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We arrived at the airport at around 9:30PM for our 11:30PM departure, and immediately proceeded to EVA’s check-in counters.

Terminal exterior

The departures hall is airy though certainly showing its age compared other airports like Singapore Changi, Seoul Incheon, Hong Kong, etc.

Departures hall

There was no queue for business class check-in, and we were promptly issued our boarding passes to San Francisco and given invitations for the lounge.

Business class check-in

Business class check-in

Departures board

We queued for immigration, which took about 20 minutes, at which point we took the escalator up to the lounge area.

Terminal airside

Terminal airside from above

In addition to several lounges there’s a blind massage center, which I’ve heard is a pretty cool experience. As a reminder, several of these options could be available if you have a credit card with lounge access.

Lounge signage

EVA’s Infinity Lounge sure is flashy, with bright red and green lighting.

Lounge signage

Lounge signage

Lounge entrance

Lounge entrance

I’m not quite sure what to say about this lounge, other than that if Tron and The Love Boat had a baby, it would be this lounge.

The lounge was spacious though quite packed given how many EVA flights leave late at night. The neon lighting in the lounge was downright painful, and I didn’t think it was complemented very well by the Frank Sinatra music blasting over the loudspeakers.

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Must. Not. Look.

Magazines and newspapers

I was curious to take a look at the shower facilities in the lounge, though second guessed myself after seeing the below signage. Metro Forest, Smile Zone, Fantasy Flow, and Star Drops? Is EVA offering some extra services in their lounge, and if so, are they included with the price of a ticket?

What the…?

The food and drink spread in the lounge was… interesting. On the plus side the lounge had a huge variety of Asian dishes, including dim sum, though they all kind of just looked like they were sitting there all day.

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

Then they had a western spread consisting of hot dogs and ice cream. I mean, what more could we possibly want?!

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

There was also a decent selection of self serve booze, though I found it odd that they don’t even have bottled water.



Soft drinks


Instead of bottled water they had water in cups, which required using a straw.


Anyway, on the whole the lounge was basic and certainly not worth arriving at the airport early to experience.

We left the lounge at around 10:45PM to head to our departure gate, C5.

Departures board

Duty free shopping


Our departure gate had a seating area on the upper level with some bizarre furniture, if you can even call it that.

Our departure gate, C5

But the real gate was actually located on the lower level.

Stairs to gate

Lower level seating

Lower level seating

There I saw our beautiful 777.

Our plane to San Francisco

As well as one of EVA’s Hello Kitty A330s.


Around the time our boarding was supposed to start it was announced that our flight would be roughly 30 minutes late due to aircraft servicing. Rather than heading back to the lounge we stuck around the gate till boarding, which began at around 11:30PM.

Our departure gate

  1. I don’t know why you’re so hard on this lounge — I really enjoyed The Infinity! Plus if you wanted something less flashy, you could have used The Star. That said, I don’t remember lights flashing or music blaring, so maybe they’ve changed since you were there.

  2. What’s the word on the other lounges (SKL for *Golds and The More for PPs)?

    Worth a visit? I did enjoy wandering around HKG and BKK and NRT to try the different lounges.

  3. What happened to my eyes!!! A real Tron lounge would be cool but this looks straight from the ’70s.

    With regards to shower room names, I guess they made a very common mistake of translating each word separately/exactly instead of using a meaning of a phrase. So “Star Drops” should be either “Falling Star” or, perhaps, “Meteor Showers”.

    P.S. What’s a blind massage?

  4. Yikes, that is a ugly lounge. Lucky, how was transportation in Taipei? Did you rely on Taxis and if so how were they?



  5. “Terminal is a dump”
    “Bizarre furniture”

    you are truly a hater i guess, this post is so negative.
    It’s so much better than most of the shitty airports in US.
    you didn’t visit the food court area landside…..or other facilities.
    so disappointed.

  6. I kinda like that lounge – just funky enough to be different. I always take a morning flight out (to NRT), and the food looks the same. So yes, it’s been there all day šŸ™‚

  7. The SQ lounge is more conventional and the food is better. Main drawback is how small it is so getting a seat is hard. Still best grab munchies in SKL and then head to EVA lounge to relax in one of the quieter corners. It is a quite large lounge and not everywhere has dazzling neon

  8. Ben – We were on that same flight with you and we actually used the shower rooms at the Infinity lounge. They looked new and were very clean, similar to the new shower suites (not the cabanas) at the Wing FC lounge in HKG. I agree with the weird food offerings even onboard the flight, but the lounge was pretty nice I thought.

  9. inteeresting, it looks like you can get in with an Amex Plat card. but I don’t see this listed as a benefit anywhere online

  10. @ Ivan Y — It’s a massage center where the masseuses are all blind — pretty cool idea, in my opinion.

  11. @ MEOW — I did rely mostly on taxis in Taipei. They were reliable and fairly cheap though by no means luxurious.

  12. @ dsakdnas — So you don’t find the seating in that picture a bit bizarre? Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic by calling the terminal a dump, but compared to the other major airports in Asia like BKK, HKG, ICN, NRT, and SIN, I do think this airport scores last.

    Yes, it’s still much better than most US airports, but that’s not really much of a useful point of comparison, in my opinion.

  13. @ Brent — Hmmm, not sure what happened with the upload, quality isn’t good. Should be better with the next installment. Sorry about that!

  14. @ systemr — I could be wrong, though my guess is that this only applies to American Express Platinum cards issued locally.

  15. I actually found the lounge atmosphere more fun and young. If you’re looking for a conventional lounge, you should go to Eva’s other offerings. Did you post this before? I’m having a deja vu moment. Of a similar post, but much more negative, thinly veiled bias.

  16. Maybe if you explained what exactly made the airport a “dump” it wouldn’t sound like such a random and careless remark. I’m inclined to save words like that for truly pathetic airports like LAX or LHR. You may love BKK but from what I’ve read building that glorified shopping mall in a distant swamp nearly bankrupt the country and is still a huge weight on their financial stability. Trip reports don’t have to be superficial glamor critiques and perk lists. Next time try digging a little deeper to see what’s below the surface. Theres no need to follow the status quo and plenty of room to grow the brand by exploring other angles.

  17. you should totally try to go on the hello kitty plane one day and write a review on it. that pic of the plane was such a tease. maybe one day.

  18. You are such a hater!!! How can you say that Tron lounge is a dump? Plus everybody is saying you are a hater so you must be a real hater and today I hate you for being a hater

    Big hug šŸ™‚

  19. you are such a hater. don’t call other place dump if you don’t really understand how much they are trying to do. if you don’t like the food or the atmosphere, just don’t go there next time. i’m sure they won’t mind.

  20. If you hate it so much , i suggest you don’t ever come to Taiwan again. I mean haters gonna hate right ?
    Plus I’ve been to cathay pacific’s first class lounge in LAX,
    The infinity lounge is better than that !

  21. I personally like the lounge especially the shower facilities. The food was nice as well (ok I am Asian). Overall this is the lounge that I can stay for at least 1 hour. I think that the star lounge is not bad either. Maybe one lounge served the “Movenpick” ice cream and the other served “Meji”

  22. Sorry, clearly that stuck a chord with some people. I write tens of thousands of words a day, so please figure me if once every few weeks my word choice on one word is a bit off. Is the airport a “dump?” No, that wasn’t accurate and is dramatic. Is the airport not as nice as most other major Asian hubs? Yes.

    Hope that clarifies things, and sorry to anyone I offended with that statement.

  23. You don’t have to apologize. This is an opinion blog, and we come here for your opinions. The great thing about the Internet is that people don’t have to read the blog if it offends them.

  24. Gotta go with Neil here. You’re entitled to your opinion. The only “bias” you’re showing is towards newer, more modern-looking airports. But you clearly hit the nerve of the Taiwanese nationalists! I live in Philadelphia, and I will not be the least bit offended if you call my airport a dump.

  25. I will agree this is not as nice as HKG or ICN or SIN (though some of the older parts of SIN are not nearly as grand as T3). But there are much, much worse airports in Asia too — MNL anyone?

    That said, Lucky is entitled to his opinion, and it is reasonable to go into TPE with fairly high expectations, given that its peer “Asian tigers” have three of the best airports in the world.

  26. TPE is actually ranked highly by Skytrax in medium size airports category. The ā€œwiredā€ chairs were actually very popular for passengers as it comes with power outlet. Iā€™ve been there a couple of times and my experiences were quite positive.

    Itā€™s might not as crowded as HKG or SIN or as modern as some new built airports but it still gets everything and the service is friendly and efficient. I just think you are too harsh on them this time. Maybe eat something before write next time?

  27. @Lisa, Philly is a dump but part of Terminal A is nice and I love the pretzels. Been to the central terminal at LaGuardia? Makes Philly look palatial!

    One man’s opinion is another man’s bias. I guess.

  28. I’m Taiwanese and I find this review a bit harsh as well. Yes the T2 terminal is a bit old and the lounge is different, the seating is different, but worthy of a “negative” review? I wouldn’t think so.

    Yes, I’d rank SIN/HKG/ICN before TPE, but I’d prefer TPE over Toronto YYZ and all USA airports I visited (LAX/EWR/JFK/LGA/LAS/SFO/MIA). Plus any Asian lounge beats over UA Club or any airline lounge in USA

    I used the The Infinity as well, and loved the food as you can have them as a meal (better than on my 15 hour Royal laurel meal). Trust me, they haven’t sit there all day because they get constantly refreshed

    My flight was ~7pm and the lounge wasn’t packed at all, your photos don’t look THAT packed either

    Anyway, thanks for the review, at least you ranked Taipei hotels and EVA flights pretty high, which is what surprised me about this “negative” view of the airport

  29. lucky said,

    “Hope that clarifies things, and sorry to anyone I offended with that statement.”

    No offense taken but thanks for the reply.

    Neil S. said,

    “You donā€™t have to apologize. This is an opinion blog, and we come here for your opinions. The great thing about the Internet is that people donā€™t have to read the blog if it offends them.”

    Lucky has never showed concern over constructive criticism and indeed has allowed critiques that go far beyond glowing praise. Maybe you should go back to Web 1.0 where nobody could say a word unless it was blessed by the author?

    Lisa said,

    “You clearly hit the nerve of the Taiwanese nationalists! I live in Philadelphia, and I will not be the least bit offended if you call my airport a dump.”

    I’ve never been to Taiwan or flown Eva Airways and I still thought it was a weird and illogical remark. If you call my airport a dump you’ve probably never seen an actual dump in your entire life.

  30. I just wanted to mention that I will INTENTIONALLY do a transit in TPE just because of the blind massage place. I’ve been there about 5 times now and the guys there are skilled. I’ve been flying Eva quite a lot lately as their connection from Singapore to Toronto is excellent. Their new business class seat is very good – can’t fault it but there is a real ‘sparkle’ that is missing from this airline – not sure what it is – perhaps it is all the ugly green but everything feels quite bog standard, especially their meals. Anyways, massage place is awesome and $40 USD for an hour is a good deal. Andrew

  31. I loved this airport, anything negative, is similar to insulting someone’s girlfriend or wife. Check it out, you may want to visit the dump jfk, can’t wait for that review.

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