Review: Qatar Airways Qsuites 777 New York To Doha

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My last trip report finished off with a TAP Air Portugal flight from Lisbon to Newark. That same day I flew from from New York JFK to Doha. I made my way to JFK, and then spent some time in the Flagship Lounge (or more specifically, the Flagship Bridge) prior to my flight.

My flight was departing from gate 16, which is one of the closest gates to the security checkpoint and Flagship Lounge, and boarding was scheduled for 8:20PM, which is 45 minutes before departure. I headed to the gate at around 8PM.

Qatar Airways departure gate JFK

Boarding actually began at 8:25PM, and boy was I excited to get on my Qsuites configured 777!!!

Qatar Airways 702
New York (JFK) – Doha (DOH)
Tuesday, January 9
Depart: 9:05PM
Arrive: 5:35PM (+1 day)
Duration: 12hr30min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 10K (Business Class)

At door L2 I was greeted by Angela, the lovely Filipino cabin manager, and escorted by another flight attendant to my seat. While I had seen pictures of the Qsuites cabin, you can’t really do justice to just how gorgeous the cabin is. During boarding it was tough to photograph due to a combination of the overhead bins being open (meaning there’s not much “clearance” above the seats), the dark lighting, and the bright TV monitors being on, but take my word for it that this cabin is stunning.

Qatar Airways Qsuites configured 777-300ERs feature a total of 42 business class seats, which rather impressively, is the same number of seats they had with their old configuration (and the cabin takes up the same footprint). The forward cabin has a total of 24 business class seats, while the rear cabin has a total of 18 business class seats. I assigned myself seat 10K, the window seat on the right side in the second to last row of the rear business class cabin.

Qatar Airways Qsuites cabin 777

There are several different seating configurations in Qsuites. Center seats in odd numbered rows are close to one another, and can be converted into a double bed. Unfortunately every seat was taken in business class on my flight, so I didn’t have a chance to try out this seating configuration. The good news is that if you’re in one of those seats and next to a stranger, there’s still a partition you can put up to maximize privacy.

Qatar Airways Qsuites middle seats

The other center seats are further from one another, though the cool thing is that you can create a four person suite if you have those two seats and the “honeymoon” seats.

There are two types of window seats. In rows 2, 4, 6, 9, and 11, the window seats are forward facing, and are closer to the aisle than the window. This means that the side console is closer to the windows. This wouldn’t be my preference, though I ended up in this type of seat on the return flight, so stay tuned for a full review of that.

Qatar Airways Qsuites seat 777

Then rows 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10 have the “true” window seats, which are rear facing, and which would be my first pick if flying alone in Qsuites.

Qatar Airways 777 Qsuites seat

Qatar Airways 777 Qsuites seat

I was worried Qsuites would feel a bit tight, but to my surprise the suite felt incredibly spacious. I felt like I was in first class rather than business class. The seat itself isn’t that wide, though you don’t feel claustrophobic given that there’s a storage compartment and little storage unit right next to the seat.

Qatar Airways Qsuites seat 777

Qatar Airways Qsuites seat 777

Then across from the seat was a large TV monitor, the tray table underneath the TV, and then a counter near the aisle.

Qatar Airways Qsuites seat 777

Qatar Airways Qsuites entertainment screen

Qatar Qsuites console

I was worried that the footwell would feel tight, which is probably my biggest issue with many business class seats. That wasn’t an issue at all here, and I found that I had plenty of room for my feet, both when in the upright and reclined positions.

Qatar Qsuites footwell

While there was a counter next to the seat, it had a gap of a few inches beneath it so that you could store things there during the flight. Then most of the seat and entertainment controls were there as well. That includes a handheld entertainment controller, 110v outlet, two USB outlets, headphone jack, and contactless payment (maybe they eventually hope to allow duty free payment with that?).

Qatar Qsuites entertainment & seat controls

Qatar Qsuites outlet & Apple Pay

Next to the seat was a storage compartment, which had a few different zoned areas. This is where the magazine pocket, bottled water, and headphones were located, though there was even more room to store things.

Qatar Qsuites storage compartment

There was a bottle of Evian water there, and also a pair of headphones, though I feel like that’s an area where Qatar Airways can improve, as their headphones are low quality.

Qatar Airways business class headphones & bottled water

This compartment could be closed, and in many ways became part of the rest of the seat, as you could comfortably put your head in this area while sleeping, if you wanted to.

Qatar Qsuites storage compartment

Next to the seat was a reading light and a hook for a coat.

Qatar Airways Qsuites lamp

The tray table easily slid out from underneath the entertainment console, and could be folded over in half.

Qatar Airways Qsuites tray table

My suite had two air nozzles, which I greatly value since I tend to get warm on planes. Far too many airlines don’t offer these.

Qatar Airways business class air nozzles

This is simply the most brilliant business class seat ever. Obviously it’s great because it has a door, so you have a lot of privacy. But that’s only the start of what I loved about the seat. What also impressed me was the incredible attention to detail with the style and functionality.

In terms of style, the seat finishes all felt so high quality. I found myself running my hand over everything, from the leather stitching next to the lamp, to the counter. I was also so impressed by how logically all the seat functions were designed. Sometimes you see a new seat introduced that’s sleek-looking, but you can’t help but wonder if the person who designed it has any experience actually flying in premium cabins. To give one example, all of the seat controls were so logically placed, as they were easily within reach, but weren’t so close that you could accidentally hit them with your elbow.

I only have one criticism of the seat, and it’s that I found the seat to be quite hard. It’s not so hard that it’s uncomfortable, but it isn’t quite as soft as I personally prefer.

There’s also one area where I feel like they could have gone over the top but didn’t. This is totally minor, but I think the cabin would have looked even more elegant if they had electronic shades that raise and lower, rather than the standard window shades. Some airlines offer that in first class, and since Qatar Airways is going for a first class feel with Qsuites, I think that would have been nice.

Qatar Airways also recently introduced new bedding, so at my seat were two pillows (a more substantial one, and a smaller one with an aviation-themed quote on it) as well as a soft and plush blanket, which is easily one of my five favorite business class blankets ever.

Qatar Airways business class pillows & blanket

Qatar Airways business class blanket

Qatar Airways offers first class levels of service in business class. A moment after settling in, the flight attendant taking care of me came by to introduce himself. His name was Charendar (apologies if I butchered the spelling of that), and he was from Sri Lanka. I find that service on Qatar Airways can be hit-or-miss, but this guy was phenomenal. He took a minute to familiarize me with my seat, and offered me a pre-departure drink of choice, and my choice of warm or cold towel. It had been a long day and my throat was a bit itchy, so I requested a mint tea and a warm towel, which was served moments later.

Qatar Airways business class pre-departure drink and warm towel

I was also presented with the menu, wine list, and snack platters list. The snack platters menu is something new for Qatar Airways, and it consists of (in some cases) bite-sized snacks that are available at any time. Interestingly they only have this feature on Qsuites configured aircraft, which I can’t really make sense of.

Qatar Airways business class menu & wine list

There was already an amenity kit at my seat on boarding, and I was also offered a pair of pajamas.

Qatar Airways business class amenity kit & pajamas

I selected a medium pair of pajamas from The White Company, which were comfortable. I was also given slippers.

Qatar Airways business class pajamas

The amenity kit was solid, and had eyeshades, socks, lip balm, body lotion, and more. All the other amenities you could possibly want are available in the lavatories.

Qatar Airways business class amenity kit

About 10 minutes after boarding, cabin manager Angela came by my seat to personally greet me, thank me for being a oneworld Emerald member, and to ask what I thought of the Qsuites.

I should also mention that Qatari composer Dana Al Fardan’s track was playing during boarding, which I could listen to all day. I just wish they had a longer clip of it on YouTube.

At 8:55PM the captain made his welcome aboard announcement, informing us of our flight time of 11hr40min, and our cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. At this point some drama erupted with the lady in front of me. Traveling together was a lady, her daughter, and her granddaughter (who was an infant). The grandmother was booked in business class, while the daughter was booked in economy. However, the grandmother wanted to give her business class seat to the daughter so she could have more space with her baby.

The problem is that there’s an infant fee (typically about 10% of the cost of the ticket), and they had only paid that fee for the infant to travel in economy. So the airline was correct for trying to enforce that (or get the fare difference), but both of them lost it. I’m not sure how that was resolved in the end.

By 9:15PM an announcement was made that all customers were onboard, and five minutes later the main cabin door was closed (with every seat on the plane occupied). 10 minutes after that we began our pushback, at which point the safety demo was screened. I loved seat 10K given that I was rear facing and had an unrivaled view of the gorgeous 777 engine. How cool is it to have this view without even having to turn your head around?

View prior to pushback at JFK

As we pushed back the safety demonstration was screened. Rather unusually (for JFK), we had a very quick taxi to our departure runway. During this time, the flight attendant came by my seat to take my meal order. Qatar Airways has full dine on demand, so you can order what you want when you want — I decided to have dinner right after takeoff, since I was looking forward to maximizing sleep on this flight.

By 9:50PM we were cleared for takeoff on runway 31L. The novelty of sitting backwards during takeoff hasn’t fully kicked in for me yet, so I always enjoy it.

View after takeoff from JFK

About 10 minutes after takeoff the seatbelt sign was turned off, at which point the crew came through the cabin to “unlock” the doors. There’s a special screwdriver they have with which they unlock them, and it only took a few minutes for them to get all seats done. Here’s what the door of the seat across from me looked like when closed. The doors can be opened and closed manually, though they’re really easy to slide, so anyone can easily do it with one hand.

Qatar Airways Qsuites door closed

Finally after takeoff I was able to get a better picture of the cabin, since the overhead bins were now closed.

Qatar Airways Qsuites cabin

30 minutes after takeoff the meal service began for me. The menu read as follows:

The snack menu read as follows:

The drink list read as follows:

To start I ordered a glass of the white champagne — specifically, Qatar Airways serves Lanson Black Label in business class. I was offered warm mixed nuts to go along with that.

Qatar Airways business class champagne & mixed nuts

After that my tray was set for the meal.

Qatar Airways business class dinner — table setting & amuse bouche

Qatar Airways has updated their tablewear with Qsuites, including a cool new water glass, and also a fake candle.

Qatar Airways business class dinner — candle & water glass

As usual, I was offered an individual breadbasket.

Qatar Airways business class dinner — breadbasket

There was also an amuse bouche, consisting of salmon, caviar, and a potato salad.

Qatar Airways business class dinner — amuse bouche

Next up was the soup, which was an excellent roasted butternut squash soups. Qatar Airways consistently nails soups.

Qatar Airways business class dinner — roasted butternut squash soup

Next I decided to order something from the snack platter menu, to see what that was like. I ordered the sweet potato falafel, which I enjoyed.

Qatar Airways business class dinner — sweet potato falafel

For the main course I ordered the paneer tikka masala with makhani sauce. YUM!

Qatar Airways business class dinner — paneer tikka masala with makhani sauce

Then for dessert I had the lime and coconut panna cotta.

Qatar Airways business class dinner — lime and coconut panna cotta

The meal was perfect. Qatar Airways crews work harder than the crews at any other airline in the world. They hustle so hard offering a customized meal to everyone, and unlike at other airlines, they never really get a break, due to the dine on demand nature of the meal. My entire meal was done about two hours after takeoff, and I enjoyed every course immensely. After the meal I asked to have my bed made, since I was tired at this point.

While my bed was made I headed to the bathroom. Qatar Airways has two huge bathrooms between the business class cabins on the 777 (there are more lavatories at the front of the cabin). Not only are Qatar Airways crews constantly hustling in the cabin, but I find that they consistently keep the bathrooms in pristine condition. The only other airline that is as good with bathrooms is Singapore Airlines, in my experience.

Qatar Airways business class lavatory 777

Qatar Airways business class lavatory 777

Qatar Airways business class lavatory amenities

The turndown service on Qatar Airways is a bit different than on other airlines. They leave your seat upright but just put a mattress sheet on it, as it just slides over the top of the seat. That makes sense, since a lot of people might want to get comfortable before actually sleeping. It’s also cute that they even put a pillowcase on the pillow that’s at your seat during boarding.

Qatar Airways Qsuites bedding

Qatar Airways Qsuites bed

I couldn’t wait to close the door to my business class suite. Ah, how lovely!

Qatar Airways Qsuite with door closed

The bed was wide and spacious, and I didn’t have any issues with being able to sleep with my knees bent, which was my fear when I first saw this configuration. My one complaint about the bed is that it’s on the hard side. Earlier I said that the seat was hard, so I feel like Qatar Airways should maybe offer a more plush mattress pad. I didn’t find the seat uncomfortably hard, though I would have certainly preferred if it were softer.

Qsuites cabin 777

I slept extremely well, and got close to seven hours of sleep. When I woke up we were about 2hr40min from arrival in Doha, flying over Turkey.

Airshow enroute to Doha

Airshow enroute to Doha

Airshow enroute to Doha

View over Turkey

I should mention that the entertainment system was broken for the first few hours of the flight. The crew was extremely apologetic (the cabin manager even came to my seat and said “I know you paid a lot of money for your ticket, I am so embarrassed,” I said “it’s alright, don’t worry about it,” and she responded with “no, it is not alright”). However, when I woke up the system was working properly again.

Qatar Airways inflight entertainment

Qatar Airways has one of the best entertainment selections in the sky. The only system I prefer is Emirates’ ICE system.

Qatar Airways entertainment selection

Qatar Airways entertainment selection

I decided to watch “Victoria and Abdul.” While not a movie that would usually be up my alley, I thought it was excellent.

Qatar Airways entertainment selection

I also later watched some “Fresh Off The Boat.”

Qatar Airways entertainment selection

While Qatar Airways’ 777s with Qsuites have wifi installed, they’re only now in the process of getting it switched on, so unfortunately my flight didn’t have wifi.

Upon waking up I ordered my favorite Qatar Airways drink, the saffron karak chai, and was offered a box of Godiva chocolates to go along with it.

Qatar Airways business class drink — karak chai and Godiva chocolates

Just over two hours before landing I decided to order breakfast. I was served about 15 minutes after placing my order.

To start I had a cappuccino, banana and coconut smoothie, and greek yogurt with cherry compote and toasted granola with nuts. I was also offered a breadbasket, but said no to that.

Qatar Airways business class breakfast — smoothie, yogurt parfait, and cappuccino

Qatar Airways business class breakfast — yogurt parfait

For the main course I had the cheddar cheese omelet with grilled chicken sausage.

Qatar Airways business class breakfast — omelet

About an hour before landing the crew started to turn up the lights in the cabin.

Qsuites cabin 777

40 minutes before landing the captain announced that we’d start our descent within the next 10 minutes. Moments later the crew began their pre-landing preparations. Qatar Airways consistently prepares the cabin for landing super early, which I find sort of annoying, since you already have to put your seat upright and open all window shades. As we descended Angela came by to thank each business class passenger for flying Qatar Airways, and get feedback on Qsuites.

As we descended, the Qatar Airways “No Borders, Only Horizons” ad was screened throughout the cabin.

I spent the entire descent looking out the window, as the views of the sunset were gorgeous.

Sunset approaching Doha

View approaching Doha

Our descent (and entire flight, for that matter) was smooth, and we touched down at Hamad International Airport at 5:25PM.

Touchdown Doha

Taxiing Doha Airport

From there we had a short five minute taxi to our arrival stand, where we arrived at 5:30PM. I find it disappointing how often flights arrive and depart from remote stands at Hamad International Airport, given how new the airport still is. I thought it was the build with future growth in mind? It reminds me of the old Doha Airport.

On the plus side, being so close to a shiny new 777 is also pretty cool…

Qatar Airways 777 upon arrival in Doha

Qatar Airways 777 upon arrival in Doha

On the plus side, at least Qatar Airways consistently has separate premium cabin buses, so you don’t have to wait forever or be too crowded. The drive to the terminal took just a few minutes.

Bus to terminal at Doha Airport

Qatar Airways Qsuites bottom line

I had high hopes for Qatar Airways’ new Qsuites, but the experience exceeded even my highest expectations. Before Qsuites was introduced, I already argued that Qatar Airways has the world’s best business class. They have an incredible soft product, with dine on demand, excellent food, great champagne, top notch coffee drinks, pajamas, amenity kits, and much more. When you get a good crew on Qatar Airways (as I had on this flight), their business class is the best in the world, and feels a lot like first class.

But now that they have this incredible new seat they’ve just widened the gap between them and any other competitors. Qsuites is not only a spacious and private concept, but it’s also clear that they put thought into every last detail. Qatar Airways hit it out of the park with Qsuites.

While I know long time readers know this, for anyone who is new to the blog or finding this review through Google, let me emphasize that I paid cash for my business class ticket. This isn’t a paid review, I didn’t tell the airline I was on the flight for review purposes, and for that matter I’ve been highly critical of Qatar Airways in the past.

But they’ve truly revolutionized business class with their new Qsuites. Amazing job, Qatar Airways. After flying Qsuites it’s tough to go back to any other business class.

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  1. Seems to be a thing now that people with infants only fly business. Oh well. Guess we all don’t have to sleep on overnight flights anymore.
    Had the soothing sounds of a crying misbehaving 2.5yr old from MEL to DOH for 14+ hours. That was great.
    No one got ANY sleep. The whole cabin. Especially the parents sitting right with the child. But hey – those are the perks of an expat where the employer pays for Business Class flights home, aye.

  2. I might be missing something… but isn’t that just standard contactless payment rather than specifically Apple Pay?

  3. Lucky wrote: “they’ve truly revolutionized business class with their new Qsuites. Amazing job, Qatar Airways. After flying Qsuites it’s tough to go back to any other business class.”


    Qatar now gets all my business travelling east from Europe: the combination of Qsuites on the 777 and their A350 J is unbeatable.

  4. I liked my QSuite between DOH-LHR a couple of weeks ago. However, the fact I could not be connected and send work emails before a meetingI was heading to in London was quite annoying. Also, the suite is quite cramped – surely lots of bling but when you close that door boy it feel claustrophobic.

    I think this will only make it harder for many airlines to justify a first class cabin, with consequent further improvements in the business cabin that will undoubtedly come at the cost of service.

  5. Great review! This looks like great product. Having flown their A350 in J and having been impressed, this looks like a step up even from that. The remote stand thing at DOH is such a puzzler. Brand new airport they spent billions on, and they still don’t have enough gates for a 777 from New York to get a jet bridge? I don’t get it.

  6. “Sometimes you see a new seat introduced that’s sleek-looking, but you can’t help but wonder if the person who designed it has any experience actually flying in premium cabins. To give one example, all of the seat controls were so logically placed, as they were easily within reach, but weren’t so close that you could accidentally hit them with your elbow.”

    It’s okay, you can say Singapore Airlines and their new A380 business class

  7. I might have missed it in another post, but what did you pay for this flight Lucky? Or did you redeem points?

  8. No comment on whether you liked the champagne?!? Just kidding, great review, Lucky. Hoping to try it for my honeymoon coming up.

  9. @CS We have twice travelled to Europe and ME in business with our 1yr old and YES it is worth it for a little one to spread out. On your flight if the child was loud the whole time blame the parents but donMt jade the rest of us because you feel we shouldn’t be there. I pay for my family’s tix same as others and my little one isn’t cramped and uncomfortable for 10+ hours

  10. “After the meal I asked to have my bed made, since I was tired at this point.”

    @Lucky – When is turn down service (and mattress pad) offered on QR? Does it depend on the flight time, when the flight is departing, etc.?

  11. I am very impressed! Given that this is clearly the world’s best business class product, I’d be interested to hear how you think it stacks against some first class products. For instance, BA is often touted as “the world’s best business class product,” and I certainly understand that having flown BA F several times. But how would Qsuites stack up against BA F?

    Interesting that the pajamas are from The White Company. BA’s new Club World bedding is also from The White Company.

    Lanson Black Label is a respectable Champagne choice. It’s cheaper than Veuve Clicquot NV or Taittinger NV, but I prefer Lanson Black Label to either for the same reason I love Krug and Bollinger–I love the nutty, oxidative nose and palate.

  12. Only hassle flying with them now is cost- the flights to Edinburgh are way more expensive than London and this is fairly new. Emirates to Glasgow Beats them every time on cost,so reluctantly have to consider that cost difference, and if too great it’s bling instead of Qsuites. This pricing discrepancy on destinations in same country not too far apart kind of extends to other destinations close together in different countries and I am sure there is a reason( tax perhaps in different nations but not in same). Other airline nes don’t seem to excessive a difference. Still this has been happening for decades and I change airlines as it does.

  13. @ Lucky,
    Can’t wait to fly them later this week, same route in reverse. Everybody makes fun of Akbar Al Baker (including you, pretty funny micro-video, by the way), but one has to decide what one wants: OK, the man refuses delivery of imperfectly fitted planes, OK, providing good service is part of the FA’s contract and obligations, BUT THERE IS THE RESULT !

    In the meantime, the man manages to suppress at minimum cost the rebellion of the 3 US majors who fight hard to keep providing sh*t service at maximum price. He is VERY smart.

    Napoleon, who was about the same size, was also impossible. That’s called Leaving a legacy.

  14. Lucky, you can enjoy Dana Al Fardan’s music during the entire flight, since her album Sandstorm is available in the QR AVOD (Audio -> Western -> Classical), including the QSuite music and the official Hamad International Airport theme “The Beginning”.

  15. @Brooklyn Boy – That’s the reality for BA, even their supposedly premier (First) offering wouldn’t even make it into the top 10 Business Class offerings

  16. A minor quibble, but Lanson bubbly seems low end for what is touted as a borderline first class product. Understandable that they aren’t serving a premier cru, but how about something in between, like a Veuve Cliquot vintage year, Roderer, or Bollys?

  17. You’d rather have electronically closing window blinds? Like the ones that didn’t work on my Qatar A350 flight last year where the cabin crew had to try and block out the light using menus?

  18. My 1-year old daughter has flown many times in Economy with no problems. I will be flying with her in Business Class in October for the first time. On the return in AA, the 10% fee will total about $520. Probably taking Swiss through Aeroplan on the outbound where I hear it’s only a $100 fee.

    Is AA the best way to book QSuites on Miles?

  19. Anyone have a list of champagne from high end to low end? If I am going to be pretend to be a snob i need to know what I am pretending about.

    Thanks much.

  20. Thanks for the review. It does look awesome. Unfortunately you found the seats to be hard. That is my opinion of the old 777 seats as well. No matter how shiny and new and novel if the seat is too hard to get a decent nights sleep the upgrade misses the mark for me.

  21. What’s the easiest way to book the QSuite using AAdvantage miles? I have been looking for QR701/702 but I have trouble finding open space since QR is not on expert flyer. Does anyone have any experience booking QSuite with miles? On a separate note, why do you need NFC in biz class is there anything you need to pay for. NFC would make more sense to me in eco class.

  22. “Infant fee?” When did that start in air travel? I don’t have kids so maybe I missed it, but babies in arms were free that last time I heard. What does the airline provide in exchange for this fee?

  23. @ Lucky: “To start I ordered a glass of the white champagne”
    FYI There is no such thing as “white champagne”: it is either “brut”, “demi-sec” or “Rosé”.

  24. @ Charlie
    There alreay was an Infant Fee on Panam in the 50’s. If you were a regular of “I love Lucy”, you would know that she boards a NY bound DC-6 in Nice with a 25 lbs cheese wrapped as a baby, in order to avoid the excess baggage fee. When she is told that on international routes, the infant fee is 10%, she and Ethel proceed to eat the whole thing.

  25. @ R B — Hah, last time I referred to the champagne as brut champagne, BrooklynBoy (accurately) commented the following:
    “@Lucky — I’ve seen you write something like this a few times so just a quick correction. “Brut” Champagne just means the Champagne is dry, i.e. it has fewer than 12 grams per liter of residual sugar after bottle fermentation. Rose Champagne is also often brut. So in this case you mean they offer both Blanc (white) and Rose (pink) Champagne. :)”

  26. @ Lucky: the French in me has never heard of ‘Champagne blanc’.
    “Blanc de Blancs” is used for high-end Champagne sometimes.
    Anyway…Keep up the good work.

  27. @Nick in Chicago: I think we all know we can’t generalize infants like that. I mean there is a family with small kids that travels to SFO from ZRH in SWISS F very often and their children behave perfectly. But then again there are situations like on my flight from Tokyo to Zurich in SWISS J with two infants (parents in F) with their nannies who had way too much champagne to care anymore. Those infants then strolled around in the cabin played with their lights and threw some of their toys and magazines around hitting some fellow passengers and generally keeping everybody awake. And this just makes me angry. On another occasion my suit was ruined by an infant who threw its food in my direction. (I LOVED THAT SUIT!). Because of that while I still try to be open minded, it doesn’t need much to get me and other people to annoyed and (falsy) generalizing that all infants are bad. It’s just a few times (in contrary to the dozen times where we had nice flights with or without them) but those times are remembered and therefore the issue is likely to be generalized even though we know better. So don‘t take it personally, but I hope you can see why we‘re so annoyed (sometimes).

    On another note: Does anybody know what that HDMI is for? like am I supposed to plug in my laptop and use the IFE screen as a second screen? (omg that would be so cool)

  28. @NickInChicago – so what you’re saying is that your screaming offspring has a right to destroy the flight for EVERYONE?

  29. @Petter Niklas:

    LOL at which point did I say that? Who is everyone by the way? Are you saying I shouldn’t fly at all because of the possibility my daughter may cry here and there?

  30. @Nick Art – point taken. Children are only bad and misbehave like you describe when their parents don’t care. We’re not in that class of parents and make it our priority to do everything possible to ensure our child doesn’t bother others.

  31. A major inconsistency re window shades. In the article where you claimed to be solar powered you said you prefer to have the window shades in the cabin up. Now you’re grumbling that all window shades are up too early?
    Thanks for the review. It was worth the wait.

  32. Absolutely CS. If you’re flying with an infant in economy then you are doing it wrong. More space, attentive attendants, shorter queues, several free bags, what’s a parent not to love about the forward cabins?

  33. I’m still jolted to see the arrival involving steps from the aircraft and a bus to the terminal.
    Lucky, it’s time to use your influence and tell us what’s going on at HAM/DOH.
    A brand new airport, and you’d think you were in Lisbon.

  34. Any concerns flying through Doha given current political issues in case of weather or mechanical problems – being able to fly out on another carrier?

  35. Great review Lucky, and it does look like the world’s best experience!

    Which reminds me – I need to make some changes in my career, to have business flights like this, for now I’m stuck with the intra-Europe short hops. I’m more a commuter than a flier 🙁

  36. It appears one of the pictures answers a question I had, but if someone could confirm I would appreciate it. Is it possible to make a “three person suite” in the middle? I read all about the four person suite, but is it possible to segment off one of the four seats so a party of just three can travel “together”?

  37. @ R B and Dave: Blanc de Blancs means that it is only made form white grape varieties, unlike regular blancs, which are made of a mix of white (most often Chardonnay) and red grape varieties (mostly Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier).

    Blanc de blancs are not necessarily made exclusively from Cardonnay, Pinot blanc or other white grape varieties may also be used, but Chardonnay will in most cases be the only or dominant variety.


    I get that your blog and lifestyle are all about reviewing airlines and their products and flying non stop around the universe, BUT here’s a thought:

    Instead of always doing back to back flights and only focusing on the flights themselves, why not start a trend of articles on this blog of “10 hours in Hong Kong” or “5 Must Do Things on a Layover in Singapore”? That way you’re not just flying flying flying without enjoying these amazing countries, and you expand in content for the blog and make it more fun. Let me know what you think.

    I already love this blog, but the rare times you write about your experience in a city outside of an airport lounge or an aircraft is a good breather.

  39. It would be nice if you spent more time reviewing other airlines besides Emirates and Qatar Airways. As readers we are overdosing on them. Time for something new please.

  40. Sir.. my travel agent in Sydney, Australia, Traveltoo, introduced me to your site/newsletter so this is the first time I have read you. I was interested in your review of the Qatar’s Qsuite. I noticed your comment about the entertainment system. I flew QR JFK/DOH and had three seat changes on the plane because the entertainment system didn’t work in each seat and I found the remote control to be very annoying and fiddly to use. BUT more than anything that frustrates me with Qatar is their ground service and the fact that they can’t handle matters if an issue arises, PLUS the fact that they are part of the One World (OW) Alliance and refuse to allow emerald status members of OW into their first class lounge if not actually flying first, something Qantas, BA, Cathay etc permit. QR’s business lounge is like a zoo. In the majority of cases QR doesn’t have a first cabin even if you wanted to fly it. Some may say BA only allows first passengers into the Concorde Lounge, so what’s the difference? The difference is that BA has an actual 1st lounge. To me, the Middle East airlines are all bling and no substance.

  41. @ Craig Garabel

    Yep, I’d agree with you: BA doesn’t let OWE into its Concorde Room, which is the *real* 1st class lounge at T5. Qatar has a similar system in Doha.

    But I’m not sure when “QR’s business lounge is like a zoo”. I’ve always found it calm, quiet and usually more than half-empty (didn’t Lucky recently post something about the Doha lounges being pretty empty since the boycott started?).

    “The Middle East airlines are all bling and no substance” suggests you haven’t actually read any of Lucky’s Review. Qatar, at least, is clearly little bling and mostly substance.

    Which airline are you suggesting is better (in J, at least)?

  42. Great review. I smiled when I saw the photo of an omelet and chicken sausages – I suspect this combination is one of the hot meals you have eaten the most often in your air travels! Indeed, you probably have enough photos of “omelet with chicken sausages” to start a separate site! As unexciting as it seems (and usually is), I always look forward to a hot breakfast in the sky. Aside from the comfort food factor, It usually means you’re getting close to your destination, and that always makes me happy no matter where I’m sitting 🙂

  43. With regards to the window shades, the A350-1000 features electronic ones and all A350-900s do as well (in business) so presumably the new ones with Qsuite will have too. I think Qatar sets the standard very high to the point where no other carrier can compete. Even Singapore Airlines lags behind in comparison. Just amazing

  44. My recent QR flight SGN-DOH also arrived at a remote stand and utilized the business class bus system. It was actually better than arriving on a jet bridge as the bus drops you at a door which, after a short escalator ride, drops you directly into the transit security area next to the transit assistance desk. No long walk from the gate, or train ride. Having arrived on the same flight a week earlier at a jet bridge and making the trek to transit security on foot my wife and I initially grumbled at the use of the bus but when we saw where the bus dropped us off we were not disappointed at all.

  45. Is there an armrest on the window side? If not.. ill just stick to their Original business class which is beyond amazing on its own. I don’t need a patrician on an airplane… just the unlimited legroom and a way to lie down is fine. I wouldn’t give up an armrest for the 5 or so hours id probably be sitting. Even economy gets an armrest

  46. I just did the same trip as Lucky, going the other way. I concur with everything he said. This indeed is better than SQ (probably why they feel the need to upgrade theirs). Perfect flight, perfect comfort, perfect crew, good meals (just good… but served so well) and the wines have gone down. Special mention to the lavatories which have to be the most elegant in the sky, maybe barring the Emirate showers.

    Ironically, I am going back on the A 350 in 3 weeks, 🙁 , and it used to be the prized flight compared to the 777. Things change quickly.

  47. @Lucky: Great review! I took the same flight, QR 702, a few days before you did (on Monday). Everything you said rings true. Even the meals looks nearly identical… except for the smoked salmon. My wife and I got 3 slices each to your one, with caviar on each!

    Some things you didn’t mention:

    1) Our attendants advised us that the smaller aviation-themed pillow was “a gift” and we could take it with us. My wife used it on our subsequent connecting flights to Park Hyatt Maldives.

    2) On the lie-flat beds: since you didn’t get to experience it, we did and here’s how it went. Before takeoff one of our attendants took note that we were traveling together as a couple and let us know that she could combine the seats into one bed when we were ready to sleep. The way it works was interesting. They made both seats flat as normal, and then fetched an oddly shaped leather-wrapped board. The board was cut sort of curvy to very tightly follow the contours of both seat edges. It filled the (1-inch or so) gap between the seats. The “mattress cover” they put on the seats were oversized on the sides enough to completely cover the divider. It was really cool.

    I have a picture of the bed somewhere if you want it.

    A note: we paid cash for that flight at less than half the current advance rate based on your prediction last year of QSuite JFK-DOH rollout. So, thanks for that! And also your advice/reviews that helped us choose PH Maldives and stay there for “free”. I’m not even home yet… writing this from Singapore Lounge waiting to get back to the states 🙂

  48. I just flew the QSuite from LHR to DOH and, contrary to general opinion, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. My seat was hard up against the aisle divider and it felt somehow claustrophobic. The seat itself is curved and it actually curves away from the wall, to avoid a ‘wave’ in the wall that curves inward. I found this a bit odd. Fortunately, I could sit on the small ‘jump seat’ next to the window, and this relieved the situation, though I would have preferred to be in my seat. I sat there for most of the flight, as I didn’t eat, until I had to ‘buckle up’ for landing in Doha. I then connected to the A380 to Sydney, and felt relieved to be in the open window seat again. The A380 seat also appeared to be softer than the QSuite. So I’m not going to be disappointed if I fly the A350/A380/B787 again with the herringbone seating, as I found it overall to be a less confined experience. (Though I admit, the window QSuite looks to be a less cramped design, situated as it is, next to the window, rather than next to the inwardly-curving aisle divider.)

  49. My dad just flew the qsuite configured 777 on a short flight between KWI and DOH (it was part of a longer connection) and he said that it was wonderful. The crew was exceptional. The food was great too (they served those wonderful “snack platters” as a light meal).
    If it all there was a downside, he said that the seats were a bit too narrow (when compared to the reverse herring bone).

  50. Best way to book this on miles, please?
    And, what routes have this product?
    Thanks for a great review–very helpful.

  51. Re. champagnes. Blanc de blanc, Blanc de noir, and rosé. Terms such as brut and demi-sec refer to sugar content.

  52. @ CS – many infants behave better than several adults. As long as it is paid for; families with infants can and should travel anywhere in the cabin they want. In case you didn’t know, adults speak and infants cry… You probably cried as well when you were an infant…and I am sure you annoyed a few adults…

  53. Hi,

    Wanted to get your take on rear facing seat vs. front facing on QSuite. I had traveling couple of months on a standard front facing in QSuite but would like to try rear facing on my next flight. Right now, all seats are open for my flight. I am hesitant as I would always choose a front facing seat on a subway train but this is different. 🙂

    Appreciate your take on this. Thanks.

  54. Rear facing vs Forward facing seats is immaterial except for brief periods on the ground, climbing and descending. What counts much more is whether solo seats are closer to the window or the aisle. I find those near the window much more private. For 777s, THE absolute best seat for me is 10K; it mostly gives you a great view of the wing and engine. Engine proximity does not make it noisier. One more factor you may consider is whether you want to be on the sunny or shady side of the plane, warmer vs cooler although on very long flights you can get some of both. That of course translates to seats depending on the itinerary and the time of day, not forgetting that in the southern hemisphere, the sun is to the north at noon. You won’t have to worry about the sun rising from the west, though, that happened only on the Concorde. Beautiful sunrise in the west on CDG-IAD winter afternoon Concorde flights.

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