIA)
Monday, September 23
Depart: 9:55AM
Arrive: 1:50PM
Duration: 9hr55min
Aircraft: Boeing 747-8
Seat: 2A (
First Class)

We were welcomed at the door by the two middle aged female flight attendants that would be working the first class cabin. They were friendly as they guided us to our seats.

Lufthansa’s first class configuration on the Boeing 747-8 is pretty unique. The Lufthansa Airbus A330, Airbus A340, and Airbus A380 have the first class cabins in a 1-2-1 configuration. Meanwhile on Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-400, first class is located on the upper deck, with eight seat/bed combinations in a 1-1 configuration. The Boeing 747-8 is the only plane with first class truly in the “nose.” The eight seats are spread across three rows, with three seats along each side of the plane, and then two seats in the middle.

I was in 2A, which I quite like for the privacy.

Lufthansa first class, seat 2A

Lufthansa first class, seat 2A

Lufthansa first class, seat 2A

Lufthansa first class seat controls

Lufthansa first class entertainment controls

Lufthansa first class, view from seat 2A

Lufthansa first class, view from seat 2A

Once we were settled the friendly crew offered us pre-departure beverages. I ordered a glass of champagne, which was served promptly with super-salty almonds.

Lufthansa first class pre-departure champagne

Shortly thereafter I was offered an amenity kit, pajamas, and slippers.

Lufthansa first class amenity kit, pajamas, and slippers

Sadly the amenity kits were not Rimowa, and the pajamas were my least favorite “variety”, with a button-down top (which I don’t find to be especially comfortable).

Lufthansa first class amenity kit, pajamas, and slippers

Lufthansa first class Bogner amenity kit

Shortly before takeoff the captain came on the PA to make his welcome announcement, and informed us of our 9hr20min flight time, which he expected would put us into Miami with “great punctuality.”

We pushed back from our gate on time, and began a fairly long taxi to runway 18. During this time the safety video began to play. It’s interesting to note that the safety video was played in German and Spanish, with English only available in subtitles.

Taxiing to our departure runway

Once at runway 18 we were number one for takeoff.

Holding short of runway 18

Taking off runway 18

Our climb out was smooth, and once we passed through 15,000 feet the seatbelt sign was turned off.

View on climb out

View on climb out

Lufthansa first class cabin after takeoff

As we climbed out I browsed the entertainment selection, and decided to watch “The Internship,” which was entertaining enough.

Lufthansa first class entertainment selection

Once we reached our cruising altitude the purser passed through the cabin to welcome each first class passenger aboard and distribute menus. Maybe I’m just crazy, but when traveling with my dad sometimes I feel I get treated like a second class citizen, since by comparison to my dad I might as well be five years old. So the purser had a lengthy conversation with my dad, and then addressed me as “junior” and handed me the menu without saying much else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in desperate need of socialization, though I do always find it a bit puzzling.

The purser also proudly announced to each person in the cabin that this 747-8 was the second newest in the fleet, and invited us to enjoy the “new plane smell.”

Lufthansa first class menu

Anyway, the lunch menu read as follows:


And the wine list read as follows:








Shortly after the menus were distributed one of the first class flight attendants distributed hot towels, while the other served the amuse bouche.

Lufthansa first class hot towel

Lufthansa first class amuse bouche

Then tables were set and the caviar cart was rolled through the cabin — they sure were generous with the portions!

Lufthansa first class caviar

I can never help but smile at the butter Lufthansa caters out of Germany, which has “First Class” stamped on it.

Lufthansa first class butter

The appetizers were served once the caviar course was complete. I selected the medallion of lobster on artichoke salad, celery and cream cheese with truffle vinaigrette and apple fennel salad, and salad with herb dressing. All were very good.

Lufthansa first class appetizer and salad

Next they served a tomato consomme with ravioli and crabmeat, which was excellent.

Lufthansa first class soup

For the main course I ordered the rice cakes with lemon green curry sauce, broccoli, and almonds, which was actually surprisingly good as well.

Lufthansa first class main course

Lufthansa’s desserts are always uniquely named desserts, and I chose the “symphony of chocolates.” Mmmm…

Lufthansa first class dessert

To finish off the meal I ordered a cappuccino, which was served with some pralines.

Lufthansa first class cappuccino

Service throughout the meal was good. The entire service took about two hours, and the crew was exactly what I’d expect in Lufthansa first class. They weren’t over the top phenomenal like the crew on our Houston to Frankfurt flight, though they were professional, personable, and extremely efficient. The food was top notch as well, much better than what I’ve had catered out of Frankfurt in the past. For that matter, the meal service in both directions was much better on this trip than usual in my opinion.

After lunch I requested turndown service. While that was being taken care of I took a quick stroll around the plane, and was sure to grab a view of the wing from door 2L. Is there a more beautiful wing than that of the 747-8?

747-8 wing

While the lavatory on the 747-8 is nowhere near as large as on the A380, it’s still nicely appointed with plenty of toiletries.

Lufthansa first class lavatory

Lufthansa first class lavatory

Lufthansa first class lavatory toiletries

Lufthansa first class lavatory toiletries

Lufthansa first class lavatory toiletries

At this point there were about five hours left in the flight. This aircraft was equipped with Lufthansa’s FlyNet so rather than sleeping I decided to get some work done via the Wi-Fi, which was actually pretty fast. The cost for a 24 hour unlimited data pass is 20 Euros, which I don’t think is half bad compared to what other airlines charge for transoceanic travel.

Lufthansa first class turndown service

Lufthansa first class turndown service

I worked for a few hours, then fell asleep for about 90 minutes, waking up about an hour an a half prior to our arrival in Miami. It’s worth noting that the cabin was kept at a very cool temperature throughout the flight, which I really appreciated.

The pre-arrival meal service began just as I woke up. The menu read as follows:


Service once again began with a hot towel.

Lufthansa first class hot towel

After that the buffet cart was rolled through the cabin.

Lufthansa first class pre-arrival meal buffet cart

I selected a bit of everything, and when the flight attendant suggested I have a beer I instinctively accepted (as I do just about everything on a plane). I unfortunately didn’t put much thought into the fact that I’d actually have to drink it. I realize I have serious issues because to me the two most vile substances on earth are beer and bacon, so was feeling especially ballsy after that whole experience.

Lufthansa first class pre-arrival meal

For the main course I ordered the quiche lorraine, which was… fine.

Lufthansa first class quiche lorraine

Dessert was a small slice of cake, and I had another cappuccino to go with it (Lufthansa whips up a mean cappuccino).

Lufthansa first class riesling cake

Lufthansa first class cappuccino

As we descended the crew brought me a ladies amenity kit which they suggested I give my mom, which I thought was a nice touch.

Through about 12,000 feet the first officer came on the PA to inform us we were being put in a holding pattern due to some thunderstorms in the area. That lasted for about 20 minutes, at which point we were cleared for our approach, which was extremely bumpy.

As we began our final approach the ride smoothed out a bit and weather began to clear.

View on final approach to Miami

View on final approach to Miami

The taxi to our arrival gate was quick, and we parked next to an Air Jamaica 737.

Our parking position

This was another consistent, excellent Lufthansa first class flight. From a comfort perspective I slightly prefer the A380 to the 747-8, but both are amazing planes. The crew on this sector was good — certainly an “average” Lufthansa first class crew, which is still a compliment — though not quite as good as on the outbound.

Customs and immigration in Miami were surprisingly quick, even for my dad (who doesn’t have Global Entry).

Stay tuned for the next installment, as my dad shares his thoughts on the trip!

  1. “So the purser had a lengthy conversation with my dad, and then addressed me as “junior” and handed me the menu without saying much else.”

    Wow, that’s pretty rude. Glad the rest of the service was much better than that.

  2. I can understand the beer hatred, after all, you’re basically still a kid and you tend to only drink alcoholic beverages that have some sweetness to them (champagne, baileys, etc)… but BACON?! How the hell can you hate bacon!

  3. Question Lucky – when you book your LH F segments (and your *A trips as a whole), are you using UA MP miles and/or US DM miles (and thus you likely have an “alternate” option booked from the start before switching at T-15), or are you collecting in a LH M&M account (in which case you can book as early as you’d like)?

  4. Another great trip report Lucky and I looking forward to your Dad’s Thoughts. What you were saying about being treated as a second class citizen rings true for me too – whenever I’m flying with my parents and one of the crew comes round to say hello (because of my EK Gold) they always assume it’s my mum and dad that have the status, not me 🙂

  5. I’m curious why you prefer A380 First class over 747-8i? If the sneakiest flight is IAH FRA I’m planning to grab one between Fra Iad or Fra IAH which one would you take?

  6. Lucky, I started reading Boarding Area blogs a few months ago and find yours to be consistently the most informative, entertaining one available. You really have a flair for writing and you obviously make a great effort not to complain or offend – and I think you handle questions with empathy and tact. (I would still be steaming over the “Junior” remark that you passed on with just a bit of irony!) So, with all due respect and no agenda, I wonder what difference the age of the flight attendants make. Is it better or worse to have a middle aged crew? Thanks!

  7. “It’s interesting to note that the safety video was played in German and Spanish, with English only available in subtitles.”

    Well, you were flying to Miami…;-)

  8. @ UA-NYC — In this case I redeemed Aeroplan miles. All the details can be found in the introduction post. 🙂

  9. @ Orlando Corp — I slightly prefer the A380 because the plane is much quieter than the 747, and also I love how big the lavatories are.

  10. @ Mairi — Thanks so much for the kind words, I appreciate it! I think you’re absolutely right, it has a lot to do with the age of the crew. I know with some US airlines where all flight attendants on longhaul flights seem to be 65+, anyone under 40 is considered to be a child.

    Conversely on the outbound flight with the really young crew, they were really excited to be able to offer such a “premium” product, and it showed.

  11. Ben, I have the same problem whenever I’m traveling with some “senior” to me (UA 1k @ 22 years old). The first few times it happened on United I couldn’t believe it, but now it’s comical.

  12. FYI, and if I am not mistaken, it is against German law to take pictures of people and publish them without their consent. (the man sitting in that FC seat)
    Technically you were still in Germany on a German carrier.

    Just wanted to let you, and the readers know so that you don’t get in trouble over there.

    ( if he is Herr Schläppig then ignore my sincere advice )

  13. Datapoint: in August I took a taxi from the Hilton to the FCT. I highly advocate it.

    No, the taxi driver didn’t audibly grumble.


  14. Lucky. Am i seeing right. They served Champagne in a wine glass? Really?? I have refused to buy champagne before in a pub or restaurant when they have run out of flutes. I know first world problem.

  15. I might have gotten the wrong impression but I always get the feeling that international flights to or from Miami never have the same level of quality as flights to or from NYC for example. Maybe there is less competition but I always found service, food, beverages less amazing then other international flights. You just mentioned that food was just OK, amenity kit wasn’t Rimowa, PJ was ok. I also don’t see Krug champagne and looking at the wine list it is just OK in my opinion. Again, it might be me but Miami never wowed me in either business or first class.

  16. Great report as always! I had to laugh at the part where the purser treats you like a kid-funny how people can have preconceived notions like that-probably thought your Dad paid for and got the tickets!

  17. “then addressed me as “junior” and handed me the menu without saying much else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in desperate need of socialization, though I do always find it a bit puzzling.”

    An involuntary DYKWIA moment, if you ask me 🙂

  18. “some exotic Eastern European country”

    How would you rank these Eastern European countries, from most exotic to least exotic?

    Czech Republic
    Romania and Moldova
    Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
    Ukraine and Belarus
    Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia

  19. Great report as ever. Looks like a very spacious cabin. However I must say the choice of food iisn’t that appealing to me and seems quite fish-heavy! The beer and bacon would be fine though!

  20. “two most vile substances on earth are beer and bacon”

    Sacrilege! Heresy! Gott im Himmel, Lucky, are you trying to get your German passport revoked?

  21. That was a LOT of caviar! Very generous indeed! I saw that First Class butter… I was wondering why that wasn’t in German (or is First Class in German also called First Class?)

  22. @john @lucky

    Actually, sparkling wine served in traditional wine glasses isn’t particularly wrong, per se, everyone usually just uses flutes because the lines of bubbles are more pronounced. A sommelier friend of mine actually preferred sparkling from normal white wine glasses because she could nose it better than from a flute.

  23. Pretzels and a pretzel roll on the same service? Living large!

    They charge first class passengers for wi fi?

    Will your Dad’s post be in German or use “zie” and “zey”? Any guesses to the number of “Benny” references? 😉

  24. @ Joey — It seems that they market it as “First Class” and not “Erste Klasse” to be more international. Even the bulkheads of their planes say “Lufthansa First Class” or “Lufthansa Business Class.”

  25. @ Peter — Yep, they do indeed. The only airline I know of which waives the cost of wifi for first class passengers is Etihad.

  26. Hey Lucky:

    I’m just curious on your thoughts about many global airlines shunning the 747-8 for long rang twin jets.

    I have been reading articles that sales for the new model at Boeing have been very lack luster, kind of makes me sad that such an icon of travel is heading to the wayside. I know Lufthansa has said they are committed to the 747, but lots of other airlines have been retiring their -400s for the 777/787 or A350. Also that apart from Emirates sales for the A380 aren’t hot either.

    Do you see this trend continuing?

  27. @ chris — Yep, have been noticing the same thing. I think the conclusion is basically that it’s tough to turn a profit on a four engine plane due to the extra fuel burn. Singapore is retiring their A340-500s because they can’t make it work, and that says a lot in my opinion.

    Ultimately it’s tough to compete with the economics and schedule flexibility of planes like the 787, so sadly that seems to be the way of the future.

    Makes me sad, because the 747-8 is probably the most beautiful plane out there…

  28. Any other impressions on the 748 itself? The seat actually looks a bit worn out for a brand new plane, were those taken off another aircraft type that got upgraded or something?

  29. I booked on the same flight in F in June and they changed from 747-8 to 747-400 the last minute… I was sooooooo mad!

    But finally went on IAD-FRA-HKG both on 747-8 F. I prefer 2A over 1A (1A you can hear 1K when he wakes up while you were sleeping)

  30. Great shot of my office!! (Norwegian Cruise Line). I’m fortunate enough to have a corner office with view of all of the runway traffic!!

  31. @ Lucky – just curious, did you eat separately from your dad just to take photos for us or is the table too small for two people? I liked that LX allows for two passangers to eat together so if you don’t get seats together in the middle, you can still have a meal together.

  32. @ Ivan Y — There’s no way to dine together in Lufthansa first class. The tray table is too small and the ottoman doesn’t double as an extra seat.

  33. @ Lucky – interesting. I noticed that the ottoman doesn’t have a seat belt like I saw on LX but it looked big enough.

  34. Lufthansa’s new business class and the new business class is awesome but they are tooooooo slow to upgrade their fleet. Especially to the US. I am based in Orlando and would like to fly only direct to Frankfurt but because of the old business class on the A340 or 747-400 …. I sometimes rather fly to Washington to get on the 747-800 or fly United via Chicago or Washington. I really hope Lufthansa would also take care of their smaller destination airports like Orlando 🙂

  35. sorry had an error in my previous comment… I meant to say: Lufthansa’s new first class and new business class of course. I wrote: business class twice…. sorry 🙂

  36. Hi @Lucky,
    I really enjoy your reports.
    Do you know if Lufthansa offers any meet and great service for a quick entry in the US?
    Like Thai do in BKK, fast track through security or the like?
    I’m flying LH F MUC-ORD and as a non US citizen I dread the migration lines and wonder if flying LH F speeds things up during arrival.

  37. @ Eric — They do offer a meet and greet service. However, the agents can’t escort you to the front of the line at immigration, so they simply wait in line with you. Not all that useful.

  38. I wonder if LH will start serving rare vintage aged wines in First Class. Maybe like $200-$300 bottles. Your thoughts on this? Second question, why does Cathay and LH serve Krug over Dom?

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