Hotel Review: Sheraton Salzburg

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I booked the Sheraton Salzburg for a prepaid rate of 170EUR. The Sheraton Salzburg is a category five Starwood property, ordinarily making it 12,000 Starpoints per night, or 6,000 Starpoints plus $110 per night through cash & points.

The hotel is located just a few kilometers from Salzburg Airport, so we took a taxi, which cost less than 20 Euros.

Entrance to Sheraton Salzburg

The lobby of the Sheraton is pretty “classic,” and we quickly found the reception desk on the right side.

Sheraton Salzburg lobby

Sheraton Salzburg lobby

Upon handing the associate my credit card and passport I was recognized as a Starwood Platinum member and informed we had been upgraded to a deluxe room. She also confirmed that as a Starwood Platinum member I’d receive complimentary internet access, access to the club lounge, and 4PM check-out.

We took the elevator up to our room (#120) on the 1st floor.


Entrance to room

Even though the lobby was more “classic,” the room was modern and clearly recently renovated. There was an entryway which led into the rest of the room.


The room featured two twin beds joined as a king, and a table with two chairs.

Sheraton Salzburg deluxe room

King bed

Across from the bed was a dresser with a flat screen TV.

TV and dresser

On the table at the back of the room was a bottle of water and some Mozart chocolate as a welcome amenity.

Welcome amenity

While the weather was horrible for our entire stay in Salzburg, there was also a nice balcony with a table and a couple of chairs overlooking the garden.


Back near the entrance was a modern bathroom with double sinks, a walk-in shower, and toilet.

Sheraton Salzburg deluxe room bathroom



The toiletries were Frette branded, which I haven’t before seen at a Sheraton.

Bath amenities

The highlight of the stay as a Starwood Platinum member had to be the club lounge, located on the seventh floor. It’s probably the nicest club lounge I’ve experienced at any Sheraton.

Entrance to club lounge

Physically the lounge was a nice space, and while it wasn’t huge, it was never crowded. There was also a beautiful terrace that extended along the whole lounge, though due to the weather it wasn’t really usable.

Sheraton Salzburg club lounge

Sheraton Salzburg club lounge

In terms of the lounge spread, in the evenings there was an impressive buffet with both hot and cold options, as well as an extensive self serve bar.

Hot buffet

Cold buffet

Bread and cheese display

Finger sandwiches



Liquor selection

Coffee, sodas, and juices

The breakfast spread consisted of both hot and cold options, and cooked to order eggs were available on demand as well.

Breakfast at club lounge

Breakfast at club lounge

Breakfast at club lounge

Breakfast at club lounge



Bread and cheese

There was even champagne with breakfast, which was a first for me at a Sheraton.

Champagne with breakfast!

Most impressive about the lounge had to be that they had hot food available throughout the day. Starting around lunchtime they had an extensive buffet, which I thought was really impressive since I’ve otherwise never seen a Sheraton that has anything other than nuts or chips available during the day.

Daytime buffet

The hotel also had a basic gym along with a relaxation room, which I didn’t have a chance to use.

Gym entrance at Sheraton Salzburg

Sheraton Salzburg relaxation room

Sheraton Salzburg gym

Sheraton Salzburg gym

In terms of the hotel’s location, the Sheraton is located just next to the Mirabell Palace and Gardens, on the opposite side of the Salzach River as the Altstadt.

Mirabell Palace

Everything was within walking distance, with the Altstadt being at most a 15 minute walk away.

Salzburg Altstadt

Salzburg Altstadt

Salzburg is an extremely charming city that I’d return to in a heartbeat, and the Sheraton is a great base for exploring. Given the club lounge and friendly staff I’d return in a heartbeat.

  1. Hi, Lucky:
    Do you know how to use SPG points to access the club lounge for a SPG gold member? Thank you!

  2. Lily,

    Lucky might now, but as far as I’m aware, access to Club Lounges seems to differ by hotel. Some hotels allow Gold access when in a Club Room. Others limit access to Platinums only. Yet others have very open Lounge policies. If you have a hotel in mind, it might be best to call and ask directly.

  3. I stayed at the same hotel for 50EUR 6 months ago on a corp rate. It is indeed a nice hotel.

  4. @ Lily – If you’re offered an upgrade to a Club Room you would have lounge access, as Jon suggests. Otherwise you can use points to upgrade, though it’s generally not a great value.

  5. OMG The weather looks like it did when we were there. You didn’t happen to have been there around May 5 were you? We were at Radison Blu ….

  6. I’m still a fan of the Goldener Hirsch in Salzburg. It’s also a Starwood hotel, but it dates back to like 1671. Location is right in the middle of old town.

    BTW, the Salzburg airport has a lovely rooftop garden with cocktails and an awesome view. Doesn’t look like you had the weather to enjoy it, but build in some time next time through for an Aperol Spritz.

  7. It is strange to me that a Sheraton in Germany has slogans written in English on the walls of its gym. I know English is widely-spoken by Germans and business travelers in general, but still…

  8. Wow–bonus pics of the sightseeing spots! Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate. And how was the Sound of Music tour? 😉

    Bircher muesli–a staple of the local diet. Sehr gut!

    Does your Dad snore or was it a peaceful night?

  9. I have found that the Club premium on top of a standard redemption to be reasonable: 13.5K pts for a Club/Executive instead of 12K for a standard room. Of course, there needs to be availability, and it may differ with each property or category.

    I remember it was 2.5K for a Towers upgrade at the Sheraton HK, and this was well worth it.

    This is now my life as a non-SPG Plat. 🙁

  10. Stayed here for 1 night before driving to Berchtesgaden during first week of July. Was on a cash and points rate and upgraded (SPG platinum)to a junior suite. Agree with you about club lounge being one of the nicest for a Sheraton. Only nicer one I’ve been to was the one in Macau.

  11. I stayed at this property in April 2013 and I have to say it is one of the best non-airport Sheraton’s in Europe if not the USA. The Club Lounge is amazing and the service is top notch. Great pics – completely do justice to the amenities.

  12. Another nice and very objective review. The Salzburg Sheraton is a great house and I agree that the Club Lounge offerings are top-rate. (I’ve stayed there only once, perhaps 2010 or early 2011?) What troubled me was the stark, sharp-edged modern interior for such a classical building in a classic city. It was just out of place to my eye. I’ve since stayed in a much smaller, non-chain hotel with hands-on personal service. They too have a room for “Club” service, but it follows Classical lines and quiet, attentive service. Rather than a buffet, there is a menu and even light snacks are prepared to order. The end cost was about the same and I find it a nice way to relax after the first part of they day. Each to his own, I guess. I’m delighted to hear that your Father enjoyed the trip!!

  13. I just stayed at this hotel from 10/24-10/26/2013. Everything was perfect. Sunny weather with temps in the high 60’s. We booked it before the latest devaluation so it was only 9,000 points and $90 per night. Salzburg is a great place to visit and we even enjoyed it more than Vienna. The sound of music tour is kitschy, but fun and a nice way to spend half a day. I recommend a 2 day stay there, but you can easily use it as a base for the Lake District. The hotel itself is very nice. The service was also excellent.
    I highly recommend a visit there.

  14. @ Lucky – did you go up to Festung Hohensalzburg (Fortress Hohensalzburg)? Cool place and the city views are amazing (advice for others — definitely pay to ride the train up instead of walking).

    Anyway, I spent five nights in Vienna (10/26-10/31) in Hotel Bristol (an awesome SPG hotel!) and took a day trip to Salzburg on 10/29 or so. It was 12-13 hrs long but would highly recommend. The weather was a bit better (sprinkled on & off) but it was still fairly warm.

    However, I’d recommend coming to Salzburg earlier during the year because by the time I got there, fountains (and probably other items too) were covered to protect from the winter.

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