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After a couple of nights at the perfectly functional Radisson Blu Scandinavia Copenhagen, it was time to head over to the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen, which is generally more highly rated.

For our two night stay the rate was either 1595DKK (~$240) or 50,000 Gold Points per night.


Since I have the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card, the second night of every award redemption is free. That means my two night would only cost me 50,000 points. That’s a heck of a deal, given that it would have otherwise cost me almost $500 for the two night stay.

The Radisson Blu Royal really is in the heart of the city, as it’s right across from the central train station and Tivoli Gardens, which is the second oldest amusement park in the world.

From the exterior the Radisson Blu Royal looks a bit more modern than the Radisson Blu Scandinavia, though still looks rather corporate and drab.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen exterior

The lobby lacked natural light (which I suppose in many ways is true of Northern Europe in general 😉 ). Check-in was located on the left side of the lobby, while the lobby bar was located on the right side of the lobby.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen lobby

There was a spiral staircase in the middle of the lobby.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen lobby

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen reception

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen lobby

I was checked in by the duty manager, who was lovely. He thanked me for my loyalty as a Gold member (hah!) and informed me I had been upgraded to a high floor room facing Tivoli Gardens.

I took the (tiny) elevator up to the 16th floor, where my room was located. I could tell that this hotel felt a bit “fresher” than the one we previously stayed at, based on the hallways alone.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen hallway

I was assigned room 1610, which was to the left and at the end of the hallway when getting off the elevator.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen hallway

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen floorplan

The room was fine — certainly not exciting, though it did feel a bit more modern, fresher, and less dorm-roomy than the Radisson Blu Scandinavia. The hotel proudly boasts how it was designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. He died over 40 years ago, which I guess explains a lot.

Anyway, upon entering the room there was a bathroom to the left and closet to the right.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room entrance

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room entrance

The room was roughly the same size as in the last hotel. It featured a comfortable bed with just two pillows, which faced a flat screen TV on top of a closet.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room TV

There were two “swan and egg” chairs by the window, and across from them was a good size desk.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room seating area

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room desk

So the view from the room was really freaking cool. It looked out directly over Tivoli Gardens, which is where some of the fireworks were on New Years Eve. As I mentioned above, it’s the second oldest amusement park in the world, so it’s as charming and “old world” as you’d expect it to be. It reminded me a bit of the days when I was obsessed with the game “Roller Coaster Tycoon.”

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room view

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room view

Back near the entrance was the minibar.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room minibar

The bathroom was simple, though at least the tiling in there added a bit of style. The bathroom featured a sink, toilet, and shower/tub combo.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room bathroom

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room shower

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room shower

Toiletries were once again provided by This Works.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room toiletries

The one thing worth noting is that there was quite a bit of damage on the shower/tub, and it didn’t seem like they made any effort to fix it or cover it up.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen room bathtub damage

Unlike at the previous hotel, I was proactively offered a Gold welcome amenity (thanks to my Club Carlson Visa Card), which consisted of a bottle of water, fruit, some chocolate covered nuts, and snack mix.

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen Gold welcome amenity

Wifi was complimentary for all guests, and was legitimately high speed. I’ve actually found that to consistently be the case at Radisson Blu properties, even when they’re not otherwise that nice.

While breakfast wasn’t included in my rate, I actually ate in the hotels both mornings. That’s because I was up super early both days, and cafes in Copenhagen don’t seem to open until a more “reasonable” hour.

One morning I had room service breakfast. I was most thrilled about the fact that it came with the biggest pot of coffee I’ve ever seen.

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen room service breakfast

Then the second morning we had breakfast in the restaurant, which was quite decent as well. It cost 156DKK (~$23) per person, which wasn’t horrible given how expensive Copenhagen is.

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen restaurant breakfast

The buffet had a great spread, both hot and cold.

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen restaurant breakfast buffet

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen restaurant breakfast buffet

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen restaurant breakfast buffet

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen restaurant breakfast buffet

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen restaurant breakfast buffet

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen restaurant breakfast buffet

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen restaurant breakfast buffet

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, the hotel’s gym is actually a fitness club, just like at the other Radisson Blu. That means it’s a nice gym, though the downside is that hours are limited.

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen gym hours

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel bottom line

Was the hotel luxurious? No. But it was clean, functional, had a great location, and the employees I interacted with were all friendly. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again if I were in Copenhagen, since you really can’t beat paying a total of 50,000 points for a two night stay, thanks to the Club Carlson Visa Card.

I’d definitely pick the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel over the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel when I return.

Have you stayed at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel? If so, what was your experience like?

  1. I could tell that this hotel felt a bit “fresher” than the one we previously stayed at, based on the hallways alone.”

    Especially if they’ve just vacuumed the place!

  2. i think after your two reviews North Korean hospitals have probably nicer decor than Danish hotels.

  3. It certainly doesn’t have the location of the place but the Crowne Plaza out closer to the airport is an amazing hotel with an excellent lounge. It’s close to the train system so getting in and out of downtown is actually very quick.

  4. Stayed in this hotel as well and pretty much agree with your review. Just an additional FYI — for those who don’t want to get the visa, it’s pretty easy to status match to Club Carlson from any hotel chain and it isn’t lifetime either (so you can do it over and over again).

  5. I would highly recommend next time you book a Royal Club room. Yes, it´s 75K points per night so much more than the standard room, but I find it well worth it. You will get a corner room (windows both sides so excellent views and lots of natural light) on a high floor with more space, and amenities such a Nespresso machine, premium movies and things you usually find in Radisson business class rooms in Europe. The best part is you have breakfast included in the amazing Alberto K dining space on the 20th floor with excellent view (and natural light, which I enjoy for breakfast), this is a much more exclusive setting with admission only for Royal Club and suite guests, meaning it is peaceful and relaxing. It really feels like a different hotel.

  6. I am a bit surprised that you have missed the target so badly with the details. The hotel may seem simplistic and lack the glitz and glamour of UEA et al airlines, but that was the probably the point when Jacobsen designed the hotel. And I agree, things like the cheezy wall behind the bed doesn’t help. But the details all around the hotel are a reason for many to book a stay there. It is not my favorite hotel in CPH, but I’d gladly put some Egg chairs (seen in your pics from the lobby) and also Swan (by the window in your room) or even the Ant chairs (by the desk) in my luggage. You’d probably be surprised how much they cost when buying originals. Heck, even the room service coffee pot would earn you nicely on eBay. However, it should not about the money per se, these are just some design classics to be found there. But slapping on a hefty price tag helps as then even the Yankees get it :).

    A question – why do trip reports in the pipeline for your trip to CPH and back to London? With Ryanair or Easyjet, perhaps?

  7. @ Samuel001 — And I don’t deny that, but it’s simply not my style. We all like different styles, and I respect if other people like the style. But it’s not my cup of tea (or pot of coffee, as the case may be).

  8. @ view — I actually wanted to, but unfortunately it was sold out for the nights I was there.

  9. interesting. I was there 2 weeks ago and received free breakfast since I am gold member. I did not receive an upgrade though, so that may have played in it as well. And yes the breakfast was amazing enjoyed every second of it. 🙂

  10. I stayed here in September, possibly in the same room. The bathroom was gross and had a bug problem. I took a video of the bugs just to remember to avoid next time.

  11. Still a bit puzzled – how did you travel from London to Copenhagen and back? Familiar routing for me, so would be nice to hear your take on the alternative of your choice.

  12. @ view has it right. If you book both Club rooms on the end, they can be opened up as a suite.

    Of course, if you really want to go all-out, stay at the Nimb, inside Tivoli. 14 rooms, extraordinary spaces, marvelous restaurant. It just doesn’t work for points hounds. Sometimes, it’s really worth going out-of-program.

  13. @ Samuel001 – Lucky took BA Club World between London and Copenhagen, and I’m also a bit bummed that he didn’t review the new Club World product, but I think it’s due to time restraints (Lucky, when are you posting your Doha+Dubai/Portugal+Iceland trip reports?).

  14. This hotel from the outside reminds me of the Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz, its a very good hotel but the interior of the park in seems superior than the Radisson Blu Royal.

  15. Lucky, the style may not be to your taste, but the hotel itself is iconic, and Arne Jacobsen was a hugely influential modern architect/designer worldwide, not just in Denmark. This hotel, which started life as the SAS Royal Hotel (google it and google Arne Jacobsen) was unique in that he designed not only the building but also the furnishings and fittings, down the the smallest details, as an integrated whole. Back in 1956 that was unheard of. I think it’s great that Radisson is trying to keep it as close to the original as possible. When I stayed there in March, I loved the quirkiness of the mid-century modern decor.

  16. I agree that based on the pics the décor does look a bit dated but we have to remember that Jacobsen designed the furniture years ago and the pieces are still is highly sought after by modern furniture fans. I like Samuel01 would like a set of each of those chairs in front of the window ASAP.

  17. Haha snap! I stayed there about five months ago and was in that exact room!! 😀 Loved the view of Tivoli Gardens as well.

    On my second night (as sadly no Club Carlson Visa for us non-Americans!) I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Airport – excellent place, great lounge and really good value for money with easy train line access and free shuttle bus to the airport the next morning.

  18. Ha! I was just here over Labor Day and got the exact same room. I actually preferred the Scandinavia a bit, due to the gorgeous views.

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