Qatar Airways Makes Singapore An All QSuites Destination

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After a slow start, Qatar Airways is rapidly adding QSuites to various routes. As well as fitting Airbus A350-1000s (and Boeing 777-300s) with QSuites, they have also started installing QSuites on A350-900s, as I found out the hard way, and Boeing 777-200s.

Though some destinations they have added QSuites to seem a little random, Qatar has understandably been mainly adding the new seats to high value, high profile destinations like London, New York and Hong Kong.


Singapore has seen some QSuites flights already, but is about to get a great upgrade, which I believe means it will have more QSuites seats than any other destination.

Qatar flies to Singapore three times daily using different types of Airbus A350 aircraft.

Earlier this month, Qatar Airways gradually upgraded two of the daily flights to the A350-1000 aircraft, which features QSuites. The other flight, QR942/943 is operated by an A350-900, which has the reverse herringbone seats in business class instead.

From March 31, 2019, all three daily flights between Doha and Singapore will be operated by Airbus A350-1000 aircraft featuring QSuites.

I realise some other destinations that have fewer frequencies may already hold the title of ‘all QSuites destinations’ too, such as Canberra or Washington, but I believe Singapore will be the only destination featuring three QSuites flights per day.

That means 138 QSuites seats in each direction, each day.

London and Bangkok do have more frequencies, but are served by a diverse mix of aircraft that constantly changes anyway.

The route has excellent award availability — I can see plenty of days where all three flights have at least two Qsuites award seats available. On some days all three flights have four award seats available, which is incredible availability for what is the world’s best business class.

This is an excellent use of AAdvantage miles at just 40,000 miles each way, per person, with no fuel surcharges.

Bottom line

Qatar is finally getting to the stage of their rollout where it’s pretty easy to find QSuites flights and even better, their award availability is very generous.

It’s also great for passengers to have product consistency, rather than scouring seat maps and aircraft registrations to see what product they will get (barring any last minute operational equipment swaps of course).

I know we go on about QSuites a lot here at OMAAT, and that is because Ben and I have both flown it and both think it is without question the world’s best business class.

Have you flown QSuites yet?

  1. Just giving a suggestion, is it maybe possible to have one article with a list with all Qsuite destinations instead of publishing a new article every time a new destination is announced? I don’t mind the current way but I think it would also be easier for someone to find if all Qsuite destinations were all mentioned in the same article.

  2. @ Bob +1

    Like they do with those endless lists of restaurants that give you $20 against Priority Pass membership.

    A one-stop-shop to check Qsuites flights would be really useful (god knows why Qatar doesn’t provide it!).

  3. Just completed an amazing back to back OW trip: IAH-DOH-HKG all on specifically hand picked QSuite flights on 777-200-777-300ER. All on AA miles 70K+ 40K booked on
    I was blown away by this hard product and hands down agrees with Ben and James as the finest and best business class seat out there now.
    Excellent crew, food and beverage choices all at your beck and call.
    Best part was having to spend 6 hrs lounging at the equally amazing Al Mourjan business lounge in Doha, I could have spent a whole day there!

  4. Flew this route Monday on the A350-1K, QR 944. Q-Suites are a really nice business class product. However the seat is smaller on the A350 than the B777 as I flew them back to back. Visually you notice it if you go from one plane to the other, however sitting in the seat it feels about the same. A little narrower. No complaints though, seat is well thought out. Great IFE screen with lots of content. Food on this trip was closer to first class than business class.

    The 350-1K is an incredibly quiet plane as well.

  5. Ah a month too late. Lost out already being booked on the one flight that wasn’t being changed, and I got super excited seeing the title of the article only to see the March date!

  6. Perhaps you could make a post on all the routes worldwide that have already received QSuite flights or are about to get them.

  7. You should post an article keeping track of all the current QSuite routes and update it regulary, as well as it include that list on every article yall post here when a new Qsuite route pops up. Just a thought!

  8. I have flown QSuites last summer DOH-PVG. I can say that it is a nice experience but quite frankly I didn’t like the giant wall. Which I opened but the crew closed constantly – so I gave up. I know that the private space feeling is a plus for the most, but I didn’t like. I’m not claustrophobic or anything, that just didn’t work for me as I expected based on the reviews. I fly a lot with QR so I’ll probably fly QSuites again which I don’t mind but I won’t wait for it as children for Xmas 😀

  9. @Mark S
    Agree. Currently in HKG. Flew JFK-DOH (A350-1000); DOH-HKG (777-300). I found the 777 wider as well. Seat 3K (rear facing) for both flights, 777 had 3 windows, A350 2 windows. But I preferred the overall ride better on the A350.

  10. Mmmmm my wife flew Qatar yesterday from Larnaca to Doha to Bangkok .
    The plane was very empty in economy and she had 3 seats to herself on both sectors .
    Not profitable ?
    She could not tell me about business class .

  11. I had a positioning flight to Singapore specifically to fly on q suites (qr 947). Received notification we have had an equipment swap from the a350-1000 with the q suite to the a350-900 with reverse harringbone 1-2-1 configuration. Looks like now only qr 945 is being operated by the q suites out of Singapore. Very disappointing.

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