Qatar Airways Bringing QSuites To Singapore And Tokyo

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After a slow start, Qatar Airways is now adding its ‘world’s best business class’ QSuites at an impressive pace to various destinations around the world.

Qatar Airways QSuites destinations as at September 2018

Ben has ranked QSuites as the world’s best business class. I haven’t flown as many products as Ben has, but was lucky enough to fly Qsuites from Doha to London Heathrow last year, and would agree it was easily the best business class product I have ever flown.

Qatar will reconfigure most of their long-haul fleet with their new QSuites business class product, and I’ve questioned before just how long this will take. Fortunately, their newly delivered A350-1000XWBs will all be delivered with the new QSuites product.

They feature 46 QSuite seats spread across two ‘cabins’, as well as 281 economy seats in a standard 3-3-3 layout.

Singapore and Tokyo

Qatar has announced that Singapore and Tokyo Haneda will be the next destinations to receive the QSuites product.

Specifially, the A350-1000s will begin operating flights on these routes from the following dates, replacing the non-QSuites configured A350-900s. Per Airline Route:

  • QR944 Doha to Singapore departing 08:30AM arriving 09:20PM (daily from November 1, 2018)
  • QR945 Singapore to Doha departing 02:20AM arriving 04:55AM (daily from November 2, 2018)
  • QR946 Doha to Singapore departing 02:25AM arriving 03:45PM (daily from December 1, 2018)
  • QR947 Singapore to Doha departing 09:20PM arriving 11:55PM (daily from December 1, 2018)
  • QR812 Doha to Tokyo Haneda departing 06:45AM arriving 08:20PM (daily from January 1, 2019)
  • QR813 Tokyo Haneda to Doha departing 00:01AM arriving 04:55AM (daily from January 2, 2019)

Booking QSuites with miles

If you are looking to book these flights with miles, there is excellent availability on the Doha to Singapore route particularly in December, where there are up to four award seats available on each QSuites flight.

On the Singapore to Doha route, availability is only ‘okay,’ with one QSuites seat available on some days. There is more availability on flight QR943, remembering this flight does not have QSuites.

On the Doha to Tokyo Haneda flights, there are some days in January with four business class seats available for redemption, while others have none.

Availability on the Haneda to Doha route is very good, with three or four award seats available on most days in January.

Both routes remain an excellent use of AAdvantage miles, being 40,000 miles each way from Doha to either Singapore or Tokyo (or the return). Given the flight to Tokyo is significantly longer from Doha than to Singapore, the Haneda option would be the best use of your AAdvantage miles if you are looking to go to Asia next year.

Bottom line

It’s great to see the increased speed at which Qatar is adding QSuites to their most popular routes and it won’t be long until QSuites becomes the norm, and not the exception, to their route network.

I’m especially interested to see how they refit the product to their A380s, as combined with their excellent on board bar, it really will be an unbeatable product.

If you truly want to experience the world’s best business class product I really cannot recommend QSuites enough, especially as there is already excellent award availability on these premium routes.

Have you flown QSuites yet?

  1. QSuites are also available on the DOH-AMS route in Oct – not sure if it’s a one off or structural. I noticed when selecting seats on the seat map and till date the seat map remains showing QSuites configuration on the 77W.

  2. There Q suites seems to be occasionally sent to random destinations without much announcement. There was one flight a month or two ago to MIA and PHL on the A350-1000. A friend was licky to board a 777-200LR fitted with Qsuites on a LAX flight. But of course some other people might not be so lucky, like me boarding an LHR-DOH flight to see that the Qsuites were swapped with an older 2-2-2 configuration…

  3. @ A – Qatar will often send a QSuites fitted plane for either an inaugural flight where the route will not initially be operated with QSuites (Like it did with CBR), or for promotional/special events.

  4. Looks like Qatar is changing their flight times from November 1st to QR944 leaves at 8:15AM and arrives 9:15PM not 7am to 8:15pm.
    Same goes for QR172 from Stockholm to Doha leaves at 9:45PM instead of 10:40PM and arrives 05:55am instead of 05:40am.

  5. Good to see Qsuites spreading, especially to these very long routes where the product really comes into its own.

    I flew the A359 to/from Haneda a couple of months back – it has the really exceptionally good reverse herringbone product (which I’d suggest is the world’s 2nd best J product). I wonder where those displaced A359s are going?

    @ Andrew
    The Haneda flight timing seems to have changed, too: it used to depart at 00.01, so, confusingly (if you didn’t pay attention) check-in was on the previous day…

  6. @James- Thanks. Can you search Availability from a US Gateway to Mumbai, singapore, Tokyo etc on British Airways or would one have to break it up per segment? thanks again!

  7. @ Aaron – there is an Air Services Agreement between Australia and Qatar that restricts direct flights between the countries to 21 services a week (so three daily flights) to the major cities in Australia (SYD, MEL, BNE and PER). This is why Qatar don’t fly to BNE at all. Qatar want the maximum capacity on those three flights so all of these flights are operated by A380s, even though Qatar only have a small A380 fleet.
    ADL is not included in the list so Qatar send an A350 there daily, and they get around the restriction with the SYD 777 QSuites flight by having that flight continue on to CBR.
    Qatar would understandably like to add more direct flights to major cities but is not currently allowed to.

  8. @ The nice Paul – I expect the A359s will be either going in for their own QSuites refurb, or else upguaging routes operated by 787s.

  9. @ Sam – the BA search tool is pretty intuitive. It should be able to search multiple segments at once.

  10. When they reconfigure the A380, will they get rid if First Class or will they try to make it better? I doubt they will be able to fill all the First seats they currently have. Maybe they will only have 1 row of First like Air France.

  11. Hi James, how do you book Doha to Haneda using only 40,000 American Airlines points? I see great availability for the dates I want to travel through BA website, but I’m quoted 140K points one way..

  12. @ W
    There’s talk from Qatar that they are reviewing their 1st class A380-only hard product to see how it can be upgraded. Next to Qsuites it’s not currently looking like a big enough improvement. They currently seem committed to retaining 1st.

  13. I am scheduled to fly DOH-ORD on Dec 14, but the QR seatmap only show 2-2-2 in business class. Does that mean ORD is off the QSuites grid for the winter season?

  14. @James

    QR913 Tokyo Haneda to Doha departing 00:01AM arriving 04:55AM (daily from January 2, 2019)

    I think you meant QR813 here.

  15. James:

    Map of QSuites destinations description – “…destinations as at Sept…” ? As of?

    Flight times – do you really need AM/PM if you have 24 hour time?


  16. One of the A350-900’s are probably being used on the Doha to Istanbul Atatürk route. My flight was originally with a 777-300ER and is now an A350-900..

  17. Hi can you remind us how we can redeem Qantas points in Qatar flights please
    Love your article thanks Janes

  18. I’m surprised that they haven’t yet added the product to their 777-200LRs flying to Auckland… It’s the longest flight in the world and is being served by their outdated angled seats…

  19. The Qsuite on BLR and BOM, while good news for Indians, is the only frequency on that day. Many other Qsuite destinations have other non-Qsuite frequencies, but BLR and BOM receive only one flight daily. With the upgrade to the 777, isn’t BLR facing too much capacity?

  20. Oops. My earlier comment on the change to Haneda timings was obviously based on James getting them wrong in his post – now corrected.

    Ignore me (as if anyone wouldn’t).

    I can see the logic of immediately installing the Qsuites on the displaced 359s – though it seems weird to rip out those great reverse herringbone seats now when there are other planes in the fleet with a very much inferior product. I’d be inclined to refurbish the worst planes first. Then again, I’m not running a huge and successful airline.

  21. @the Nice Paul, maybe the availability of suitable replacement aircraft also plays a role in deciding what aircraft goes in the shop for QSuites refurbishment? I mean, certain ultra long haul routes such as DOH-AKL or DOH-LAX are operated by the 777-200LR where I think QR don’t have spare planes lying around that can replace the ones send up for refurbishment.

  22. Qsuite operated 772 flew QR773 today (DOH-GRU-EZE). But with only 1 refitted 772 in the fleet, I doubt it will stay in this route.

  23. Hi James,

    I am Qantas Life member but trying to get Qatar flights, using Qantas business class points , Melbourne to Oslo august 23/24/25 2019. Not making any progress and Qantas staff just keep saying they have no idea if or when Qatar release their F F seats.
    any suggestions?
    all the best,

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