Qatar Airways Qsuites Will Be Available To London As Of June 24, 2017

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In March Qatar Airways revealed their new business class product, which they’re calling Qsuites. The product looks stunning, as each seat will be a fully enclosed suite with direct aisle access. The way I see it, Qatar Airways already has the world’s best business class product, and that will only be improved further with this new seat.


When the product was first announced, it was said that the first plane with Qatar Airways’ new business class product will be flying in June, likely between Doha and London. However, Qatar Airways is also notorious for not doing anything on time, so at the time I didn’t put too much weight into that.


In late April I wrote about how Qatar Airways was at least off to a good start when it comes to the cabin reconfigurations, as they had already flown the first 777-300ER to Zurich to have the new seats installed. There’s always a bit of a learning curve when it comes to installing new seats, so often it takes months for the first plane to get new seats, the product to be certified, etc.

A couple of weeks ago we heard rumors that Qatar Airways would launch the Qsuites product between Doha and London as of June 10, 2017, though at the time the seatmaps didn’t reflect that. That seemed highly optimistic to me.

Well, Qatar Airways has now loaded the Qsuites seatmaps for the first time, per this FlyerTalk thread. Based on that, it looks like Qatar Airways will launch Qsuites service between Doha and London as of June 24, 2017.

Here’s the schedule for QR7/8, which will be the flights with the new product:

QR7 Doha to London departing 6:35AM arriving 12:00PM
QR8 London to Doha departing 4:00PM arriving 12:45AM (+1 day)

Here’s the new Qsuites seatmap:

When Qatar Airways first announced this product, they said that they’d be able to introduce this without actually reducing their business class seat count. As a point of comparison, here’s their previous 777-300ER seatmap:

That is indeed true. They’re maintaining 42 seats, with 24 seats in the forward cabin and 18 seats in the rear cabin. This is actually a sparse configuration, but that’s also largely reflective of how inefficient Qatar Airways’ previous configuration was. For example, they have 24 seats between doors one and two, while Air Canada’s 777-300ERs (with reverse herringbone seats) and United’s 777-300ERs (with Polaris seats) have 28 seats in that area.

I hope to try Qatar Airways’ new business class shortly after it launches, though personally I’m holding off on booking. Qatar Airways is notorious for not sticking to any schedules, so I’ll be waiting till the plane is actually flying before booking my travel.

Anyone have plans to try Qatar Airways’ new business class anytime soon?

(Tip of the hat to Points from the Pacific)

  1. Could be really good availability too given what’s going on in the region. Looking forward to the review

  2. It’s unbelievable how greedy Delta Points is. He’s posted the same article for the Delta card at least 15 times this week. What a joke of a blog. So greedy

  3. @Abidjan – You are confusing Qatar with Ethihad. Qatar flies ORD-DOH and Etihad flies ORD-AUH.

  4. I hate seats facing backwards (the last cabbin pic) for one reason – the feeling is really weird on takeoffs/landings. And on the seat map it doesn’t show which one is facing the other way,to avoid it on booking. Otherwise looks really great.

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