Singapore for the Weekend: A day in the Lufthansa First Class Lounges/Terminal Frankfurt

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Because of the fact that I switched to the earlier New York to Frankfurt flight, my very manageable nine-hour Frankfurt layover turned into a 15-hour layover.

As a Lufthansa first class passenger in transit you’re entitled to a complimentary dayroom at the Hotel Kempinski, a service I took advantage of during my last trip. However, this time around I had a lot of stuff to catch up on, so decided to try and power through the day and just hop around the lounges while getting some work done. I did something similar with a long layover in Singapore last year, and it worked out well. I figured it would work out especially well in this instance, since I could just sleep the whole way from Frankfurt to Singapore.

I would have gone into the city but the weather wasn’t especially nice and my family is from Frankfurt, so I already know the city pretty well.

Lufthansa has two FCLs (First Class Lounges) in addition to the FCT (First Class Terminal) in Frankfurt, so I ended up splitting my time pretty equally. The designs are more or less all the same with some very minor variations, which I’ll point out below.

My first stop was the B-concourse FCL.

First Class Lounge Entrance

The FCL boasts plenty of seating, though I headed straight for a cubicle where I got about five hours of work done while I was still wide awake. The great thing about the cubicles is that they actually have a sliding door, so are a lot more like enclosed offices.


While I wasn’t hungry I did snap a picture of the extensive breakfast buffet.

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

The highlight of the lounge, though, had to be the tarmac views as the sun rose. Maybe I’m nuts, but I don’t think there’s a more beautiful airport in the world than Frankfurt in terms of the traffic, so a stunning backdrop only adds to that perception.

Tarmac views

At around 11AM I headed to the A-concourse FCL for a change of scenery, which was about a 15-minute walk away.

Awesome apron views

The B-concourse FCL is very similar to the one in the A concourse.


I intentionally headed over to this lounge as my exhaustion started kicking in, as the nap rooms here are nicer than in the A-concourse FCL or even the FCT. Unfortunately there was a two hour wait for them, so I grabbed a cubicle and enjoyed a nearly endless supply of Fanta and pretzels while getting some work done. Mmmmm…

Best thing in the world

At around 1PM it was my turn for the nap room, and I requested to be woken up after two hours. While the bed isn’t especially comfortable, it is more of a “bed” than in the other lounges, where you basically get a couch with a blanket.

Nap room

Nap room

For comparison, FCT nap room

After a refreshing nap I decided it was time to shower. While I was intending to take a bath in the FCT (after all I’ve gotta kidnap my friend, rubber ducky), I didn’t want to show up at the FCT completely unwashed. 😉

Shower room

The most interesting thing about the FCL visit had to be the group of 16 people (they were Japanese and all seemed to be related) that entered the lounge at the same time. I have to wonder what their deal is. There had to be at least eight HONs or eight first class passengers among them, so I suspect they chartered a whole first class cabin and then some. Impressive!

At around 5PM I headed over to the FCT, which required clearing immigration and walking along the outside roadway to the FCT’s side entrance. Once inside I took the elevator up to the reception, where I was immediately escorted through security.

FCT side entrance

I grabbed one of the comfortable lounge chairs along the windows and played around on my laptop for a bit. As much as I do love the FCT, I did notice the absence of tarmac views after spending so much time in the other lounges, which never previously phased me.

Comfortable seating

At around 7PM I decided to have dinner, which is a highlight of any FCT visit.


As usual the buffet was extensive, so I piled on a bit of just about everything.






After dinner I headed over to the shower/bath rooms for a bath. I’m not usually one to take a bath, though the FCT is an exception.


Rubber ducky

At around 10PM the personal assistant fetched me and brought me down to passport control so I could be driven to my connecting flight.

Transfer area

And after a pleasant day my long layover came to an end, and I was ready to get some sleep.

  1. 15 hours would drive me crazy at any airport, even one with 3 first class lounges.
    You gotta love airports and lounges to do that.

  2. @Andy – the 1st class terminal does not matter where the plane is! And if the inbound aircraft you were on is parked remote, you may get a car ride BACK to the main terminal as well.

  3. @ Kevin — Sadly not. It’s one of the reasons to get a day room at the Hotel Kempinski, in my opinion.

  4. Inbound – LH C class from CDG to FRA
    Outbound – LH C class to ZRH connected to LX F class to BKK.

    I know as long as I am flying F class on the day of departure via LH or LX, I am entitled to use the LH FCT in FRA. However, I am not sure what to expect when I land in FRA. If my plane is parked remotely, would I be able to go to FCT directly when I land or would I need to clear customs at FRA in the main terminal and then go to FCT?

  5. @ Larry — They’ll only ever pick you up if you’re coming in at a remote stand, though since your next segment isn’t in first class they may not automatically pick you up. That being said, most flights don’t go to remote stands, so chances are you’ll just have to walk to the FCL or FCT. To get to the FCT you’d have to clear customs/immigration, and then make the 10 minute walk to the FCT.

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. do you need to be either arriving or departing on a 3-class first class ticket to be able to enter the FCT? I’m assuming an intra-europe 2-class “firstclass” ticket would not apply?

  7. @ Ja — Yes you do. Intra-Europe two cabin planes have business class as the highest cabin, not first class.


  9. @ Arthur —
    IAD — United Global First Lounge
    FRA — Lufthansa Senator Lounge
    BKK — Thai First Lounge
    HKG — Thai Business Lounge
    ICN — Asiana First Lounge
    NRT — ANA Business Lounge

  10. @ Andy — It’s much more convenient to use the Global First Lounge so I really don’t think it’s worth the trek. But if he has the time, might as well check ’em both out!

  11. I’m debating switching my return. I’m thinking. ICN TO FRA OZ F. FRA TO ZRH LH BIZ, ZRH TO JFK LX BIZ, JFK TO LAX F.


    THOUGHTS? Totally open

  12. @ Arthur — Yes, that’s legal. If the price were the same I’d probably make the change.

  13. hi lucky I’m going to take flight fra-nrt lh f next monday.

    I’m staying in frankfurt now.

    I want to know if i can use fcl and fct together at the departure date.

    I think the possibilty is low . but maybe you have some idea.

    btw, the new first class lounge was awesome!

    also I’ve got new lounge’s special rubber ducky.

  14. @ jjjaw — You definitely can use both. First I suggest visiting the FCLs (however many you want), and then you can leave the terminal and go to the FCT with your boarding pass and use it. That being said the lounges are all very similar, so unless it’s purely for the curiosity of seeing what they look like, it’s probably not worth it.

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