All US Routes Will Soon Feature Qatar Airways Qsuites

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Qatar Airways will be hitting a very exciting milestone as of August 1, 2020, assuming things don’t change. As of that date, all US routes should feature Qsuites.

Basics Of Qatar Airways Qsuites

Qsuites is Qatar Airways’ exceptional business class product, which debuted in June 2017. The airline has been working on rolling out this new product throughout much of their fleet.

What makes Qsuites so great is that the seats are private and well designed, with doors, ample storage, and finishes that feel really high end.

Qatar Airways Qsuites

Which Planes Feature Qsuites?

In addition to newly delivered planes featuring Qsuites, the airline has also been working on retrofitting the new seats on existing planes. As it stands:

Select Qatar Airways 777s feature Qsuites

All US Routes Will Finally Feature Qsuites

As of August 1, 2020, all Qatar Airways flights to the US are scheduled to feature Qsuites. As of now the airline shows the following Qsuites equipped aircraft on each route:

  • Atlanta will be operated daily with a 777-200LR
  • Boston will be operated daily with a 777-300ER
  • Chicago will be operated daily with a 777-300ER
  • Dallas will be operated daily with an A350-1000
  • Houston will be operated daily with an A350-1000
  • Los Angeles will be operated daily an A350-1000
  • Miami will be operated daily with an A350-1000
  • New York will be operated twice daily with an A350-1000
  • Philadelphia will be operated daily with a 777-300ER
  • Washington will be operated daily with a 777-300ER

Qatar Airways Qsuites

For that matter, all North America routes will feature Qsuites, because their flight to Montreal (which is their only other route to North America) features Qsuites as well:

  • Montreal will be operated 4x weekly with a 777-300ER

I would note that this of course remains subject to change. While the schedule and seatmaps officially reflect the above, the airline hasn’t made a formal announcement of this milestone, and aircraft changes in advance, and even last minute equipment swaps, remain possible.

What has been standing in the way of Qatar Airways finally offering Qsuites on all US routes? Up until now most US routes have features Qsuites, with two exceptions:

  • Atlanta hasn’t featured Qsuites, though as of May 1, 2020, the route shows all flights being operated by a 777-300ER with Qsuites
  • Miami hasn’t featured Qsuites, though as of August 1, 2020, the route shows all flights being operated by an A350-1000 with Qsuites

Qatar Airways Qsuites

Bottom Line

While this can always change in the next several months, it’s exciting to see that as of now all US routes will feature Qsuites by August 1, 2020. This is happening as Atlanta gets Qsuites as of May, and Miami gets Qsuites as of August.

I do wonder if we might see the airline switch around planes a bit so that they can formally announce all US routes featuring Qsuites as of an earlier date. That’s some exciting product consistency that will have been about three years in the making.

  1. @niko_jas
    Unfortunately it won’t happen as a lot of Central/Eastern European routes are operated by A320 narrowbody aircraft without QSuite.

    @Qatar Airways
    Well done! Excellent product, fast rollout, happy customers!

  2. @ stevo — Not really, in my experience. The A350 cabin feels more spacious due to lack of overhead bins in the center area, and the A350 is also quieter and has a tail camera. But otherwise not much of a difference.

  3. i’d say thats even more impressive when you consider united still doesnt have the real polaris business class seats on a lot of their routes but maybe i’m missing something there

  4. Wow, this is great news! Interesting that Qatar is putting such a large plane on the PHL route, I have heard that there are always plenty of open seats on that route.

  5. I read an article last year in 2019 that said that Qatar will start flying into San Francisco in 2020. Any more news on this front?

  6. Very interesting that LAX will be served with a 350-1000 not the 777 series. If I’m correct this has only recently become possible due to the recent range boost for at least one variant of the 350-1000. But (if I’m correct a second time, which may be stretching my luck), that extended range still isn’t enough for QR’s longest flight which is AKL-DOH.

    I flew the 350-1000 in Q Suites from DOH to SIN and back in October. A wonderfully smooth and quite in-cabin experience, loved facing backward looking into one of the engines (seat 5K if I recall).

  7. Do not fly this terrorism-funded airline. QSuites is also highly overrated – many bloggers were paid to be positive about this product. Do not believe the hype.

  8. @John
    Please stop this nonsense.
    QSuite is an awesome product. And Qatar Airways is a very good airline.

  9. @Sharon

    Qatar flew the 777-300 on the PHL last year for the summer granted it didn’t have Qsuites at the time. I know many stated this route wouldn’t last going on 6 years now but it’s holding it’s own.

  10. QSuite is the best business class product by far. I agree that the A350 is quieter and appears more spacious due to removal of middle baggage compartment. And it’s not terrorism funded but oil funded. They could, however, add more choices to the a la cart dining menu. That’s a little behind Emirates. Otherwise, all round success.

  11. Yay! It’s anti-Qsuites @John again, though interesting to see this time that he’s not attacking the airline for being “pro-terrorism” but is now hinting that Lucky has taken bribes to over-praise Qsuites. WTAF?

    @Lucky: so what are the different roll-out speeds for different airlines’ new J products? You kept telling us that BA would be “very slow” although you didn’t ever quantify that, and it actually seems to me to be among the fastest. United seems to have just given up on Polaris. Lufthansa hasn’t even started. Qatar seems to be doing ok. KLM is just introducing new seats with new planes, and not retrofitting (I think?). AF, TK, EK, etc, can’t be bothered to have a consistent fleet. And so on?

  12. Today, there are 8 articles on OMAAT.
    Six of the eight are about (US) credit cards. 75% of total output, in other words.
    Too much, way too much Ben!

  13. Oh, John, chill. Q-suites are, by far, the BEST J seat I’ve flown. And QR has the best cabin service hands down of any OW airline. I’m a customer, not a blogger. Flew DOH-AKL twice last year, and have experienced the Q-suite half a dozen times with great pleasure.

  14. I wish QR flew some a380 on US routes. The old reverse herringbone is a great seat and that great bar!

  15. @glenn t i agree, its annoying. i skip right thru all those credit card articles. but the man gotta secure his bag! haha

  16. While I agree that QSuites are very stylish and Qatar very good, am I the only one who doesn’t like flying backwards? Seems as if the best seats in QSuites are backwards facing.

  17. I’ve flown Q Suite a few times UK – Doha – SIN. It’s a good product, but:

    No gate to gate entertainment, as they insist on having the q suite welcome video on loop, which gets quite boring quite quick if you are early to board!

    The seat is *really* difficult to get in and out of once the table has been set for meal service, and crew seem reluctant to put the food (even snacks/ pastries) on the side table to allow you more space to move around – which I tend to find a bit annoying in my jet lagged state of wanting to snack on breakfast while preparing to land, and downright difficult the one time I needed to get out of my seat in a rush due to not feeling well.

  18. I just flew by A350-1000 Qsuites on the JFK-DOH-BOM route – felt spacious, has electronic shades, but the lavatories felt slightly smaller than in the 777-300ER, which I flew by while returning (BOM-DOH-JFK).

    Still, compared to other business class seats, Qsuites definitely standout in terms of service, etiquette, food amount and quality, turn down service, attention to details, comfort and cleanliness. I also don’t mind flying backwards, never had any issues.

  19. @Lukas I love flying backwards, would fly it everytime if it was available. for some reason it feels like i have more….privacy.

  20. What’s with the bagging on the Polaris rollout? Large number of 777-200s done (not sure their plans – are they leaving some in the 777 dencenecon config for the Hawaii flights?)… 777-300 and 787-10 delivered with them. 767-300 in progress with the 767-400s starting later in 2020 and the first 788/789s are in the shop now.

    In total, 6 aircraft are currently undergoing an upgrade right now, which seems like a large number to do at once… But I’m sure winter is the best time to take aircraft out of service to knock these out.

    It looks like at the end of this year, only the 767-400s and 789s will not be fully upgraded.

  21. @John
    I have flown Emirates.

    Their A380 J seat is fine, if aesthetically offensive with all that bling; but their 777 J seats are way behind other, better airlines.

    Seriously: Emirates introduces a brand-new J seat which has someone stuck in the middle with no direct aisle access? Qatar is in a different league, way above Emirates.

  22. Checking ORD to DOH in November 2020, and it appears like flights 725/726 are no longer showing a qsuite product. They are showing 2-2-2 where the windows don’t have direct aisle access. Have not been able to find any information as to why.

  23. @Lucky – It seems Qatar has placed old 777-300ERs without q suites on multiple routes to the US in the schedule late this year and next (IAD, BOS, ORD, etc). Have you heard anything about this? I wonder if this is just a mistake as the US routes were supposed to go 100% Q suites. I’d rather not have to position to PHL or JFK just to enjoy Q Suites!

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