Amex Centurion Lounge LAX Details (Opening Monday)

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2020 is an exciting year for Amex Centurion Lounges, as a total of six new lounges are expected to join Amex’s network.

The Centurion Lounge Phoenix opened in January, the Centurion Lounge Charlotte opened in February, and the next Centurion Lounge is opening shortly.

Amex Centurion Lounge Los Angeles

In this post I wanted to specifically talk about the Amex Centurion Lounge Los Angeles, which will be opening in just a few days.

Centurion Lounge opens Monday

While this lounge was first announced back in 2018, it will finally become a reality shortly.

The Amex Centurion Lounge LAX will be opening as of Monday, March 9, 2020. This will be the 12th Centurion Lounge to join Amex’s network.

LAX is among the busiest airports in the world, with over 88 million passengers per year, so it’s a logical place for Amex to expand to.

Centurion Lounge LAX size

The Centurion Lounge LAX will be nearly 14,000 square feet, making it one of the largest Centurion Lounges to date. It will have seating for over 200 people.

Centurion Lounge LAX location

The Centurion Lounge will be located in Tom Bradley International Terminal. It appears the lounge will be located on the 4th floor (directly underneath the Qantas First Lounge).

This is between the international arrivals and immigration area, and the international baggage claim area. Below are some pictures Tiffany snapped of the area a few weeks ago, when the lounge was still under construction.

TBIT is connected airside to Terminals 4, 5, 6, and 7 — it’s only about a five minute walk from Terminal 4 (which is American’s primary terminal), and then expect it to take an extra five minutes per terminal, give or take.

In other words, to get there from Terminal 7 you’d take the underground walkway to Terminal 6, then the underground walkway to Terminal 5, then the underground walkway to Terminal 4, and then the connector to TBIT from there. It’s quite a trek.

Centurion Lounge LAX hours

The Centurion Lounge will be open daily from 6:30AM until 11PM.

I don’t want to go so far as to say those hours are limited, though that doesn’t nearly cover all departures from the airport:

  • There are all kinds of flights leaving prior to 6:30AM, though primarily from terminals other than TBIT (so perhaps they assume people wouldn’t make the trek anyway)
  • The 11PM closing time seems early for TBIT, given that there are plenty of flights leaving at 1AM, or even later

Still, I recognize they need to strike a balance, and this does cover a vast majority of flight departures.

Centurion Lounge LAX food & drinks

The Centurion Lounge’s executive chef will be Nancy Silverton, and the menu is expected to include mozza meatballs, roasted beets with horseradish vinaigrette, farro salad with fresh herbs and feta, Butterscotch budino, and more.

There will also be a full bar with a wine selection curated by Anthony Giglio and specialty cocktails by Jim Meehan. On top of that, there will be coffee from City Bean Roasters.

Centurion Lounge LAX spa & wellness area

The Centurion Lounge will also have spa and wellness amenities:

  • The lounge will have sunrise and moonrise tranquility rooms, offering brightly and dimly lit quiet spaces to relax
  • The lounge will have an Exhale spa, with services centered around energy and light, like Light Therapy, Reiki, and ear reflexology

Centurion Lounge LAX pictures

Here are some pictures American Express has shared of the new Centurion Lounge LAX:

Centurion Lounge LAX entrance

Centurion Lounge LAX bar area

Centurion Lounge LAX seating

Centurion Lounge LAX seating

Centurion Lounge LAX relaxation area

Centurion Lounge LAX access

There are a few ways to access Amex Centurion Lounges:

In all cases, Centurion Lounge access is limited to three hours before departure. The exception is if you’re connecting, in which case you can access the lounge earlier (should your connection be more than three hours).

On top of that, those with the Amex Centurion Card can access Centurion Lounges, and they can use the lounges on departure or arrival, with no time limit.

Centurion Lounge Los Angeles bottom line

It’s exciting to see that Los Angeles is finally getting a Centurion Lounge. The location in TBIT won’t be convenient for everyone, but at least it can be accessed airside from many terminals.

The lounge will be quite large, and will also have a spa, which is cool.

Anyone excited to check out the Centurion Lounge LAX?

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  1. Cool update and great news, Ben
    Given the serious traffic at LAX, it would make sense to have several Centurions there…IMHO
    Need to double back to a few of the airports I’ve visited in 2019 that had their delayed Centurion openings occur here in the past couple months!!

  2. DL reserve cardholders won’t see much of this new lounge unless they have a DL sold ticket off AF/KLM. And yeah this lounge will be crowded and possibly turning away Plat holders from day one.

  3. For those of you not from the LA area and familiar with the Mozza restaurants, the Butterscotch budino is an amazing dessert. Make a point to try it if they have it.

    But like others mentioned, this lounge is going to be a zoo at all times.

  4. I would really like you to check out the PHX Centurion. While not crowded like other lounges, the food and service are sub-par in comparison. The employees are with a different company and it shows. Mostly the same crew from The Club PHX. They operate the adjacent Escape lounge as well, and the whole thing is disappointing when compared to other Escape and Centurion Lounges.

  5. Might try to make it there next Friday if work does not cancel my trip due to Coronavirus.

  6. The bar looks so cool with the Centurion logo on blue background above it. Looks like it might even be illuminated!

  7. Having frequented the AMEX lounge at SFO and having been to the ones at MIA and LAS, after the first few times, the lounges feel a bit overrated. The food is always the same and are always very crowded. Yes, it is better than the United Club, but that is a pretty low bar. While AMEX has invested quite a bit in the alcoholic drinks, why not also in the coffees and other beverages? Why not mix up selection of food and/or desserts? Yes, I appreciate chicken thighs and salad – and I understand the mass appeal – but it would be nice to see some variety. More snack foods would be nice, as I don’t always need or have time for a sit down buffet meal. Not all negative, the lounges always have nice design and staff is typically friendly. But a few minor tweaks could really make these lounges world class. But I guess good enough is all they need to be.

  8. @Mike Frisco Where’s the connection to T1? I know of and have taken the Delta buses between T2-T3-TBIT, but I have yet to see anything connecting T1 to the rest of the airport (air side that is).

  9. @Kevin

    I meant as a Priority Pass location.
    I never dine there since they left PP. And I hardly see many people utilizing such a big space.

  10. My partner and I are looking forward to trying the new LAX Centurion on Day 1. We’ll be coming into LAX on Fiji Air around the noon hour and have about six hours before connecting on a Delta flight to Portland. Plenty of time to try out the new lounge.

  11. I think they should have a separate section just for Black card holders, just like they do in the Mexico City’s Amex lounges.

  12. @Frank B – interesting. Last time I flew DL to Japan it was in T2.

    @Mike – yeah you can move around T2, 3, and B but it’s quite inconvenient.

  13. @John You haven’t lived brother. You still have to check in at terminal 2. Then you get the glamorous bus ride over to TBIT. The bus can’t go directly to TBIT so you get a tour of LAX’s finest taxiways and a stop at Terminal 3. But at least with this, you can skip the KAL lounge which is probably more depressing than the bus. I did the CDG flight last month and it was like I was already in Paris or more specifically CDG.

  14. I agree with @EthaninSF, Amex lounges are a little overrated. Was in DFW recently – lounge opened at 0530 but breakfast doesn’t start until 0630 and drinks even later (I had flown in from London the night before so was still on airport time and the idea of a mimosa appealed!). Just melon, berries, OJ and a coffee machine with no milk. Either open fully or not at all, a 7am flight is not unusual. Lots of solid Priority Pass (and One World) competition in LHR T3 for when the London lounge opens soon – they will have to raise their game.

  15. Went TBIT a few weeks ago. KAL wasn’t letting people in yet, and we jumped the gun getting there from T3. Would have liked to check this out. I do agree they need to mix the food up a bit.

  16. Why does amex make it sooooo difficult to get their lounges??esp for Delta people esp at airports that do not connect all terminals….SFO/LAXJFK/MIA……..

  17. @dotti
    Because perhaps they expect you to go to delta skyclubs since plat card holder can enter skyclubs?

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