Qatar Airways Offering Qsuites To New York As Of December 16, 2017!

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Qatar Airways’ new Qsuites, which they’re referring to as “super business class,” debuted between Doha and London Heathrow as of June 23, 2017. The plane has continued to operate that one route, though in the meantime Qatar Airways has announced two further Qsuites frequencies. Qsuites will be available:

We’ve known for a long time the order in which Qatar Airways is rolling out Qsuites on the first few routes. They said they’d offer the product to London, Paris, and then New York. I know I’m not the only one who is excited about them finally offering Qsuites to New York, given that it will be the first ultra longhaul flight where you can test this fully enclosed business class product.

A couple of months ago Qatar Airways said that they’d offer Qsuites to New York by September, though I’ve been skeptical about that timeline all along. The good news is that Qatar Airways has now published the Qsuites seatmap on flights to New York. The bad news is that it doesn’t start in September.

Qatar Airways will begin offering Qsuites to New York as of December 16, 2017, on the QR701/702 frequency (as I predicted). As a reminder, that flight operates with the following schedule:

QR701 Doha to New York departing 8:00AM arriving 2:15PM
QR702 New York to Doha departing 9:05PM arriving 5:35PM (+1 day)

Personally I wouldn’t expect with certainty that the date will stick — I could see it being moved back a bit due to further delays, which Qatar Airways is notorious for. So if you can book that frequency, great, but I wouldn’t book a flight in the first week of service that’s non-refundable solely for the purpose of flying Qsuites.

On one hand I’m happy to see Qatar Airways formalize Qsuites service to New York, while on the other hand I’m a bit bummed, since I have a roundtrip ticket from Doha to New York in business class booked for November. Oh well, I guess it will just be a chance to review their A350 business class and old 777 business class. Then again, given that I paid under $700 for my ticket, I guess I can’t complain too much. 😉

I don’t see a ton of award availability on the route at the moment, though that’s not really a function of Qsuites, but rather just Qatar’s stinginess on longhaul flights at the moment. I do, however, see plenty of “R” class space, which is their discounted business class fare bucket. So there are lots of opportunities to score a deal on a discounted business class ticket on Qatar Airways.

For example, this ~$2,300 roundtrip fare from Yerevan, Armenia, to New York is great, and gives you Qsuites in both directions:

If you’d like to read more about Qsuites, check out Yaroslav’s review of his experience between London and Doha.

Anyone booked on QR701/702 after December 16, 2017?

(Tip of the hat to @schorschtr)

  1. I booked QR703,704 traveling on 13 & 25 March 18.
    Wanna cry out loud.
    But I also cannot complain as well since I got the return tickey SGN-JFK in biz for 646 USD!!!
    Hope the A350-1000 would be used for the flights by that time.

  2. I booked for flight 701 in Feb, now i can not do seat selection/meal in my manage booking. So, i assume they are modifying the system…..

  3. DAMN DAMN DAMN! I booked my return from JNB in Nov on flight 701 because of their announcement that it would debut in Sept. 🙁

  4. Awesome! Thanks to your previous post, I booked 701 on my return from Maldives even though it is the day flight. Now looking forward to flying the Qsuites!

  5. That means I’m going to be on the first flight. Im flying them through new york on the 16th and I booked the ticket 1 month ago. I love the coincidence!

  6. Flew Qsuites today. Truly excellent product.

    The gossip among the Qatar FAs was that passenger response has been absolutely fantastic: the company is now (allegedly) aiming to have all 777s and 350s converted by “the end of next year”. I looked sceptical. When pressed, so did they.

    But it shouldn’t detract from what a blinder Qatar has played with this product: it simply outclasses any business seat I’ve tried.

  7. I’m in a tight spot now!
    Planning to fly back from India by the end of Jan and I’m not sure what my best option is now! Award flights are available on both the QR 777 into JFK (with possible Q-Suites) or into Boston on the A350. Would you guys take the safe option and choose the A350 or risk the 777?

  8. I know there is no chance I’ll get the Q-suite, but I used points to book CPH-DOH-AKL in business class on May 1st. It’s always been incredibly easy for me to use my AA points to book into business class on Qatar Airways. Like, almost too easy.

    Any chance the Q-suite will go to Sydney by May 1st? I’d consider adding a leg to my journey in that case (even giving up the novelty of flying the longest flight in the world)…

  9. I just don’t think that seat looks comfortable. The seat area does not seem particularly deep and the lack of an armrest is pretty much a deal killer for me. I will stick to the A350 flights and hope they don’t install this product on those aircraft anytime soon.

  10. Flying QR702 on Dec 27th NYC- DOH – really looking forward to flying Q-Suites with my partner! At the moment no middle seats available – any tips for booking the “honeymoon” seats in rows EF?

  11. Well, it turns out that I need to take QR 702 on Dec. 16, so if the schedule sticks, I will be on the first flight.

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