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Want to receive extra benefits for your stay at the Park Hyatt Paris, including complimentary breakfast, a confirmed upgrade at the time of booking (if available), a $100 hotel credit, and more? Contact [email protected] for more details. He may even be able to help if you already have a stay booked.

For our four nights in Paris we booked the Park Hyatt Vendome using points. This is typically considered to be one of the most aspirational points properties out there, and I hadn’t yet stayed there.

The Park Hyatt is a Category 7 World of Hyatt property, meaning that a free night redemption here costs 30,000 World of Hyatt points per night. Since I’m a Globalist member I could use a Globalist Suite Upgrade to confirm an upgrade at the time of booking. This was an excellent use of points compared to the paid rate of about $800 per night for a standard room.

What makes this redemption so accessible for many is that World of Hyatt is a Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner, so that’s an easy way to acquire World of Hyatt points.

Earn Hyatt points

The Park Hyatt’s exterior is beautiful, but then again, just about all architecture in Paris is, so that doesn’t set it apart that much. 😉

Park Hyatt Paris exterior

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome exterior

At the door to the hotel the bellmen helped with our bags and escorted us to reception. The main part of the lobby is along a hallway that goes pretty deep into the hotel. The desk inside the entrance is just the concierge desk.

Park Hyatt Paris entryway

Park Hyatt Paris lobby

There are a couple of small sitting areas along this hallway, though the main public spaces are the lobby lounge, bar and restaurant, which I’ll talk about in more detail in a bit.

Park Hyatt Paris lobby seating

Park Hyatt Paris lobby seating

Reception was located towards the end of the hall, near a bunch of pillars, and there were three separate check-in podiums.

Park Hyatt Paris lobby

The check-in process was efficient and professional — it only took a couple of minutes, yet we were familiarized with all the basics of the hotel, as well as the Globalist privileges we would receive. While we were confirmed into a Park Suite we received a further upgrade to a renovated Prestige Suite. I suspect this is because the hotel was sold out, in which case they often have to move room assignments around. It’s sort of like an operational upgrade on a plane, when cabin is booked out and they need to upgrade someone.

Park Hyatt Paris reception

We were escorted up to our room by the front office employee. The elevators are right next to reception, and our room was on the second floor.

Park Hyatt Paris elevators

Our room, #241, was towards the end of the hallway. As we walked down the hall I picked up on the Park Hyatt’s very nice signature scent, which Matt has written about.

Park Hyatt Paris hallway

Park Hyatt Paris room exterior

Park Hyatt Paris floorplan

WOW, this suite was beautiful. The hallway inside the entrance led to the living room, with the entrance to the bathrooms on both the left and right side.

Park Hyatt Paris prestige suite entryway

The living room was large, and featured two couches and a chair around a center table, as well as a desk near the door to the bedroom.

Park Hyatt Paris suite living room

Park Hyatt Paris suite living room

The desk had several outlets, including USB outlets and also international outlets, which is thoughtful.

Park Hyatt Paris suite desk

On the living room table was a welcome amenity consisting of a bottle of wine, some mixed nuts, and some cheese.

Park Hyatt Paris welcome amenity

To the right of the desk was a Nespresso machine as well as the minibar.

Park Hyatt Paris suite Nespresso machine

Park Hyatt Paris suite minibar

Then the door next to the desk led into the bedroom, which had a comfortable king size bed. My one complaint with the bed is that I wish the pillows would have been bigger.

Park Hyatt Paris suite bedroom

The bedroom had a second desk with a chair, as well as a chair with a legrest next to it, in the corner.

Park Hyatt Paris suite bedroom

The room had two bathrooms, which is how you know you’re in a nice suite. The bathroom next to the bedroom was the larger of the two.

Park Hyatt Paris suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Paris suite bathroom

It had a sink, toilet, and shower compound.

Park Hyatt Paris suite sink

Park Hyatt Paris suite toilet

The shower had both a bathtub and a walk-in shower with a sink and mirror in it, so you can shave easily while showering (personally I don’t shave in the shower because I’m not coordinated enough to do that, but it’s something Ford appreciated).

Park Hyatt Paris suite shower

The second bathroom was across the hall, and featured a sink, toilet, and a smaller walk-in shower.

Park Hyatt Paris suite second bathroom

Park Hyatt Paris suite second toilet

Park Hyatt Paris suite second shower

Toiletries in both showers were branded after the hotel’s address. I’m not sure who exactly makes them, but I loved the scents.

Park Hyatt Paris 5 rue de la Paix toiletries

Both bathrooms also had boxes with all kinds of toiletries. It’s always nice to have these handy, rather than having to call down to request individual items.

Park Hyatt Paris toiletries

Our room had a small balcony that extended the length of the room.

Park Hyatt Paris suite view

Park Hyatt Paris suite view

Funny story. One afternoon we tried to take a nap due to jetlag. We had just gotten back to the hotel, and 10 minutes after getting in bed we thought the traffic seemed awfully loud. It kept getting louder. After about 10 minutes I got up and looked, only to find a massive protest (or something) had shut down the street. #Paris

Protest in Paris

Protest in Paris

Protest in Paris

Overall I thought the room was fantastic. That’s not just because we got a great upgrade, but because I think the hotel did a thoughtful job with their renovation. Many hotels renovate and completely lose their charm, while I think the Park Hyatt did a brilliant job — everything in the room was in immaculate condition and modern, yet maintained a classic feel. There aren’t many hotels that can achieve such a good balance when renovating. For example, Nick has written about a classic Fairmont that had a bit of a botched renovation.

Now that I look at the pictures of our Park Hyatt Suite, I think they don’t even do justice to just how beautiful the room was. I was expecting that this hotel would be nice for a points hotel, but in reality I found it to be objectively nice for any five star hotel. Anyway, color me impressed.

One of the things to really look forward to at the Park Hyatt Paris as a Globalist member is breakfast. This is included either in the restaurant on the lobby level, or via room service. Our first morning we ordered room service, though on subsequent mornings we went to the restaurant for breakfast.

The room service breakfast menu read as follows:

As a Globalist member you receive the American breakfast, which retails for 110EUR for two (though you pay nothing, not even a delivery charge). I both love and hate food in Paris. I end up eating so much stuff I don’t need to eat, but at the same time, damnit, it’s worth the calories, because it tastes so good. The breakfast was exceptional, between the fresh fruit, the high quality eggs, the cappuccino, and the breadbasket.

Park Hyatt Paris Globalist room service breakfast

Park Hyatt Paris Globalist room service breakfast

On subsequent mornings we had breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant, located off the lobby. Breakfast is served daily here from 7AM until 10:30AM. The restaurant where breakfast is served is so beautiful, including the interesting mirror display behind the buffet, as well as the glass ceiling.

Park Hyatt Paris breakfast restaurant

Park Hyatt Paris breakfast restaurant

Park Hyatt Paris breakfast restaurant

Park Hyatt Paris breakfast restaurant

The restaurant breakfast menu read as follows:

The Globalist breakfast here is also the American breakfast option, which includes anything from the buffet, as well as your choice of eggs with two accompaniments. Instead of the eggs you can also order pancakes or waffles, if you prefer.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

The buffet itself was high quality but not huge, which is exactly what I’d expect it to be. It included all kinds of tasty carbs, fresh fruit, cold cuts, cheese, cereal, yogurt, and more. I’ll let the pictures speak mostly for themselves.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast buffet

The fruit was excellent — mango, pineapple, and strawberry are among my favorite fruit, and the buffet had all three.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast — fresh fruit

One morning I had a salmon and avocado omelet — yum!

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast — salmon and cheese omelet with avocado

Ford had scrambled eggs each morning.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast — omelet

By our last morning I decided to mix it up, and ordered pancakes.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast — pancakes

We were presented with a check each morning to sign, though the entire amount was deducted at check-out.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome breakfast — breakfast bill

Right next to the restaurant was the lobby lounge, which consisted of two main sitting areas around a fireplace.

Park Hyatt Paris lobby lounge

Park Hyatt Paris lobby lounge

Park Hyatt Paris lobby lounge

Then in the back corner of the lobby lounge was the entrance to the hotel’s bar.

Park Hyatt Paris lobby bar

Park Hyatt Paris lobby bar

Next to all of this was the courtyard. The weather was perfect when we were in Paris, so this was a great place to grab a drink before dinner.

Park Hyatt Paris courtyard

Park Hyatt Paris courtyard

While the drinks weren’t cheap, at least they came with good snacks. 😉

Park Hyatt Paris courtyard drinks & snacks

The hotel’s other feature is the spa and gym, located on level -1. While the gym had good equipment, it was on the small side, and also had no natural light. I’d say the gym was my one (very small) disappointment with the hotel.

Park Hyatt Paris gym

Park Hyatt Paris gym

Park Hyatt Paris gym — bottled water and apples

There are two other things I want to discuss about the Park Hyatt — the location and the service.

I’m no expert on Paris, though I thought the Park Hyatt had a perfect location. Last year we stayed at the Shangri-La, which has incredible Eiffel Tower views, but the downside is that we couldn’t really walk to most places we wanted to visit. The Park Hyatt’s location is ideal, as far as I’m concerned, as we were within walking distance of most of the places we wanted to go.

Lastly I wanted to mention how great the service at this hotel was. Across the board I found the service to be exceptional. I find service in Paris can be hit-or-miss, though without exception I found every employee at the Park Hyatt that we interacted with to be professional yet personable. Ford had emailed the concierge a few times about meal reservations, and he commented to me how good the concierge was, that he always heard back within a couple of hours.

I had nothing but great service in the restaurant and from the front office staff. By the second morning they had remembered our drink orders at breakfast, and we were proactively offered coffee refills, rather than having to flag someone down for them.

I was even impressed by their attention to detail when they sent us a letter confirming dinner reservations. It’s not like I’m offended when it says “Mr. and Mrs.” (as I’m used to), but it’s still really nice when they pay enough attention to customize a letter like they did.

Impressive attention to detail!

When we checked out the guest relations manager greeted me and thanked me for being a Globalist member, and she asked a question that I think more people in hospitality should ask. She didn’t ask “how was everything?” or “did you enjoy your stay?”

Instead she said “what can we do to improve?” That’s a great question to ask, in my opinion. While I’d almost always have a list of things that can be done to improve (after all, no hotel is perfect), I was sort of at a loss for words, since our stay was so perfect.

Park Hyatt Paris bottom line

The Park Hyatt Paris so greatly exceeded my expectations. I was expecting it would be a nice luxury hotel for a points hotel, but in reality I found this to be a great luxury hotel far beyond that.

There are two things I love. First of all, stays like this really make you feel a sense of loyalty to a program again. As much as I’ve been tough on World of Hyatt at times, this stay made me love the program even more. When you’re able to not only redeem points at this hotel, but also confirm a suite upgrade and get a free, amazing breakfast, that’s pretty awesome.

But then the hotel as such really impressed me as well, between the beautiful decor, exceptional service, and great location. I can’t recommend this hotel enough.

This is a Category 7 World of Hyatt hotel, so a free night stay cost 30,000 points per night.  You can earn these points in several ways:

Earn World of Hyatt Points
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  1. Wonderful stay no doubt. Wonder what it’s like for us lowly folks who only have a stash of ultimate reward points, through the credit cards you mention, and not interested in paying way over $100 for breakfast for two?

  2. Great review, and a truly fabulous hotel. My wife and I were only mildly upgraded to a larger king room, but the furnishings, bathroom, bed, etc. were all first class. We also happened to be diamond at the time, and the room service breakfast was as over the top as we could’ve hoped for. As you did, we also experienced genuine, warm hospitality. Five star!

    30k Hyatt is a ton of points, but I think this is a great splurge hotel–especially for Globalists or if you can secure GOH.

    Excited to read about the rest of your trip! But still grieving the fact that you didn’t make it to Praslin or La Digue!

  3. I just wonder who is stupid enough to pay 50+ Euros per person for breakfast?

    I’ve been lucky enough to have stayed at 3 different Park Hyatts (Paris, Milan and Vienna). I think it was the Milan one that for our 3 nights comped the breakfast despite me not having status (well other than the status that comes with the Hyatt CC). We enjoyed it but I’d be just as happy with picking up a pastry from a bakery nearby.

    Paris just isn’t my thing (no issues with any of the people). I did love Versailles and I’d like to explore other parts of France.

  4. Funny, our suite was similar, although one of the bathrooms had a Japanese toilet. President Peña Nieto was staying at the hotel during our visit for the One Planet summit. As for paying attention to detail, I wrote on the reservation comments “We love macarons!”. Let’s just say they read the comments.
    Toiletries are made by Christophe Laudamiel. It says it in the back on the bottles.
    Adding my review here.

  5. Looks nice, but I don’t see how anyone could rationalize paying even $500+ a night for a room, let alone 100 euros for breakfast (for 2).

  6. Just curious – what defines a “points property” compared to a regular aspirational hotel?

  7. That hotel is in a fantastic location in the 2nd. Breakfast at 100 Euros and the general menu prices are…a tad steep…but when the normal price for the hotel is 800/night, that is to be expected, I suppose. I’d happily stay on points, though I’d likely eat elsewhere. The refurbishment does look fantastic.

  8. Nice review but based on Flyertalk, an atypical room assignment.

    The regular rooms are tiny. Normal Globalists (other than frequent stayers) get a junior suite in the attic using a TSU, with slanted ceiling and former windows.

    Do you have consider looking at a regular unoccupied room? Might make the review less subject to bias due to special treatment.

  9. Hotel looks great, but the “choose two garnishes” underlined note is so so chintzy. At 50 euros, they can’t just throw in a few extra green peppers? The Comfort Inn wouldn’t even bother with something so ridiculous.

    Also agree with the previous commenter: Praslin and especially La Digue are among the most beautiful islands on Earth!

  10. @ Anthony — Whether or not you can redeem points there. You can redeem points at Park Hyatt, St. Regis, and Ritz-Carlton, for example. You can’t redeem points at Four Seasons, Aman, etc.

  11. Thanks for this review! Do you think the guest relations manager knew who you were already and hence why she asked the question “What can we do to improve?” I know you’re a Globalist member but I have friends who are Globalists too but never got that additional upgrade (normal globalists get the junior suite). As your blog gets bigger and more popular to the masses, I agree with beachfan to at least take a look at a regular unoccupied room — or perhaps use Ford’s name on the reservation rather than yours to see whether you get the same treatment.

  12. Nice looking hotel, but I get the feeling even your suite might have been a bit on the smallish side? Lots of mirrors plus what appears to be low-height furniture seems to suggest so.

    Otherwise, looks like a great property.

  13. How would you rank PH Paris among other points properties you’ve stayed at in Paris for return visits (setting aside desire to review more properties)?

    I’m assuming this beats the W & Westin but SPG has a bunch of Design/Luxury Collection hotels that look nice.

  14. I found it to be a nice hotel but our room was very oddly set up. There was no way to turn in the bathroom lights without having the bedroom flooded with light also. Much of the room was basically a hallway. And it was an upgraded room. As a globalist usually we get something nicer. The hotel wasn’t full. We stayed at the intercontinental on that trip later and I thought it was nicer. Much more charming and less corporate.

  15. @bryan t, there are price points for everyone. Certainly for not most of us, but for other people that’s like us paying $75 for a Holiday Inn. There’s a market for those type of people and this hotel certainly caters to that crowd. Service is super polished and the breakfast while expensive it’s worth its salt for those who are willing to/can pay it.

  16. Constructive feedback: You use the word beautiful 5 times in this review. It’s a word which appears in many of your other reviews. Shawn Mendes is beautiful. Most other things don’t deserve that adjective 🙂

  17. I dont understand the “who pays $800 for a room” type of comments. Some do. Some dont. If you dont, move on. I like staying at nice places when I travel. I spend money at nicer hotels. Many of my friends say “all I need is a bed”. They dont spend money.

    Stop being judgemental and do your own thing.

  18. I’m surprised that the suite didn’t have one of the amazing Japanese toilets with a remote control and an auto-bidet, like my lowly guest room did when I stayed there last year. It’s weird to think it, but that toilet was honestly the highlight of my stay.

  19. You suggest the location is perfect “for where we want to go” but, as per usual, you don’t say what those places are. Tourist sites, museum, shops, restaurants, monuments, river cruise, churches, book stores, restaurants, coffee, theatres, art galleries, music venues, parks and gardens, antiques, markets, walking/metro ???? It would add a point of interest/usefulness to readers if you were to include some of that detail, but you never ever do.

  20. You said the pictures don’t do the room justice, but even so the whole place strikes me as soulless and corporate — certainly slick and polished, but devoid of any real character. I agree that the location is fantastic, esp if you prefer the right bank to the left, but i’d be hard pressed to have any real sense of being in Paris once i set foot inside. In some cities I kind of like retreating into a familiar, generic, luxury, but Oaris has such aesthetic character i’d like to see it in my accommodations too — compare the Hotel Costes on the other side of Place Vendome. I get it that you are reviewing points hotels, but this to me is a good example of what I sacrifice if I limit myself to redemption properties in a city like Paris.

  21. “Mr. & Mr.”!! I’m over the moon about that level of attention and hospitality.

    I stayed at the PH Paris for two nights with the 2 free nights bonus from th Hyatt credit card in February. Even though the room was small, the hospitality was fantastic and the spa was beautiful and the breakfast one to remember. Looking forward to staying here again one day.

  22. Re: location- for a first time visitor to Paris I could see the location being good- it’s central, close to many of the “first timer” tourist attractions- Louvre, Opera, Galleries Lafayette, Tuileries, Orsay, Champs Elysee.

    But I think once you get past those “basics”, the location is actually not very good. It’s in a ridiculously high level shopping district that personally does not make me feel comfortable at all. I guess if you are into high end shopping it would be great. And it is not a “hip” neighborhood with a lot of good cafes to hang out in or unique restaurants. And Metro-accessible isn’t a unique benefit anywhere in central Paris because the Metro covers the whole core so well.

    Personally I like staying near the Marais/Republique/Canal-St. Martin area much more. I could see staying at the Vendome if you had Hyatt points. But I don’t think it’s worth spending the Chase UR points- I’d rather save those 120K points for a great flight.

    This is also about the general “utility” of luxury hotels. In cities with a ton of activities and things going on, it’s lost on me. For resorts where the hotel is the destination/activity center, it makes more sense. I’d love to see a blog or two weighing the benefits/costs.

  23. I had very similar impression when staying here a few years ago. Service was about as perfect as you can get – not over the top stuffy, just the right level of attentiveness. We rolled in at 9am after an overnight DFW-LHR-CDG with two small kids in tow (think they were 6 & 7 at time). Had two rooms booked. After initially checking in and being told the rooms weren’t ready (in a very apologetic way), the person checking us in chased us down a few minutes later and told us she was going to put us in the Ambassador Suite if we’d like. Well duh! I felt a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies but in a good way – they never made us feel like trash as we dug into our bags for a change of clothes to go enjoy the day before the suite was ready. And when we came back to check on the room after lunch, it wasn’t ready but she told us to go have a drink at the bar. They’re just not cheap about anything. I assumed they were going to give us each a free drink, but they comped the whole bar bill.

  24. We were at the hotel at the same time! Those protests were wild!
    Absolutely agree with your review. I was very impressed that the manager came out to say goodbye when my party left.
    It’s a very classy hotel and I look forward to returning.

  25. We spent 5 nights there using a DSU. Got a standard suite.. which I think the only difference to the king deluxe room is the fact that instead of a small sitting area with two chairs it has a small couch… laughable to call it a suite; doesn’t even really register as a jr suite….

  26. I’ve never stayed in a Paris hotel since I’m lucky enough to have friends who have a 2-bedroom apartment, but I’ve always wanted to stay here. I’ve always wanted to do a night at each of the palaces just for shits, but that would be an expensive “for shits and gigs.”

  27. “a massive protest (or something) had shut down the street. #Paris”


    There are the advocates demonstrating (see the board “Barreau (=professional bureau of advocates of) de Bordeaux” + they are dressed like when they are at the court).
    Macron makes a change in the law about the popular jurys.
    They protest about that change.

    You are close to the place Vendôme, home of the Ritz Hotel (independant of Ritz Carlson) and close to the Ministry of Justice.

    This is where they need to go to demonstrate!

  28. I’m surprised they didn’t have bidets in the suite. I’ve stayed in two different suites (can’t recall which one without looking back) and both had Toto bidets.

  29. Hi Lucky, been a long time reader since the start of this blog. I love reading your reviews and they are by far the best reviews out there. However, one question I have over timeg was always whether this stay (or any other review) is exceptional because of your status and/or because you are Ben. The hotels must know you are Lucky and they would be stupid not to make a note of that on your account. And therefore any attentive hotels out there would know who you are and ensure you have an expectional stay. While it’s possible for someone to earn the status and have similar experience described if it’s due to status, it is really not possible for us to all be Ben. So I wonder if you would consider an undercover series for some of your future reviews. Either book hotels under someone else’s name you are traveling with or don’t add your member number at all. This would be a better representation of what the hotel experience would be nice for people who sign up for chase cards through you and are booking hotels using points earned from credit card.

  30. bryan t — Not all products are meant for all people. If spending $500 a night is beyond your means (or makes your sphincter pucker), then so be it. Nothing wrong with it. Just realize that this product isn’t for you.

    A Motel 6 will give you: a bed, TV, bathroom, sink, toilet, tub/shower, and I believe a mini-fridge. This Park Hyatt will also give you those amenities. The difference is in the details. For some, those details are worth the difference. For others, they’re not.

    I’m not judging either way. I’ve spent many nights in rooms costing far more than this. Last month I spent a few nights at a Fairfield which ultimately worked out to $45/night including breakfast. Both situations served their purposes for what I needed.

  31. @Kai, that’s a good idea. Putting someone else’s name (who cannot easily be linked to Lucky) is a good idea. I’m sure he won’t not put the membership number as that would be against principles of points and miles!

  32. Lucky
    That’s a Wow Hotel perfect photos I do have 91K Marriott points .

  33. It’s been a long time since we saw a post from Ford. Maybe these kind of luxury hotel posts are better reviewed by Ford on a separate blog that deals with luxury resort/hotel travel? TravelSort’s Hilary never get the type of abuse from her readers as I have seen here whenever you post luxury hotel stays (and Park Hyatt while luxurious is not a Ritz Paris). I know her reader counts are much smaller than yours and obviously her readers are wealthier than your typical target audience for this blog. You never see people on her blog leaving a comment complaining about 100 euro breakfast for two (Although you hardly ever see any comments on her blogs period). I’m sure she gains clients for her hotel booking business by posting all these reviews (otherwise she wouldn’t doing it). I wonder if Ford can do the same to gain more business for his virtuoso business? I think it might be helpful to him and you certainly know how to play the SEO game to help him.

  34. @vk you can always submit a request for points after the stay. So lucky could always book a stay first without any number. Then after the stay, submit the request for points. This would help to lessen the chance the stay is influenced by being Ben.

    @kevin. We read the blog because the reviews are by Ben. If it’s by Ford or Tiffiny or James, then we might as well read the TPG

  35. I confess, I am one of the stupid people who spent 100 euro on breakfast buffet at PH Paris for 2 people…….and I will do it again in October!
    I am a Hyatt Explorist so no free breakfast. BUT there are such thing a thing as a perfect brunch and it comes at a price. Every morsel was delectable and prepared with passion and service was sublime. The dining room is beautiful and so peaceful.
    We went for the champagne and they refilled twice at NC. I complimented the quality of my omelet and a minute later a toasted brioche with foil gras and kumquat confit was presented. Nice touch. Did I mentioned that I am going back even if I don’t stay there.

  36. This hotel is over-rated. Nothing is special. The king size bed was a combine of two single beds. Perhaps you got better treatment?

  37. Maybe I’ll manage enough points someday and then I can live with the breakfast charge for 4 or 5 days .
    I quote ” international business class is the gateway drug…”
    I’m starting to think really nice experiences might be ok , even for a peasant like myself .
    Thanks for the thorough review and Best Regards to Ben and Ford .

  38. Two years ago I was staying 3 nights at Park Hyatt Vendôme. I can only confirm the review. A detail: two times, at the courtyard the waiter used my familyname. One evening I had an excellent dinner at the restaurant Pur’: really marvelous.

  39. How interesting it is to see those commenting… It is part of the fun! I mean; if you do not want to pay 100 for a breakfast (for two) then DO NOT DO SO! Eat somewhere else; are you really that daft?

  40. @CLS
    Indeed. Butter is important. Last winter I got caught in a storm and didn’t want to keep driving, had to put up in some borderline doss-house place in a one horse town out the back of beyond. But even there they served the most magnificent butter with delicious bread at breakfast. The French really do excel at bread and butter, even without paying €50.

  41. I’m here now, 2 rooms 2 nights, my wife is discover I’m explorest both from mgm match and chase card, we saved our UR points for 120k stay, nice hotel but NO upgrade on my wife’s room I got a little bit better deluxe

    My twin teen girls in one room

    Overall yes it’s nice but not earth shattering, snobby for sure but that’s Paris, desk kept wanting me to pay out of pocket for a upgrade? big up sell here,

    If no suite then it’s mix feelings here basic room not worth it explorist not worth coming here, my 2 cents

  42. I stayed there less than a year ago. Have been to quite a few luxury hotels and many Park Hyatt’s including NYC. I have to say that this hotel is amazing and one tier above many PHs. Since Paris has so many other hotels to check out I won’t be staying there again next time but I must say it’s a pretty darn good hotel to say the least

  43. Staying there in a couple of weeks and don’t have your status. Any thoughts on what the other rooms are like? Are they all renovated by now or are there still older rooms?

  44. My wife and I stayed there a week ago and were very pleasantly surprised to find that lowly Explorerists still get 50% off the American breakfast. €25 is still pricy, a lot easier to stomach than €50.

  45. @gail
    Deluxe rooms are a little nicer but the higher ceilings make it feel more open.

    Both our rooms on 3rd floor look refreshed

    It’s a low volume few da

  46. I was not so fortunate to receive a refreshed suite during my stay; and whilst the reception areas were what one would expect of a five star establishment, the accommodation felt a little generic. There are gorgeous Palace status hotels in Paris which exude style and flair with a french eye to detail which I fear this property fails to achieve but the position is convenient for all the tick the box tourist attractions and shopping. It is unfortunate that this property does not give one the flavour of Paris beyond its facade but I understand that those seeking the Park Hyatt flavour would not be disappointed.

  47. People are funny. Of course Hyatt knows who Ben is and he received preferential treatment. It’s their business. So what, your points are that he should disguise his identity to not get potential full suite upgrades and other preferential treatment so that he can write ” a more objective article for you”? Really? and how do you plan to compensate him for that difference? And you wouldn’t take advantage of the same opportunity?
    My God people stop being so self-centered….

  48. I’d pay €50 for the Beurre Bordier alone! You’d easily pay that much for a dinner, so why should be breakfast different? Considering the quality and quantity of the items in the photographs it seems a reasonable price. When I’m vacationing a large breakfast keeps me satisfied until dinner. So it’s really 2 meals for €50. The sightseeing is almost incidental compared to the food in France.

  49. They must have changed the toiletries in the time between my last 2 visits; on a prior visit a few months ago the toiletries were of the brand Blaise Mautin – exclusively for Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme – made in France and with a lovely, subtle citrus fragrance.
    When we arrived last Friday it was the brand you show: 5 Rue de la Paix – Fragrance Exclusive par Christophe Loudamiel – ironically produced in Italy, while France of course has it’s own, very dynamic perfume industry.
    Sorry to say, I do not like the new fragrance at all – it’s too masculin for my taste.

    And …. of course always gotta love the very special (upgraded) Toto – regardless of room category !

  50. We stay there every time we go to Paris, this is what I save my Hyatt/Ultimate Rewards points for.

    Here’s what I wrote on TripAdvisor last month:

    Our favorite hotel in Paris if not the world
    Two stays in March and April;
    The location is perfect.
    The service is impeccable (friendly, welcoming, always with a smile)
    The concierge and bell service go out of their way to help, whether with a taxi, an umbrella or a restaurant reservation.
    There is construction on weekdays now but we barely noticed it.
    The rooms are well maintained, spacious with wonderful amenities.
    We have received each time a bottle of wine as Hyatt Discoverist members, my wife for her birthday received chocolate truffles as well.
    Commendable mentions to Camille of the front desk and Jeremy at the concierge, but everyone was equally nice, welcoming and professional.
    Of all the hotels we stayed at all over the world, this remains our favorite.

  51. Echo everything said here and would add that I have experienced a similar level of service at the Hyatt Paris Madeleine, a boutique property nearby.

  52. Ben, we’ve been telling you for years how great the PH Vendôme is, so glad you finally got to experience it.

    And for those complaining about the price of breakfast, that’s about the going rate for most “5-star” hotels. Even here in the States, a buffet breakfast at many 4-star hotels in the downtown area of major cities can cost you about $40 per person, and the quality of the food wouldn’t be nearly as high. FYI, it’s been a few years since I’ve stayed at the PH Vendôme so I don’t know if they still do it or not, but if it’s your 1st time staying at the hotel, they usually comp the breakfast for the length of your stay. I just have the status that comes with the Chase Hyatt card, yet I was able to eat the breakfast every morning for free. I stayed in a regular room, which was on the small side, but very well appointed. A really cool feature of the room was the bathroom doors. They were actually sliding walls, and you slid them together to close off the bathroom while you were using it. But one of my favorite things (as mentioned above) was the Blaise Mautin fragrance that permeated the entire hotel, including the rooms. Looking forward to my next stay there.

  53. I enjoyed reading this piece it felt as if each of you were writing parts of it. Has something wonderful happened? The itinerary is one of a kind.

  54. As Globalist you only got free breakfast? You can be assured that they did not think about you as a superstar/influencer.
    Which is good for the rest of us. Thank you for the review.

  55. So have they upgraded the pillows since your review? I hope you’ve had the experience of staying in a room with a courtyard balcony. The dark, cool rooms are fantastic for sleep, and the balconies are out of a surreal little fairy tale: calm, perfect shade, singing birds- the perfect place for breakfast. I love that hotel, but I agree about the pillows and I wish they’d make the 5, rue de la Paix fragrances easily available online.

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