Review: Lufthansa First Class Vancouver to Munich

Review: Lufthansa First Class Vancouver to Munich


Lufthansa 477
Vancouver (YVR) – Munich (MUC)
Tuesday, May 21
Depart: 6:45PM
Arrive: 2:00PM (+1 day)
Duration: 10hr15min
Aircraft: Airbus A330
Seat: 2G (First Class)

Okay, in all honesty sometimes I wonder why I write Lufthansa first class trip reports. I’m beyond a fan boy and love their product so much that they could slap a coach meal in front of me and verbally assault me in German (okay, maybe that’s just a fantasy) and I’d still love them. They’re simply so fantastic and consistent that I have a hard time faulting them.

However, there were a few things unique about this flight. First of all, it was my first time flying the new first class product on the Airbus A330. I’ve flown the new first class products on the Airbus A380, Boeing 747-400, and Boeing 747-8, so was looking forward to seeing how the new product on the A330 compared. Furthermore, Lufthansa changed their first class catering in May, so this was my first time experiencing the new service. Anyway, on to the flight…

I was traveling with a friend that was arriving later, so we only met up at the gate. Upon boarding we were greeted by two lovely first class flight attendants — one woman probably in her mid-40s, and a guy probably in his mid-30s — who pointed us to our seats.

My first thoughts on the new cabin was that it was stunning — an incredible improvement over the old product, and it looked almost identical to the cabin of the A380, down to the suede walls.

New first class cabin

Seat 2K

Seat 1K

I quickly settled into my seat, 2G.

My seat, 2G

View from 2G

View from 2G

To the left of my seat were the entertainment controls, while to the right of my seat were the seat controls.

Entertainment controls

Seat controls

Behind the seat to the left were Bose QC15 headphones, which are a huge improvement over the old headphones Lufthansa has.

Bose QC15s

Once settled in we were offered pre-departure beverages. I ordered champagne and still water, which were served with macadamia nuts.

Champagne, water, and macadamia nuts

Shortly thereafter I was offered an amenity kit, slippers, and pajamas.

Amenity kit, slippers, and pajamas

I liked the pants as they were really lightweight, though wasn’t a fan of the shirt, which was a button down, and far too warm given the temperature at which Lufthansa keeps their cabins.

Slippers and pajamas

I immediately changed into pajamas, and was happy to see that Lufthansa updated the lavatories on this aircraft as well. While not larger, they were much more stylish and had a bench on top of the toilet for changing.

First class lavatory

First class lavatory

Boarding was completed fairly quickly, and by the time the door closed there were only two other passengers in the first class cabin, seated in row one. I was impressed that the captain came through the first class cabin and individually welcomed each passenger. In the past I’ve had Lufthansa captains come through the cabin and kind of awkwardly nod at each passenger and say hello, but this guy started an in depth conversation about where we were headed, the flight, etc.

Vancouver to Munich is a brand new route for Lufthansa and he mentioned it was his first flight to Vancouver. I joked (in German) “impressive, and you were still able to find the airport?” I don’t think he quite understood I was joking, because he proceeded to explain to me all of the tools they have in the cockpit for navigating, and reassured me we’d have no problem finding Munich either. Nice gesture nonetheless. 😉

For takeoff I moved over to seat 2K, given that it was empty. Right before we pushed back the captain came on the PA to inform us of our flight time of 9hr45min, which would put us into Munich roughly on-time.

Seat 2K

View from seat 2K

We pushed back right on time and taxied to runway 26L for takeoff.

Views on pushback

Views on pushback

The airport was fairly quiet except for a few heavy jets, including an Air Canada 777 and a British Airways 747 that was just taxiing in.

Air Canada 777

British Airways 747

When we got to the runway there was only one aircraft ahead of us, a Hawkair Dash-8.

Hawkair Dash-8

As soon as the Dash-8 took off we taxied into position, held, and a minute later rocketed off.

Taxiing into position on runway 26L

Taking off

Climbing out

Climbing out

Climbing out

As we climbed out there was some turbulence initially, though as we passed through about 15,000 feet the ride smoothed out and seatbelt sign was turned off.

Airshow after takeoff

The aircraft was equipped with Wi-Fi, though unfortunately it wasn’t working on this particular flight. That was a real bummer as I was expecting it given that a vast majority of A330s have Wi-Fi, and as a result didn’t load any entertainment onto my iPad.

I don’t know who’s responsible for Lufthansa’s entertainment selection, but they deserve to be fired. Not only is the selection horribly limited, but the few options they do have leave you scratching your head. The only decent option was “A Good Year,” which happens to be one of my favorite movies. I’ve probably seen it a dozen times since it was released, but it was still better than any of the other options.

A Good Year

As we climbed out the two first class flight attendants set up the bar in front of the cabin, while the friendly purser distributed menus for the flight.

Bar being set up

It’s interesting to note that Lufthansa changed the way they do menus with their May catering changes. Previously there was a separate menu for each meal, so if a flight had dinner and breakfast you’d be given the dinner menu after takeoff and breakfast menu a few minutes before the breakfast service began. Now the menu for all meals is on a single menu, which is logical enough.

Menu and wine list

The dinner menu for the flight read as follows:


And the wine list read as follows:






And lastly, the drink list read as follows:



Service began, as usual, with a hot towel. As I always say, Lufthansa’s hot towels hands down have the best scent out there.

Hot towelgasm

Following that the amuse bouche was served, which consisted of a salmon and asparagus roll. I had a Diet Coke and glass of champagne to accompany it.

Amuse bouche

After that the table was set. There were some minor differences with the new catering setup — there were salt and pepper mills (vs. the previous shakers), as well as a plate for olive oil, as opposed to just butter.

Table setup

The flight attendant working the aisle rolled around the cart with both the appetizers and caviar. I asked to first be served the caviar and then have the appetizers, which she was totally fine with. She served me a generous portion of caviar along with all the accompaniments.


One challenge with the new cabin worth noting is that because the new seats take up more room than the old seats there’s no longer an “aisle” in the front of the cabin connecting the left and right side of the cabin. Instead the first row goes all the way up to the bar. This is a challenge for the flight attendants, since it means they have to roll the cart all the way through the galley every time they go between aisles.

Anyway, Lufthansa also changed the way they serve appetizers. Previously they served them on a three-tier plate, while now they’re served on a single, flat plate. While the old setup perhaps looked more extravagant, the current setup is much more practical.

For the starter I ordered the lobster claw, tandoori chicken, and mixed pepper filled with cream cheese, all of which were great.


For the main course I ordered the seared cod. It was a bit dry, but still edible.

Seared cod

My friend ordered the gnocchi, which he said was chewy and borderline inedible.


For dessert I had the bread pudding with vanilla sauce — thank you, Lufthansa, for a simple and delicious dessert. For once they weren’t serving eldelflower soup with chickpea puree and parrot feathers.

Warm bread pudding with vanilla sauce

Meanwhile my friend had the vanilla ice cream with mango sauce and strawberries for dessert.

Vanilla ice cream with mango sauce and fresh strawberries

Lastly the cheese cart was rolled through the cabin. I was full at this point, though my friend had some.

Cheese cart

Cheese plate

Lastly the flight attendant came around with a box of pralines. I chose a couple from the box, while my (at this point) wasted friend decided to have a few more…


I finished off the meal with a glass of Baileys.


The service throughout the meal was excellent. I was constantly addressed by name, refills were frequent, and the pace was perfectly customized to each passenger.

At this point the windows were closed and cabin lights were dimmed, and we had a bit over seven hours to go to Munich.

Dimmed cabin

I requested turndown service at this point, which was promptly taken care of. Probably my favorite aspect of Lufthansa’s new first class product is just how comfortable the bedding is — it’s among the best in the sky in my opinion.

While the flight attendant did turndown service I took a quick look out the window, where it was still light outside. Actually, I don’t think it got dark at all during the flight given how far north we were flying.


Turndown service

Turndown service

Airshow upon going to sleep

Airshow upon going to sleep

Airshow upon going to sleep

I managed to sleep for a while, though was awoken over Iceland due to some consistent chop. At that point we had about three hours to go to Munich, so I decided I’d give up on sleeping.

Airshow upon waking up

Airshow upon waking up

Okay, now here’s the most important part of the trip report, at least for me, so I’ll bold the entire paragraph. While Lufthansa’s inflight entertainment sucks, the one thing I love about it is the music that’s playing if you’re not on any specific channel.

It’s very similar to the music starting 90 seconds into this video:

Does anyone know what the soundtrack is that Lufthansa plays? I’d honestly be eternally grateful, as I don’t think I’d ever stop playing it.


About 90 minutes out of Munich the breakfast service began. The breakfast menu read as follows:


Service began with orange juice (which is always good on Lufthansa with the breakfast service) and a hot, scented towel.

Orange juice and hot towel

I had some salmon and cheese to start.

Salmon and cheese

And then some scrambled eggs, which are prepared freshly aboard — probably my favorite food in Lufthansa first class. I also had some muesli and yogurt with breakfast.

Scrambled eggs

After breakfast I changed out of my pajamas and freshened up, and about 30 minutes out we began our descent into Munich.

Beginning our descent

As we descended the two first class flight attendants and purser came around the cabin to thank each passenger for choosing Lufthansa, and wished us a safe onward journey.

View on descent

View on descent

I’ve gotta say that A330s more so than any other planes feel incredibly slow when landing. Maybe it’s just me, but they almost feel like helicopters on final approach.

View on final approach

After a smooth touchdown we began our roughly 10 minute taxi to the gate.

Taxiing to the gate

Taxiing to the gate

Taxiing to the gate

Taxiing to the gate

Taxiing to the gate

The thing that probably sucks most about flying within Europe is the number of remote stands. Whenever taxiing in Europe I’m always muttering under my breath “please be a gate… please be a gate… please be a gate… please be a gate… please be a gate.” And then when we turned left towards the remote stands instead of right towards the gates I muttered under my breath “well $hit.”

Pulling into the remote stand

But I totally forgot we were in first class, and my emotions quickly changed from disappointment to excitement, as I saw four S-class Mercedes waiting for us.


So not only was the flight awesome, but the ground experience that was about to follow was even awesomer.

Lufthansa, I love you… for the most part!

And if anyone knows the soundtrack that Lufthansa plays, please, please, please let me know.

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  1. Bernardo Loewenstein Guest

    Hi Lucky, found your blog just some days ago and I'm really impressed what you've experienced so far and HOW you write. Simply awesome and congratulations!

    I'm a big LH fan like you are and it's kind of funny - I was also looking for the song you liked so much for quite a long time. On their 08/14-01/15 inflight entertainment they had it again and on a flight with LH to AUH I...

    Hi Lucky, found your blog just some days ago and I'm really impressed what you've experienced so far and HOW you write. Simply awesome and congratulations!

    I'm a big LH fan like you are and it's kind of funny - I was also looking for the song you liked so much for quite a long time. On their 08/14-01/15 inflight entertainment they had it again and on a flight with LH to AUH I finally identified it. It's the song "Lotus Eater" by Kinobe. That must be the song you're looking for. Isn't it? Please tell me if this is the song. ;-)

    By the way I also love Berchtesgaden, one of my favorite places in the world... You have to go to the Obersee, a breathtaking site.

    Best regards from Germany

  2. Patrick Guest

    So if there are only four people in F (all in the center section) would they make up the beds near the windows so you could have a "sleeping" seat and a non sleeping seat?

    1. lucky OMAAT

      @ Patrick -- Sure, if you ask.

  3. lucky OMAAT

    @ Tugg -- There's no way around it. Roundtrip fuel surcharges are ~$850.

  4. Tugg Guest

    So just so I am clear. You paid the the approximately $1000 fuel surcharge on this flight or is there away around it?

  5. Patrick Guest

    Since it's a daytime flight, can the seat still be "made up" into a bed? (Pillow, blanket, etc) or are they not equipped for that?

  6. lucky OMAAT

    @ Patrick -- To be honest both are great. I slightly prefer row two since it feels a bit more private, but you can't go wrong either way.

    On a daytime flight you'll typically get a top (light sweater) but not the pants.

  7. Patrick Guest

    Mero helped us set up our trip to Europe. Got the F product for our return. Still trying to decide whether to go row 1 or 2. Row one "appears" to be kind of close to the bathrooms and flight attendents preparing stuff. Is it? We had that row and I expressed my concerns to Mero and he kndly changed them. Was that a mistake or is either row good for two traveling together?

    Oh... and on the MUC to YYZ do we get PJ's? It's a day flt. Probably not I guess.

  8. LH Flyer Guest

    Eau de Citron or Rose is apparently the scent LH uses on their hot towels, but I don't think thats what it was. If anyone finds out, please post. Thank you. :)

  9. lucky OMAAT

    @ Noah -- Personally I like 2A and 2K so I have a bit of an "overview" of the cabin.

  10. Noah Guest

    Hey Lucky!

    I just booked a LH first class ticket from SFO - MUC on A340. All seats are currently open! Any ideas on choosing the best seat in the cabin?


  11. Shannon Guest

    Ben, can you confirm RichV's comment if it's the music is Dayvan Cowboy?

  12. BrianS Guest

    That was simply *the best* 1st class review I have ever read, thank you and kudos. So well presented with just the right amount of detail and photo documentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and feel like I know exactly what to expect, should I ever be so lucky.

    thank you for posting

  13. RichV Guest

    When I used Shazam to identify the music after the 90 secs in the video, Shazam said the song was "Dayvan Cowboy".

  14. lucky OMAAT

    @ Kevinsac -- I use my camera, it's not too tough to do discreetly.

  15. Kevinsac Gold

    How do you manage to take all those pics during take-off/landing?

  16. Sean Guest

    The Jon Hopkins's album is much closed to what I heard than the "Tomorrow's harvest". Thanks Lucky! Hope you have good news soon.

  17. lucky OMAAT

    @ Sean -- Am still trying to find the one I liked the most, but this was one of the ones that played, I think:

    If I figure out *the* song I loved, I'll post it here.

  18. Sean Guest

    I also would love to know what's that music on the flight? It sounds really relaxing.Lucky, could you pull some strings of your German background to find out?

  19. Kevin Guest

    Ben I´m really disappointed at you. You have been a member of flyertalk for so long and still you don´t know how to enjoy the old LH C....shame on you :P

  20. lucky OMAAT

    @ Geoff -- I'll have that soon, though best I have as of now is as follows:

  21. Geoff Guest

    Do you have a report on their biz class product on the A330?

  22. Nadir Guest

    I see apart from the caviar which is very generous portion , I am dissapointed with the food. Especially your friends.

    It seems they are gettting away with caviar !


    Yes the sound track is boards of canada , enjoy

  23. lucky OMAAT

    Okay, so I just downloaded the "Tomorrow's Harvests" album from iTunes and while the music is relaxing, don't think any of it is the same as the main track playing on Lufthansa. Anyone know which song it is specifically?

  24. lucky OMAAT

    @ Travelista -- Hmmm, don't think they've ever served Krug in first class. At least not in the past five or so years.

  25. Travelista New Member

    Yeah, isn't LH supposed to serve Krug? Jacquart and Krug don't go in the same sentence.

  26. FFlyerCDG Guest

    30 € Champagne in F class ???
    Well... I remembered you mixed Sekt and Champagne while in Vienna and you drink coke and "Champagne" during the same meal but you should really try other airlines offering much better "Champagnes" if you want to improve your knowledge about it LOL
    Or you should convince LH to put a bit more money per bottle and put much better brands on their wine list :-)

  27. SMK77 Guest

    My prayers are with the pour souls who suffered in Business Class on that flight!

  28. lucky OMAAT

    @ Steven L -- Like Symphony of Angels as well, but it's the Boards of Canada stuff that I LOVE.

  29. lucky OMAAT

    @ Till -- Yep, no Rimowa nowadays as far as I know, unfortunately.

  30. lucky OMAAT

    @ Dave -- Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  31. lucky OMAAT

    @ Justin -- My experience is the same. A380 seems to have best selection, though.

  32. lucky OMAAT

    @ Andyandy -- I actually only booked about two days before departure, given that I was waiting for return award space to open up as well.

  33. OberBoberGrober Guest

    I had a couple of times that flynet wasn't working, and I asked the purser to get it ON, and they made it work somehow. Once he had to involve the captain, which got instructions through their tech support center.

  34. Steven L Gold

    I don't know how often the IFE themes get updated, but Lufthansa's main theme is derived from (I believe) White Light's Symphony of Angels.

  35. Jorg Guest

    @Oliver2002: your link has a session ID, so it won't work for anyone else ;)

    Thanks to my dear friends at Google, this should get you to the right page:

    Thanks for the link, I'm ready to download my Klingeltöne now (why on earth does it automatically switch to German? I'm Dutch!)

  36. Till Guest

    does LH now have Bogner Amenity Kits instead of the nice Rimowa mini-Beatycases? Or does that differ from flight to flight?

    and @Oliver2002 : nowadays you can "save" tags with Shazam and send them to their servers later when you have internet again.

  37. jon Guest

    I'm surprised they even bother using a cart in First with only four pax max to serve.

    Nice to see you're drinking a bit more these days though, although I don't think diet coke really goes with champagne :)

  38. Tim Guest

    Baileys? With that selection?
    You're still a First Class flyer, Economy drinker. Step it up!

  39. Michael Guest

    I'm with @scottrick, a dessert of "eldelflower soup with chickpea puree and parrot feathers" sounds just delightful -- in a Henry James novel.


  40. Oliver2002 Guest

    Shazam only works if you have a network connection, bummer if flynet is off ;)
    The 748 33P and new 33Q should have the same IFE content.

  41. Oliver2002 Guest

    You mean the LH signature tune? Its available as a ringtone here:;jsessionid=858BB7BE4DC4178267ADAC85A2E6C121.portal14b?folderid=48771&l=de

  42. Dave Guest

    The soundtrack is from the album "Tomorrow's Harvests," by Boards of Canada. The track listings are:

    1. "Gemini"
    2. "Reach for the Dead"
    3. "White Cyclosa"
    4. "Jacquard Causeway"
    5. "Telepath"
    6. "Cold Earth"
    7. "Transmisiones Ferox"
    8. "Sick Times"
    9. "Collapse"
    10. "Palace Posy"
    11. "Split Your Infinities"
    12. "Uritual"
    13. "Nothing is Real"
    14. "Sundown"
    15. "New Seeds"
    16. "Come to Dust"
    17. "Semena Mertvykh"

  43. Justin Guest

    It was my experience that re-configured LH cabins still had the old [slimmer] selection of entertainment--just on a newer HD-style screen.

    I did new F on 744 and 4 days later did a 747-8 and the latter had probably 5 times more movies and TV choices.

  44. Andyandy Guest

    You may have mentioned it in the lead-up posts, but did you book 2 weeks out when LH F opened up? Man, I wish I had that much flexibility!

  45. TheBeerHunter Member

    "But I totally forgot we were in first class" -- really, Ben? What other class do you fly?! ;)

  46. lucky OMAAT

    @ Jorg -- Great idea, will definitely do that if no one else figures it out soon. Just have no immediate plans to fly Lufthansa, and not sure how long I can live without the music. ;)

  47. lucky OMAAT

    @ Simon -- He was flying on United miles.

  48. Jorg Guest

    Should nobody know the name of the song: since I'm sure you'll be flying Lufthansa in the near future, why don't you install Shazam on your iPad? You don't need an internet connection at the moment you're recording the song: you can save it and do it later. Put your headset on the iPad's microphone and it'll tell you the name of the song.

  49. Simon Member

    Was your friend traveling in US Air miles as well - long-sell LH F?

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Bernardo Loewenstein Guest

Hi Lucky, found your blog just some days ago and I'm really impressed what you've experienced so far and HOW you write. Simply awesome and congratulations! I'm a big LH fan like you are and it's kind of funny - I was also looking for the song you liked so much for quite a long time. On their 08/14-01/15 inflight entertainment they had it again and on a flight with LH to AUH I finally identified it. It's the song "Lotus Eater" by Kinobe. That must be the song you're looking for. Isn't it? Please tell me if this is the song. ;-) By the way I also love Berchtesgaden, one of my favorite places in the world... You have to go to the Obersee, a breathtaking site. Best regards from Germany

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