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Zurich seemed like a great city in which to redeem the two free nights in a suite I had from the Chase Hyatt Visa card sign-up bonus. While everyone gets two free nights as a sign-up bonus for the card, if you’re a Diamond member they’re in a suite, so I was determined to redeem them at a category six Park Hyatt.

Since Zurich was in my travel plans I figured there was no better place to redeem those nights, given what an expensive city it is. The Park Hyatt Zurich is a category six property, making is 22,000 Gold Passport points per night (or 33,000 points per night in a suite, though you have to book a minimum of three nights for that).

The nightly rate for our dates would have been ~1,500CHF (~1,630USD) for the Park Suite. Upfront it’s worth saying that we’re talking about Zurich here, so a 1,600USD suite in Zurich is the equivalent of a 400USD (if that) suite in Tampa, probably. I mean, this is the city where a grande beverage at Starbucks runs you 9USD.


Anyway, after a quick flight on Swiss from Nice to Zurich we took the train into the city and then a cab for the short drive to the Park Hyatt. The exterior of the hotel is rather modern and understated, and it almost looks like an office building.




We were promptly welcomed by the bellman and offered help with our bags. The reception is located inside the lobby to the left, where we were also welcomed with a smile. As soon as I gave them my name, one of the associates came around the desk to escort us to our suite on the 5th floor for in-room check-in.



On the elevator ride up he explained the features of the hotel, restaurant hours, etc.


Courtyard view from the hallway

We were assigned suite 537, which was located at the very end of the rather long corridor, the furthest room from the elevator.

Our room

Floor plan

The suite was beautiful, and at the entrance was a hallway with a Nespresso coffee machine, minibar, and a plate of fruit.



Nespresso coffee machine

Fruit plate

That led into the living room, which featured a couch and chair with a coffee table.

Living room

On the living room table was a welcome gift consisting of a bottle of wine and a card.

Welcome gift

The couch faced the partition between the living room and bedroom, which is also where the desk is located.


Between the living room and desk is a TV, which can swivel either way based on where you want to watch it from.


On the other side of the partition was an extremely comfortable king bed, which faced a chair and the second TV.


Desk and chair

The hotel is right in the heart of Zurich and isn’t a high rise, so views are simply of the surrounding (immaculately clean) streets.

View from the room

The highlight of the room had to be the bathroom, which featured double sinks, an amazing soaking tub, a walk-in shower, and a toilet.



Double sinks


The shower featured two shower heads and a bench. What more could you ask for?


And the best part was that all the toiletries were Blaise Mautin branded. I’m not a huge toiletry snob, but I do admit that Bulgari and Blaise Mautin toiletries get me excited. Really excited.



Unlike the two Hyatts in France, I was thrilled to find that the Wi-Fi at this hotel was actually usable, but I’d expect no less from a Park Hyatt in a business city.

Since I’m a Diamond member we were entitled to complimentary breakfast, which was served in The Lounge. Breakfast is served from 6:30AM till 10:30AM on weekdays, and till 11AM on weekends.

The Lounge is located in the lobby just across from reception, and we had breakfast there the first morning. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant that had as much of a business feel as this place. We were just about the only people not wearing suits, though that’s not to say we felt uncomfortable or anything. Beyond that, I’m pretty sure they only hire supermodels as waitstaff here, which is mildly intimidating when you’re ordering french toast.

The Lounge

The Lounge

The Lounge

As a Diamond member we could eat from the cold buffet and then also order whatever we wanted from the menu.



The buffet was somewhat basic (after all, it was just a cold buffet), though everything was incredibly fresh and of top notch quality.










In addition to the buffet I ordered french toast, which was probably the most amazing french toast I’ve ever had.

French toast

Cafe latte

The second morning the hotel generously let us order room service breakfast as part of our Diamond benefit since we were checking out early, and it was served right on time and still hot.

Room service breakfast

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, the hotel has a modern gym with tons of equipment.






There’s also a nice relaxation room in the locker room.

Relaxation room

Service at the hotel was uniformly friendly, professional, and a bit reserved. Nobody gave me a Texas-style bear hug, but within the realm of Swiss culture service was great. This is a total business hotel, but despite mostly wearing shorts and t-shirts I at no point was made to feel out of place, which I appreciate.

The location of the hotel is also great, just a couple of blocks from the old town, the lake, and all kinds of great restaurants. Is Zurich worth visiting? I’ll cover that in the next installment, but I will say that physically Zurich is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. On a nice day the view over the lake is simply unreal. But it is a business city, not really designed around tourists, so I didn’t think there was a ton to do. Oh, and it’s outrageously expensive.

The Lake

I think the best way to sum up this hotel (and this may not come across right) is that it’s a cookie cutter Park Hyatt. It’s exactly what you should expect of a Park Hyatt in a business city. You won’t be blown away (based on reasonable expectations — and you should have high expectations of a Park Hyatt), but there’s no way you’ll be disappointed either.

Totally great hotel and I’d return in a heartbeat!

  1. “I’m pretty sure they only higher supermodels as waitstaff.” Is she that “high” 🙂

  2. Look forward to staying here in April for a couple of nights. Looking forward to the next part of the trip report too.

  3. Zurich is OK, definitely a business city and as you said, very expensive.

    These type of properties cater to a certain business clientele and personally I feel out of place, since I dress like I am on vacation, though not shabby.

    Nothing is usually said, but those snobby eyes follow you every where…

  4. One of my favorite cities in the world. We stayed at the Sheraton down the street, which is very basic, but the rooms were renovated, staff super friendly, and excellent restaurant.

  5. How do you get the suite from the hyatt card free night? Im an diamond member, but I did not get a suite from using the free night certs at Park Hyatt Tokyo and Grand Hyatt

  6. After looking at that picture of the French toast, yes, Victoria’s Secrets blog for sure. That being the case, though, why no photos of the “supermodel” waitresses?

  7. @ Ken — Were you a Diamond when you applied for the card? If so, the nights should automatically be in a suite.

  8. Stayed there right before New Year’s. Liked the hotel, loved the city. Surprisingly good weather. Really only needed a jacket at night. Walked all over the town and around the lake and drove up in the mountains to ski and sightsee. Definitely would go back again.

  9. How does staying in Zurich make one racist?

    Lucky, even though your flight was short, it would have been nice to see the Trip Report, if only to see the airport at Nice and what facilitates it offers, and how you’d compare it to other European airports.

  10. Having been to Switzerland a couple times, the only place more expensive than Zurich IME was Lugano. But it was even prettier. Such is life…

  11. We stayed there in May and had a similar experience. I read that the hotel used to be a parking garage, hence the style of the exterior.

  12. Lucky, I was wondering if you would give me some hotel advice or at least your opinion. We (me, spouse and 2 kids) will be returning from Rome to NYC on Dec 31 on AA. Our return flight stops in ZRH at 3:45pm niki flight. WE depart ZRH next dat 1/1 at 10am.
    Right now I have award rooms booked at Hilton Airport (HH Diamond) I could switch this to Park Hyatt Zurich (Diamond) I am indifferent to the points cost/value My goal initially was just to find a place to sleep overnight. But with htis being our first “visit” to switerland, is there enough time to gt through customs and take a cab to make the trip to PHZ worth it? Or should we just crash at the Hilton?

  13. @ DATCH — That’s a toughie. Realistically you won’t make it to the hotel before 5PM and you’d have to leave by 7:30AM the following day. Taxis in Zurich are also extremely expensive. So if the cost of the transportation isn’t an issue I’d probably go into the city for New Years and have a nice dinner. It’s pretty easy to walk around the “central” part of Zurich, and it would certainly be more interesting than the Hilton Zurich Airport.

    Go for it if you don’t mind the transportation costs, but otherwise the Hilton is a good option given your fairly short layover.

  14. This is a Hyatt-owned hotel. Interesting how you were spot on with the “cookie cutter” comment.

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