Review: Park Suite At Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

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We had two nights in Paris, and I decided to book the Park Hyatt Paris for that time. I reviewed this hotel a bit over a year ago, so won’t be writing a full review this time. Rather I’ll focus on the rooms we received (which were different than last time), and what else stood out to me about our stay.

For a full review of the Park Hyatt Paris, check out my previous post.

Booking The Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Paris has a lot of incredible luxury hotels, though I don’t think you can beat the value of the Park Hyatt. Are there marginally better hotels in Paris? Absolutely. But I’d say the Park Hyatt objectively ranks in the top dozen hotels in the city, and the fact that you can redeem points here makes it unique in that regard.

I booked two rooms using 30,000 World of Hyatt points per room per night, and took full advantage of my Globalist benefits:

  • For my room (with Ford) I redeemed points and then used one of my Globalist Suite Upgrades to confirm an upgrade to a Park Suite
  • For my dad’s room I made a Guest of Honor booking, so that he’d receive my Globalist benefits as well (room upgrade subject to availability, complimentary breakfast, 4PM late check-out, and more)

We were technically only in Paris for two nights, though I ended up booking three nights. That’s because we were landing before 6AM, so it wouldn’t be check-in time for over eight hours. I booked the night before so that we wouldn’t have to wait hours for our room to be ready.

If it were just me I wouldn’t have done this, but I wanted the trip to be as seamless as possible for my dad.

After the fact Hyatt also had a summer promotion for 10% back on points stays over this period, so at least I will be receiving some points back for this stay.

While we redeemed points here, if you’re booking a paid stay make sure you take advantage of Hyatt Prive, which offers extra perks on paid stays, like a hotel credit, a room upgrade subject to availability at the time of booking, complimentary breakfast, and more.

Earning World Of Hyatt Points

If you’re looking to earn World of Hyatt points for a stay at the Park Hyatt Paris, the good news is that points are pretty easy to come by.

In addition to being able to earn World of Hyatt points with The World of Hyatt Credit Card (review), you can also transfer over points from Ultimate Rewards.

Earn Hyatt points

See this post for everything you need to know about earning Hyatt points with credit cards.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite Review

Last time we stayed at the Park Hyatt Paris we also used a Globalist Suite Upgrade, which confirmed into a Park Suite. However, we had received a further upgrade to a Prestige Suite, which was incredible.

This time around we received the Park Suite (#216) that we confirmed, so let’s take a look at that.

The Park Suite was definitely more of a junior suite than a “real” suite, in the sense that it consisted of one main room, rather than a separate living room and bedroom. It was still a very good size, though.

The room featured a comfortable bed. I’d say it was a king size bed, but I think it was actually bigger than that. The mattress was comfortable, and my only complaint was the square pillows, which I strongly dislike (I should have probably asked if they had any other pillow options).

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite

Opposite the bed was the sitting area, which had a small couch as well as a chair with ottoman.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite living area

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite living area

Then along the side of the suite was a desk with a chair.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite desk

Behind the bed was a massive closet. It’s nice to have this space, though the size of the closet seemed unnecessary (though I’m sure The Real Housewives of Riyadh on a shopping trip may feel it’s the perfect size).

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite closet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite closet

To the back left of the bedroom and next to the closet was the bathroom, which featured double sinks, a shower complex with a shower (which even had a sink in it) and a bathtub.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite shower

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite shower

Toiletries were all branded 5 Rue De La Paix, which is also the hotel’s address.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite toiletries

Then there was a toilet off to the side.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite toilet

Back towards the entrance was a half bath.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite room entryway

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite half bath

Also in this area was a Nespresso machine, a kettle, and a minibar.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite Nespresso machine

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park Suite minibar

We received a welcome gift consisting of nuts and a bottle of chablis, which was a nice gesture.

Park Hyatt Paris welcome amenity

Park Hyatt Paris welcome amenity

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Park King Room Review

My dad was assigned a Park King, which is the standard room at this hotel. Even though he was on a Guest of Honor booking there were no upgrades available, as the hotel was booked out.

Even the Park King room was a good size for a standard room, in my opinion. It had a king size bed, a chair at the foot of the bed, and a small desk to the side of the bed.

Park Hyatt Paris Park King room

Park Hyatt Paris Park King room

Park Hyatt Paris Park King room

Opposite the bed was a TV, a small area to hang clothes, and another table.

Park Hyatt Paris Park King room

Park Hyatt Paris Park King room

The bathroom was a good size for a standard room, and featured the same shower “complex” that we had.

Park Hyatt Paris Park King bathroom

Park Hyatt Paris Park King shower

Other Park Hyatt Paris Musings

Like I said, I reviewed the hotel in detail last year, so won’t be saying much about the public facilities this time, other than what stuck out to me. So unless I mention it, assume nothing has changed.

First of all, I continue to love that this hotel allows Globalist members to order room service breakfast. The restaurant breakfast is spectacular as well, but there’s something that sure is nice about having a complimentary over-the-top, 110EUR room service breakfast included.

Park Hyatt Paris room service breakfast

It’s also worth noting that you can have your room service breakfast 24/7, so it doesn’t need to be during normal breakfast hours. For example, since we had paid for the night before we napped when we landed in Paris and woke up at around 1PM. At that point we ordered our breakfast.

Next, this hotel continues to have excellent service and attention to detail, in my opinion. Ford had contacted the concierge to make some dining reservations (and in the email said “my husband and I”), and when we received a confirmation of our reservation upon checking in, the envelope said “Mr. and Mr.” It’s nice when hotels pay attention to the little things.

Park Hyatt Vendome attention to detail

Next, last time we stayed at the Park Hyatt the gym was tiny. The good news is that they’ve now opened a new gym, and it’s a much better size than before, so that’s great news.

Park Hyatt Paris gym

Park Hyatt Paris gym

Ford approves of the new Park Hyatt Paris gym (I should probably have him holding some credit card in this picture?)

Next, it seems like the hotel is currently installing new elevators. The problem is that they only have two elevators for guests to begin one, and one was inoperable for our entire stay. This was super annoying, because one elevator simply isn’t enough for the number of guests it needed to serve. This seemed to be a common point of frustration when entering the elevator (at least based on the number of people I heard cussing about this).

Park Hyatt Paris broken elevator

Last but not least, I do love the location of the Park Hyatt. It’s just next to Place Vendome, and is walking distance to so many of the cute areas of Paris.

Place Vendome

Park Hyatt Vendome Summary

We had another exceptional stay at the Park Hyatt Paris, and as a Globalist member I find that this place just can’t be beat. Redeeming 30,000 points per night while getting room service breakfast and a suite upgrade is awesome.

Are there slightly better hotels in Paris? Yes, slightly. Is there a luxury hotel in Paris that can offer this type of value? No way, in my opinion.

While I’ll make an effort to review some of the other luxury offerings in Paris at some point, this was the ideal option, especially since I was paying for two rooms, and since I could extend my Globalist benefits to my dad as well.

If you’ve stayed at the Park Hyatt Vendome, what was your experience like?

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  1. Lucky, have you considered doing YouTube video reviews complementing you blog posts? Some other travel bloggers are absolutely smashing it with YouTube but they don’t have your writing skills.

  2. Sure wish our lousy stay at the Vendome still didn’t irritate me 5 years later. The so-called suite we were given was a disgrace – filthy and worn. Bathroom tiles were cracked, showerhead was corroded, stains on the couch/carpet. Broken lamps at the bed. Dirty fingerprints at light switch that had been shoddily repaired, chipped paint around doors, screws protruding from the wall. Unbelievable – but couldnt get a different room because it was Fashion Week. Pissed me off because they were allowing “guests” to use their suites as clothing showrooms with random strangers traipsing thru the hotel at all hours. Housekeeping was on strike because wages were so low. Location is good, but the place is overrated.

  3. Funny enough my husband and I were accidental groupies as we spent our anniversary in the Park Hyatt Vendome this past weekend (if posts are more or less real time).

    Agree with the review, great service and location for points. Also the AC is amazing, which is not guaranteed in Paris.

    Occasionally stay at the Mandarin nearby which is that little bit slicker, but there is the downside of having to pay for it.

  4. Not to be negative, but . . . 🙂

    1) As you noted, your room is not a suite — at best a junior suite. I wouldn’t be too happy with the hotel calling that a suite.

    2) In your Dad’s room, is the bathroom open to the bedroom? If so, I’m not a fan of that.

  5. @Lucky, before that gym pic, I didn’t know Ford was so ripped with such sexy arms. More pics of Ford please. A few shirtless pics of Ford lounging by the pool and your traffic will surge 20% at least.

    On a serious note, it really is nice to see some pics of you and Ford travelling together and clearly having such a good time. Such an amazing couple.

  6. My friends and I have something we call the “Paris Weekend Club.” We go every December on the same long weekend (Tuesday to Tuesday). I almost always use my points to stay at the Park Hyatt Vendôme. It is a rare privilege and is one of the main reasons that I favor the World of Hyatt. We have been upgraded to the Prestige Suite. One of the great things about it is that the over-sized bathrooms are identical – not one main and one ancillary. The first time I saw it, I thought, “this isn’t a bathroom, this is a spa.” complimentary room service breakfast is a nice thing but the restaurant and service is so nice, it is a shame to miss that experience. I’ve always thought the three most overrated things: breakfast in bed, reading in the bathtub, and sex on the beach.

  7. We spent 4 nights at the Park Hyatt over Valentine’s Day. Service is fantastic. We have no Hyatt status and they delivered champagne and macaroons to the room with a nice note. Rooms are incredible. (The black out shades are some of the best in Europe.) I don’t think you can beat the PH redemption for luxury in Paris either. I’m ready to go back.

  8. Second the Chef’s table at Pur……..every time we go we dine there and Bristol’s Epicure………it says a lot about Hyatt that one of the top restaurants in Paris is in an American hotel………….We’ve stayed as Globalist and as lowly regular members and never get a bad room…….and the concierge desk is the best of any I have ever dealt with……their entire team is buttoned up! And the complimentary spa facilities are perfect after a day of walking the sites from this great location!

  9. “Redeeming 30,000 points per night while *getting room service breakfast*….”

    Hmmmm…. just curious. If one has a free full restaurant breakfast with gazillion items to select from, why would one limit oneself by getting room service breakfast?

  10. Agree to disagree about the location. If you love shopping at ridiculously expensive stores, I guess its a nice location. Otherwise, it is boring as fu–.

  11. I’ve been there over ten years ago and literally NOTHING has changed. Still dark rooms with depressing interior design.

  12. @Lucky for comparison purposes, it would be nice to see a _current_ review of the Ritz which is also on Place Vendome. I stayed there during a 9th grade summer family trip in the 1970s. That one was paid for by my grandmother. She thought the bed was too soft and was complaining about it in the elevator. Unbeknownst to her, one of the other passengers was Cesar Ritz himself. 🙂
    He spoke with her when we (all) reached the ground floor and had a stiffening board delivered to her room which solved the problem. Offhand, I have no idea whether The Ritz is part of any loyalty programs. I’m sure it qualifies as an “aspirational” City Hotel for many. So, the next time you dream up an excuse to visit Paris…

  13. Correction: I should have said Charles Ritz above, son of Cesar. I haven’t thought about Place Vendome or the Ritz in a very long time. 🙂

  14. Just got back from our first Ford-booked Prive stay at Park Hyatt Washington DC and loved it! Tell him thanks for us!

  15. I will readily admit my main use of points is for business.first class flying. I just don’t see a lot of need for $800+ hotel room to sleep in.

    I have stayed at the Park Hyatts in Paris, Vienna and Milan, for about 3 nights each, but if I never do so again I wouldn’t miss it. Doesn’t breakfast go for 40€ or more?

    They are nice places but not memorable places in my mind. Other than one of them gave us free breakfast for our visit I can’t say I recall anything about the hotels or rooms. Now ask me about the unique and well run hotels in Rothenburg Germany and those places put a smile on my face.

    Anyhow I’m sure you have more points than you are likely to spend.

  16. This hotel has my favorite toilets I’ve ever used. They’re sublime. (I’ve never been to Japan… I can imagine that they may take the cake, so to speak.)

  17. @DCS Because: tired,hangover,in middle of action,don’t want to dress up,introvert,not in the mood of smile,don’t want to see strangers etc.And like them in this review missed the breakfast time.
    @Ben Why don’t you hide yourself in one picture in each of your reviews like Hitchcock.It’s will be fun.

  18. @keyser surely you wouldn’t want to get people jumping on board and complaint about why Lucky is staying at the world famous Ritz Paris using cash when he can use points to stay at Paris Park Hyatt??!! And no, you can’t use any miles or points to stay at Ritz Paris. The cheapest rate during low season at bottom of the barrel room is €1000 per night plus taxes.

  19. @DCS probably because they had so much to eat and drink in the preceding 12 hours that room service was enough. Hey, I love a great hotel breakfast buffet but sometimes your tummy needs a break.

  20. @Lucky how was Ford able to get those guns past hotel security? Damn!!

    I love Park Hyatt brand especially in Asia. The one in Shanghai has amazing rooms. The last several years when my husband and I travel internationally I now book two nights before return flight at luxury hotel to wind down and stay on property. It’s that vacation from our vacation. But Park Hyatt on arrival seems just as appealing.

  21. Good review as usual. There are 11 top hotels belonging to the exclusive “club” of Palaces label hotels in Paris which master the Art of Hospitality Business ((Bristol, Meurice, Plaza Athénée, Georges V, Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La, Peninsula, Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme,la Rseserve Paris and Royal Monceau).
    One of my favorite is the Mandarin Oriental thanks to the amazing Michelin stars ‘Chef Thierry Marx .
    You did not mention your dining experience at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme apart from breakfast/room service.
    Any lunch or dinner that sent you to the moon at the Park Hyatt?

  22. Nice post. I’m surprised as well as impressed you had a kettle in the room. Imagine an actual kettle to boil water for tea, instead of coffee filtered water from a Keurig.

  23. As a redemption option it makes some sense; paying cash it’s insane to contemplate staying here; there are far superior alternatives in the same price range ( albeit some without the credits/status option offered through Hyatt).

  24. I Was actually at Park hyatt vendome last thursday to monday and saw you guys eating breakfast. i think we also met in the elavator, I wanted to say Hi but i didn’t want to bother y’all. Thanks for you blog it helps a lot.

  25. @Caroline you missed Hôtel de Crillon in your list, the most newly renovated palace hotel. It is listed in the link you pasted though.

  26. This hotel feels very dark and dated – it’s a nice enough high-end chain property (which is what it feels like) but nothing more. The Peninsula, La Reserve, Crillon, etc are more than “‘marginally better” – they are a league apart

  27. /settles in for a quiet evening of Netflix and reading

    /opens OMAAT to latest installment of Benny’s Dad’s trip report

    /scroll … scroll … scroll


    Ugh, FINE! I’ll go.

    /straps on running shoes

    Thank Ford for my much needed motivation! As one who heavily biases his hotel choices by the quality of the gym I second the call for a Ford series of hotel gym reviews 😉

  28. Park Hyatt Paris Vendome is my “go to” Paris hotel and I’m only a lowly Discoverist member.

    I have two favorite awesome rooms that have the same great closet as your room #216 but I think a better bathroom layout for two (sister or friend in my case). I”m not mentioning the two room numbers because they might get to be too requested. HA HA

    The staff ALWAYS remember me by name and I always get little gifts. I’ve stayed in many hotels in Paris and this is by far the best … and, as you say, the best value if using points.

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