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I spent a few nights in DC after our quick round the world jaunt, and spent one of those nights at the Park Hyatt Washington DC. I love Park Hyatt hotels, though prior to this hadn’t stayed at any of their US properties, so I was curious to see how service compared to some of the properties I’ve stayed at in other parts of the world, like Buenos Aires, Dubai, Istanbul, Saadiyat Island, Tokyo, and Zurich.

While I could’ve gotten a somewhat cheaper advance purchase rate, I decided to book through Virtuoso at a rate of $299 (which was the Hyatt Daily Rate), which got me the following perks:

  • Upgrade at time of booking, subject to availability
  • Daily full breakfast, for up to two in room guests
  • $100 USD Resort or Hotel credit, to be utilized during stay
  • Early check-in/late check-out subject to availability

I’d get most of these perks as a Gold Passport Diamond member anyway, but the $100 hotel credit seemed quite valuable, especially for a one night stay.

The hotel was a quick drive from DCA Airport, and beautiful on the outside. It looked quite residential, almost like condos, which I guess makes sense given the area it’s in.

Park Hyatt Washington DC exterior

Park Hyatt Washington DC signage

Park Hyatt Washington DC exterior

The lobby featured typical modern and minimalist Park Hyatt decor.

Park Hyatt Washington DC lobby

There were a couple of seating areas to both the left and right of the reception area.

Park Hyatt Washington DC lobby

Park Hyatt Washington DC lobby

The associate that checked me in was extremely friendly, and processed everything quickly. He explained all the benefits I’d received for being a Diamond member and for booking through Virtuoso, and once he was done offered to show me to my room. I said that really wasn’t necessary, though he still walked me to the elevator, which was a nice touch.

Park Hyatt Washington DC lobby

I took the elevator up to the seventh floor, where my room was located.

Park Hyatt Washington DC elevators

I thought it was pretty hilarious that the elevator had a bench in it.

Park Hyatt Washington DC elevator

My Premier Park Deluxe room was located about halfway down the hallway — room 716.

Park Hyatt Washington DC hallway

Park Hyatt Washington DC room entrance

The room was just stunning — there was a large foyer with wooden floors, which led into the living room. Really this was more of a junior suite than a “premier deluxe” room, in my opinion (though I appreciate the under selling and over delivering).

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe entryway

The living area featured two comfortable seats with a table between them, and a desk with a chair.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe living room

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe living room

There was a TV in the living room playing some awesome Park Hyatt promotional video. If anyone knows what it is or what the song in it is, I’d love to know. I also loved just how much natural light the living room had.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe living room

The room had a nice view of the surrounding West End neighborhood. It has been years since I’ve actually stayed in DC, and I kind of forgot what a beautiful place it is (or can be?).

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe living room view

Then between the living area and bedroom area, there was a large console with a Nespresso coffee machine and minibar.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe Room Nespresso machine

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe Room minibar

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe Room minibar

The bedroom was nice as well, with an extremely comfortable king size bed. Interestingly there wasn’t a TV in the bedroom area — works for me, since I don’t watch TV, much less in bed.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe bedroom

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe bedroom

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe bedroom

As if the rest of the room hadn’t exceeded my expectations enough already, the bathroom was possibly the highlight. It was massive.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe bathroom

It featured a fairly standard sink and toilet.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe bathroom

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe bathroom

But the shower area was anything but ordinary, with a tub located inside the shower “chamber.”

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe shower

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe bathtub

Toiletries were Le Labo branded, which is one of my favorites.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Premier Park Deluxe toiletries

Even though I selected the 1,000 points as my Diamond welcome amenity, I was still brought a nice welcome amenity consisting of a large bottle of VOSS water and a basket of cherries.

Park Hyatt Washington DC welcome amenity

I was pretty busy throughout the day and in the evening was tired, so just ordered room service (partly to use up my $100 hotel credit), which is prepared by Blue Duck Tavern, the popular restaurant in the Park Hyatt. I ordered a crab cake and scallops — they were both spectacular.

I appreciated the fact that I didn’t even have to sign for room service. There was a service charge and gratuity already included, so the bill was just on the tray, but there was nothing for me to sign.

Park Hyatt Washington DC room service dinner

In the morning I had breakfast at Blue Duck Tavern. It’s a nice space, and was fairly quiet when I was there.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Blue Duck Tavern

Park Hyatt Washington DC Blue Duck Tavern

Park Hyatt Washington DC Blue Duck Tavern

Park Hyatt Washington DC Blue Duck Tavern

There’s also a nice terrace, though it didn’t look like it was open for breakfast.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Blue Duck Tavern terrace

The breakfast menu read as follows:

Park Hyatt Washington DC Blue Duck Tavern breakfast menu

As a Diamond member I’m not sure if there’s a dollar limit to how much you can order, but between Diamond status, Virtuoso, and being alone, I wasn’t worried. 😉

For that matter, I don’t think I’ve ever actually gone over the limit at any hotel, since I’m not going to order more food just because I can.

I had a non-fat cappuccino and some water to drink.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Blue Duck Tavern breakfast cappuccino

Then a berry and granola parfait.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Blue Duck Tavern breakfast — granola and berry parfait

And then a crab, avocado, and egg white scramble.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Blue Duck Tavern breakfast — crab, avocado, and egg white scramble

The food and service were both beyond excellent.

In the lobby there’s also a bar & lounge area. Since I spend a lot of time working from hotels, I like to mix up where I work from, so had a couple of cappuccinos in the lounge area while working from my laptop.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Lobby Lounge

Park Hyatt Washington DC Lobby Lounge

Park Hyatt Washington DC Lobby Lounge

The hotel also has a very nice gym with good equipment. It was empty when I used it.

Park Hyatt Washington DC gym

Park Hyatt Washington DC gym

I loved the fact that they had bottled Evian water.

Park Hyatt Washington DC gym

There’s also a small indoor pool and hot tub across from the gym.

Park Hyatt Washington DC pool

Park Hyatt Washington DC pool

Park Hyatt DC bottom line

My stay was quick but perfect. I can almost always find something to criticize about a hotel, but this place might just be as close to perfect as they get. The rooms were gorgeous and large, public facilities nice, service impeccable, and food delicious. I love the Park Hyatt brand, and am thrilled to see that the DC property is comparable to the international ones.

Have you stayed at the Park Hyatt DC? If so, what was your experience?

  1. FYI the tv swivels so that you can watch it in the bedroom. And, for those with kids watch out those floors in the bathroom are slippery!


  2. Ben, when you book your hotel stays through Virtuoso, do You get a night credit ( points) at a hotel chain or a Hyatt, for this matter?

  3. Ben, the toiletries brand is Le Labo, a French perfumery brand that makes perfume in front of you when you order. Bergamonte is just one of their more popular fragrances.

  4. The bench in the elevator is a necessity when you’ve indulged a little too much at the Blue Duck! We stay here once a year with a similar booking ($100 dining credit) and it always blows my mind. You’re right on with your summary of the Park Hyatt—it’s really perfect.

  5. Stayed in the Fairmont opposite to the Park Hyatt last year and ate at the Blue Duck Tavern, was really really impressed with the food.

  6. You never watch TV? Or you never watch TV on a TV set? I thought you were all about reality TV shows?

    The room looks nice — but what is with the armchairs? Are those slipcovers?

  7. lucky, why don’t you use Soundhound or Shazaam to discover what music is playing? It seems like every other trip report you ask if anybody knows the name of a given song.

  8. Yes, the television does swivel to the bedroom. If you look closely at the bedroom photo of the TV wall you posted, you can see a horizontal line of light from the living room (and the posted around which that portion of the wall turns. Great hotel and great review!

  9. Great minds can disagree, but I think the room looks beyond basic. Those Ikea slip covered chairs are horrendous. Like the bathroom though.

  10. Great report.
    I LOVE the Park Hyatt brand too- have only visited the ones in Chicago and Dubai, but was blown away.
    This one, while nice, does not seem as sleek as those two.

    What is virtuoso, by the way? A booking engine?

  11. @ Christian — Only place I watch TV is on my iPad, and the only place I watch my iPad is in an airplane seat or on a treadmill. No exceptions. 😀

  12. My wife and I spent a weekend there for our tenth anniversary last year which I noted in the reservation. It was an combo award redemption and FHR booking and they completely took care of us.

  13. We stayed there over the fourth with our two kids and we loved it! We had a suite of some kind an it was perfect. We booked through Amex fhr and were able to take advantage of the $100 credit at Blue Duck Tavern as well.

    We loved it and I hope to stay there again.

  14. One of the more interesting part of the hotel is the tea salon. I believe they have a library of 30+ tea selections, all in loose leaf.

    Also, try the duck fat fries next time – it’s the signature dish.

  15. Ben,

    You where literally two blocks from my house. Too funny. I love the Blue Duck Tavern. I’m glad you had a good time there.

  16. Ben- So did you use up the $100 credit with that simple room service order? Also was there a buffet at breakfast?

  17. @ John — Nope, no buffet at breakfast. As far as the credit goes, I ordered dinner, had a couple of cappuccinos in the lobby lounge, and had a couple of things from the minibar, and still didn’t use up all the credit.

  18. @ Johan — Hah, was a separate flight. I stayed at the Westin Dulles for a couple of nights after the Lufthansa flight, so the Park Hyatt review is only mildly connected.

  19. “There was a TV in the living room playing some awesome Park Hyatt promotional video. If anyone knows what it is or what the song in it is, I’d love to know.”

    Will it shazam? maybe try next time 😀

  20. We stayed at the Park Hyatt last year on my wife’s birthday. They upgraded us to the Park Executive Suite which was gorgeous!! Had breakfast in our room as a Diamond member and our experience was excellent all around. BTW, not sure this is something a lot of people know, but they have a Mercedes S Class on a first come first serve basis that will take you anywhere within 15 miles of the hotel for free!! We used it once to go from the hotel to Georgetown. Very nice touch!!

  21. no duck fat fries! for shame! lovely hotel and restaurant. my old stomping grounds. next time walk over to 51st state tavern for a nice local bar. that part of dc has improved gracefully amidst the hyper-gentrification.

  22. Thanks for the report, Ben! One of my absolute favourite city hotels. Given the corner with windows on two sides, I think you actually had a View Premier Park Deluxe room. And, as mentioned above, the TV swivels. Stayed in their Park Parlor Suite in June and actually prefer the Premier rooms.

  23. So if you stayed at the westin dulles, why havent you created a trip report of that stay yet?

  24. @lucky, can i find a virtuoso agent online? how do i book this? your post on benefits is almost two years old!

  25. How dare you diss the elevator bench? Obviously you did not stay at the bar long enough! And it is a great property that is “extremely” easy to Metro to/from Reagan and then get around DC metro in a quick and painless way without Uber………..

  26. I’ve got to agree about the slip-covered chairs. There’s no way those ever look nice. They just look cheap, like they couldn’t be bothered to replace the old furniture, so they just hid it under some ugly fabric. Bathroom looks awesome though.

  27. This was the first of the Park Hyatt properties I stayed at that made this one of my top three preferences for luxury hotels. You have good taste, Ben.

  28. Didn’t you stay at the PH Aviara before? So you actually had stayed in a US PH property before.

  29. @ katyalw — Whoops, good point. To be honest wasn’t a fan of the Aviara property at all, so almost didn’t think of it as a Park Hyatt. It doesn’t do justice to the brand, in my opinion.

  30. Late reply here. Been there for 3 long leisure weekends over the past year because I love the hard product and the 1100sf residential suite you get with a DSU.

    However, can’t really compare service here with international properties. Have dined at Blue Duck Tavern 15-20l times with my children.They would forget a child’s order or bring it 10-15 minutes after the adults. Family dining 101 is kids need to eat before or at same time as adults. I find this unacceptable at any restaurant, let alone one widely considered one of the best in DC.

  31. Love this property. I stayed in that exact room last time i was at the Park Hyatt in DC. Everything was amazing. I recommend the Apple Pie for dessert from blue duck.

  32. Couple things, as others noted, the slipcovers!.. But Park Hyatts have just one sink? or it was because it was non-suite?

  33. @ BBK — Many have two sinks, though since this was a non-suite it only had one. The bathroom was so awesome otherwise that I really couldn’t complain about the lack of a second sink (not to mention that I was staying alone).

  34. The slipcover chairs are intentional… the ‘theme’ of the hotel is Early American, and these fit right in. [eg. The rocking chairs in lobby seating area.] They are doing renovation so some of these areas will be freshened up, so if you are in DC late next year stay here again! 🙂

  35. Looks great! Considering it for a trip to DC next month. Any idea how it compares with the W or St. Regis? Thanks!

  36. Lucky,

    I`m dying over here. I just read in another blog that the TV actually rotates, so you can watch it from wherever. Is that the case?

    I`m feeling so good. I would NEVER notice this. And apparently you haven`t either. Well, I guess I just don`t watch much tv and don’t care for it.

    Just wanted to let you know, LOL.

    Have a good day mate,


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