Qatar Offering Qsuites To Sao Paulo As Of December 2018

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Qatar Airways’ Qsuites debuted between Doha and London Heathrow as of June 2017. The airline has been working on retrofitting existing planes with Qsuites, and also has taken delivery of new planes featuring the product.

So far Qsuites are available on select Boeing 777-300ERs, select Airbus A350-900s, and all Airbus A350-1000s. While this new product is exciting, as James has noted, Qatar’s rollout of planes with the new seats has been disappointingly slow.

In my opinion the one plane most in need of the new Qsuites is the Boeing 777-200LR. Qatar Airways has nine of these aircraft in their fleet, and they operate the longest routes, including to Auckland, Houston, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo (connecting to Buenos Aires).

This spring Qatar Airways reconfigured their first 777-200LR with Qsuites, which they began flying every other day between Doha and Houston as of June.

The big question has been when the next 777-200LR would get Qsuites. I’ve been tracking the tail numbers of Qatar’s 777-200LRs, and haven’t noticed any planes being taken out of service to be reconfigured.

Qatar Airways has now revealed the next 777-200LR route to get Qsuites… and unfortunately it’s not Auckland or Los Angeles.

Qatar Airways will begin offering Qsuites to Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires as of December 1, 2018. That flight operates with the following schedule:

QR773 Doha to Sao Paulo departing 7:20AM arriving 6:20PM
QR773 Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires departing 7:30PM arriving 9:20PM
QR774 Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo departing 10:40PM arriving 2:10AM (+1 day)
QR774 Sao Paulo to Doha departing 3:40AM arriving 11:55PM

The route will feature Qsuites every other day, which suggests to me that they’re using a single aircraft for the rotation.

Qatar Airways says that with this development, they’re now offering Qsuites to five continents (the only two continents without Qsuites being Africa and of course Antarctica).

Qatar’s 777-200LR is maintaining the same 42 business class seats they currently have.

The bad news is that as Qatar Airways reconfigures these 777-200LRs, they’re going from nine to 10 seats per row in economy. Qatar Airways started the process of densifying their 777s in 2015, though at the time they said they’d only reconfigure the -300 series aircraft, and not the -200 series aircraft. Obviously they’ve changed their mind since then.

Interestingly Qatar Airways continues to show the 777-200LR with Qsuites flying to Houston beyond December 1, and it’s even doing so daily rather than every other day. So it seems to me like the airline will have at least three reconfigured 777-200LRs by December.

Given that, I’m surprised that they’re choosing to maintain Qsuites on the Houston route, rather than adding it to the Auckland or Los Angeles route.

Unfortunately I’m not seeing much award availability on the new Qsuites route. There is however plenty of award availability in business class between Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, and you can book that for either 15,000 British Airways Avios or 20,000 American AAdvantage miles.

Bottom line

It’s great to see Qatar Airways expand Qsuites to more 777-200LR aircraft, as these are most in need of the improved interiors. This is exciting for those taking the long flight between Doha and Sao Paulo, and it also presents the opportunity to try Qsuites on the short fifth freedom flight between Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately I also suspect this means that it will be a while before Auckland or Los Angeles get a 777-200LR with Qsuites.

  1. Yesterday, there were Q-Suites on flight 704 JFK-Doha (seat map was changed 3 days prior). Is this a permanent change?

  2. If you consider the time spent on the bird, then it is technically the longest route, because of the long stay in GRU and you are not allowed to disembark while on the stop. When I took it on the SGN-polooza, it was agonizingly long, after spending nearly 20hr on the old 200-LR.

  3. I only fly paid first class. Haters gonna hate. QR QSuite almost feels like a first class. Going to try them soon.

  4. I had a flight booked from Doha to Houston in November that I cancelled two days ago, because the seat map did not show Q suites. It is not daily, at least in November.

  5. Qatar sent out a press release and told that Stockholm were going to get Qsuites and A350 but bo one have been able to book any trip with that seat map yet, so we will se if this is true or not…

  6. Unfortunately not going to Los Angeles or Auckland? Why would Brazilians deserve a worse plane then Kiwis or Yankees?

  7. the aircraft A7-BBA has been out of service since late August and will begin flying again next week with Qsuites. Hopefully they’ll refit another one right after BBA, and keep up until they are done with all 772’s.

  8. Didn’t Endre used to have a photo of himself along with his annoying posts of fake statements of only taking paid first class? I guess he realized that everyone finds him to be rude, arrogant, and someone who is mentally disturbed.

  9. now there’s a fake Endre, and the difference between fake Endre and real Endre is that I actually do want to hear from fake Endre

  10. @Endre(s), You ain’t missing much if you are expecting to feel like F in a Q Suite. The seat is tight though not as bad as a D1 Suite and you must stick your legs and feet into a tube when flat. The entrance is very narrow making FA service awkward. And what’s with the quad seating arrangement in the center? It is only beneficial for business meetings, family gatherings, or other disturbances. Since I don’t buy F or B, I’m not complaining.

  11. @Lucky: Missed opportunity for you to highlight that this is, quite simply, the best business class product in the world. It’s also the reason QR doesn’t care much about first class.

  12. The only problem with the DOH-GRU flight is that it stops in Athens to re-fuel, as it cannot fly out over the Gulf countries who have banned QR. It takes he journey time from 15hrs to 17.5hrs

  13. @Richard

    I was wondering this as well. Does this route still make fuel stops in Athens?

    According to flightaware, the DOH-GRU flight goes east and then south towards Oman (and not over Saudi) and then across Africa but not in the direction of Athens.

    However, the return GRU-DOH flies more north and approaches ATH to refuel.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense that it was the opposite? That the DOH-GRU flight is the one that re-fuels in ATH because of the jet stream? Or is Flightaware whats not correct?

  14. @Lucky: Just noticed my LAX to DOH in November was equipment swapped from the -200LR to -300. No QSuites, but could this mean the another reconfigure. LAX was announced for QS by end of year, but nothing thus far 🙁

  15. Flew the Q suite from Doha to Mumbai, one thing i cannot understand is why on short hops from Doha to India, (3 – 4 hrs) they offer Q suites, but on much longer flights they offer weaker products.. Also As a Emerald holder had access to the so called first class lounge that only offered RED LABEL ! terribly poor selection of drinks, and food. Q suites are amazing, but so hard to find a plane on a long trip.

  16. We just booked 2 one-way business award tickets GRU-EZE for 15k Avios (BA) / per person for November 2019. However, the seat maps don’t show Q-Suites anymore.. 😮

    Hopefully, they didn’t decide to take Q-Suites off that route.

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