Qatar Airways Introducing Qsuites On Longest Route

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Qsuites, which is Qatar Airways’ exceptional business class product (and I’d argue the best business class product in the world), debuted in June 2017.

Qatar Airways Qsuites

In addition to newly delivered planes featuring the new product, the airline has also been working on retrofitting the new seats on existing planes. Qsuites is available on select Boeing 777-300ERs, select Boeing 777-200LRs, select Airbus A350-900s, and all Airbus A350-1000s.

Arguably the planes most in need of Qsuites are the Boeing 777-200LRs, which are Qatar’s longest range planes. Qatar Airways only has nine of these planes in their fleet, and they operate some of Qatar’s longest routes. For example, Qatar’s flights to Auckland, Doha, Houston, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo (with connecting service to Buenos Aires) are typically operated by 777-200LRs.

At this point seven of the nine 777-200LRs have been reconfigured with Qsuites. So at this point Qatar Airways typically offers Qsuites on their flights to Doha, Houston, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires.

Interestingly the last 777-200LR route to get Qsuites is Doha to Auckland, which is also Qatar’s longest flight. This flight clocks in at just over 9,000 miles, and it’s the second longest flight in the world (until late last year it was the longest flight in the world).

Qatar Airways has now finally updated their seatmaps to reflect when this route will get Qsuites.

Qatar Airways will begin offering Qsuites on their Doha to Auckland flight every other day as of May 15, 2019, and daily as of May 31, 2019.

The route operates with the following schedule:

QR920 Doha to Auckland departing 2:35AM arriving 4:05AM
QR921 Auckland to Doha departing 2:25PM arriving 11:15PM

As you can see, operating this route requires two planes, given that an entire rotation takes about 45 hours. So it seems like for a two week period they’ll only have one of the planes reconfigured (which is why the Qsuites service is every other day), and then if everything goes as planned, the second one will feature Qsuites as of the end of May.

I’m thrilled to see that in a couple of months all Qatar 777-200LRs will feature Qsuites! Of course I’d note that all of this remains subject to change.

Anyone flying Qatar Airways to/from Auckland soon, and positively impacted by this?

(Tip of the hat to Hamada)

  1. due to the Saudi led blockade that really doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, QR’s routes, the great-circle-given-blockade routing for them is quite a bit worse (esp at ULHR distances, the payload effects from even small mileage differences are exponentially amplified) :

    take QR DOH-AKL, it’s routinely flying 9250-9300mi on eastbound and up to 9500mi in some recent westbound ones.

  2. @henry LAX unsure what your goal is in stating that (or if there is any goal). This is very true and it shows in the flights usually arriving slightly late. Thankfully now the (slightly) longer flight will be more enjoyable with new seating. Its worth noting they have sporadically been operating QSuites on the route for a bit now. As someone flying in July I’m thrilled.

  3. Loved my DOH-AKL flight last May in the old business class seat. the length of the bed and not having my feet in a cubby is what I appreciated the most about the product.

  4. Lucky: our flight on Qatar roundtrip from LAX in October only features Q Suites on the way over, but not on the return….any info on whether they will finish retrofitting for all of their LAX flights?

  5. Why list Doha as a qsuite destination? It’s not like they are gonna fly the things from Auckland to lax.

  6. @Stephen

    I think all 777L’s should be refitted by May 31st, since that’s the date AKL will become daily. As of now, 7 of the 9 777Ls have been refitted. It’s highly probable the last two will be refitted by end of May. I’m flying DOH-LAX in mid April. Right now it shows a refitted 777L, i hope it sticks!!!!

  7. I have a QR AKL-DOH flight booked on AAdvantage miles for early October. I just checked, and my seat reflects the new Qsuites configuration. Yay!

  8. AT: Thanks. I should have checked my tickets before posting….Qatar now shows my November return to LAX as Q-Suite material…without my wife and I sharing a pod together, but at least in the nicer seats, etc. Maybe I can get that changed before the flight…

  9. @Brendan Lazarus payload is relevant because the QSuites are heavier than the existing Business Class seats. AKL is last to get the QSuites because it will be the most affected by greater payload penalties.

  10. They have been quietly offering the occasional Qsuite flight on the Auckland – Doha route. A friend was lucky enough to fly from Auckland on one at the beginning of March and was a little disappointed to get the old business class on the return flight.

  11. Hey Luck

    Qatar just announced that as of March 31at Montreal (YUL) will be getting the Qsuites!

  12. @YReal … that was going to be my question 🙂 I didn’t get why Doha was mentioned twice.

  13. On their website while booking, I noticed Qatar shows LAX-DOH as their old business class for a flight in July, but when I checked expert flyer the seatmap shows QSuite. Is this just a the website being outdated or is the LAX-DOH-LAX route only get sporadic Qsuites??? I thought it was a given on a daily basis…..I want to be sure before I book

  14. They are flying the qsuites to São Paulo and Burnos Aires from December. Flew with them in the first week of December and returned middle January 2019. Both flights on Q Suites

  15. Is flew São Paulo – Burnos Aires last week, on booking the seatmap showed QSuite, but on check-in it was 2-2-2. I had the seat next to me free however. For such a shot trip the 2-2-2 is an ok product.

  16. Flew AKL-DOH on 17 Apr and was op upgraded to Q-suite which was a great surprise for someone who is not even a member of PC

  17. Commenting an old topic but now it seems that all flights 920/921 no longer have qsuites. I almost bought DOH-AKL-DOH for Dec20/Jan21 a few weeks back but luckily I did not as they no longer seem to have qsuites.

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