Qatar Airways Qsuites Coming To LAX!

Qatar Airways’ Qsuites debuted between Doha and London Heathrow as of June 2017. The airline has been working on retrofitting existing planes with Qsuites, and also has taken delivery of new planes featuring the product.

So far Qsuites are available on select Boeing 777-300ERs, select Boeing 777-200LRs, select Airbus A350-900s, and all Airbus A350-1000s. While this new product is exciting, as James has noted, Qatar’s rollout of planes with the new seats has been slow.

The one plane most in need of Qsuites is the Boeing 777-200LR, given that it is the longest range aircraft that the airline has. Qatar Airways has nine of these aircraft in their fleet, and they operate the longest routes, including to Auckland, Houston, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo (connecting to Buenos Aires).

This spring Qatar Airways reconfigured their first 777-200LR with Qsuites, which they began flying every other day between Doha and Houston as of June. Then in September Qatar Airways revealed that Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires would be the next destinations to get Qsuites as of December 2018.

The Qsuites question I’ve probably gotten more than any other is “when will Qatar fly Qsuites to LAX?” given that it’s one of the last US routes not to get the product. We now have our answer.

Qatar Airways will begin offering Qsuites to Los Angeles as of February 2, 2019. While this hasn’t been formally announced, seatmaps have been updated to reflect that (though I imagine this is subject to change).

This flight operates with the following schedule:

QR739 Doha to Los Angeles departing 8:00AM arriving 1:20PM
QR740 Los Angeles to Doha departing 3:05PM arriving 5:55PM (+1 day)

It looks like the route will feature Qsuites daily, with the exception of February 3 and 5, when the route still shows the old seatmap.

Qatar’s 777-200LRs are maintaining the same 42 business class seats they currently have.

The bad news is that as Qatar Airways reconfigures these 777-200LRs, they’re going from nine to 10 seats per row in economy. Qatar Airways started the process of densifying their 777s in 2015, though at the time they said they’d only reconfigure the -300 series aircraft, and not the -200 series aircraft. Obviously they’ve changed their mind since then.

Looking at the schedule for next February, Sao Paulo/Buenos Aires, Houston, and Los Angeles all show daily Qsuites service, and all of these routes are operated by 777-200LR aircraft. Those routes alone seem to take up about six frames, so I guess Qatar Airways has a pretty aggressive retrofit schedule for this winter.

The only ultra longhaul 777-200LR route not to be scheduled for Qsuites yet is Auckland, which is also Qatar Airways’ longest route. If they continue at the current pace, I imagine that route will feature Qsuites by the middle of next year as well.

The good news is that if you want to redeem miles on this flight in business class, award availability is wide open. You can redeem just 70,000 AAdvantage miles one-way, which is an incredible deal. There are no carrier imposed surcharges on these redemptions, and you can continue onwards to anywhere in the Middle East or India at the same mileage cost.

Bottom line

I’m excited to see Qatar Airways finally introduce Qsuites on their route to LAX, which is their second longest route. I’m also a bit bummed, since I have a roundtrip ticket between Los Angeles and Doha booked for January, so I’ll be missing Qsuites by less than a week. Grrrr.

If you are looking to redeem AAdvantage miles, being able to book Qsuites on this flight is an incredible value, so I can’t recommend booking this enough, especially given how many award seats there are.

(Tip of the hat to AZ Travels the World)


  1. @lucky I’m trying to route an AA award LAX-DOH-HKT. It is not giving me a QR option. Is they a way of overriding this.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks the way there sites are smooshed together feels claustrophobic? Everyone hates club world but at least there, for people don’t have their feet pushed into each other’s perimeter space…

  3. Robert, I don’t think AA awards allow routing to Asia thru Middle East, you can go as far as India region.

  4. Do you have to book a separate positioning flight to lax from dtw or is it possible to go from the to lax to doha to maldives for 70k aa miles one way?

  5. Fantastic news!! We fly out of LAX 2/21, so here’s hoping all is well by then. Love your posts, thanks for sharing this exciting news (and everything in geney).

  6. I am flying the Qsuite from IAH-DOH in February! It is showing that the QSuite is on the DOH-PEK route so I am flying for 110K AAdvantage miles IAH-DOH-PEK (23 Hours in QSuite!). It is an incredible redemption!

  7. Yay! But for such a long flight I wish they had switched to the much quieter, more pressurized and roomier A350-1000.

  8. @Jake

    Agree. Those Boeings are super noisy compared to Airbus.
    I have been wondering for years why Boeing can’t seem to get that under control.

  9. Thanks for writing this! I had previously booked a connection through Chicago from the west coast so we could fly Qsuites. With this change, I was able to rebook my AA award through LAX, saving us a 3 hour flight in economy to start the trip. I love AA’s award change policy where you can modify the trip as long as you don’t change the origin and destination.

  10. I’ve just had an aircraft change from SIN and got the Qs in A350-1000.. I enjoyed them for sure but on the other hand never appreciate QR catering: Really bland…

  11. Robert, I don’t think AA awards allow routing to Asia thru Middle East, you can go as far as India region.


  12. @ Rob
    “Am I the only one that thinks the way there sites are smooshed together feels claustrophobic?”

    Yes, it’s just you. Qsuites are simply the best J class product in the market. Anywhere. If you really dislike them, you probably ought to be saving up for 1st, or travel exclusively in The Apartment. Or possibly a private jet.

    @ Jake +1

    I’m mystified that anyone could praise the 787 so highly when to me it just feels like a cheap version of an A350 (which, of course, it is – about half the price). I was blown away by my first A350 (a -900 featuring Qatar’s “old” J class), and Qsuites on a 35k is as good as it gets (I’m not very excited by the designer fawning of 1st class).

  13. My wife and I just flew qsuites for the first time last week. JFK to DOH…it was great, a major step up for business class, and we have flown many j configs.

  14. Lucky, how confident would you be booking LAX to Doh on flight 740. I’m taking volunteers to build schools in Kenya and we really want the qsuites. We will hold off going until Feb if you feel this is going to really happen? Should I call QR corporate or do you this will really go through?

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