Lufthansa Serving Krug In First Class Next Month!

I know not everyone will agree (I’ve even asked you guys whether I hype it too much), but I love Lufthansa first class. I mean, between the limited edition blue ducks available in the first class lounges and Rimowa amenity kits available aboard, what more could you really want?


It seems Lufthansa asked just that question, because for the month of December they’ll be serving Krug in first class!

Now what more could you want? Actually, since Lufthansa seems to be delivering on everything else I’d love, how about an onboard shower so I can have a glass of Krug while playing with my rubber ducks?!

(Tip of the hat to SMK77)

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  1. What more?
    A classy airline (Ryanair) was promising beds and bjs on their long haul flights. Shockingly, long haul routes don’t work with their established low fare model. This product will remain a fantasy.

  2. Yeah! After a day at the Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt drinking glühwein, I can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas day with FCQ than flying LH F FRA-SFO with goose and Krug. I can’t wait. Merry Christmas!

  3. @ABC- I certainly hope you meant beds and PJs, not bjs. Then again you never know with Ryanair.

    @Lucky- Are you really all that excited about Krug champagne? Not to sound harsh, but are you really all that into champagne in general? Outside of free champagne on a plane or at a hotel, do you actually buy your own champagne to drink? I find it kinda silly to get so excited over something just because it is expensive it isn’t something you actually have an interest in.

  4. Do I sense an all-LH December trip report coming with decreasing sobriety as the journey progresses?

    @Jared–Good catch! That would sell some tickets. 😉

  5. @lucky What are your thoughts on Lufthansa business class? Since first isnt always bookable, how is their business product?

  6. why only in December? hopefully they’ll bring it back next summer when we fly MUC-YYZ.

    Lufthansa biz is quite mediocre… even tho on the upper deck of 747-8 it was slightly better

  7. @Joe

    He did a recent TR on their business class, you can look for it in the Trips Report section.

    Lucky, this has to go in your list of Top 5 First World Posts…

  8. I personally prefer the Dom that Emirates serves in First over Krug.

    What I wish for is a standard product. Their old first is not as good as their new first. As well, I like WiFi (which LH has had pretty reliably on my trips) and PJ bottoms on the day flights as I only get the bottoms on the night flights.

    The real shame with LH is their business class product. The new business is good, the old is one of the worst out there, yet they still try to charge the same for both AND I personally find it very challenging trying to book routes where I know I get the newer business class….(sorry off topic).

  9. By the way, the first class terminal was out of blue rubber ducks as of Wednesday, this week. They somehow found two for a couple we were visiting with in the lounge. The display of the rubber duck editions in the first class terminal was interesting.

  10. @Jared – I second your question to Lucky.

    Personally I find Krug to be overrated. I prefer the Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle BA serves in F (or a few other champagnes, actually) to Krug. But that’s just me and everyone has their own opinion.

  11. @ Jared — I’m by no means a champagne expert, but have a strong preference for Krug over Dom (at least the 2003 vintage).

  12. when i got to fly SQ in F long haul a few years ago (i actually WON a contest where the prize was an F ticket RTW on *A!) – the flight attendant offered me a glass of Dom on boarding at SFO – i asked where was the Krug? and then admitted i probably could not tell the difference – he charmingly replied ‘oh madam – i’m sure you will discern the difference – they are each quite distinctive!’ – he was right – Krug is a bit too dry (maybe too sophisticated?) for me and from then on when offered the choice i opted for the Dom

  13. Hmm… what does LH normally serve in F? When I flew LX F this month, it was Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle which wasn’t too bad but I liked whatever I had in SQ F better (Dom, I think).

  14. Currently sitting at the FRA FCL. Just got off the ORD-FRA 747-800 flight in F… no Krug on board. 🙁

    They had just the Pommery Cuvee Louise, 1999 (which is tasty too) and the flight attendant gave me a blank look when I asked if LH was serving Krug in F this month.

    First World Problems eh?

  15. Didn’t read wine menu on the ORD-FRA flight.

    On my next MUC-HKG F flight, the wine menu did list both the 1999 Cuvee Luise and Krug. Unfortunately, when I asked for Krug on that flight, turned out they only stocked the flight with the Cuvee Luise as well.

    0 for 2.

    Maybe LH ran out of the Krug early this month due to popular demand?

  16. Hi Ben,

    I’m flying LH F today (LAX-FRA), with an onward connection to SIN.

    Just curious if you have any tips for maximizing the onboard experience? Are there any special food/drink items that I should order onboard, or in the FCT? I’m reading your past reports now… 🙂



  17. @ Sean — Awesome, enjoy the trip! Nothing to really “maximize,” as the experience maximizes itself pretty well. Just be sure you grab some Christmas ducks from the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. 😀

  18. Thanks, Ben.

    I’m toasting you with a Krug as I type… 😉

    If anyone needs a FCT invite on the 19th, I’ll be there for several hours. Guess we would have to be on the same flight, though.

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