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We left the hotel at 5:30AM for our 7:40AM departure out of Warsaw Airport. While that’s earlier than I’d usually leave, we were heading to China on a 72 hour transit without visa, so I wanted to be sure we were leaving a bit extra time just to be on the safe side.

We arrived at the airport at around 5:45AM. The exterior looked much blander than the last time I was here. Last January the entire terminal exterior was plastered in a LOT 787 advertisement, which was rather unfortunate given that all of them were grounded at the time.

Warsaw Airport exterior

Warsaw Airport exterior

Even though the airport isn’t huge, the check-in hall feels “grand,” and we quickly found LOT business class check-in at row “D.”

Warsaw Airport check-in hall

Warsaw Airport check-in hall

There was one person ahead of us in the queue, and within about five minutes we were helped.

LOT Polish check-in Warsaw Airport

LOT Polish check-in Warsaw Airport

It’s interesting to note that LOT uses contract workers at check-in. That seems a bit odd to me for an airline at their primary hub.

He was friendly, and upon issuing our boarding passes asked where our visas were. I explained we were doing a 72 hour transit without visa and therefore didn’t need anything, which he seemed to have never heard of before. After (unsuccessfully) trying to make a phone call he said he needed to go to the “visa desk,” and would be right back.

After about five minutes he returned, and informed us that we couldn’t fly because we needed visas.

I asked if I could speak directly to the “visa desk,” which he agreed to. As it turns out this “desk” was simply an agent located one check-in row over. I had to explain to him that we were doing a 72 hour transit without visa, which he had heard of, but he was confused how we were in transit when our destination was Ethiopia.

Rather than trying to explain to him that it doesn’t really matter what country you continue to (as long as it’s a third country), I simply said that the flight schedule to Ethiopia was really limited, and that this is what our travel agent booked for us. That answer worked for him.

At that point we were given our boarding passes and headed towards the security checkpoint. At the very back right of the terminal is a premium security line, which not many people seem to know about, since it’s almost hidden (or maybe just not many people are eligible for it… I’m not sure which, really).

Warsaw Airport check-in hall

There was no one else in line at security, and within minutes we were through.

Warsaw Airport terminal

The LOT Polish lounge is one level up from the main terminal, maybe a three minute walk from the security checkpoint.

Warsaw Airport terminal

Since we had baggage we took the elevator up to the second floor, rather than stairs.

Elevator to LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport

Entrance to LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport

At the entrance we were promptly admitted, and informed that there would be no boarding announcements.

The lounge decor here is interesting. It’s neither modern nor worn, but rather just… unique. Not quite as unique as the EVA Air Infinity Lounge Taipei, but still unique. šŸ˜‰

There’s plenty of seating, from chairs with coffee tables to comfortable sofas.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport seating

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport seating

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport seating

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport seating

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport seating

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport seating

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport seating

There’s a small business center with some PCs.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport business center

There’s also a first class lounge section, though I’m not quite sure what that’s like, or if it was even open — it was in a different area of the lounge the last time I visited.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport HON Circle Lounge

In terms of the food spread, it’s quite decent. There are two buffets — one at each end of the lounge — which are almost identical.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport food spread

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport food spread

There are cold cuts, cheese, and some fruit.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport food spread

Then there’s bread, croissants, etc.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport food spread

Then Prince Polo chocolate bars, which as far as I’m concerned should be a food group in and of themselves.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport food spread

Then there were muffins and fresh fruit.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport food spread

And peanuts.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport food spread

And cereal and oatmeal.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport food spread

And then a few types of wine and some liquor.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport drink selection

Then there was a fridge with bottled soft drinks and beer.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport drink selection

Lastly, there was a coffee machine, though the cappuccinos weren’t very good.

LOT Business Lounge Warsaw Airport drink selection

At around 7AM we left the lounge to head to our departure gate, which was Gate 39. It was maybe a five minute walk from the lounge.

Warsaw Airport terminal

Warsaw Airport terminal

When we first got to the gate, the jet bridge wasn’t even pulled up to the plane yet, so we decided to roam the terminal a bit longer.

Warsaw Airport departure gate

LOT Polish plane to Zurich

At the far end of the terminal was a LOT 787. I quickly began to realize that 90% of LOT’s fleet seems to be 787s and Embraer regional jets.

LOT Polish 787

Our flight was delayed a bit, as boarding was only called at 7:30AM, 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time.

LOT Polish plane to Zurich

Bottom line

Warsaw Airport is extremely easy to fly out of. The LOT Lounge is unmemorable — so while it’s not amazing, there’s also nothing about it that’s negative. Basically, it’s never going to be the best airport lounge in the world, but I actually find Warsaw Airport a great place to transit given that it’s not so huge, so wouldn’t hesitate to connect there again.

  1. @boardingarea
    kinda funny about the visa situation. i used the 72hr transit in PEK last year.. the PRC immigration officer took a wrinkled delta itinerary print-out as proof of onward travel without verifying anything

  2. For next time- the Elite Club thing is accessible to *G. The only bonus is a separate toilet. There were only men inside the lounge too. Same food. Simply cordoned off and dark. You didn’t miss much BUT you could have entered. šŸ˜‰

  3. Elite Club has also more comfortable seating (with lounge chairs off to the side from the main hall) and some warm snacks. It’s accessible with *G or just a LOT C boarding pass.

    Contract workers are the result of rough love between LO and the airport authority (which is often said to be massively overstuffed and overpaid). They don’t get their agents at the transfer desk or the lounge (so pretty much it’s not even their lounge, just their banner in front and a their address on the invoice).

  4. Really enjoyed the trip down memory lane! Thanks! I was at this lounge in March and really liked it. And yes, I stocked up on those Prince Polo bars too! And they must not get too many pax through the elite security lanes at WAW as there were only a couple in front of me. It was the only time I was asked for an elite frequent flyer card! Warsaw isn’t known for it’s amazing skyline, but my east view from the upper floors of the Intercontinental was stunning with the Palace of Culture in the foreground, the new town, and the old town in the distance past the parks. Recommended!!

  5. The elite lounge is a bit hidden, as the door is actually inside of the business lounge. You need to present your boarding card twice, once at the entrance of the Business lounge, and then again “behind the door”. It is accesible for *G customers

    The elite lounge is small, but typically far quiter than “outside”.

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