How Soon Do Capital One Miles Post? Really, Really Fast!

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Different card issuers take different lengths of time to post points. Some post them shortly after the transaction posts to your account, some post them shortly after the statement closes, and some issuers even post them two statement closing dates after you complete your spend.

With all the new interest in Capital One cards thanks to their new transferable points currency, it’s interesting to note that Capital One might just have the most generous posting schedule of any issuer for those purposes.

Anecdotally, Capital One miles seem to post to your account the same time as your purchase. So as soon as your purchase goes from “pending” to actually showing on your statement, your rewards will post as well.

This even includes the welcome bonuses on their cards, so you can expect the welcome bonus to post only shortly after the qualifying purchase that gets you over the requirement posts.

We live in a time where people love instant gratification, and earning points for your purchases right away sure is instant credit card gratification. šŸ˜‰

As is the case with many Capital One things, them posting miles so quickly isn’t new. What is new, however, is all the new interest in these cards, given that miles earned on the following cards can now be transferred to airline programs:

The transfer partners and ratios are as follows:

Aeromexico Club PremierAccor Live Limitless (ALL)
Air Canada AeroplanWyndham Rewards
Air France/KLM Flying Blue
Alitalia MilleMiglia
Avianca LifeMiles
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
Emirates Skywards
Etihad Guest
EVA Air Infinity MileageLands
Finnair Plus
Hainan Fortune Wings Club
JetBlue TrueBlue
Qantas Frequent Flyer
Qatar Airways Privilege Club
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

(Tip of the hat to Frequent MilerĀ & @Ricardo_FFlyer)

  1. Nice post lucky.

    Living in 2018 we all want instant points gratification šŸ™‚

    Can you do a post comparing this with the others on the time it takes to post? I sometimes get confused and would want easy reference.

  2. @Lucky, you’re right. Was not expecting points that fast; I just received my 75,000 points bonus right after the transaction posted. With most cards you’d have to wait until the statement date (after going over spending requirements) for the welcome points to post. I applied for the card on Dec. 8; this is the fastest I’ve gone from 0 to 85,000 miles. (I did make a quick ~$5000 real estate payment @2% swipe fee once I received the card for instantly getting the minimum spend).

  3. I was happy to see that the dollars I receive on my Quicksilver cash back card can be transferred to my Venture One card. One cent equals 1 mile, 1.5% cash back on a no fee card and now I can use those dollars as a convertible currency. Using two no fee cards I feel like I’m getting great value. I wonder if you have a savor card and a Venture One if you can transfer those dollars?

  4. Beware of this. Capital One has been after me forever to get their card/s. Finally, after the announcement of the 75,000 points, decided to go for it. It would be my only cash back card. Guess what? No matter nearly an 850 FICO, I had four prior credit card applications, and thus, I’m the scum of the earth. šŸ™‚ Denied. Nowhere did I see in the Terms this restriction or caveat, so I asked Capital One to stop sending me credit card invites and shared my disappointment that they would solicit people to apply and then hurt them (purposely?) through the hard pull of their credit history. Way to go, Capital One. Guess what? Just got another invite in the mail. Does Capital One have any regard for people–AT ALL–or not?ļ»æ P.S. Posted this same comment on your latest video, Ben.

  5. @Kathleen: you mentioned that you had four prior credit card applications. Was that in the past 24 months and with other banks?

  6. Compared to the Chase group of cards, the Capital One is not that good of an offer because you can earn more for regular purchases there. Furthermore, I think it is only fair that points are awarded when the bill closes or when the bill is paid because you have not paid for the transactions yet. Besides if points are posted immediately you may use points but get credits later and then this could be problematic.

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