Surprising: Qatar Airways’ Next Qsuites Destination Is Washington Dulles

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Qatar Airways’ new Qsuites, which they’re referring to as “super business class,” debuted between Doha and London Heathrow as of June 23, 2017. Since then they’ve also started offering them between Doha and Paris, as of September 23, 2017.

Qatar’s next destination for Qsuites will be New York JFK, as they’ll operate a 777-300ER with the Qsuites daily as of December 16, 2017, on the QR701/702 frequencies.

When Qatar first launched Qsuites they said the first destinations to receive the new cabins would be London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Sao Paulo, though it looks like they’ve had a slight change of heart. While no formal announcement has been made, Qatar Airways seatmaps now shows Qsuites as being available between Doha and Washington Dulles between January 16 and March 23, 2018. It remains to be seen whether the Qsuites service will be extended beyond then, but for now that seems like the next planned route.

The Washington Dulles flight operates with the following schedule:

QR707 Doha to Washington Dulles departing 8:20AM arriving 2:50PM
QR708 Washington Dulles to Doha departing 8:00PM arriving 4:35PM (+1 day)

Personally I don’t think it’s a guarantee that this schedule will stick, though I do think it’s likely. Since Qsuites were introduced, they’ve been accurate about the general schedules every time — the London and Paris routes launched as expected, and the New York schedule remains unchanged.

While award availability isn’t amazing, the good news is that it looks like there’s some business class award availability on this flight in both directions. The best ways to redeem miles for the experience is through American AAdvantage — they charge 70,000 miles for a one-way ticket in business class between the US and the Middle East/India, and there are no carrier imposed surcharges.

If you’d like to read more about Qsuites, check out Yaroslav’s review of his experience between London and Doha.

Anyone plan to test out Qsuites on the Washington Dulles route?

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  1. Interesting enough, March 23, 2018, is the last day where QR 702 out of JFK shows Qsuites on the 777-300ER. The next day the seat map reverts back to the old 777 seating arrangement. The other JFK departure, QR704, still shows the A359 every day. The Paris Qsuites-equipped 777 departure has no such change in configuration on March 24th. It’s been this way since JFK was announced as a Qsuites destination. I’ve been thinking for a while this might mean the A350-1000 might replace the 777 as the Qsuites-equipped aircraft on the JFK routes.

  2. Hey Lucky are you surprised by how slowly they are rolling out QSuites? It seems like its only about 1 plane every 4-6 weeks? At this rate it will take them many years to reconfigure the entire fleet. Everyone savages UA for taking 5 years to refit Polaris seats yet at this rate it could easily be 5 years FOR qSuites to be complete?
    Given the fanfare of the launch and the seemingly unlimited money QR have I would have thought they would be able to crank out one a week!

  3. Is it worth it to pay the AA rebooking fees to switch off a 359 out of BOS to this flight in Feb? Fees are around $200 I believe.

  4. “Personally I don’t think it’s a guarantee that this schedule will stick, though I do think it’s likely.”

    Um…either you think it will or it won’t.

  5. Not surprising at all. IAD is generally the most profitable destination, as J tends to be full of full fare paying pax.

  6. Still trying to figure out why the JFK-DOH 77W route only shows Qsuites from Dec-March and not beyond. Called Qatar yesterday and they’re unclear as well.

  7. This could be a competitive response to Etihad. EY flies a 787 equipped with business studio seats on the IAD-AUH route whereas QR currently uses a 777 equipped with the older 2-2-2 configuration. JFK and IAD are the only two US destinations currently serviced by EY business studios – and soon they’ll both be serviced by QR qsuites.

  8. @ Ben

    “Everyone savages UA for taking 5 years to refit Polaris seats yet at this rate it could easily be 5 years FOR qSuites to be complete?”

    a) UA will only have Polaris in part of its longhaul fleet even after 5 years.

    b) Qatar has not said how long it will take them to fit this product – or to what parts of their fleet.

    In a sense it doesn’t matter: forgive me saying so, but anyone who prefers to fly UA over Qatar is deluded.

  9. I’m trying to book Qatar flight in business from Namibia to Doha to east coast USA with JAL mileage bank. I know the cost in miles but how do I know if there is yq and taxes? I read JAL doesn’t tell you unless you have enough miles in your account which I didn’t want to transfer in case the taxes are insane. Help?

  10. Even making a dummy booking (short of payment) I cannot find the seat map showing the IAD-DOH q suite layout. Where does one find the seat map?

  11. I have the same question. I have this flight on hold as an award flight but I don’t know where to look to make sure it’s the correct layout before forking over the miles and money.

  12. IAD is SO random but makes me SO happy. Am I crazy to want to visit Doha? I have this incredible fascination with Qatar and its airline, now that it flies out of IAD I have no reason not to go spend a few days at the Four Seasons! Just worried about weather, their winter is actually COLD compared to Dubai where its warm year round

  13. We are flying to DOH in late December. Currently booked from BOS (A350). Is it worth it to try changing to NYC (Q-suites)?

  14. I just booked this flight for Feb. Here is hoping that it doesn’t change back to the normal 777, otherwise I’ll be trying to reroute like a flying fool.

  15. @AKTCHI

    Qatar’s A350s are great. Really nice hard product and, despite what Lucky sometimes says, I have always found the soft product to be great. So you’re going to have a nice flight.

    The Qsuites are phenomenal, though. If you really are an avgeek then you may well want to swap to experience them. Having written that, I hate other people so the privacy of the Qsuites is a huge plus for me. Some people seem to like sharing a communal space with loads of random strangers, so they are less keen – I have seen a couple of people complaining about feeling claustrophobic in Qsuites and assorted other private booths.

    So I guess it depends what you value most. And we should anyway celebrate having the luxury of these choices.

  16. @Chris RE: “Interesting enough, March 23, 2018, is the last day where QR 702 out of JFK shows Qsuites on the 777-300ER.”

    This is no longer the case for QR702: ExpertFlyer shows the Qsuites layout long past March 23, 2018; I never thought this route was in danger of losing Qsuites. I wish it did the same for the IAD-DOH (QR708) route, but it still reverts to the old 777 J configuration on March 24. That said, it also shows the Qsuites layout on QR708 as of January 6, 2018, so maybe they’re being introduced *a little earlier* than announced. I’m new to using ExpertFlyer, so I have no idea how accurate and up-to-date its seat data are.

  17. I thought expert flyer didn’t display QR…? Is it just seat layout and not award availability?

  18. @Jason G I was able to bring up the seat maps for QR flights on various days on ExpertFlyer. From what I’ve read in ExpertFlyer, yes, you’re right: QR award availability is not searchable on it. I’ve been checking award availability through the BA site.

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