Qatar Airways’ Next Qsuites Destination Is… London Again?!

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Qatar Airways’ new Qsuites, which they’re referring to as “super business class,” debuted between Doha and London Heathrow as of June 23, 2017. The plane has continued to operate a single frequency to London, and then about a month ago we learned the starting date of Qatar Airways’ next destination to get Qsuites. Qatar Airways will offer Qsuites to Paris as of September 23, 2017.

The next city to get Qsuites is supposed to be New York. A couple of months ago Qatar Airways said that they’d offer Qsuites to New York by September, though it looks like that’s not happening. I’m especially anxious for this to happen, as I’m flying Qatar Airways in November between Doha and New York, and would love to experience Qsuites.

Well, Qatar Airways has just revealed the next flight to get Qsuites, and unfortunately it’s not Doha to New York. Between October 9 and October 31, 2017, Qatar Airways will offer a second daily 777-300ER with Qsuites between Doha and London.

Qsuites will be offered on the QR1/2 frequency, which is ordinarily operated by an A350. So temporarily it will instead be operated by a 777-300ER, with the following schedule:

QR1 Doha to London departing 12:35PM arriving 5:55PM
QR2 London to Doha departing 9:30PM arriving 6:20AM (+1 day)

I’m not surprised to see Qatar Airways temporarily add a second frequency to London. That’s because a single 777-300ER can’t operate a roundtrip daily New York service, so they’ll need two more 777-300ERs with the new Qsuites before they can fly the plane to New York.

So here’s to hoping that Qatar Airways has their fourth 777-300ER with Qsuites as of November 1 (when the above London frequency goes back to being operated by an A350), though I’m afraid that may be optimistic.

It also looks like there’s some business class award availability on this second London Qsuites frequency, should you want to redeem. The best deal for booking that flight would be through American AAdvantage — they charge 42,500 miles one-way, with no carrier imposed surcharges. Availability seems to be much better on the westbound sector than the eastbound sector.

If you’d like to read more about Qsuites, check out Yaroslav’s review of his experience between London and Doha.

Anyone able to snag an award seat to try Qsuites on this second London frequency?

(Tip of the hat to dml71)

  1. @lucky
    I’m in the same boat as you. I booked JNB-JFK on 777 QR flight in November hoping Qsuites would launch by then. Seems I’ll be stuck in the old configuration now. Here’s to hoping for some sort of schedule or equipment change on QRs side that’ll let me change the flight, preferably in Qsuites via LHR then AA to JFK lol.

  2. Does it make sense then that this is the reason behind the equipment change from a 777-300ER for the DOH – DFW route? Because according to, they’re operating an A350 to DFW for the month of October, idk if that’s related somehow now that they have an extra A350 on their hand and a Qsuites-configured 777 that they want to fly somewhere else first . . .

  3. Lucky, do it. You are a rich guy. Position to London and fly the damn thing. If I loved women as much as you love planes, I would have hundred kids and be completely broke.

  4. Why the surprise? British Kingdom has long history with arabian countries. They the one who establish most of the sovereignity from existing local tribes. Nowdays, so many rich arabian including qataris living in london.

    New york? Naaah…. most muslim already branded terrorist anyway. Why would many people go to US?

  5. I’m looking at travelling out of Sydney to Rome/Milan next year on Qatar. I wonder if there is any chance that they will have retrofitted them to their other 777’s, or the A380 or 787’s – which seems to currently operate this route? Will probably be taking pot luck on this.

  6. There are a few reasons I can think of:

    – London generates more premium traffic than pretty much anywhere else, and the Qsuites are a fantastic weapon in the war against, say, Emirates and Etihad.

    – London is a major investment centre for the Qataris (among others – the openness and relative stability of London, and low property taxes, all mean it’s a very safe haven to store some of your wealth overseas), so there is constant to-ing and fro-ing.

    – Qatar owns a big chunk of British Airways (with its majority of landing slots at LHR) and the two can feed each other traffic.

    I’ve booked what I hope is a Qsuites flight next week, though the 360 view on Qatar’s App is showing the layout as the old 2-2-2. Hope not: I shall be hugely disappointed if it is. And it will confirm my position that I should never book seats on an airline with the best product – only on the airline which *across its whole fleet* has the least-worst product.

  7. You mention that QR2 will start using the new 777 J class on 9th October, but I’m looking at a routing ex-LHR on the 6th, and the QR booking site is showing QR2 at 21:30 being operated by at 777-300er. Will this be a different aircraft to the one commencing on the 9th?

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