Qatar Airways Qsuites Coming To Shanghai As Of May 15, 2018

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Qatar Airways’ Qsuites debuted between Doha and London Heathrow as of June 2017. Since then they’ve also started offering Qsuites to Paris, New York JFK, Washington Dulles, Seoul Incheon, and Chicago. On top of that we know that Qsuites will be available to Frankfurt as of May 1, 2018.

Qatar Airways has now announced their next Qsuites destination, and it’s also the first ever destination they flew to in China. Specifically, Qatar Airways will offer Qsuites between Doha and Shanghai as of May 15, 2018. The airline presently operates once daily Boeing 777-300ER flights (featuring their old business class), though as of May that flight will be operated by a 777-300ER with Qsuites.

The schedule for that flight is as follows:

QR870 Doha to Shanghai departing 2:25AM arriving 4:20PM
QR871 Shanghai to Doha departing 11:50PM arriving 5:00AM (+1 day)

The flight covers a distance of ~4,200 miles in each direction, and is blocked at 8hr55min eastbound, and 10hr10min westbound.

In case you do plan on taking this Doha to Shanghai flight, there’s always a chance that there’s a schedule change. Qatar Airways has been doing a fairly good job managing expectations when it comes to Qsuites routes, though you never know.

Not only does Qatar Airways have excellent paid business class fares, but they have really good business class award availability between Doha and Shanghai, so you should have no trouble finding award seats on this flight.

If you want to redeem miles for this flight, you’ll get the best value through American AAdvantage. They charge just 40,000 miles for one-way business class between Asia and the Middle East, or for 75,000 miles you could travel between Asia and Europe (connecting in Doha). There are no carrier imposed surcharges on these tickets.

I had the chance to fly Qsuites between New York and Doha earlier this year, and had an incredible flight. As far as I’m concerned this is by far the world’s best business class, between the excellent seats, amenities, food, drinks, and service.

Qatar Airways’ Qsuites 777 business class cabin

Anyone plan to fly Qsuites to/from Shanghai?

  1. Would the AA routing rules allow for someone to fly IAD-DOH-PVG? Or would it have to be done as separate tickets.

  2. Do we know if certain routes that were running as “temporary” have plans to be made permanent? Like IAD?

  3. @ Lucky

    Why only PVG..You do not want to meet some German friends and fly to/from FRA..are there some European OMAAT readers which you do not want to meet or see

  4. ICN isnt constant as well…. all of JUN and JUL it seems they are back to old config

  5. @BERNARDO MACKISSACK – PVG is taking the ICN QSuites frame, because the Korean office wants the hi-den 777 back on the ICN route.

  6. I’d love to use my milage points for this, but I also would love to have a stopover in dubai or doho for 24 hours. (To get the free hotel room and experience the middle east) Do you have any advice on combining those two offers, or should I just fork over the extra points?

  7. I heard rumors on flyertalk that the Q-Suites are also rostered onto the HKG flights effective Oct18.

    Can anybody confirm?

  8. I guess PVG has priority over LAX.
    Perhaps Qsuites to LAX will be in place before the next millennium.

  9. @Bryan According to the seatmaps on expertflyer, Q Suites are rostered to Hong Kong as of Oct 28

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