Review: American Airlines First Class 777-300ER London To New York

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I was really excited to finally fly American’s new first class for the first time. I’ve flown their new 777-300ER business class many times, including the following routes:

I’ve been extremely impressed by the new product, so was very excited to try out their new first class, given that it never really looked that much better to me than their new business class product.

Keep in mind that long term the 777-300ER is the only longhaul aircraft on which American will have a first class product. Throughout the rest of their longhaul fleet they’ll just have business class as the top cabin.

American 107
London (LHR) – New York (JFK)
Saturday, January 3
Depart: 5:05PM
Arrive: 8:20PM
Duration: 8hr15min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 2J (First Class)

We boarded through door 2L and turned left to head towards the first class cabin. That required walking through the business class mini-cabin, which is usually my preferred place to sit.

The 777-300ER first class cabin looks nice enough, though completely lacks privacy, which is ironic, since the reverse herringbone business class seats are very private. That being said, I do like the minimalist and neutral/understated look of the cabin.

American 777-300ER first class cabin

I headed to seat 2A, and noticed just how spacious the area around the seat was. The seat itself wasn’t very wide, but there was plenty of space around it, presumably to make room for the “swivel” function of the seat.

American 777-300ER first class, seat 2A

There’s a fairly large ottoman below the TV.

American 777-300ER first class, seat 2A

However, shortly after settling into seat 2A I realized that I actually took the wrong seat, and was assigned seat 2J — oops! That way I was seated across from my two friends, and as it turned out by chance I had another friend seated in front of me.

American 777-300ER first class, seat 2K

American 777-300ER first class, seat 2K

I have to give American credit for the quantity of sheets and pillows they have in first class. There are two pillows, a blanket, and a duvet. Is it Cathay Pacific or Qantas in terms of bedding? Nope. But it’s not bad, all things considered.

American 777-300ER first class pillows, blanket, and duvet

American first class 777-300ER, seat 2K

In terms of the seat’s other amenities, there’s a compartment to the side of the seat, which can store headphones. When opened it has a pop-out mirror. Inside are two power ports, as well as the headphone jacks.

American first class 777-300ER, seat 2K

Below it is the handheld entertainment controller, which is easy to use.

American 777-300ER first class entertainment controller, power port, etc.

The tray table folds out of the wood side table, and below it are three buttons for turning on the light, and popping out the tray table and TV.

American first class 777-300ER, seat controls

On the wood panel next to the seat was a seat controller, which was also quite easy to use.

American first class 777-300ER, seat controls

Then there was a small, open storage compartment, perfect for an iPhone or glasses. There was also a conveniently placed USB outlet there.

American first class 777-300ER, storage

Already waiting at my seat were Bose headphones (kudos to American for offering these in first and business class), the menu for tonight’s flight, an immigration form for the US, and an amenity kit.

American first class 777-300ER, Bose headphones and menu

At the time American had iPad amenity kit cases, which are fairly creative, though not all that useful if you don’t have a regular sized iPad (presently they’re offering collector’s edition heritage amenity kits).

American first class amenity kit

I also requested some pajamas, which weren’t otherwise proactively offered. American has among my favorite pajamas of any airline. While they’re not the most stylish, they’re light, soft, and wash really well (unlike the British Airways pajamas, which make me look like I’m trying out for a slutty cheerleading team after one wash).

American first class pajamas

There were slippers on offer as well, which I really appreciate. Many airlines don’t offer slippers in first class, which blows my mind. I don’t want to have to put on my shoes every time I go to the lavatory, but also don’t want to step onto the filthy floor barefoot or in socks.

American first class slippers

Once settled in I was offered a pre-departure beverage, with the choice between still water, sparkling water, orange juice, or champagne. It’s outrageously cheap that American serves pre-departure beverages in plastic cups in international first class.

American first class pre-departure water

There were two crew working first class — a middle-aged guy, who was the purser, and an older guy, who was working the aisle. I couldn’t quite get a handle on them. At times I felt like they were trying to be nice, but at the same time they couldn’t have been more apathetic.

At around 5PM the captain came on the PA to welcome us aboard and inform us of our flight time of 7hr40min, which he anticipated would put us into New York on-time.

We pushed back at 5:10PM with a full first class cabin, and began our taxi to runway 9R, at which point the safety video began to play.

View upon pushback London Heathrow

We got to runway 9R at around 5:30PM, and after a five minute queue were cleared for takeoff, behind a oneworld British Airways 747.

Taxiing to departure runway London Heathrow

Our takeoff roll was quick and climb out was smooth.

As we climbed out I browsed the entertainment selection. I almost never watch airline-provided inflight entertainment (or on flights with Wi-Fi any entertainment, for that matter), but they did have Frozen. While I know every word to every song from Frozen (like any self respecting 20-something year old guy), I had never actually seen the movie. So I decided to watch it.

American first class entertainment

OMFG IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. My apologies to everyone else in the cabin for singing along not being able to control myself. On the plus side, I had friends seated in front of me and behind me, so I feel like I insulated my embarrassment at least somewhat.

While I was always a fan of good old fashion “Let It Go,” after careful consideration I’ve decided that Olaf is my spirit snowman. What a charmer!

American first class cabin 777-300ER

American first class cabin 777-300ER

Once the seatbelt sign was turned off (about 30 minutes after takeoff) the purser, Kevin, came around to take dinner orders.

The dinner menu read as follows:



And the beverage/wine list read as follows:



I logged into the inflight internet while watching Frozen (which cost ~$20 for a 24 hour pass), and ordered a glass of champagne and a still water to accompany my delicious nuts.

American first class nuts & drinks

I think it’s worth noting that American actually serves drinkable champagne in international first class — Gosset Grande Reserve isn’t Krug or Dom, but it’s very drinkable. Especially in conjunction with Frozen. The more you drink, the better the movie gets (if that’s possible…. it’s amazing to begin with).

American first class nuts & drinks

After drinks the table was set. There are two tablecloths — one white one, and then a beige one they place on top of it (which they remove after the main course, so you have a “clean” one for dessert).

I was also offered my choice from the bread basket, and of course selected pretzel bread.

American Airlines first class table setting

For the starter I ordered the hummus and pita. After spending so much time in the Middle East lately I didn’t have high expectations, but it still managed to disappoint. It was gross — the pita was hard as could be, and the hummus and tabbouleh was tasteless. The dolma was soggier than a slice of pizza that has been sitting on a Seattle sidewalk for a week.

American Airlines first class dinner starter — hummus and pita

I then had soup, which was a morel mushroom soup. It was perfectly fine for canned soup.

American Airlines first class soup — morel mushroom

Then there was a very simple salad. You’d think in international first class it would be a bit more premium, whether that means protein, more veggies, or something. But this kind of just tasted like a fresh seasonal salad from Siberia.

American Airlines first class salad — fresh seasonal greens with roasted almonds and feta cheese

For the main course I ordered the tomato and olive crusted tilapia.

American Airlines first class dinner main course

It was the highlight of the meal, as the tomato and olive sauce was actually quite good. It certainly made up for the fact that the tilapia itself wasn’t very good. Then again, you don’t need to drown a good piece of fish in sauce. 😉

American Airlines first class dinner main course — tomato and olive crusted tilapia

The dinner service took maybe 90 minutes. I was offered dessert, and explained I’d like an ice cream sundae in about an hour.

Service throughout dinner was okay. It was attentive enough, though there was no charm or grace to the service. It was clear they were just going through the motions as quickly as possible. I would have expected identical service in business class.

To finish off the meal I was offered a bottle of water and some Lily O’Brien’s chocolates.

American Airlines first class chocolates and bottled water

So one of the really cool features of the seat is that you can actually swivel your seat around 90 degrees and turn it into a desk facing the window. Is it necessarily that practical? No, since you also have a tray table and can do the same looking forward. But there is something sort of awesome about having a “real” office in the skies. So I got a bit of work done, still on a Frozen high.

American Airlines 777-300ER first class office

While trying to get some work done I ordered a cappuccino. I was served an espresso instead, but wasn’t in a position to turn down any caffeine (I did want to stay up for the whole flight so I could sleep well upon landing), so downed it and then ordered a cappuccino.

American first class espresso

The cappuccino is one of my favorite things about American’s first class on the 777-300ER and Airbus A321 (funny enough US Airways offers cappuccinos in A330 business class while American doesn’t, so I’m curious how that will work long term).

American first class cappuccino

American airshow from London to New York

American airshow from London to New York

After working for about an hour I ordered an ice cream sundae with the strawberry topping and nuts.

American Airlines first class dinner dessert — ice cream sundae

After the ice cream sundae I worked a bit more, and before I knew it we were 75 minutes outside of New York, at which point the pre-arrival meal was served.

The menu read as follows:


I chose the vegetable flatbread. How that’s a meal in an international first class cabin absolutely blows my mind. Seriously, can anyone think of a non-US airline that serves middle school lunches in international first class? Because I can’t…

American first class pre-arrival meal — grilled vegetable flatbread

The flatbread tasted like something you’d get out of the freezer section at your local supermarket.

American first class pre-arrival meal — grilled vegetable flatbread

The side salad was fine, and actually had more accompaniments than the main dinner salad.

American first class pre-arrival meal — side salad

Meanwhile my friend had the charcuterie plate, which didn’t look much better.

American first class pre-arrival meal — charcuterie plate

On the plus side, the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies served after the snack were tasty.

American first class pre-arrival meal — warm chocolate chip cookie

At around 7:45PM we began our descent, at which point the captain came on the PA to give us updated arrival information, predicting we’d touch down at 8:15PM.

At that point I changed out of my pajamas and stowed all my carry-ons.

American Airlines airshow

American Airlines airshow

Our descent was quite choppy due to weather, though we had a perfectly smooth touchdown at 8:15PM, as predicted. While our taxi to the apron only took about 10 minutes, we then had to wait for 20 minutes before our gate was ready, due to congestion. Eventually we pulled into the gate at 8:45PM.

Arriving at gate in New York

American 777-300ER first class bottom line

Several weeks back I wrote a post entitled “Why Does American Bother With International First Class?”

I was on a discounted business class ticket and upgraded to first class. Was it a good value? Absolutely.

But now that American is just keeping first class on the 777-300ER, you’d think they would want to make it something special. But it isn’t.

The service was apathetic. The food was barely acceptable for business class on a US airline, let alone first class. The entertainment and Wi-Fi are the same in first and business class.

And American has a really good business class hard product on the 777-300ER, which is actually more private than the product in first class.

So with first class you’re left with marginally nicer amenities, like pajamas and an extra pillow. And in theory ever-so-marginally better food and service.

That being said, I had an absolutely lovely flight, thanks in no small part to Frozen!

If you’ve flown American’s international first class, what was your experience like?

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  1. For the first class, I intend more personal and customized services, such as late meal in the sky. The services and seat layout can reflect the country’s culture, e.g.: J class of 777-300ER on those 3 ME airlines or your meal experiences in AA/US/UA/Delta, don’t blame too much.

    The non-full fare AA first class is really attractive to me, and I am planning as well.

  2. Hey Ben,

    Just a correction re: first class

    The A321T is a 3-class aircraft with First, Business and Economy.


  3. I flew AA “Flagship” first HKG-DFW and LAX-PVG recently using my SWUs. Both were absolute disgrace. I’m usually on paid C fares transpac and needless to say, I will not be flying AA in C or F, so it looks like the remaining SWUs will go to waste. Is it possible to apply SWUs towards domestic flights?

  4. Is American’s 777-200 considered long haul? Thought they have the old flagship first in those.

    Thanks for the review. This actually makes me NOT want to fly AA first when compared to the much greater food/drink/service on Cathay first (they serve Krug, in real glasses even before takeoff!). Even British Airway’s first menu was better than what you were offered (not to mention their excellent wine menu).

    Still a loyal AA guy, but my miles will be spent on other carrier first products.

  5. @ Ken Y. — You sure can, and they’re easy to confirm, since there just needs to be “A” space available to upgrade (which is the same fare class as discounted first class).

  6. @ Mike O. — Thanks for the heads up. Updated the post to reflect that I was referring to longhaul aircraft.

  7. Can’t believe they serve Dewars Scotch in F. Doesn’t quite(by any stretch of the imagination) measure up to JW Blue on CX F.

  8. A slightly more complicated follow-up: is it possible to apply SWUs towards an AA flight redeemed with BA Avios?

  9. Most Asian airlines probably take one look at the menu and food offered and probably say “This is barely acceptable for our business class” while laughing.

  10. No JW blue no KRUG……….Let’s keep that light from the galley shining out into the seats! Go AA!

  11. Lucky, so if you have the choice between BA First and AA First on this route, what in your opinion is the better alternative?

  12. I’ve been consistently underwhelmed by AA First… which I think is only First Class by name.

    The last time I flew AA First was JFK-LAX. It was an early morning flight, and I nodded off for the early part of the flight. I woke to visit the bathroom, and noticed the FA eating a large bowl of yoghurt. I noticed the yoghurt was part of the First breakfast menu. When she provided me my breakfast, there wasn’t any yoghurt… apparently, the FA had eaten it.

    This is symptomatic of AA and the quality of service on the airline. Pathetic.

  13. @ Sven — That’s a toughie. Neither is my favorite. BA first class is marginally better, but I really value wifi, which all American 777-300ERs have. So I might have to choose American, at least for a daytime flight. But otherwise I do think BA is marginally better.

  14. I’ve flown this first class product on the same route and it isn’t the best, but I did have a much better experience than the one described here. We had polished, seasoned flight attendants who were quite warm and friendly. A few notes: I’m not sure whether you noticed that once service ends, the flight attendants set up the galley to resemble the Business Class snack bar, which is a nice touch. Further, while you mention that the seat swiveling 90 degrees was cool, but impractical, I’ll note that it is VERY practical if you’re traveling with a companion in the center seats. My husband and I really enjoyed eating at 35,000 feet facing each other, without having to share a tray table/one of us sitting on the ottoman.

  15. Thanks Lucky, giving the cheap First Class prices on BA/AA from Dublin right I’m wondering if I should not do a nice shopping trip and I could not make up my mind between BA and AA.

  16. Very interesting review. I’m currently booked AA First to EZE in June. AA contacted me a while back to advise that the flight might be changed to one of the new configurations that has business as its top cabin. (And the gave me a $500 voucher to make up for the “uncertainty”!) Now I’m hoping that I do get the business class, since First just doesn’t seem all that special, and then I’ll also get some miles back.

    On another note — you should add another aspect to your reviews — inflight movie critic. Wherein you give recommendations for the best movies to watch while in flight.

  17. Thanks to you, my family of 3 is flying aa first from lax to lhr in the summer on award. Even though the soft product is not in the same league as foreign carriers, I’m still happy that I scored these tickets since it’s so hard to get any premium award seats from lax to any city in Europe non stop. If you have a choice, would you go aa premium non stop to Europe and connecting to BA/iberia, or aa premium to a U.S. city and connecting to another oneworld premium tatl.

  18. Also the choice of drinks – Bombay Sapphire in First Class, for real? At least make it Tanqueray Ten or Hendricks – or why not go bold and have a premium USA gin? And showcase some really fab American wines? I only flew recently AA on the JFK-SFO transatlantic flight, in business class, having connected from the BA001 (all business class from LCY). The shock between the two was quite something I will never forget. To go from Taittinger to Prosecco Luneta. And glad I had the afternoon scones before landing at JFK as the food on board was a shocker. Service was very bland too. Sad. I was excited about the ‘New American’. And they forgot my dessert!

  19. I thought the seat and the pajamas were pretty good in AA first, but would have to agree that the meal service was underwhelming. Its surprising that the US airlines are willing to lag so far behind on the meal service, when their hard products are competetive.

  20. Re: plastic predeparture beverage “glasses” – does any US carrier serve/has any ever served PDB’s in glass?

    I thought that was how carriers complied some safety regulation applicable to the US carriers. Even back in the days when UA was still good in F (and TW way back in the days), as I recall, their PDB’s were in plastic.


  21. Have yet to read or hear of any experience in AA F on the new 777W that remarkably, significantly sets it apart from the business class cabin (also noting that it’s not even it’s own “cabin”, but a partitioned section of the same “mini-cabin” that J is in).

  22. They shouldn’t say you’re an AA apologist after that review. How not to compete in international F!

    (Your occasional double entendres are noted and appreciated.) 😉

  23. BA is marginally better than this? That’s still kind of insulting to BA…then again, I guess BA does only have slightly better food and more stylish seats.

  24. Granted, I’ve never flown F on the new 777-300. However, I have flown it several times on the 777-200 DFW-ICN route. I know for folks flying on either miles, a trust fund, or someone else’s dime, the focus is entirely on how fantastic an experience you can have during your time in the air. However, I don’t think it’s actually fair to compare AA F class to, say, CX. I’ve never seen CX F seats sell for anything less than $10k — often much more. On the other hand, you can have AA transpac F seats for $3-4k. These products are aimed at different markets, so for 1/3 the cost I just don’t understand complaints.

  25. @ Andy — I don’t think that’s totally fair, though. American charges the same between the US and Europe as British Airways (their joint venture partner), and pricing to Asia is heavily dependent on where you’re originating (which is also the case for Asian carriers — look at the fare difference originating in Colombo vs. Hong Kong, for example).

    I agree with the conclusion, though. Ultimately this product isn’t competitive and isn’t worth the money. And if American is fine with that, they can keep doing what they’re doing.

  26. @ wwk5d — I’ve never been very impressed by British Airways. The seat and food aren’t amazing, and service isn’t great on the whole. So they don’t have wifi, but they do have better betting and somewhat better food. Guess it depends what your priorities are.

  27. @ Valerie — Yep, it’s still a great value at the saver level on miles. Enjoy your trip!

  28. Lucky,

    How was the onboard business/first bar? I hear it’s usually pretty well stocked with food/snacks.

    Thanks for saving me from redeeming on AA F! This looks very disappointing.

  29. Same reactions as @pssteve. I expect apathetic service – apathy would have been a step up from what I experienced a couple of years ago on United First from Brussels. But Dewars White Label? Are you kidding me? Look – the difference between Business and First has to count for something – I simply cannot fathom any airline thinking this is how to create an upscale experience.

    I have friends who think I’m crazy taking flights with stops rather than paying to go non-stop on an American airline. But I have loads of wonderful memories and I really can’t remember the last time a trip on an American carrier made me smile!

  30. I flew their 321T LAX-JFK first, and had the same feeling. What’s the difference between first and business there? Nothing. They served the same stuff, and wine is cheap $8.99 Line 39 Syrah. The ground service was soso, too. I couldn’t find the LAX flagship check-in connecting from an international flight. I asked an AA ground agent and she pointed me to the usual security and check-in. My conclusion was that it was only worth the business flat bed for sleeping, nothing more.

  31. One of the things I love about the writing/presentation style is how a picture of the departures board at the airport or a picture of the flight path can inspire the imagination. I see in previous flights you report on they head north from Europe over Greenland and track almost parallel with the east coast of the US. This fascinated me and I attributed it to shortest route in 3 dimensional space. I see this went almost due west. Does anyone know the key drivers for route? For example between South Africa and Aus they have the roaring forties winds they try to tap into. Also, what is the origin of calling business class J etc?

  32. AA needs to learn from DL. Don’t offer a class of service that just isn’t worth it or else you end up with a class that takes up way too much space and is filled with SWU-upgrades and Non-Revs. I can’t even imagine using miles to go in J on an AA flight. The only good use is on a night-time flight when you can arrive well rested.

  33. I’d have to say that exceeded my expectations. The food really looks top-notch (although I’m against fish on airplanes) and the product seems acceptable. Is it comparable to Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, ANA, etc..? No. But it’s not half-bad.

  34. I recently flew London-Dallas return on the 777-300er in first class and I really enjoyed it. The seat and hardware is excellent, service neutral and food was below par. But i knew it in advance and selected the routing as this was the easiest one world connection to get from Zurich to Anchorage, and I didn’t want to fly BA. I would be happy to fly aa first class again. In the past I was very biased towards star alliance lufthansa and swiss, but I started to give one world a chance!

  35. I recently flew J on this route/aircraft eastbound after nearly a year of avoiding AA, and noticed a downgrade in catering. Other than the soup, the food on Lucky’s flight was no better than business class food. I mean, seriously, hummus in First??? And the beverage selection is embarrassing.

    No wonder it was so easy to upgrade to J, where this used to be a difficult upgrade. Think maybe business flyers are voting with their wallet?

  36. @ ILDC — It’s a nice enough walk-up bar in business class, though I was quite full between the two meals on such a short flight, so didn’t partake in it on this sector.

  37. Great trip report. Lots of detail and pictures as always.

    I really like AA’s 77W in both business class and first. In fact on such a short trip between New York and London, I find the upgrade hardly worth it and would not waste the miles/SWU for the ugprade. I am surprised that they use this aircraft on this route especially considering its short length. I was on a flight from JFK-LHR and we did a sub 6 hour flight time. I can definitely slum it out in business class for that short of a time – even if it has the slanted seats which it looks like AA has pretty well eliminated now on the JFK-LHR routes.

    The appetizer and drinks look like a little bit of a disappointment. I had that humus in J and it was terrible. Also what is with the scotch selection? UGH. I agree and quite like the champagne though.

  38. Just flew NRT-LAX on the 777-200 in FC. Sure my experience was distorted by having flown over in SQ Suites Class, but really, the AA flight was pathetic. The “steak” was cooked to death, the FAs disinterested, the beverages poor. Once dinner was served the FAs retreated to the galley, and getting an after dinner Port required walking to the Galley and asking for it. Deplaning, they didn’t hold back the passengers in J, and FC had to fight their way thru them. Really a very sorry excuse for FC. Sadly, will be flying AA FC again in July, since I snagged 2 FC TATL award seats in Saver, and can’t bring myself to pay for Anytime with someone else. But not looking forward to that flight at all. Had two short haul flights on CX J on this last trip, and CX J was night and day superior to AA Int FC.

  39. Lucky

    I am schedule to fly on 777-300 LAX to LHR on F. I also have choice of doing ORD to LHR on BA 747-400 on F. Which one should I take? I know that for BA I have to pay fuel charge. I do have BA on F for return LHR to ORD. Thanks

  40. Ben my same thoughts on AA soft service in first and business. They need to upgrade ASAP. They are investing billions on hard product and nothing on the soft. An airline making money now, they need to take care of this things with the high competition out there.
    Was going to send a message to AA but I coulnt be bothered. Now they can read yours!!!
    Very good review!!!!

  41. Gotta disagree on this one Ben. We just came back from 2 weeks in Brazil that started and ended with AA F round-trip DFW-GRU. Fantastic flights in both directions with attentive, helpful, friendly crews. Food was good but not great, but we really loved the seats/desk/wi-fi/entertainment. Felt really lucky to have gotten these seats at the saver level after TAM cancelled first-class on the flights from JFK that we had booked. Flying the same aircraft and cabin this summer DFW-LHR and can’t wait. I’ve also flown BA F and found the AA flights at least as good and a heckuva lot cheaper considering the BA fuel surcharge.

  42. The soft product is part of country culture. If it equals to other favorable first class airlines, the airline name “American” will be definitely removed.
    And don’t anyone see the working seat and desk to referred by Air Force One?

  43. So I was considering AA first to Europe in the fall but now not so sure I want use those miles on a first product not so different than their biz class. Can you use AA miles to book Cathay Pacific to Europe?

  44. @ Carlos — It’s tough to beat the nonstop flight out of LAX, and given the lack of fuel surcharges, I’d definitely go with it.

  45. Is it worth the extra miles for first class or would I be better suited to just fly business if they are not all that different?

  46. @ Adam — To Europe? While there’s not much of a difference, it is “only” 12,500 miles more. So it might be worth it just for the better lounge access, check-in, and everything else being slightly better all around. That’s assuming you can find saver level award space, which is really tough to find on the 777-300ER.

  47. Gotcha! Any suggestions as to other airlines first product to Europe that don’t cost fuel surcharges?

  48. You almost lost me at “my delicious nuts.”

    There’s a lot to like it seems, but a poor food is just the wet sock to ruin the whole thing.

  49. pitiful. US Airways served the same meals, menu, everything in Envoy class when I flew from CDG-PHL in January. The food was so ghastly and inedible. The only thing different on the menu in your case was the addition of soup. The flatbread was so horrible.

  50. @greg99 — Delta serves pre-departure beverages in glass in Delta One (née BusinessElite).

  51. While the Legacy American carriers complain about Gulf Carriers
    They could go a lot further in making their premium cabins desirable for many premium passengers
    Putting dried out crap on a plate in stingy portions isn’t going to get the most premium discerning travelers unless its actually good/decent.
    I don’t need a shower on board.
    I don’t need seventeen wines I
    do need a quality experience without low end catering and dried out disgusting food hidden in a pool of sauce to try and add moisture to not choke in mid air.

    From the water logged possibly frozen and thawed strawberries in the dessert, the boing salads and the even the poor brands of water I feel sorry for American they will never be a leader in premium cabins
    Id rather have a ham sandwich or a turkey wrap on bard then eat the poor crap American believes its premium passenger’s want to dine on
    Say what you want but I highly suggest to the corporate brass to go see how Qantas operates its Neil Perry food service. Talk about brilliant! I ate better from Sydney to Melboune in Busienss class than AA on an international route.LHR to Melbourne was nothing less than breathtaking
    Its starts with beautiful loaves of freshly baked bread with a good crust and food in the air that tastes as good as any you have on the ground.
    A perfect minestrone soup a great main course and beautiful salads. Even if American could get half way there it would be vastly better than the crap they offer today.
    Id say domestic trans cons in business class on American 15 years ago was better then first class international now
    They had Hagen Daz ice cream for dessert
    For that reason you wont find me on their planes when I want to pay for Premium travel
    They are fooling only those that don’t know the difference or truly don’t care or too drunk to know the difference
    Ever here of Perrier water?Pellegrino? Yes Cathay Pacific and Emirates offer it on board
    Crystaline water.Where do they find such low end penny pinching brands
    It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad to watch them destroy their very only business model that could be trhe envy in the sky with some effort
    I wish them well but I will be on International carriers
    No sympathy at the next bankruptcy down the road and downturn.
    You get what you deserve in life

  52. Hi Lucky,

    I am slightly confused about AA F on the 777. Thinking of MIA-LAX where AA uses a 777(200?) it has the new Business which is the F on the 321T but the old 90s F which is quite poor. Is that correct? Is there no intention to put new F on these 777-200? Or do they plan to rip out all the F seats on these and replace with new J?

    Doesn’t this mean that new J is better than old F on this route?



  53. I noticed that your menu items are IDENTICAL to the flight I just took over the weekend on US Airways CDG > CLT in Business (agree with your review too, hummus blah, salad blah, fish was actually quite nice). I’ve taken several flights in US BC and would argue, based on your review, that’s it’s almost the same service, amenity kit and PJ’s notwithstanding. US’s Enovy product is pretty damn good if I do say so, and far cheaper than AA FC.

    I’ve noticed some good AA FC deals using my AA miles lately, but will rethink using them on anything but Business Class.

  54. @ Lucky — Sorry, hun, but morel mushroom soup is never canned. It’s impossible because the mushrooms are harvested in a short period in the spring time, and I know of no company that has “canned” morel soups. The most I can say to support your assertion that the soup you had was canned is to say that the morels you had might not have been as “fresh” because they were perhaps dried and rehydrated and then added to the soup base. From the sound of it, you haven’t eaten at Daniel, Per Se, or Jean-Georges, or frankly any 3 Michelin star properties…

  55. Are we supposed to respect the opinion of a twenty something who considers “Frozen” to be top quality entertainment? SERIOUSLY?!

  56. I’ll add another note here. The bedding offered by BA is more plush, which probably appeals to most folks. However BA aircraft always seem too warm for me, it makes it difficult for me to sleep. AA aircraft are cooler. Along with the lighter bedding I find it easier to sleep on AA’s planes.

  57. Having read this I’m not sure whether to fly business or first from Sydney to LA next week. There seems a distinct lack of premium brands in the beverage offerings and I’m hoping the food choices have improved since you wrote this. Did I miss the comments on the comfort of the seat? I last flew Qantas business on that route.

  58. Lucky, I belie you can lower, at least the aisle side arm rest, by lifting that silver handle on the arm rest, then pushing the arm rest down

  59. Not a fan of the swivel seats, for the sole reason that if they were fixed they could be larger & especially wider.

  60. These swivel seats are a ridiculous waste of space. The “plonked down in an office cubicle” look is not what i expect on a trans oceanic flight in first class. Who are these first class worker bees who must sit at a desk in flight, they can’t use a laptop in a reclined position? are SIngapore, Cathay, Qantas and Emirates mistaken for filling their FC suites with $12k per flight worth of bed-width? AA missed a huge opportunity to be the FC of choice among US carriers. Dumb.

  61. The new AA business hard product is great. Service and food offerings need work. Particularly LA -Sydney. Champagne prior to take off in plastic.

  62. I only fly American’s F when I am nonreving. I can’t imagine anyone paying full price for such a lackluster Intl First Class.
    One World in general (in my opinion) is severely lagging with regards to First Class

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